Listening Waters - 2014 Prince Edward Island DXpedition

November 2 - 8
Murray Harbour North (46°04'N 62°28'W)
* All dates/times UTC *

The DXers and their Receiving Equipment

     Bruce Conti WPC1CAT - WiNRADiO Excalibur, MWDX-5 phasing unit
     Geoff Rivett VE9DM - Drake R8, Zenith Trans-Oceanic 3000, Quantum Phaser
     Brent Taylor VY2HF - RFSpace SDR-IQ, Quantum Phaser
     Niel Wolfish - WiNRADiO Excalibur


     NOV 2 1600 - NOV 5 1800 UTC: 1800-ft Beverage not terminated at 60° northeast, ICE model 112A 4-way active splitter.
     NOV 5 1800 - NOV 7 1000 UTC: 1200-ft Beverage not terminated at 120°, Wellbrook Communications 4-way active splitter.
     NOV 2 1600 - NOV 4 1900 UTC: 500-ft Beverage not terminated at 100° east, Wellbrook Communications 4-way active splitter.
     NOV 4 1900 - NOV 7 1000 UTC: 650-ft Beverage terminated at 100° east, Wellbrook Communications 4-way active splitter.
     NOV 2 1600 - NOV 7 1000 UTC: Terminated Delta, 30-ft tall x 100-ft base, at 120°.
     NOV 2 - NOV 8: Pixel Technologies AM-2 broadband loop, mast-mounted on Hy-Gain AR-303 rotator.
     NOV 7 1600 - NOV 8 1100 UTC: Wellbrook ALA-100M.

Brent Taylor
     Once again it was a pleasure to be a part of another Eastern Canada DXpedition. Not since we left Priest Pond five years ago had we made a return visit to the same location. We always liked our previous PEI setups, but ever since 2009 the cottage we rented would change hands the following season and become unavailable for a re-booking. Perhaps the fame brought by international coverage of our DXpeditions made those properties more attractive on the market (wink).
     This year we were invited by the cottage owner to return, after the 2013 late closing experiment was a success for her. Vacation properties on the Island start to come off the vacancy list in late September as this summertime tourist hotspot starts to wind down. Most seasonal cottages are closed and prepared for winter, and many of them are not insulated for use past the early fall. Our location is an old farm house, however, and can be used year-round as long as the heat is on.
     With a possible snowstorm on the way, Bruce expedited his drive from NH on opening weekend and managed to arrive at the cottage before I was able to retrieve Niel from his scheduled flight from Toronto to Charlottetown. We got to the property by early afternoon, and by then Bruce had already run his two Beverages and was listening to his SDR.
     Niel and I went about getting my new Pixel Technologies AM-2 aluminium loop antenna installed, which we put not too far outside the window so I could visually monitor its position and make sure it was turning as the Hy-Gain controller commanded.
     By 1600 local time on Sunday we were all DXing. The Pixel was not my focus at first, as our intention was to rely on Bruce's Beverage antennas for the coming sunset TA DX. I intended the Pixel to be my main go-to antenna for sunrise domestic DX, but as the logs show it had an unexpected benefit for some nice Caribbean and South American DX with its ability to null stations down the Eastern Seaboard in the late evening and overnight.
     Our routine is to be all seated at the same table, headphones on, as we tune our SDRs and occasionally wave at each other to announce a tip. To a layperson it would not look like we were having any fun, but it was!
     Geoff Rivett joined us from Saint John, NB on Tuesday afternoon. Geoff had tried an Excalibur SDR in the past, but wasn't sold on it and went back to more traditional listening on his Drake R8. So that was the rig he brought to the DXpedition. We moved another table into the dining room area so Geoff could DX nearby. Geoff stayed with us until Thursday, when he decided to leave a little early to try to dodge yet another predicted snow storm on his way to some scheduled events in Montreal that weekend.
     Bruce left early on Friday morning, and that meant Niel and I would close out the DXpedition for Friday night and Saturday morning. We deployed my Wellbrook ALA-100M so we would have an alternative to the Pixel. Between the two, we found the Wellbrook delivered better signal strength, but the S/N ratio was far superior on the Pixel.
Pixel AM-2 Antenna
     In the late summer of 2013 I started shopping around for an alternative to my 60 x 20-ft corner-fed loop which had done good service in recent years (including an amazing round of TP catches in 2009 including Korea, Japan and China) but recently had fallen victim to local noise as more of my neighbours bought their plasma TVs and goodness knows what else.
     Reading on the advantages of magnetic field reception and its noise avoidance characteristics, I settled on the circular loop design that was being offered by Wellbrook (the ALA-1530) and Pixel (the RF-1A and RF-1B). After reading the reviews online I concluded the Wellbrook would likely be the best of the two for my purposes, but being located overseas and a large and costly item to ship, I figured I would try a Pixel antenna first.
     As I shopped the Pixel site, I also found a cheaper version of their loop called the AM-2, which was substantially less cost that the RF-1B. I ordered one and got it shipped to my mail drop in Maine, for importing to Canada on my way back from the "NEAR-Fest" Deerfield, NH ham radio flea market in October.
     Because of work and other hobby commitments (my airplane partnership is building a hangar this fall) I did not have time to set the Pixel up at home, and decided that its first use would be at the Listening Waters DXpedition. I was very impressed with its ability to steer to a 30 dB null. I knew it would not be much of an advantage for TA DX as the 'peak' point would be a figure-8 pattern and – due to PEI's position on a straight line between the U.S. Northeast and Europe – would not be effective at nulling the USA while still delivering signals from overseas.
     I had hoped to use the Pixel for western Canadian and possibly TP DX where I could get a sharp null on New York and Boston while still getting good arrival from the northwest. Solar activity ruined any chance of a good TP opening, so the Pixel was not able to be a factor in the mornings. However, the antenna did a great job on Eastern Caribbean and deep South American signals. Brazil and the Antilles are located far enough east that I could steer the Pixel to get a fantastic null on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard and still catch some good signals from the south. I logged Antigua, Guadeloupe, Uruguay, Brazil and other hard-to-hear countries when signals are strong from the U.S.
     At the end of the DXpedition, based on the Pixel's performance in Murray Harbour North, I was eager to deploy it at home. On November 11th after Remembrance/Veteran's Day services I completed the install and fired up my SDR. The antenna worked well, just as it did on the DXpedition. I was disappointed, however, with the amount of noise it was still bringing into the shack. In fact, it was not much better than my loop. Still, I am very pleased with how it steers and nulls, and I may have discovered that some of the noise I am hearing may be from my own property, as I am not able to see any difference in the noise no matter which way I have the antenna pointed. It is possible that noise is being introduced into the antenna from the coax feed itself, so I will continue to work at grounding and maybe trying some other noise cancelling trickery such as chokes.
     The Pixel takes some getting used to, as signal strengths are definitely weaker compared to longer wire antennas. But, that is at least equalled by the lower noise level as well. The ability to mechanically steer the Pixel from inside the shack is the key advantage. It's not great at low signal strengths in the mid-afternoon TA fade-in period, but once darkness falls there is plenty of RF to drive the SDR.
     I suspect that the ALA-1530 would have been a better choice for higher signal strength performance, as the antenna has a larger diameter. I'm not sure if the difference would be worth it, and I am quite convinced it would not have surpassed the Pixel in its ability to handle my noise problem, which is a range of hash that occupies mainly the 600 to 900 area of the band at my home.
     The DXpedition of 2014 was a great week of fellowship and reconnecting with old friends. For me it was also a chance to see my new antenna perform, and I believe it was money well spent. Here's hoping we have a chance to DX as a team again in 2015.

