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      Early in September the core DXpedition team of Bruce Conti, Brent Taylor, and Niel Wolfish started thinking about a 2013 Prince Edward Island DXpedition, targeting the first week of November. The first challenge was to locate a coastal rental property that would be open so late in the off-season. A majority of them close in October, including the Howe Bay cottage of last year's DXpedition which was unavailable. A waterfront location with exposure to the south and east would be most desirable for tropical and transatlantic reception. Several hours of searching the internert with the Points East Coastal Drive tour map as a reference resulted in the following few potential sites. DXpedition leader Brent Taylor conducted a road trip/survey of the sites; his comments and photos follow each:

Oceanfront Haven, Souris
2.5 acres beachfront, 3 bed, 2 bath, off-season "all other times" $1300/week
      This first one is owned by an ďAl FishĒ of Toronto and is actually at Little Pond, close to Annandale and just a bit west of where we were last year. $1300 off season/3 people is north of $400 a piece before any taxes/fees, so itís steep Ė but it looks lovely. There appears to be no heavy industry nearby. The following link will bring up a map.
      This was a very nice property, but likely more than we need in terms of space and also money.

Compass Rose Beach House, 60 Jordan Lane, Beach Point (end of Jordan Lane)
2 acres waterfront, 3 bed, 2 bath, $900-1450/week
(46º 0.984 N, 62º 28.2 W)
      The shore here faces NE and has a nice take-off over water for a long distance for Eu/Af/As, and the southern shore is not far behind at all so perhaps Uruguay on 550 will not be attenuated, Niel. I have been along this road many times in my family tree searches. Itís a lovely area, but a little more populated than weíre used to. At this time of year itís at the $900 rate + tax, and it appears that they will apportion it for fewer than 7 nights, at $128.57/night. There are two beds and a sofa-bed, so itís three fellas max for this one.
      This was not a good candidate, in my view. The photo shows the proximity of year-round neighbors. There are no fewer than four year-round dwellings within a hundred yards. The driveway passes between two of them.

Lakeville Cottage, 390 North Lake Harbour Road, Red Point
(46º 22.128 N, 62º 8.322 W)
      Looks perfect for SE exposure, and rates in November might be better than the posted $1295. Renters are locals, it appears, and making payment would likely be more smooth than the PayPal rigamarole we had last time. Red Point is a well-known provincial park and beach, and itís right next door, but in November itíll be deserted anyway.
      There is something screwy with the location of this property. The information does not correspond to the site itself. The website mentions both North Lake and Red Point, which are not close together. I visited Red Point, based on the coordinates above, and did not see a property that resembled the photos on the site. Some of the photos appear to match the North Lake Road property we did see, but there is industry quite close by and there was some buzzing and frying on the radio. Also, North Lake is on the north shore of the Island and therefore does not offer southeast sea exposure. I think this one is a bust.

Glistening Waters Victorian Farmhouse, Murray Harbour North
17 acres waterfront, 4 bed, 1 bath, $800-1200/week
(46º04'N, 62º28'W)
      I love this one, both the price and the location. I believe I found the exact house on Google Street View. Itís quite a distance to the shoreline, and that the house is (as described) quite close to the road. Itís about 1400 feet to the beach from the back of the house, but only about 460 feet to the shore of the pond in between. Close enough for my liking, but Bruce is the antenna and feedline guy. I think it might be close to ideal, especially with ZERO neighbours in any direction for quite some distance, I make it about a half a km before thereís any possible QRM source. The ability to use trees may be a good thing also.
      This one was very nice, but it IS quite a distance from shore, even farther than Savage Harbour but maybe still good enough. The closest human occupation is a good distance away, which may be a big plus for our ability to control QRM. One drawback could be cellular coverage, neither CDMA nor GSM service was all that great.

MacPherson's Cove, 35 Bayview Lane, Launching
3 bed, $880-1100/week

      This last one has great water access in the right direction and the price is right also ($880/wk, taxes in). I have found it on Google Earth also, from the directions on the website. Considering the price and the proximity to water, it may be the best combination for us.
      This one is really great. I saw no foundation underneath so Iím wondering how it can be used in the colder weather, but maybe November would still be possible. The exposure is wonderful, the price is right, and there should be little or no neighbor activity by the time we get there.

