2009 Camden, Maine, DXpedition Logbook

(44°14'N 69°03'W)

Bruce Conti - May 23-24: SDR IQ, 30-m base x 15-m apex variable termination Delta southeast.  All dates/times UTC.


Transatlantic DX

612      MOROCCO   RTM A, Sebaa-Aioun (33°54'N 5°23'W) MAY 23 0300 - Excellent signal 10 dB above adjacent 610 domestics but with weak audio; monotone reading in Arabic.

945      FRANCE   France Info, Toulouse (43°21'N 1°20'E) MAY 23 0100 - Good; fanfare with France Info ID into news by a woman in French.

999      SPAIN   COPE Madrid (40°28'N 3°52'W) MAY 23 0200 - Fair; marker and time checks for Spain and Canaries, fanfare, and "Cadena Cope, Servicios Informativos."

1071    SPAIN   Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao  MAY 23 0159 - Good; "Euskadi Radio" promo/ID, bumper music into marker, time check, fanfare and news. <<mp3 audio>>

1089    UNITED KINGDOM   TalkSport synchros  MAY 23 0128 - Fair, sandwiched by 1088 Angola and 1090 WBAL; telephone talk with synchro echo.

1215    UNITED KINGDOM   Absolute Radio synchros  MAY 24 0102 - Fair with synchro echo; contest promo, call 330-123-1215 to win concert tickets.

1242    FRANCE   France Info, Marseille (43°16'N 5°18'E) MAY 24 0100 - Fair; fanfare and woman with news in French.

1530    SAO TOME E PRINCIPE   VOA Pinheira (0°18'N 6°46'E) MAY 24 0258 - Good, over WVBF Massachusetts Reading Service; Yankee Doodle interval signal, "Here is the news from the Voice of America."


Pan-American DX

555      ST. KITTS & NEVIS   ZIZ Basseterre (17°19'N 62°44'W) MAY 23 0800 - Excellent; bbcworldservice.com promo, time marker, "Eight o'clock GMT, BBC World Service," and news.

570      CUBA   CMDC R.Reloj, Santa Clara (22°24'N 79°56'W) MAY 23 0759 - Excellent, over WMCA; minute marker, code, etc.

600      PUERTO RICO   WYEL Mayagüez  MAY 23 0031 - Fair; talk about Puerto Rico economy.  0130 fair, over CBNA; telephone talk, host greeting caller, "Buenas noches," parallel 580 WKAQ.

600      VENEZUELA   YVQB R.Sucre, Cumaná  MAY 23 0802 - Fair, over an unID Latin American; promo/ID, "Más informativa... Radio Sucre."

610      VENEZUELA   YVXY R.Centro 610, Cantaura  MAY 24 0130 - Fair; R.Centro 610 ID with Carabobo mention in promo/ad string, salsa music.

640      GUADELOUPE   R.Guadeloupe, Pointe-à-Pitre (16°15'N 61°32'W) MAY 23 0759 - Excellent s9+20; repeating "Radio Guadeloupe" IDs and reggae music. <<mp3 audio>>

640      VENEZUELA   YVQO Unión Radio, Puerto la Cruz (10°05'N 64°47'W) MAY 24 0131 - Good; "...centro de noticias, Unión Radio."

650      CUBA   unID  MAY 24 0128 - Wobbler over CKGA.  0800 loud wobbling over WSM.

670      VENEZUELA   YVLL R.Rumbos, Caracas (10°29'N 66°59'W) MAY 23 0020 - Fair through R.Rebelde; "En Radio Rumbos..." into bachata.  0030 under R.Rebelde; signature doorbells.

700      JAMAICA   RJR Hague, Trelawny  MAY 23 0800 - Under WLW and an unID Latin American; BBC World Service parallel 555 kHz.

720      BRAZIL   ZYK276 R.Guaíba, Porto Alegre (30°02'S 51°12'W) MAY 24 0030 - Good, over Venezuela; time marker and Guaíba ID in Portuguese. <<mp3 audio>>

720      VENEZUELA   YVQE Oriente 720, Porlamar (10°56'N 64°12'W) MAY 23 0030 - Good; theme song with voice over, "Música, entretenimiento, opinión, información... Desde Porlamar, estado Nueva Esparta, transmite la nueva Venezuela Oriente 720 AM musical..." into promo/ad string.  MAY 24 0130 - Good; "En Venezuela Oriente, nueve en punto."