Niel Wolfish
     I was pleased to be able to return to the Glistening Waters (a.k.a. 'Listening Waters') Victorian Cottage this year (even if the famous sign seemed to be missing from Highway 17). It was nice to return to a venue we were already familiar with and that had managed to not get sold over the past year.
     As my fellow DX conspirators Bruce and Brent have described in proper detail, the location has plenty of room for antennas and away from noisemaking devices, but still has the creature comforts of home: internet, comfortable accommodations, a fully functional kitchen, and even a living room with a television and a couple of couches. Oddly enough, the first time Brent turned on the television (on the third morning of our visit), the power went out within a few minutes! Perhaps it was the DX gods trying to telling us something... As it turns out, this was a power outage that also affected 6,000 customers in the nearby Town of Montague, which meant that our daily lunch and grocery supplies trip that day ended up being a longer trip to Stratford (not too far from where Brent lives). Fortunately, the power had been restored by the time we returned from lunch and in time for the arrival of our fourth attendee Geoff Rivett.
     I'd say as far as reception goes, it was sort of a mixed bag. We did not get any transpacific DX this time, and we also were not treated with the daily afternoon reception from India on 1071. However, we had more interesting Latin Americans than in previous years (including Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina). And it was also nice to be able to take advantage of a few 'empty' frequencies. With France no longer on 945, we were treated to reception of Angola and Israel. I also finally managed to hear Gibraltar on 1458.
     I managed not to forget anything this year. All I had to do was remember the computer, the Excalibur, cables, multicoupler and antenna switch (and clothes). And I managed to get all the timed recordings set up properly. Unlike two years ago where I woke up one morning and discovered that I had accidentally managed to record six hours of entire medium wave band while I was asleep! I still have many recordings to go through, which will make for a few 'snowy day projects' at home.
     Many thanks again to Brent for organizing this year's event and also for the transportation to and from YYG (Charlottetown Airport). A big thank you to Bruce for the antenna expertise and altering me to some good DX as well as the time he put in to with his website to record our experiences. And it was good to see Geoff Rivett after several years. His drone helicopter demonstration made for a great diversion!

Geoff Rivett
     I had a great time with you guys. It was a good thing I brought my laptop or I would have totally felt as if I was in the dark ages with my tube radio! I could not get over how great the signals were from Europe. I think we heard every Western European country which still broadcasts on AM. I got a bang out of Luxembourg on 1440 if I recall. Here are a few notes; 1053 Libya, 1566 Benin, Radio Gibraltar on 1458, 549 Riyadh, 612 Morocco, lots of Spanish stations of course (from Spain!). Oh yes! 1530 São Tome, Africa (very strong). I don't think anyone would be too interested in Boston sports from Plattsburgh, New York, on 960 during the day! I would have to say the highlight would be how much technology has changed since my first DXpedition not too long ago. Then all references were in print and all radios were radios, not external devices connected to computers! Thanks a lot!

Bruce Conti
     Solar activity seemed to shut down the very northerly/transpolar paths, so no luck with reception of India or Asia Pacific signals. Iran signal strength was down too. So after a couple nights, the 60° Romania Beverage was redirected toward Africa to complement a Delta and another Beverage aimed in that direction. Not much luck with Africa despite the extra effort, other than strong signals from 917 Nigeria, 945 Angola, 1530 São Tome, and 1566 Benin, in addition to commonly received signals from North Africa. (Given the strength of 945 Angola, and the absence of others such as 1088 kHz, we wondered about the status of Angola MW stations.) Solar activity wasn't strong enough to significantly enhance tropical American signals either, although reception was better than average.
     One of my other pastimes is distance running. After competing in a half marathon a week earlier, the DXpedition was supposed to be part of a couple weeks recovery break from running. Still got plenty of exercise with daily antenna work though. The 500-ft at 100° and 1800-ft at 60° Beverage antennas were rolled out in the rain for the first day. On day two the 1800-ft Bev was straightened and on day three the 500-ft Bev was extended by another 150-ft and terminated. Part of the daily routine was antenna maintenance; checking connections and a Beverage walk to make sure the wires were still in place, upon which it was found that the 1800-ft had a significant bend in it. Rolling out 1800-ft of wire in pouring rain through woods and a muddy field, I wasn't too particular about the path that day. Still disappointed in the performance of the straightened 1800 footer, it was pulled in on the fourth day. I experimented with 1200-ft at 40° along Route 17, but the noise floor was some 20 dB higher due to coupling with parallel roadside power lines. So the 1200-ft was redirected to 120° for phasing with the other Africa antennas. Then there was the bad matching transformer that caused weird interactions between Niel's antenna switch, the Quantum Phasers used by Brent and Geoff, and the 1200-ft Bev. The culprit was a zapped Mini-Circuits transformer outdoors, discovered after tearing apart the radio room. Replacement with one of my homebrew transformers solved the problem. The DXpedition came to a close the same as it began, rolling up Beverage wire in the rain, comparable to wet Newfoundland DXpedition experiences.
     Broadcast DXing is most often a solitary pursuit, so it's great to have the rare opportunity to join a group DXpedition. While our logbook represents the work of a dedicated team effort, it's not all about the logs. We shared stories, observed techniques, and learned about new technologies. Plus Brent was an excellent tour guide, taking us around the Island to see buffalo and lighthouses. Thanks to Brent, Geoff, and Niel for a memorable DXpedition.