      Brent inquired about MacPherson's Cove availablility. Not. However, our next choice, Glistening Waters was available. Eastern to southern beachfront exposure, plenty of open real estate for BOG and loop antennas aimed in the desired directions, no immediate neighbors; make it so! Brent contacted the proprietor and made the reservation. The DXpedition was set for the first week of November, hereby dubbed 'Listening Waters'.

The DXers

      (Sept 21) The Listening Waters house could accommodate four DXers comfortably. Three monitoring positions were secured by Brent Taylor, Niel Wolfish, and Bruce Conti, leaving one open position at the table. As word got out about the DXpedition, Bill Whitacre expressed an interest. Bill is an accomplished DXpeditioner, experienced in Pacific coast group DXpeditions and solo Atlantic coast efforts. Unfortunately, Bill had to decline our invitation due to other obligations.
      Concurrently, Brent was on the west coast where he took a meeting with fellow radio enthusiasts including Walt Salmaniw of Victoria DXpedition fame and Prince Edward Island veteran Nick Hall-Patch. Upon hearing about the availability, Walt immediately jumped in to secure the fourth monitoring position. The 2013 DXpedition crew was now complete!

Antenna Planning

Location Bearing     Distance (mi) Location Bearing     Distance (mi) Location Bearing     Distance (mi)
India 34º 6957  Nigeria 100º 4790  New York City 242º 685
Finland 37º 3414  Benin 103º 4635  Mexico 245º 2770
Afghanistan 39º 6098  São Tome 105º 5196  French Polynesia     253º 6898
Russia (Europe) 40º 4082  Angola 106º 6146  New Zealand 256º 9641
 Mauritania 107º 3358
Georgia 49º 4860  Botswana 108º 7269
Iran 49º 5597  South Africa 111º 7463  Los Angeles 274º 2987
Ukraine 50º 4108  Sydney 284º 10477
Armenia 50º 4995  Brazil (Rio) 160º 4863  Hawaii 288º 5413
United Arab Emirates 54º 6154  Barbados 175º 2267  Vancouver 297º 2752
Czech Republic 56º 3423  Uruguay 175º 5545
Romania 56º 4032  Paraguay 176º 4915
Kuwait 56º 5647  Guadeloupe 178º 2063  Anchorage 321º 3438
Turkey 57º 4619  Argentina (B.A.) 178º 5565  Japan 344º 6702
Germany 58º 3166  Trinidad & Tobago 178º 2463  South Korea 352º 6648
London 59º 2769  St. Kitts & Nevis 181º 1989  Philippines 356º 8316
Syria 59º 5016  British Virgin Islands  184º 1907  Taiwan 357º 7586
Cyprus 61º 4778  Puerto Rico 188º 1929  Beijing 6491
Saudi Arabia 61º 5756  Venezuela 189º 2614  Vietnam 13º 8083
Israel 62º 5006
Paris 63º 2946  Peru 194º 4084
Greece 63º 4204  Dominican Republic 195º 1951
Italy 66º 3599  Colombia 196º 2945
 Ecuador 201º 3390
Djibouti 71º 6349  Panama 208º 2761
Tunisia 74º 3746  Cuba 219º 1942
Spain 76º 2960  Nicaragua 219º 2663
Libya 76º 4186
Kenya 84º 6736
Morocco 87º 3022

AZ map bearing to western India at 42º (below left) would require a terminated antenna to null the U.S. northeast corridor, especially for reception of the two prime targets; 1071 kHz which may suffer interference from 1060 KYW HD and 1080 WTIC HD digital noise, and 1566 kHz with interference from 1560 WQEW. A bi-directional antenna could be aimed 178º to Argentina (below right) with transpolar targets Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea on the back side.

The following three EZNEC model results are for the natural phase relationship between two side-by-side parallel bi-directional (not terminated) Delta antennas separated by 350 to 400 feet. Each Delta measures 30-ft tall with a 120-ft base at 3-ft above ground. A delay line could be added to a Delta lead-in to produce similar results with less distance between the two antennas. Comparable 'natural phase relationship' results could not be obtained with the same two bi-directional Delta antennas inline. The side-by-side configuration is worth considering for an Argentina/Japan array.

