Africa MW radio stations received at 2015 and 2016 Newfoundland DXpeditions

Compiled by Jean Burnell, September 2017

UTC Datefrom   Freq
2015.11.080259   540SNRT Al Idaâ Al-WataniaSidi BennourMorocco22321Arabic singing, 0300 woman with "Al Idaâ Al-Watania" far under QRM, 0300:10 sombre classical music, parallel 595 kHz; QRM CBT and Onda Cero.
2016.11.192302   540Rima RadioSokotoNigeria12431Perhaps bits of talk before this, clear NA by brass; under CBT.
2015.11.112100   567unIDBit of Af talk during Spain pips, 2100:23 after Spain fanfare flute, 2101:50 Af song evident.
2015.11.112128   567unIDRepetitive Af music without break; under Spain.
2015.11.072258   585RTV TunisienneGafsaTunisia32332Arabic music, 2300 woman with "Huna Tunis," swamped by RNE fanfare, woman with news, parallel 630 kHz.
2015.11.080402   585RTV TunisienneGafsaTunisia32422Fade up with mellow song, parallel 630 but 0.31 sec behind 630 kHz; QRM RNE.
2015.11.080259   595SNRT Al Idaâ Al-WataniaOujdaMorocco23322Arabic singing, 0300 woman with "Al Idaâ Al-Watania," 0300:10 sombre classical music, parallel 540; QRM splatter from VOCM and Saudi on 594 kHz.
2015.11.112032   612KBC R.TaifaNgong/NairobiKenya123X1Highlife music, parallel 675 kHz (best at 2032:26); QRM mainly Morocco.
2016.11.192059   612SNRT Al Idaâ Al-WataniaSebaâ-AiounMorocco33443Repetitive local music, ending with trumpet, 2100:25 woman with ID, seems to go into news; QRM Spain.
2015.11.072258   630RTV TunisienneTunisTunisia34444Arabic music, 2300 woman with "Huna Tunis," fanfares, man with something about "watania" and he intros news, which was read by woman; QRM Portugal.
2015.11.080359   630RTV TunisienneTunisTunisia33333Arabic music, 0400 ID, news headlines; QRM Portugal.
2015.11.112032   675KBC R.TaifaMarsabitKenya24343Highlife music, interrupted at 2032:20 by "KBC Radio Taifa," parallel 612, 1152 kHz.
2015.11.112058   675KBC R.TaifaMarsabitKenya33333Talk in local lang, "Radio Taifa" at 2058:49, more talk, 2101:30 up with highlife music parallel 1152 at this time, man tk 2101:58 "KBC Radio Taifa" (but definitely 2 stns, other stn seems to have man with news).
2015.11.112130   675MBC Radio 1EkwendeniMalawi34333Lucky Dube "Remember Me", parallel 756, 1404, 1422 kHz.
2016.11.172100   677.497Libya Al WataniyaBenghaziLibya33443Male talk in Arabic, 2100:30 ID, talk to woman on phone; QRM splatter.
2016.11.172057   684Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.MetuEthiopia12431Man singing local style, parallel 855, 972 and 684 is almost synchronous with 855 kHz; QRM Spain is major, Tunisia is minor.
2015.11.072100   702R.LaghouatLaghouatAlgeria32322Distinctive Algerian pips and fortuitoius fade-up as man says three words of which the third was "Laghouat," woman then man talk; far below Saudi Arabia.
2016.11.192259   702R.AlgérienneLaghouatAlgeria24333Local music, 2300 pips, NA.
2015.11.112058   747unID2058:35 Af music... 2101:30 music, 2102 echoed hype, definitely Af talk [use USB or SAM and notch 750 kHz].
2015.11.112131   756MBC Radio 1BlantyreMalawi23332Lucky Dube "Remember Me", parallel 675, 1404, 1422 kHz; QRM Deutschlandfunk and splatter (756 is 1.67 sec ahead of 675).
2016.11.170029   756MBC Radio 1BlantyreMalawi14421Glimpses of woman singing, 0031:40 woman says "go to MBC" or "Radio MBC" but then lost again; QRM mainly splatter from CBGY 750, also BBC Radio 4 (parallel 198 kHz) with man reading detailed weather.
2016.11.192259   756MBC Radio 1BlantyreMalawi24432Bits of male and female talk (sounds African), choral music (likely hymns), website (https:parallelwww.mbc.mwithindex.php/extras/programmes/sunday) shows pgm at 0100 local time = 2300 UTC is "Gospel Mix"; QRM BBC Radio 4 and splatter.