Transatlantic DX

531  ALGERIA Jil FM, F'kirina Wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi NOV 6 0558 - Excellent, over Spain; 'tubby' choral national anthem. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
549  ALGERIA Jil FM, Les Trembles NOV 3 2200 - Excellent; urban contemporary vocal with a soca influenced beat, quick Jil FM inserts, and a Mediterranean pop/rock vocal. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
558  IRAN IRIB R.Farhang, Gheslagh NOV 3 2100 - Over RNE5 Spain; Middle Eastern vocal interlude and speaker through the hour. Offset frequency, measured at 558.043 kHz. [Conti] NOV 20 - Measured 558.043 kHz. [Harri Harte, mwoffsets] NOV 22 0430 - Measured at 558.045 kHz. [Vlad Titarev, mwoffsets]
576  CANARY ISLANDS//SPAIN RNE Las Palmas//Barcelona NOV 7 0500 - Good with significant echo between the two stations; marker and time check, "Las Mañanas de Radio Nacional de España." [Conti]
585  SPAIN RNE1 Madrid NOV 6 2300 - Good; time marker, then cut into news fanfare in progress without usual time checks, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos." Spain/Canaries time checks were heard on 576 kHz parallel. [Conti]
585  TUNISIA RTT Gafsa NOV 2 2244 - Under Spain with man in Arabic. Parallel to 630 kHz. Stringed instrument music at 2246. [Wolfish]
595  MOROCCO SNRT Al-Idaâ al-Watania, Oujda NOV 3 2303 - Fair in QRM; woman with news in French and Arab-style musical intervals. [Taylor]  NOV 6 0500 - Good; choral national anthem, brief announcement, and Koran, parallel 612 kHz. [Conti]
603  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati synchros NOV 4 0259 - Over/under Spain; choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]
612  MOROCCO SNRT Al-Idaâ al-Watania, Sebaa-Aioun NOV 4 0500 - Good; solo and choral Koranic vocals to the hour, then announcement and choral national anthem. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
621  CANARY ISLANDS RNE1 Las Mesas-Tenerife NOV 3 0650 - ID, "Radio Nacional España Canarias." Man gave date and time and it sounded like a local newscast. [Wolfish]
630  PORTUGAL RDP Antena 1 synchros NOV 6 0259 - Good; flute instrumental, time marker into news in Portuguese, parallel 666 kHz. [Conti]
630  TUNISIA RTT Tunis NOV 2 1941 - Female Middle Eastern vocal. Outfaded to WPRO. [Wolfish]
657  ITALY Rai Radiouno, Pisa-Coltano NOV 6 2200 - Over/under RNE5 Madrid; data burst, time marker, "Rai" and woman in Italian, parallel 1062 kHz. [Conti]
665.76  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Shushtar NOV 7 0200 - Het on low side of 666 Portugal; presumed Iran per mwoffsets list. Measured 665.765 kHz. [Conti]
666  PORTUGAL RDP Antena 1 synchros NOV 7 0159 - Good with synchro echo; man and woman in Portuguese, time marker and RDP fanfare into news. [Conti]
675  NETHERLANDS R.Maria, Lopik NOV 3 2100 - Good; canned ID, "Radio Maria, AM 675..." with internet address and R.Maria jingle. NOV 6 2200 - Fair; canned ID with R.Maria jingle, contemporary Christian vocals. [Conti]
684  SPAIN RNE1 Sevilla NOV 6 0600 - Excellent; marker with Spain and Canaries time check, "Las Mañanas de Radio Nacional de España, Alfredo Menéndez." [Conti]
693  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 5, Droitwich et al. NOV 7 0200 - Excellent, with synchro echo; "Call us on 0-500-909-693...," into news, "First for breaking news and the best live sport, this is BBC Five Live." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
693  unID NOV 6 0600 - Under BBC5; Koranic vocal. First guess would be Algeria, but it wasn't parallel 981 kHz. [Conti]
702  ALGERIA Chaîne 1, Laghouat NOV 7 0200 - Distinct 5+1 pips of Algeria, then heard brief announcement by a woman followed by a man parallel 891 kHz. [Conti]
702  FRANCE RMC-Info, Le Col de La Madonne NOV 2 2100 - Good; Radio Chine International ID in French. [Conti]
702  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bushehr NOV 3 1930 - Poor; chimes marking the hour, parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]
718  UKRAINE SL Soloviivka NOV 4 0130 - Noticed het while monitoring tropical signals on 720 kHz. No audio, but per mwoffsets data this is Ukraine, an NDB per Mauno Ritola via mwoffsets. [Conti]
720  CANARY ISLANDS RNE5 Finca España NOV 2 2205 - Good; "Radio Nacional de España" into talk and music. [Conti]
729  unID NOV 6 2200 and 2300 - Under RNE1 Spain; clock chimes/bells, beginning 20 seconds after RNE time pips. [Conti]
738  SPAIN RNE1 Barcelona NOV 6 2200 - Excellent; time marker, Spain and Canaries time checks, "24 Horas, Radio Nacional de España, Miguel Angel Domínguez," parallel 729 kHz. [Conti]
747  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Gonbad-e Qabus or Kerman NOV 3 2100 - In mix with multiple co-channel signals including Canaries/Spain and Netherlands; R.Iran piano sounder parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]
747  NETHERLANDS Radio 5 Nostalgia, Zeewolde NOV 3 0200 - Fair; "Radio 5 Nostalgia" jingle, time marker, woman in Dutch, parallel 1251 kHz. [Conti]
756  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Boldur NOV 3 2100 - Under Germany; "Hora exacta," competing time pips and news intro music. Surprised to find this while checking Deutschlandfunk parallels. [Conti]
765  IRAN R.Iran, Chabahar or Rasht NOV 3 0200 - Fair; instrumental music parallel 1503 kHz, then announcement by deep-voiced man while 1503 was overtaken by Spain. [Conti]
783  SPAIN COPE Miramar, Barcelona NOV 7 0500 - Fair, over unID Koran; time marker, "Cope, estar informado," parallel 837 kHz. [Conti]
792  SPAIN SER R.Sevilla, Sevilla NOV 6 0300 - Fair and alone on the frequency; no mentions of Sevilla during break leading up to time marker and "Cadena Ser, servicios informativos." [Conti]
810  SCOTLAND BBC R.Scotland synchros NOV 6 2300 - Synchro echo over unID Spanish; "BBC Radio Scotland news..." [Conti]
810  SPAIN SER R.Madrid, Madrid NOV 6 0600 - Over WGY; marker and time checks, "En la cadena Ser, Hoy por Hoy con Pepa Bueno." [Conti]
828  GERMANY NDR Info, Hannover NOV 3 2258 - Poor; end of concert with audience applause, "NDR Info, nachtricten" and woman with news, parallel 972 kHz. [Conti]
837  SPAIN COPE Sevilla, Sevilla NOV 5 2237 - Good; "...Cope Sevilla" at end of ad string. The break started late at 2233 UTC. NOV 7 0600 - Fair; "Cope Sevilla, estar informado," and time marker into news. [Conti]
846  IRELAND R.North, Carndonagh NOV 4 2000 - Good; country music through the hour without ID. [Conti]
855  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Bucuresti NOV 4 0259 - Under Spain; choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]
855  SPAIN RNE1 Galicia, Pontevedra NOV 4 0625 - Break in what I assume is national programming followed by RNE sounder and "Radio Nacional España... Galicia" ID. Different than 621 at this time. [Wolfish]
873  SPAIN SER R.Galicia, Santiago de la Compostela//SER R.Zaragoza, Zaragoza NOV 7 0259 - Receiving both with significant echo; network deportes promo up to network news, neither station taking a local break as noted on 1026, 1080, and 1485 kHz. [Conti]
882  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Wales, Washford et al. NOV 3 2100 - Good; "BBC Radio Wales travel," traffic report, "On FM, AM, online, TV, and digital radio, this is BBC Radio Wales," and 9 o'clock time check into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. NOV 6 0500 - Over Canaries/Spain; "This is the BBC World Service, the world's radio station." [Conti]
891  ALGERIA Chaîne 1, Oulet Fayet NOV 7 0200 - Solid s9 signal but weak modulation; distinct 5+1 time pips of Algeria, then a brief announcement by a woman followed by a man parallel 702 kHz. Could hear co-channel R.Sim under the almost quiet signal. [Conti]