750      VENEZUELA   YVKS RCR Caracas (10°29'N 67°00'W) MAY 23 0025 - Good; Espacio Deportivo program with MLB scores.  MAY 24 0228 - Good; talk about Radio Caracas Televisión.

760      BRAZIL   ZYH588 R.Uirapuru, Fortaleza (3°45'S 38°31'W) MAY 23 0031 - Briefly strong fade-in over presumed Venezuela; energetic commentary in Portuguese.

790      CUBA   CMAQ R.Reloj, Pinar del Río (22°25'N 83°43'W) MAY 23 0058 - RR code through WPRV and presumed Barbados het on the low side.

790      VENEZUELA   YVXM R.Minuto, Barquisimeto  MAY 24 0030 - Fair, over an unID Latin American; ray gun sound effect with R.Minuto ID, clock sound effect with time check, "Ocho en punto."

800      NETHERLANDS ANTILLES   PJB TransWorld Radio, Bonaire (12°06'N 68°17'W) MAY 24 0230 - Fair; promo, "Radio Transmundial... ochocientos AM."

820      ST. KITTS & NEVIS   TBN/R.Paradise, Charlestown (17°08'N 62°37'W) MAY 23 0100 - Presumed; contemporary gospel music, including reggae "I Will Pray and Lift You Higher," through the hour without ID.  MAY 24 0230 - Good; Bible teaching in Caribbean-accented English, citing a familiar verse from John, "God so loved the world..."

840      BRAZIL   ZYK687 R.Bandeirantes, São Paulo (23°32'S 46°37'W) MAY 24 0028 - Good; religious speaker in Portuguese.

860      BRAZIL   ZYJ459 Radio CBN, Rio de Janeiro  MAY 24 0020 - Briefly atop Latin American stew with news/talk in Portuguese.

900      BARBADOS   CBC St. Michael  MAY 24 0232 - Fair, over unID Latin Americans; soca dance music.

930      CUBA   unID  MAY 23 0100 - Wobbler noted through domestics.

960      CUBA   R.Reloj,  MAY 23 0858 - Good; time marker, "Radio Reloj," RR code ID, time check, alternating man and woman.

1000    VENEZUELA   YVNM R.Caribeña, Morón (10°30'N 68°10'W) MAY 23 0128 - Fair, over an unID Latin American; "Radio Caribeña... la mejor de la música venezolana," and llanera music.

1020    CUBA   R.Reloj, Jobabo (20°53'N 77°16'W) MAY 23 0901 - RR code heard through an unID Latin American and KDKA.

1040    CUBA   unID  MAY 23 0900 - Distinct wobbler over YVLB Venezuela het and domestics.

1070    VENEZUELA   YVMA Mundial Zulia, Maracaibo  MAY 23 0902 - Fair; llanera music, "En Mundial Zulia... cuatro treinte dos minutos..."

1100    BRAZIL   ZYK694 R.Globo, São Paulo (23°32'S 46°37'W) MAY 23 0149 - Good; Globo jingle, high energy promos in Portuguese.

1110    VENEZUELA   YVQT R.Carúpano, Carúpano (10°40'N 63°18'W) MAY 23 0202 - Good; "¡En Venezuela, Carúpano!  Nueve treinte dos minutos," and nostalgia.

1140    VENEZUELA   R.Porlamar, Porlamar (10°57'N 63°51'W) MAY 24 0100 - Fair; promo, "...por Radio Porlamar ...con Radio Rumbos, la emisora Venezuela ...radioporlamar.com."

1150    CUBA   CMKX R.Bayamo, Entronque Bueycito  MAY 23 0200 - Fair; "Esta es CMKX Radio Bayamo, cadena provincial de Granma, transmitiendo desde la cuna de la ciudad Pilón," chimes and time check. <<mp3 audio>>

1160    ANTIGUA   Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, St. John's  MAY 23 0159 - Good, over Bermuda; Christian hymns, "To learn more about the Creator and his marvelous creations, keep listening to the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse in Antigua, 1160 AM." <<mp3 audio>>

1180    CUBA   R.Rebelde, Villa María and Mayarí Arriba MAY 24 0102 - Loud with heavy echo between stations.

1220    BRAZIL   ZYJ458 R.Globo, Rio de Janeiro (22°55'S 43°13'W) MAY 23 0220 - Briefly strong; alternating man and woman in Portuguese.


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