2016.11.192328   756MBC Radio 1BlantyreMalawi24432Choral hymns, parallel 1422 kHz; QRM BBC Radio 4 and splatter [Romania has John Lennon "Imagine"].
2015.11.112100   756R.OyoIbadanNigeria234322100 jingle?, 2100:30 woman with news in English appears through Deutschlandfunk, 2100:50 nice fade up with jingle "[?] Radio O-Y-O', news cont, 2101 "President Buhari..."; QRM Deutschlandfunk and splatter from 750 kHz.
2015.11.112130   765EP de NampulaNampulaMozambique23331Poss local music, short choral tune at 2130:20 before the national news, parallel 873, 1026, 1179, 1224 kHz (765 is 0.11 sec ahead of 1179 kHz); QRM likely Ukraine and other.
2015.11.080301   765SRTC Sudan RadioKhartoumSudan143X1Just very weak pips, parallel 1296, at the unusual time of 0300:45 except 765 is 1.76 sec earlier than 1296 kHz.
2015.11.112058   765SRTC Sudan RadioKhartoumSudan23333Local music, man in Arabic "Al-Barnameg al-Aam al-Sudan" at 2059:35, 2100 woman with reverb some sort of anmt, 2100:25 double pips, then talk but much weaker, parallel 1296; QRM Saudi Koran Service.
2016.11.172100   765SRTC Al-Barnameg al-AamKhartoumSudan24432Woman singing local style, 2101 pips, fade, parallel 1296 but 765 is 0.67 sec behind 1296 kHz.
2015.11.142159   783R.MauritanieNouakchottMauritania44444Local music, 2200:25 ID, news.
2015.11.112202   810EP de Gaza (tent)Xai-XaiMozambique114X1Just the briefest of parallels at 2102:35 with 1179 and 1260 during Mozambique choral anthem (too brief to call unequivocal); QRM Scotland, Macedonia, Spain.
2015.11.072100   819ERTU General PgmBatrahEgypt24332Bits of talk, Big Ben chimes, talk, 2100:30 music that sounds like an anthem (but isn't the Egyptian anthem) then talk, parallel 918, 1305 kHz.
2015.11.112059   828Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.Arba MinchEthiopia143322058:50 Ethiopian anthem, parallel 972 kHz.
2016.11.192122   828.000FRCN R.NigeriaEnuguNigeria24332ID by man "Radio Nigeria, uplifting the people and uniting the nation," woman "This is news today" then news by woman and man in English; poor audio quality; QRM Azores.
2016.11.192134   828.000Magic 828Klipheuwel/Cape TownSouth Africa24332Disco by Baccara "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie", canned ID, another 70's oldie but couldn't identify it, faded under Azores.
2016.11.192258   828Magic 828Klipheuwel/Cape TownSouth Africa24332Pop song, 2259 man "This is ___" (someone's name?), woman "Magic 8-2-8", Mica Paris "My One Temptation".
2016.11.190301   845Dimtsi Hafash 2AsmaraEritrea144210301 fade up, local music, man and woman talk... fade up again at 0307; QRM splatter from 850 kHz.
2016.11.172057   855Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.HararEthiopia22431Man singing local style, parallel 684, 972 and 855 is almost synchronous with 684; QRM Spain and Romania.
2015.11.072100   873Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.Geja Dera/Addis AbabaEthiopia22421Almost 20 sec of the choral anthem, parallel 972 kHz; QRM Spain.
2015.11.112130   873EP de SofalaBeiraMozambique22331Short choral tune at 2130:20 and sound effects before the national news, parallel 765, 1026, 1179, 1224 (863 is 0.86 sec ahead of 1179); QRM Spain.
2015.11.072059   891Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.DessieEthiopia23432First half of the choral anthem, parallel 972 kHz; QRM Antena 1.
2016.11.190256   891/LNBS Ultimate Radio (tent)Lancer's GapLesotho23432Funk music by Switch "There'll Never Be", 0259:45 English talk "In a world like today... to cherish that memory" but rest too poor to follow, another similar song; QRM huge 1000-Hz tone prob from Algeria and Turkey.
2015.11.112059   909VOAMoepeng Hill/Selebi-PhikweBotswana22342Toure Kunda "Ah Diatta", "This is the Voice of America signing off", Yankee Doodle, music was parallel 1530 but 1530 did not sign off; far under BBC 5 Live.
2015.11.072100   918ERTU General PgmBawitiEgypt22441Big Ben chimes, talk, 2100:30 music that sounds like an anthem (but isn't the Egyptian anthem) then tk, parallel 819, 1305 kHz; QRM Slovenia and another.