891  PORTUGAL R.Sim, Vila Moura NOV 4 2000 - Fair; R.Sim jingle, time marker into news in Portuguese. [Conti]
DXpedition site: Route 17 and the 'Listening Waters' Victorian Farmhouse in Murray Harbour North
    900  ITALY Rai Radiouno, Milan NOV 2 2109 - Strong with soccer match involving Palermo and Milan. [Wolfish]
900  SPAIN COPE synchros NOV 5 0031 - Over/under co-channel signals; "Cope, estar informado." [Conti]
917  NIGERIA R.Gotel, Yola NOV 2 2222 - Good; man taking phone-in callers in heavily African-accented English. [Taylor]
918  SLOVENIA R.Slovenija 1, Ljubljana NOV 6 2200 - Fair; time marker, "Radio Slovenija, Prvi programa," and news. [Conti]
918  SPAIN R.Inter, Madrid NOV 2 2130 - Good; time marker and jingle into announcement, "En Radio Inter... para sintonia de Radio Inter." Listen to mp3 audio clip. NOV 3 0100 - Good; "Esta es la Inter," and time marker. [Conti]
945  ANGOLA R.N'gola Yetu, Mulenvos NOV 6 0300 - Fair; "Rádio N'gola Yetu..." and highlife music. Listen to mp3 audio clip. NOV 7 0005 - Good and loud; African highlife music. No sign of 1088 Angola for the entire DXpedition, so 1088 might be off the air. [Conti]
945  ENGLAND Smooth Radio, Bexhill NOV 3 2029 - Mixing with Iran; Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch." [Wolfish]
945  IRAN IRIB R.Kordestan, Kordestan NOV 3 2030 - Usual chimes heard at 2030. Mixing with Smooth Radio. [Wolfish]
945  ISRAEL Galai Zahal, Tel Aviv NOV 5 0127 - Weak; Hebrew pop music and also a song by Radiohead. Matches webstream. [Wolfish]
945  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Miercurea-Ciuc NOV 2 2300 - Under Middle Eastern unIDs; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," and time marker into news parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]
945  RUSSIA R.Rossii, Rostov-na-Donu NOV 3 0200 - Over unID Koran; time marker, "Moscow...", fanfare, "Radio Rossii... programa..." [Conti]
954  CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský rozhlas, various NOV 3 2000 - Fair; time marker, news in Czech. NOV 6 0500 - Good; time marker, "Ceský rozhlas dvoyka," and news. [Conti]
954  SPAIN Onda Cero, Madrid NOV 4 2051 - With fútbol. Real Madrid vs. Liverpool. [Wolfish]  NOV 6 0600 - Good; time marker, "En Onda Cero, Herrera en la Onda." Listen to mp3 audio clip. NOV 6 2100 - Good; "Onda Cero, tu radio" and time marker. [Conti]
963  TUNISIA RTT Tunis NOV 4 0500 - Fair; 1 kHz test tone and anthem. NOV 6 0458 - Excellent; sign-on test tone, then instrumental national anthem. [Conti]
972  GERMANY NDR Info, Hamburg NOV 3 0200 - Good; time marker, "ARD Infonacht, nachtricten," and news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
981  ALGERIA Chaîne 2, Algiers NOV 6 2332 - Excellent and dominant; woman host taking phone calls in mostly French. [Taylor]  NOV 7 0200 - Excellent; pop/rock vocal segue to 5+1 time marker, " Radio Isnath," and news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
999  MOLDOVA TWR Grigoriopol NOV 3 2000 - Over Spain; TWR ID in Russian. [Conti]
999  SPAIN COPE Madrid, Madrid NOV 5 2237 - Good; "...Cope Madrid" at end of ad string. The break started late at 2233 UTC. [Conti]
Island amateur radio operators Jennifer Arsenault and Sarah Jones VE3KWO visit for a tour of the DXpedition facilities
   1008  CANARY ISLANDS esRadio, Arucas NOV 4 2048 - Talk by man and woman. Parallel webstream. Above SER fútbol. [Wolfish]  NOV 6 0500 - Excellent; esRadio jingle, "esRadio," time marker, "Es la Mañana de Federico, esRadio." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
   1008  NETHERLANDS Grootnieuwsradio, Zeewolde NOV 3 2100 - Over unID Koran; promo/ID, mentioned internet address. [Conti]
   1017  BULGARIA R.Horizont, Kardzhali NOV 7 0200 - Good, over Spain; time marker, "Est radio, est Horizont," and rock music. [Conti]
   1017  SPAIN RNE5 Burgos//Granada NOV 6 0300 - Good with slight synchro echo; marker and Spain/Canaries time checks, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos." [Conti]
   1026  SPAIN SER R.Jáen, Monte Santa Catalin NOV 6 0259 - Poor in SER jumble; "Radio Jáen, Cadena Ser." NOV 7 0259 - Upfaded over co-channel SER stations; "Radio Jáen, Cadena Ser," and time marker into network news, "Cadena Ser, servicios informativos." Checking other SER frequencies, found that not all stations break from the network at this time. See 1521 SER R.Castellón for example. [Conti]
   1026  unID NOV 4 0500 - Under SER Spain; "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi through the hour, then another pop/rock song, likely a UK station. [Conti]
   1035  ESTONIA R.Eli, Tartu NOV 2 2100 - Through co-channel interference; one cycle of TWR interval signal. NOV 4 0500 - Poor; one cycle of TWR interval signal. [Conti]
   1044  SPAIN SER R.San Sebastián, Monte Igueldo NOV 3 0130 - Good; "Radio San Sebastián..." with sound of children playing, into network promo. [Conti]
1053.1  LIBYA R.Libya, Tripoli NOV 3 1900 - Loud het against 1053.0 TalkSport; measured 1053.102 kHz. [Conti]
1053  ROMANIA R.Iasi, Iasi NOV 3 2000 - Over TalkSport and off-frequency Libya; R.Iasi ID and sign-off with 1 kHz tone. [Conti]
1062  ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros NOV 2 2259 - Good; orchestral national anthem, sign-off tones, and off at 2301 UTC leaving unID Koran in clear. NOV 4 2000 - Good with synchro echo; "...estaciones onda media de Radiouno." NOV 6 0458 - Excellent; pre sign-on ticking clock and tones, 0500 data burst and marker, Rai news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1071  EGYPT Middle East Radio, Cairo NOV 2 2100 - Over unID Mideast/North African; ID, "...Middle East Radio," and fanfare. [Conti]
1071  IRAN IRIB R.Maaref, Qom NOV 2 2230 - Good; a capella vocal, then a brief Koranic recitation and mentions of Iran. [Conti]
1071  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Bisha NOV 2 2355 - Over/under Iran; electronic music parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]
1071  unID NOV 7 0258 - 1 kHz test tone noted upon tune-in; received through unID Koran. The tone cut off at 0300, then heard 3+1 pips. Yemen signing on? [Conti]
1080  SPAIN SER R.Huesca, Estrecho Quinta NOV 7 0259 - Over WTIC; "Radio Huesca onda media, Cadena Ser." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1089  RUSSIA Vesti FM, Tbilisskaya NOV 4 0032 - Under TalkSport; touchtone telephone sounder. 0159 over/under TalkSport; touchtone telephone sounder, woman in Russian parallel 1215 kHz. [Conti]
1089  UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros NOV 5 1859 - Good; announcement of European football championship on TalkSport, then news and sponsored weather. [Conti]
1107  UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros NOV 2 2059 - Under RNE5 Spain; sports talk parallel 1089 kHz. [Conti]
1116  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bandar Lengeh NOV 3 1930 - Good; chimes and "Radio Iran" ID, parallel 1503 kHz. NOV 3 2100 - Over Spain; discussion in Farsi, R.Iran piano sounder, parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]
1116  ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros NOV 6 0458 - Under SER Spain; pre sign-on tones. [Conti]
1116  SPAIN SER R.Pontevedra, Pontevedra NOV 3 0130 - Good; voice-over, "Radio Pontevedra onda media, Cadena Ser," into network promo. [Conti]  NOV 6 2339 - Alone on channel; several promos for the station, sports programming, and web site at "Radio Pontevedra punto com." [Taylor]
1134  SPAIN COPE Jerez, Finca Pino Solete NOV 5 2237 - Fair; "...Cope Jerez" at end of ad string. The break started late at 2233 UTC. [Conti]