Next the EZNEC results for the natural phase relationship between two side-by-side parallel unidirectional (terminated) Delta antennas.

Proposed Beverage and Delta Array Antenna Layout

Approximate locations of a Beverage antenna and a side-by-side Delta array.  A bi-directional two Delta array will be aimed toward Argentina and Japan. Three Delta antennas are shown for reference. The Beverage at 80° may have to be redirected to 90° depending upon the status of the agricultural field. A Beverage at the desired 40° toward India may not be feasible because it would have to run parallel to the road and across adjacent property.


      Listening Waters Sunrise

      Listening Waters Sunset

Sunrise/Sunset Times (UTC November 5, 2013)

Listening Waters Sunrise 10:57 / Sunset 20:50

  Sunset Across Latin America               Sunrise Across Latin America    
  Brazil (Fortaleza)  20:25     Brazil (Rio)  08:06  
  Listening Waters  20:50   Brazil (Fortaleza)  08:10  
  Brazil (Rio)  21:08     Uruguay (Montevideo)  08:39  
  Trinidad & Tobago  21:41     Argentina (B.A.)  08:48  
  Puerto Rico  21:50     Trinidad & Tobago  09:58  
  Venezuela (Caracas)  22:03     Venezuela (Caracas)  10:20
  Uruguay (Montevideo)  22:19     Puerto Rico  10:26  
  Argentina (B.A.)  22:27     Peru (Lima)  10:34  
  Colombia (Bogotá)  22:38     Colombia (Bogotá)  10:42  
  Cuba (La Habana)  22:49     Ecuador (Quito)  10:54  
  Ecuador (Quito)  23:01     Listening Waters  10:57  
  Peru (Lima)  23:09     Cuba (La Habana)  11:37  
  Nicaragua (Managua)  23:18     Nicaragua (Managua)  11:39  
  México DF  00:01     México DF  12:40  

  Euro/Mideast Sunrise                         Africa Sunrise                
  India (Rajkot)  01:23  
  Pakistan (Islamabad)  01:30  
  Afghanistan (Kabul)  01:47  
  Oman (Muscat)  02:14  
  Qatar (Doha)  02:44  
  Iran (Tehran)  03:00  
  Iran (Rasht)  03:10     Kenya (Nairobi)  03:11  
  Saudi Arabia (Duba)  03:50     Botswana  03:26  
  Syria (Damascus)  03:57     South Africa (Cape Town)  03:42  
  Israel (Tel Aviv)  04:01     Egypt (Cairo)  04:12  
  Ukraine  04:39     Angola (Mulenvos)  04:37  
  Greece (Athina)  04:55  
  Romania (Bucuresti)  04:58     São Tomé  05:14  
  Hungary (Budapest)  05:34     Nigeria (Lagos)  05:34  
  Kaliningrad  05:45     Benin (Parakou)  05:40  
  Italy (Roma)  05:47  
  Czech Rep (Praha)  05:59     Morocco (Rabat)  05:56  
  Finland (Pori)  06:13     Algeria (Alger)  06:16  
  France (Paris)  06:44  
  England (London)  07:01     Mauritania (Nouakchott)        07:05  
  W.Sahara (Laayoune)  07:06  
  Faroe Islands  08:08  
  Greenland (Nuuk)  11:24  

Transpacific (Transpolar) Sunset             Transcontinental Sunrise    
  Hawaii  03:53     St. John's NL  10:19  
  Japan (Tokyo)  07:42     Listening Waters  10:57  
  Australia (Sydney)  08:27     Winnipeg  13:25  
  South Korea (Seoul)  08:30     Los Angeles  14:17  
  China (Beijing)  09:08     Calgary  14:36  
  Taiwan  09:11     Vancouver BC  15:08  
  Vietnam  10:28     Alaska (Anchorage)  17:39  
  China (Urumqi)  10:55   Urumqi sunrise  00:51

Aerial Photos

      Aerial photos of the Murray Harbour North Listening Waters site by Brent Taylor from a recent fly-over.


73 and Good DX!

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