2016.11.192100   918ERTU Al-Barnameg al-AamBawitiEgypt22431Big Bell chimes, 2100:25 anthem, parallel 819 kHz; far beneath Slovenia.
2015.11.080300   918Dimtsi WeghataMekelleEthiopia22332IS under Spain.
2015.11.090258   918Dimtsi WeghataMekelleEthiopia12441Guitar-like IS far under Spain, het.
2015.11.112059   945R.Nacional de AngolaMulenvosAngola32332Drumming, 2059:35 man with ID in French, freq anmt with 31 m freq (?) and 7230 kHz, MW, and perhaps FM, pips, another "Radio Nationale," fanfare, man recaps upcoming pgm; QRM African with repetitive chanting and English later (Nigeria?).
2015.11.080258   945Dimtsi Hafash 1AsmaraEritrea33343Plucked instrument with man occ wailing, 0301 woman with ID with freqs, music bridge, man few words, lively music; QRM UK stn and Arabic stn.
2015.11.090258   945Dimtsi Hafash 1AsmaraEritrea23432Guitar-like IS; QRM Brit stns and unID.
2016.11.190256   950Dimtsi Hafash 1AsmaraEritrea24443Repetitive guitar-like instrument IS, same as heard in 2015 on 945; QRM Spanish stn with baseball.
2015.11.072059   963R.Tunis InternationaleJedeďda / TunisTunisia44444CeeLo Green "Est. 1980's," 2059:30 man in French with ID as RTTI, news by woman; QRM R.Sim.
2015.11.072058   972Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.RobeEthiopia32432Poss talk by man, 2158:45 choral anthem to just past 2200; QRM Spain and unID.
2015.11.090258   972Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.RobeEthiopia23443Poss tk by woman, 0258:35 choral anthem, identical with version on YouTube [], 0300 pips but then cannot follow; QRM mainly Spain.
2016.11.172057   972Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.RobeEthiopia234322057 tiny glimpses of man singing, 2100 clear choral anthem then off (singing was parallel 684, 855, but 972 is 1.91 sec behind 855 kHz); QRM Spain.
2016.11.190259   972Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.RobeEthiopia223320259:45 0258:35 choral anthem, identical with version on YouTube []; QRM Spain.
2016.11.192258   972Katsina State Radio (tent)Dutsinma/KatsinaNigeria233322258 fades up with Koran, 2259:25 male talk (sounds African) but low volume and muffling made comprehension impossible, seems to go off after 2300; QRM Spain [Koran expected in northern Katsina State which is predominantly Muslim, southern Kogi State also broadcasts here but Muslims are a minority].
2015.11.112130  1026EP de ManicaChimoioMozambique22331Local music, short choral tune at 2130:20 and sound effects before the national news, parallel 765, 873, 1179, 1224 kHz (1026 is 0.07 sec behind 1179 kHz); QRM Spain.
2016.11.192057  1026R.JigawaDutseNigeria32442local music, 2100 man few words in unID lang, music resumes, 2100:50 male talk, men "Radio Jigawa" and again at 2101:30; under Spain.
2015.11.112101  1152KBC R.TaifaWajirKenya223312101:30 glimpse of music parallel Taifa 675; QRM Spain.
2015.11.072258  1161R.TamanrassetAin SalahAlgeria34454tk by M in Arabic or similar lang, 2258:15 different male talk, men "Tamanrasset," 2258:58:30 drums and stringed instr repeating every 5-6 sec (maybe IS), 2300 pips 4+1 high, man with news.
2015.11.082200  1161ERTU Mid-Delta RadioTantaEgypt23433Singing, female talk fades up, 2201 anthem; QRM likely Algeria.
2015.11.112028  1170TransWorld RadioMpangela RanchSwaziland13342music, 2029 man in English with address for ended pgm included "Living Word for [Us?], P.O. Box ___, Kempton Park one-six-two-zero, South Africa" twice, 2029:33 "This is TWR Radio ---", rel pgm with U.S. accent starts at 2030; QRM R.Capodistria.
2015.11.112100  1179EP de ZambéziaQuelimaneMozambique21331Few words in Portuguese by man in the silent gap in the SER programming on the hour, thereafter likely news; QRM SER and, to a much lesser degree, Romania.
2015.11.112130  1179EP de ZambéziaQuelimaneMozambique323322130:20 short choral tune, sound effects, man with "Ultimo Jornal," parallel 765, 873, 1026, 1224, 1260 kHz; QRM two Spaniards, Romania (1179 is 0.21 sec behind 1260 kHz).