1134  SPAIN COPE synchros NOV 4 2045 - Fair in domestic splatter from both sides; excited play-by-play being called by male announcer. Several transmitters on this frequency so impossible to identify the exact ones I am hearing. [Taylor]
1152  ROMANIA România Actualitati, Cluj NOV 2 2100 - Under RNE5 Spain, over/under unID classic rock (likely Scotland); familiar news sounder parallel 1179 kHz. NOV 4 0259 - Under RNE5 Spain; choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]
1152  SCOTLAND Clyde 2, Dechmont Hill NOV 7 2044 - Poor; "I’m Not In Love" by 10CC. Mixing with Spain. [Wolfish]
1161  UNITED KINGDOM Magic 1161, Goxhill NOV 4 0500 - Poor, over unID UK; "If You Need Me Now" by Chicago, canned ID, "11-6-1...this is Magic..." into Sky news. Another UK station heard underneath Sky news with "That's the Way (I Like It)" by KC & the Sunshine Band. [Conti]
1170  SLOVENIA R.Capodistria, Beli Kriz NOV 4 2000 - Good; "Radio Capodistria..." ID with web address in Italian. [Conti]  NOV 6 2006 - Inbooming with Bryan Ferry song, ID and Italian pop music. [Wolfish]
1179  CANARY ISLANDS SER R.Club, Santa Cruz de Tenerife NOV 6 2101- Good; interview running late through the hour, "Hora 25," then local ID, "...Radio Club." [Conti]
1179  ROMANIA România Actualitati, Galbeni-Bacau et al. NOV 3 1859 - Good; music box theme music, "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," and time marker. [Conti]
1188  IRAN IRIB R.Payam, Tehran NOV 2 2128 - Female vocal. Usual theme and ID at 2130. [Wolfish]  NOV 2 2129 - Good; aud instrumental, three ascending notes marking the hour into news/talk. [Conti]
1197  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Ghir or Moghan NOV 3 2100 - Fair; R.Iran piano sounder parallel 1116 and 1503 kHz. [Conti]
1197  ROMANIA R.Târgu Mures, Brasov Bod NOV 3 2000 - Sign-off with 1 kHz tone, leaving weak unID African-sounding station. [Conti]
1197  UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio, various NOV 3 2219 - Fair to good in 1200 splatter with one or more of several low power relay stations, parallel the loudbooming 1215 kHz. [Taylor]
The 120° Beverage disappears into the brush and woods, and the Pixel AM-2 loop (Taylor photo).
1206  FRANCE France Info, Bordeaux NOV 4 0500 - Good; canned France Info news intro, news headlines over music bed, le journal mention, then another quick "France Info" with emphasis music and more news/talk. [Conti]
1215.03  ALBANIA CRI Fllakë NOV 6 2200 - Het against Absolute Radio UK and COPE Spain; measured 1215.031 kHz. [Conti]
1215  KALININGRAD Vesti FM, Bolshakovo NOV 4 0159 - Under Absolute Radio; touchtone telephone sounder and woman in Russian parallel 1089 kHz. [Conti]
1215  UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros NOV 2 1920 - "Pumping On Your Stereo" by Supergrass. Commercials for Deep Freeze Pain Relief, Marks and Spencer and Volkswagen Finance. ID and David Bowie's "Life on Mars." [Wolfish] NOV 6 2201 - Over/under COPE Spain and weak CRI Albania het; rock vocal, promo for Rock 'n' Roll Football every Saturday afternoon, "I love football!" [Conti]
1224  SPAIN COPE synchros NOV 6 2159 - Solid readable signal with echo while synchro stations were on the network, but disintegrating into a jumble during local break. [Conti]
1242  FRANCE France Info, Marseille NOV 3 0200 - Good; "Vous écoutez France Info, il est trois heures, le journal." [Conti]
1251  NETHERLANDS Radio 5 Nostalgia, Hulsberg NOV 3 0200 - Fair; "Radio 5 Nostalgia" jingle, time marker, woman in Dutch, parallel 747 kHz. NOV 3 2002 - Over Libya; news, "NPO Radio Fife." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1260  SPAIN SER R.Murcia, Murcia NOV 6 2101- Under CKHJ; interview running late through the hour, "Hora 25," then local ID, "Radio Murcia." [Conti]
1269  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster NOV 3 0158 - Good; "What I'd Say" by Ray Charles, Deutschlandfunk sounder and time marker, woman in German, parallel 1422 kHz. [Conti]
1278  FRANCE France Bleu, Sélestat NOV 3 0100 - Good; France Bleu jingles with time check, "Deux heures," and pop music. Not parallel 864 kHz. [Conti]
1296  SPAIN COPE Valencia, Valencia NOV 5 2237 - Fair; "...Cope Valencia" at end of ad string. The break started late at 2233 UTC. NOV 6 2100 - Fair; "Cope en comunidad Valencia, estar informado" and time marker. [Conti]
1296  UNITED KINGDOM Radio XL, Langley Mill NOV 3 2200 - Over/under Spain; subcontinental Indian music, "On 1296 AM, this is Radio XL," and news. [Conti]
1323  ROMANIA R.România Târgu-Mures, Târgu-Mures NOV 3 1959 - Good; sign-off announcement, "Radio Târgu-Mures România," mention of frequencies and program schedule, sign-off test tone and off, leaving Smooth Radio in clear. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1332  IRAN R.Tehran, Tehran NOV 3 2000 - Over/under Romania and unID UK; woman with "Radio Tehran" ID, Middle Eastern string orchestra interlude, and "Theme from a Summer Place" orchestration. [Conti]
1332  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Galati NOV 4 0259 - Fair; choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz. NOV 6 2300 - Fair over unID; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," and time marker into news. [Conti]
1341  NORTHERN IRELAND BBC R.Ulster, Lisnagarvey NOV 4 2122 - Fair to excellent in fades, with rock/pop music show and male announcer with "BBC Radio Ulster" ID at 2124. [Taylor]  NOV 5 1900 - Good; "On 92 and 95 FM, and 1341 medium wave, this is BBC Radio Ulster," and BBC news. NOV 7 0600 - Good; Five Live Breakfast, "This is BBC Five Live" and Five Live News. [Conti]
1341  SPAIN SER R.León, León NOV 6 2101- Good; interview running late through the hour, "Hora 25," then local ID, "Radio León, Cadena Ser." [Conti]
1359  UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Bakers' Wood NOV 3 2038 - With 10cc's "I'm Not In Love," getting battered by 1360 splatter. [Wolfish]
1367.97  IRAN IRIB R.Golestan, Gorgan NOV 3 2100 - Over/under Manx Radio; ney instrumental music. Offset frequency measured at 1367.969 kHz, with Manx Radio at 1367.998 and Israel observed at 1368.016 kHz as listed in mwoffsets.txt October 2014. [Conti] NOV 20 - Measured at 1367.968 kHz. [Harri Harte, mwoffsets]
1368  ISLE OF MAN Manx Radio, Foxdale-Douglas NOV 3 2001 - Rough copy through Israel or Iran; Manx Radio jingle, "Greatest hits, sponsored by..." [Conti]  NOV 3 2206 - Good; female ID "Manx Radio" and then into song by the Pet Shop Boys. Soon faded into mix, but back up for extro of song with male announcer and then "Mama Told Me Not to Come" by Three Dog Night. [Taylor]
1368  ISRAEL Galei Zahal, Filon//Shivta NOV 3 2350 - Poor, under Manx Radio music; talk show with male host and male caller. Matched with web stream at on about a 20 second delay. [Taylor]
1377  ARMENIA TWR Gavar NOV 3 1959 - Over France Info; one cycle of TWR interval signal, then at 2001 under France Info; heard several cycles of the TWR interval signal. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1386  LITHUANIA R.Baltic Waves, Sitkunai NOV 3 2000 - Good; "Polish Radio, external service," and "Radio Polskie." [Conti]
1394.94  ALBANIA TWR Fllakë NOV 3 1959 - Excellent signal, with interval signal and then sign-on in presumed Serbian with man reading script and then into song. Station dropped out suddenly at 2004, and reappeared about 20 seconds later. Mentions of Corinth and Corinthians. [Taylor]  NOV 4 2100 - Good; one cycle of TWR interval signal. Measured 1394.942 kHz. [Conti]
1413  SPAIN RNE5 Galicia, Vigo NOV 4 0625 - Break in what I assume is national programming followed by RNE sounder and "Radio Nacional España... Galicia" ID. Same as on 855 kHz. [Wolfish]
1422  ALGERIA R.Koran, Algiers NOV 6 0300 - Excellent; "Radio Koran" ID and 5+1 time marker. Listen to mp3 audio clip. NOV 7 0200 - Excellent; Koranic vocal segue to 5+1 time marker, then a short announcement and back to Koran. [Conti]
1422  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler NOV 4 0500 - Good, over Algeria; Deutschlandfunk sounder and time marker into news. [Conti]
1431  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Esfahan NOV 3 1958 - Good; distinctive Koranic vocal parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]
1440  LUXEMBOURG RTL Marnach NOV 6 2300 - Good; CRI "Classic China" traditional music program. [Conti]
1457.64  ALBANIA CRI Fllakë NOV 3 1859 - Fair; end of CRI program, off promptly at 1900. Measured 1457.644 kHz. [Conti]
1458  GIBRALTAR R.Gibraltar, Gibraltar NOV 2 2100 - Over co-channel UK; "Radio Gibraltar" jingle. [Conti]  NOV 5 2140 - Bruno Mars song and Travis "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" 2144 "Love Fool" by The Cardigans. Adele song at 2149 and outfaded for a while. Back with canned ID at 2157 and more contemporary music. Matches webstream. [Wolfish]
1458  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Constanta NOV 4 0259 - Over/under UK; choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]
1467  FRANCE TWR Roumoules NOV 3 2200 - Excellent; one cycle of interval signal into Arabic program. [Conti]
1476  IRAN IRIB R.Kurdistan, Marivan NOV 3 2000 - Off-frequency at 1476.256 kHz producing a het against unID 1475.999 kHz; talk program. [Conti]
1485  SPAIN SER R.Zamora, Zamora NOV 6 2101- Good; interview running late through the hour, "Hora 25," then local ID, "Radio Zamora..." Listen to mp3 audio clip. NOV 7 0259 - Through co-channel SER stations; "Radio Zamora..." [Conti]
1494  CORSICA France Bleu, Bastia NOV 2 2100 - Fair; France Bleu jingle and woman, "Bon soir..." [Conti]
Cape Bear
   1503  AZORES AFN Lajes Field, Terceira NOV 3 2300 - Poor through co-channel and 1510 WUFC interference; only caught bits of a woman in English, mentioned "American..." and NPR. Per AFN website, AFN Lajes broadcasts PowerNet which carries NPR at this time. [Conti]
   1503  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bushehr NOV 2 2230 - Good; a capella vocal, then woman with Iran mention. NOV 3 1930 - Good; three chimes marking the hour, Radio Iran ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1521  SPAIN SER R.Castellón, Ctra Valencia NOV 7 0259 - Over/under Saudi Arabia; network deportes promo into network news on the hour without a local break as noted at this time on 1026 SER R.Jáen, 1080 SER R.Huesca, and 1485 SER R.Zamora. [Conti]
1530  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Mihaileni or Mahmudia NOV 4 0259 - Through unID co-channel interference; choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]
1530  SAO TOME E PRINCIPE VOA Pinheira NOV 2 2058 - End of 'Music Time in Africa' program with female host. Mixing with WDJZ Bridgeport. [Wolfish]  NOV 3 1959 - Over Romania; urban African vocal, live announcement in English for Voice of America and African continent, then African highlife/kompas music. [Conti]  NOV 6 1932 - Strong with woman in French talking about Libya and Benghazi. [Wolfish]  NOV 6 0259 - Good; Yankee Doodle and announcement, "This is the Voice of America, Washington DC, signing on." NOV 6 2158 - Excellent; end of "New Hits on VOA One network," then "This is the Voice of America, Washington DC, signing off. For information regarding the times and frequencies of VOA programs, write to Program Schedules, Voice of America, Washington DC 20547, or you may get a schedule from the nearest American cultural center or United States Information Service in your country," and off. [Conti]
1548  ENGLAND Capital Gold, Saffron Green NOV 3 1955 - Over TWR; Everly Brothers "All I Have to Do is Dream" and Elton John "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting." [Wolfish]
1548  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Bristol, Mangotsfield NOV 2 2100 - Fair; "...DAB and online, this is BBC Radio Bristol." [Conti]  NOV 3 2002 - Out of BBC news with ID as "BBC Radio Bristol" and Whitney Houston song. Duking it out with Capital Gold. [Wolfish]
1548  MOLDOVA TWR Grigoriopol NOV 3 1945 - TWR interval signal and Serbian program. [Wolfish]  NOV 3 1959 - Good; end of Serbian program with internet/contact info, one cycle of TWR interval signal, then off leaving BBC R.Bristol and Gold in clear. [Conti]
1557  FRANCE France Info, Le Col de la Madonne NOV 3 0200 - Good; "Vous écoutez France Info, il est trois heures, le journal." [Conti]
1566  BENIN TWR Parakou NOV 2 2100 - Good; speaker in unID African language and highlife/kompas-style choral vocal, then speaking about ebola. [Conti]
1566  ENGLAND Eagle Extra, Peasmarsh NOV 6 1919 - Playing The Commodores "Easy" and matched up to website. [Wolfish]
1574.96  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Abadan NOV 3 1930 - Fair; instrumental music leading up to three chimes on the hour (Iran time is offset by half an hour), parallel 1503 kHz. Offset frequency, measured 1574.967 kHz. [Conti]
1575  ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros NOV 6 1942 - Over Spain and Iran with soccer match. [Wolfish]  NOV 7 0459 - Pre sign-on tones parallel 1062 kHz. [Conti]
1575  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R.Farda, Al Dhabiya NOV 4 2105 - Good to excellent with phasing; man in presumed Farsi then into hip-hop-type pop song. Rock solid on frequency so was able to distinguish from IRIB R.Iran Abadan just below. [Taylor]
1584  SPAIN SER R.Ourense, Ourense NOV 3 2300 - Fair; "Radio Ourense, Cadena Ser," and time marker into 'El Larguero' program. [Conti]
1593  ROMANIA R.Cluj, Oradea//Sibiu NOV 3 1900 - Poor with synchro echo; time marker and R.Cluj ID into news with distinctive emphasis music. [Conti]
1593  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Ion Korvinn NOV 3 2000 - Over R.Cluj sign-off tone; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," and time marker. NOV 4 0259 - Fair; choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]
1602  SPAIN SER R.Cartagena, La Asomada NOV 6 2101- Fair; interview running late through the hour, "Hora 25," then local ID, "Radio Cartagena, Cadena Ser..." with FM frequency. [Conti]
1625  unID Pirate NOV 2 2200 - Folk oldies, including "This Land Is Your Land" by Woodie Guthrie. [Conti]
1629  unID Pirate NOV 2 2152 - Pirate with old music. [Wolfish]
1633  unID Pirate NOV 3 2157 - Greek music? [Wolfish]
1638  unID Pirate NOV 2 2147 - Greek music? [Wolfish]  NOV 6 2200 - Weak; Mediterranean music and talk. Measured at 1638.12 kHz. [Conti]
1644  CANARY ISLANDS Arrecife Radio, Montaña de Haria NOV 6 2117 - Man in Spanish with marine weather. Also English bulletin at 2118. [Wolfish]
1656  SPAIN Weather Radio, Chipiona NOV 5 2009 - Fair to good; marine weather being read for the Spain southeast coast by man, alternating between Spanish and English. [Taylor]
1698  SPAIN EAR La Coruña Radio NOV 3 2309 - Maritime weather with woman in Spanish. [Wolfish]
1707  SPAIN Cabo Matxitxako Radio NOV 3 2307 - Woman with Spanish marine weather. Mentions of Canarias, Casablanca, Porto... Same voice as on 1698 kHz. Over at 2311 UTC. [Wolfish]
1730  unID Pirate NOV 3 2144 - Male announcer. Some piano music. Probably Greek. Seemed to go off without fanfare at 2152. [Wolfish]
1752  IRELAND EJK Valentia Coast Guard Radio NOV 3 2235 - Marine warnings and then ID and off at 2237. [Wolfish]
Drone demonstration and aerial photos by Geoff Rivett
     North and South
'Listening Waters' Victorian Farmhouse

Pan-American DX

530  CUBA R.Rebelde, Guantánamo NOV 7 0500 - Fair; vocal, then choral national anthem, parallel 600, 620, and 670 kHz. [Conti]
550  COLOMBIA HJHF Señal R.Colombia, Marinilla NOV 7 0858 - Over/under R.Rebelde; "Vida y Obrade Mozart" classical music parallel 610 kHz. [Conti]
550  CUBA R.Rebelde, Pinar del Río NOV 4 0900 - Fair; end of news with sounder and time check, parallel 670 kHz. [Conti]
550  URUGUAY CW1 R.Colonia, Colonia NOV 8 0329 - Fair, fading up with woman announcer at first, and then the harp-like sounder with clear "Radio Colonia" ID at 0330:25 by my clock. Thanks to Niel for the hint to look there. [Taylor]  NOV 8 0330 - Talk by woman, fanfare music on a harp-like instrument and ID by woman. [Wolfish]
560  GUYANA Voice of Guyana, Georgetown NOV 5 0308 - Presumed with 50s and 60s music non-stop. No announcements. Also bits of "Theme from a Summer Place" in between one of the songs. Also "Beyond the Sea" at 0324; "Do You Want To Know a Secret" at 0331; "Roses Are Red" at 0340. Almost gone by 0400 but BBC news read by woman could be heard at this time. [Wolfish]
610  COLOMBIA HJD90 Señal R.Colombia, Riohacha NOV 6 2300 - Fair; Colombia national anthem. NOV 7 0858 - Mostly under WIOD; classical music parallel 550 kHz. [Conti]
610  CUBA R.Rebelde, multiple sites NOV 3 2353 - In mess with WIOD and another Latin American station. Talk by man, parallel to 560 and 710 kHz. [Wolfish]
620  CUBA R.Rebelde, Colón NOV 7 0858 - Over/under WDAE; sounder and news headlines with splash attention signal between titulares. [Conti]
630  PUERTO RICO WUNO NotiUno, San Juan NOV 4 0659 - Fair, in jumble with other LA stations; several mentions of "Uno" and sister stations in Ponce, Arecibo, etc. coming to the top of the hour. [Taylor]
630  VENEZUELA YVKA R.Nacional Venezuela, Caracas NOV 7 0858 - Under WUNO and R.Progreso; "Informativa de Radio Nacional Venezuela." [Conti]
640  GUADELOUPE Première, Point-à-Pitre NOV 7 0031 - Good, with Pixel antenna nulling domestics; two men talking in French. [Taylor]
650  COLOMBIA HJKH Antena Dos, Bogotá NOV 5 0159 - Fair; promo for event sponsored by Banco Popular, deportes with Bogotá mentions. [Conti]
650  CUBA R.Progreso, Ciego de Avila NOV 7 0901 - Fair; canned ID, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría, transmitiendo desde la Habana, Cuba, primer territorio libre en América," and chime. [Conti]
670  BRAZIL unID NOV 6 0500 - Over/under R.Rebelde; preaching in Portuguese through the hour. [Conti]
680  PUERTO RICO WAPA San Juan NOV 4 0200 - Fair; "Cadena Wapa Radio" slogan and ID, "680 kilohertz WAPA San Juan y WA2XPA Areceibo, Puerto Rico... 1260 kilohertz WISO Ponce, WI2XSO Mayagüez, y WI3XSO Aguadilla, Puerto Rico... 1590 WGYA Guayama." [Conti]
700  ARGENTINA LV3 R.Córdoba, Córdoba NOV 8 0300 - Poor; ID and a choral version of national anthem. [Wolfish]
700.687  unID NOV 4 1000 - Loud het against 700 WLW, but no readable audio. Bill Whitacre also reported receiving it in Virginia this morning. [Conti]
720  VENEZUELA YVQE R.Venezuela Oriente, Porlamar NOV 5 0159 - Poor; "Hora Venezuela" time check through Cuba and others. [Conti]
730  CUBA R.Progreso, La Fe NOV 4 0359 - Fair, then up to good as CKAC Montreal carrier dropped for presumed maintenance (carrier was off for at least three hours). Male announcer at the top of the hour over music bed with "Radio Progreso cadena nacional... transmitiendo desde la Habana, Cuba," and back out to light music. Parallel 640 kHz. [Taylor]  NOV 4 0626 - Romantic female vocal parallel to 630, 640, 650, 900 etc. CKAC running open carrier at this time. [Wolfish]
750  VENEZUELA YVKS RCR Caracas NOV 4 0203 - Béisbol. ID as "RCR deportes." Game between Navegantes del Magallanes vs. Bravos de Margarita. [Wolfish]
760  BRAZIL ZYH588 R.Uirapuru, Fortaleza NOV 4 0114 - Portuguese preacher. [Wolfish]  NOV 6 2300 - Fair; presumed this with alternating man and woman in Portuguese. [Conti]
760  COLOMBIA HJAJ RCN Barranquilla NOV 4 0159 - Good; promo, "RCN La Radio punto com," and ID, "RCN Barranquilla, 760 AM, RCN La Radio." [Conti]
770  COLOMBIA HJJX RCN Bogotá NOV 4 0500 - Under WABC and R.Rebelde Cuba; jingle, marker and 12 time check into news. The 760 parallel was buried under Brazil. [Conti]
780  BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS ZBVI Road Town, Tortola NOV 4 0120 - Fair; reggae and calypso music, local ads, 0200 sign off with national anthem. [Conti]  NOV 8 0015 - Fair, even with another unID Spanish LA station; playing heavily bass music that was easily ID'ed with the web stream. [Taylor]
780  VENEZUELA YVMN R.Coro, Coro NOV 4 0021 - Under WBBM; Spanish dialogue and man with "Radio Coro 780 AM" ID. [Wolfish]  NOV 4 1000 - Good; promo, "AM Radio Coro 780," and salsa music. [Conti]
790  CUBA R.Reloj, Pinar del Río//Holguín NOV 5 0600 - Usual time clicks and female news reader before male "Radio Reloj" ID; under WPRV. [Taylor]

Moon over Murray Harbour North, and the Pixel antenna with optional beacon

   800  BONAIRE PJB TransWorld Radio, Kralendijk NOV 4 1000 - Fair over/under unID; "Aquí en Radio Transmundial..." [Conti]
810  CUBA R.Progreso, Guantánamo NOV 5 0600 - Under WGY; Radio Progreso "Habana Cuba" ID. [Taylor]
810  PUERTO RICO WKVM San Juan NOV 5 2300 - Fair; "Radio KVM," jingle, and "béisbol profesional de Puerto Rico" coverage. [Conti]
830  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HIJB Santo Domingo NOV 5 0102 - Over/under WCRN; time check with ticking clock and chimes, "Esta es la hora..." and canned ID, "Desde Santo Domingo... noticias, deportes... HIJB..." [Conti]
840  CUBA CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara NOV 3 1000 - Fair; canned ID, "Esta es Doblevé, desde Santa Clara, en el centro de Cuba." NOV 4 2330 - Fair; the same canned ID as normally at hourtop. [Conti]  NOV 5 0459 - Fair over/under WHAS; Cuban national anthem at ToH followed by a few piano plinks and then male with, "Esta es Doblevé... Santa Clara... de Cuba," then into music program with some reverb on the announcer. [Taylor]
840  CUBA R.Revolución, Palma Soriano NOV 5 0401 - Upfaded with canned ID: "Desde Santiago, CMKC, Radio Revolución, cadena provincial..." [Wolfish]
840  HAITI Radio 4VEH, Cap Haitien NOV 8 0300 - Hymn. ID with man in French saying, "Radio 4VEH il est dix heures." Into program with religious music and woman in Creole. Over presumed Cuba at this time. [Wolfish]
850  CUBA R.Reloj, Nueva Gerona NOV 7 0900 - Syncopated clock and RR code through WEEI and unID Venezuela. [Conti]
859.94  CUBA R.Reloj, Jovellanos NOV 4 2340 - Time marker and RR code through unID Spanish. Offset frequency 859.944 kHz. [Conti]
860  ST. KITTS & NEVIS VON Bath Village NOV 4 2350 - Over/under CJBC and unID Spanish; R&B vocals, ID with 'powerhouse' slogan on the hour. [Conti]  NOV 5 0000 - "We're the power from the tower. The Powerhouse of the Eastern Caribbean... VON Radio," ID heard under CJBC. [Wolfish]
900  BARBADOS CBC St. Michael NOV 7 0900 - Under R.Progreso; "Good morning... Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation..." into local news. [Conti]
900  CUBA R.Progreso, San Germán-Urbano Noris NOV 3 2229 - Fair, with man and woman alternating in Spanish with occasional brief piano music interludes. [Taylor]  NOV 4 0500 - Good; canned ID, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional..." and national anthem. [Conti]
900  VENEZUELA YVMD R.Venezuela Mara Ritmo, Maracaibo NOV 5 0037 - Over/under co-channel signals; "Hora Venezuela" time check. [Conti]
910  CUBA R.Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey NOV 4 1000 - Over YVRQ doorbells; ascending notes marking the hour, and canned ID, "Desde la cuna de el mayor, transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba." [Conti]
910  VENEZUELA YVRQ Caracas NOV 3 1000 - Over/under WLAT; doorbell attention signals. [Conti]  NOV 4 0040 - Doorbell sound effects, time checks. Latin American music. [Wolfish]  NOV 5 0458 - Good; doorbells with time check, "Esta es RQ 910," and llanera music. [Conti]  NOV 7 0013 - Fair to good in upfades over a jumble of LA stations; baseball play-by-play matching internet live stream. [Taylor]  NOV 7 0859 - Good, over R.Cadena Agramonte; doorbells with time check, "En RQ 910, cuatro, veinte nueve minutos," promo, "RQ 910 AM Center," and nostalgia. [Conti]
920  PARAGUAY ZP1 R.Nacional de Paraguay, Asunción NOV 5 0237 - Non-stop folk music with male and female singers and guitars. Brief announcement by man at 0254. Complete ID at 0300. Matches webstream. Fighting CKNX. [Wolfish]  NOV 5 0250 - Good; Niel first spotted this with ethnic vocals backed by accordion and acoustic guitar, 0300 ID, "Ahora... en Radio Nacional de Paraguay..." [Conti]  NOV 8 0225 - Good; out of instrumental music piece to male announcer with clear ID: "Radio Nacional de Paraguay," and then back into more instrumental music. [Taylor]
940  PUERTO RICO WIPR Máxima 940, San Juan NOV 4 2234 - Good; promo, "...por Máxima, 940 AM," and talk in Spanish. NOV 6 0600 - Good; "Escuchas WIPR AM San Juan, Máxima 940, la cultura y noticias, Máxima 940 porque somos..." last couple words lost to a lightning crash, then an operatic vocal. [Conti]
940  VENEZUELA YVNN R.Punto Fijo, Punto Fijo NOV 7 0901 - Fair; tropical music, time check, "En Radio Punto Fijo... y triente uno minutos, Radio Punto Fijo 940..." [Conti]
950  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC R.Popular, Santo Domingo NOV 6 0300 - Fair; deportivo talk program, Noticiero Popular headlines with orchestral stingers. [Conti]
960  CUBA R.Reloj, Guantánamo NOV 3 0959 - Fair over unID Spanish; syncopated clock and RR code. [Conti]
980  COLOMBIA HJES RCN Cali NOV 5 0301 - Fair; bells parallel 760 and 770 kHz, then heard "La Radio" and "RCN... Bogotá." [Conti]
990  CUBA R.Guamá, Pinar del Río NOV 5 0400 - Under CBY; chimes marking the hour, parallel 1070 kHz. [Conti]
Point Prim Lighthouse
   1000  CUBA R.Granma, Media Luna NOV 5 0459 - Two Latin Americans fighting it out here. I recognize the Radio Granma theme played on a chime-like instrument. [Wolfish]  NOV 8 0031 - Poor to fair, fading up while we were trying to ID a baseball game from presumed Venezuela. Niel recognized the ID chimes as being from this station. [Taylor]
1000  VENEZUELA YVNM R.Caribeña, Morón NOV 5 0901 - Fair; time check, "Triente uno minutos," and canned ID, "En Caribeña..." and tropical music. NOV 7 0859 - Good; ballad fading into promo for "Caribeña Mil AM" and "caribena punto com punto ve," and tropical music. [Conti]
1000  VENEZUELA unID NOV 8 0032 - A baseball game between the Cardenales de Lara (with player Maikol Gonzalez) and Tiburones de la Guaira. Outfaded to R.Granma Cuba. Back at 0201 with same game. [Wolfish]
1020  CUBA R.Reloj, Victoria de las Tunas NOV 7 0033 - RR code through co-channel jumble. [Conti]
1020  VENEZUELA YVRS Mundial Margarita, La Asunción NOV 7 0858 - Poor but alone; " la mano con el pueblo" slogan and Mundial mentioned in news intro. [Conti]
1030  ARGENTINA LS10 Radio del Plata, Buenos Aires NOV 6 0500 - Fair on upfade; "Temperatura en Buenos Aires..." into news headlines. [Conti]  NOV 8 0301 - Pops up as WBZ downfades with very timely "Radio Noticias del Plata" and news item read by woman. [Wolfish]
1060  CUBA Radio 26, Jovellanos NOV 5 0500 - Under WQOM; signature time marker and national anthem. [Conti]
1070  COLOMBIA HJCG R.Santa Fé, Bogotá NOV 3 1001 - Faded up over unID Spanish; in the middle of extended ID with Santa Fé and Bogotá mentions. [Conti]  NOV 3 1004 - Good; man in Spanish and several mentions of Colombia and Bogotá. [Taylor]
1070  CUBA R.Guamá, Guane NOV 4 0400 - Same as on 990 with chimes heard at top of the hour along with woman announcer and some instrumental music. Poor signal. [Wolfish]
1080  CUBA R.Cadena Habana/R.Ciudad de la Habana, La Habana-Villa María NOV 7 0858 - Under WTIC; signature melody of R.Ciudad de la Habana. [Conti]
1090  VENEZUELA unID NOV 8 0300 - Sounds like the same baseball game as on 1000 kHz. Three Venezuelans listed. I'm not up on my Venezuelan baseball radio networks, so this will have to remain as an unID for now. [Wolfish]
1100  BRAZIL ZYK694 R.Globo, São Paulo NOV 4 0032 - Good; promo, "Rádio Globo punto com." [Conti]  NOV 4 0215 - Parallel to 1220 with Anne Murray "You Needed Me." [Wolfish]
1100  COLOMBIA HJAT Caracol Radio, Barranquilla NOV 7 0900 - Fair; "Ultima hora Caracol" news/talk. [Conti]
1110  CUBA R.Angulo, Holguín NOV 5 0359 - Fair; promos for "triple doblevé punto radio cubana punto cu." [Conti]
1110  VENEZUELA unID NOV 8 0300 - Magallanes vs. Margarita béisbol. Not sure which YV station this would be and there are two listed here. [Wolfish]
1130  VENZUELA YVRL R.Ideal, Maiquetía NOV 7 2355 - Poor to fair over/under WBBR with NY nulled on the Pixel. A couple of LA stations there, but finally a clear "Radio Ideal" just after 0000. [Taylor]  NOV 8 0001 - Upfaded over WBBR New York; station promos, including one that uses a bit of a Gino Vanelli song. [Wolfish]
1140  CUBA unID NOV 4 0459 - Under CBI Sydney with Cuban anthem. Not parallel 1180 (Rebelde). Another Latin American station in here too. [Wolfish]
1150  ARGENTINA LT9 R.Brigadier López, Santa Fé NOV 8 0300 - Canned ID. Exact same ID with sound effects as I heard when I heard them in May 2003 in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. [Wolfish]
1150  BRAZIL ZYL283 R.Globo, Belo Horizonte NOV 4 0501 - Radio Globo "noticias" sounder heard in mess with CKOC, WTTT and I believe another Brazilian. [Wolfish]
1160  ANTIGUA Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, St. John's NOV 4 2300 - Fair over unID Spanish; somber instrumentals, at 2304 re-check church choir music. NOV 5 2300 - Good; easy listening instrumentals, "This is the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse in Antigua, broadcasting on 1160 AM, eastern Caribbean time is 7 o'clock," into weather, "Caribbean Radio Lighthouse now brings you the local and marine weather forecast." [Conti]  NOV 7 0050 - Good, fading down to fair at times; ad for storm surge disaster preparation, then into religious music and announcements in English toward 0100. [Taylor]
1160  BERMUDA VSB3 Hamilton NOV 5 0900 - Good; promo, "...on the BBC World Service," and time pips into U.S. election news. [Conti]  NOV 7 0059 - Fading up to top Antigua at ToH; several announcements mentioning "BBC World Service" and standard time pips leading to the hour, and news. [Taylor]
1190  ARGENTINA LR9 R.América, Buenos Aires NOV 5 0401 - Under WLIB New York; man on phone with someone. Woman says, "Noticias... en Buenos Aires." Then "Once Noventa, América Informativa." [Wolfish]  NOV 8 0150 - Fair to good; two men talking about apparent current events and mentioning other South American countries. Into news at the top of the hour. Back to talk show at 0205 and clear ID of "Radio América." [Taylor]
1200  VENEZUELA YVOZ R.Tiempo, Caracas NOV 8 0034 - Fair; male slow talking announcer giving "Radio Tiempo" ID over a bed of music from "The Odd Couple" theme song. Then a mention of "informativos" and other words lost in the jumble. [Taylor]
1220  BRAZIL ZYJ458 R.Globo, Rio de Janeiro NOV 2 2210 - Good in upfades; excited sports play-by-play by male. Music effects and stingers also. Matched the web stream. [Taylor]  NOV 4 0216 - Parallel to 1100 with Anne Murray "You Needed Me." [Wolfish]
1280  BERMUDA VSB2 Hamilton NOV 5 0900 - Good; "BBN WYFQ FM Wadesboro-Charlotte." [Conti]
1280  BRAZIL ZYJ455 Super R.Tupi, Rio de Janeiro NOV 4 0224 - Station promos heard. Mixing with religion from Bermuda. [Wolfish]
1280  PUERTO RICO WCMN NotiUno, Arecibo NOV 5 0300 - Fair; multi-station network ID, "Máxima noticias... esta es NotiUno... 24 horas en vivo... WCMN 1280 Arecibo, WNEL 1430 Caguas... NotiUno punto com." [Conti]
1290  VENEZUELA YVLF R.Puerto Cabello, Puerto Cabello NOV 4 0226 - Same béisbol game as on 750 kHz. [Wolfish]  NOV 4 1002 - Fair; llanera music, canned ID, "Radio Puerto Cabello." [Conti]
1450  BERMUDA VSB1 AM Gold, Hamilton NOV 4 0258 - Bermuda Road Safety Counsel PSA and cover of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother." [Wolfish]
1480  PUERTO RICO WMDD Fajardo NOV 6 2300 - Fair; promo for "Simplemente Sports," more promos with many "Catorce-Ochenta" and Puerto Rico mentions. [Conti]
1500  VENEZUELA YVRZ R.Dos Mil, Cumaná NOV 4 2310 - Over/under WFED; llanera music. [Conti]
1610  ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon, The Valley NOV 6 0600 - Good; woman preaching, mentioned Dr. Scott. [Conti]
1620  CUBA R.Bayamo, Bayamo NOV 4 2300 - Usual chimes and ID under R.Rebelde. [Wolfish]
1620  U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS WDHP Frederiksted NOV 4 2258 - Under R.Rebelde; spot mentioning downtown Saint Thomas. [Wolfish]  NOV 6 0600 - Over R.Rebelde and R.Bayamo; "This is the BBC World Service, the world's radio station," and time marker into news. [Conti]
1660  PUERTO RICO WGIT Faro de Santidad, Canóvanas NOV 4 0259 - Over/under WWRU; promo for an evangelical event in a Puerto Rico stadium. NOV 6 0600 - Under WWRU; preacher in Spanish. [Conti]
DXpeditioners Geoff Rivett, Niel Wolfish, Bruce Conti, and Brent Taylor

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