2015.11.112200  1179EP de ZambéziaQuelimaneMozambique324322200:37 Mozambique anthem by choir; QRM Romania and Spain.
2016.11.192000  1206Emissora Províncial de InhambaneInhambaneMozambique24333Fading up with Af music, 2000 male talk Portuguese, bit of music, man and woman with exaggerated few words in unID lang including "Provincia de Inhambane", poss news in unID lang, becoming good.
2015.11.112130  1224EP de Cabo DelgadoPembaMozambique123X1Just the short choral tune at 2130:20 before the national news, parallel 765, 873, 1026, 1179 (1224 is 0.12 sec ahead of 1179); QRM Spain.
2015.11.112028  1233KBC Northeastern Service (likely)MarsabitKenya35343Very likely this with continuous Af music, not parallel 1386 [only African listed on 1233 kHz].
2016.11.172100  1233KBC Northeasten ServiceMarsabitKenya243322100:15 fade up with repetitive Af music, 2101 male talk in unID lang, presumably ID's (men "Radio" and "FM"), 2102 poss music, later female talk?
2015.11.112058  1233unIDAf music, no anmts?, children's choir at 2102, not parallel KBC Northeastern Svc on 1386 kHz.
2015.11.112058  1260EP de NiassaLichingaMozambique33333Repetitive stringed instrument, 2100 man with "Rádio Moçambique, Niassa," time check, news in Portuguese.
2015.11.112130  1260EP de NiassaLichingaMozambique33333Local music, man in Portuguese, cuts off beginning of short choral tune at 2130:20, sound effects, man reads "Ultimo Jornal"; QRM Spain.
2016.11.191957  1269R.TarabaJalingoNigeria23333Male talk in Hausa, "Taraba" men at 1958 and 1958:30, 1959 either silence or a fade, 1959:40 orch music briefly and woman says a few words, silence again, 2000 bit of local repetivive music, pips (maybe Spain), silence, music resumes 2000:15, man with anmt, same music resumes and goes to 2002, men "Radio Taraba" and other talk; QRM Spain [Confirmed by Mr. Joachim Dangana Peters, an employee of the stn, on Facebook via Mauno Ritola/RealDX].
2015.11.080300  1296SRTC Sudan RadioRebiaSudan33333Male talk Arabic, 0300:45 pips, men Omdurman, trumpet fanfare, news; QRM COPE and XL Radio.
2016.11.172100  1296SRTC Al-Barnameg al-AamReibaSudan33423Woman singing local style, 2101 pips, male talk poss ID, parallel 765 kHz; QRM mainly COPE.
2015.11.072100  1305ERTU General PgmAsyutEgypt22442Big Ben chimes, talk, 2100:30 music that sounds like an anthem (but isn't the Egyptian anthem) then talk, parallel 819, 918; QRM RNE.
2015.11.082226  1350ERTU Al-Barnameg al-AamAl-QusayrEgypt24433Male talk over music, men "Al-Qahira" at 2126:40, parallel 819 (1350 is 1.56 sec ahead of 819 kHz).
2015.11.080258  1359Dimtsi Woyane TigrayMekelleEthiopia33323Flute IS, faded by 0300, perhaps talk?
2016.11.190256  1359Dimtsi Woyane TigrayMekelleEthiopia23343Flute IS, seems to end at 0300 then poss female talk; QRM Smooth.
2015.11.112058  1377R.Free AfricaMwanzaTanzaniaCertainly this steady with Swahili talk but no ID discerned; far under France Info.
2015.11.112128  1377R.Free AfricaMwanzaTanzania323422128 talks in local lang, 2129:20 man "Radio Free Africa"; far under France-Info.
2015.11.072100  1386ERTU Quran PgmLuxorEgypt33443Koran fades up at 2059:30, man with "Quran al Karim," sound effects, pips, male talk again finishing with "al Karihra," then Koran again, parallel 1476; QRM not sure, maybe Baltic Waves.
2015.11.082159  1386ERTU Quran PgmLuxorEgypt34333Male talk seems to men many place names, 2200 pips, ID, Quran.
2015.11.112058  1386KBC Northeastern ServiceMaralalKenya24332Toni Braxton "Spanish Guitar", 2059 woman in English, men "KBC English Service," smooth jazz, 2100:55 woman "This is KBC Nairobi," time check, fades a bit, poss news by man.
2015.11.112132  1404MBC Radio 1ChitipaMalawi233312132:30 bits of Lucky Dube "Remember Me", parallel 675, 756, 1422; QRM France Info (1404 is 0.24 sec ahead of 675 kHz).
2015.11.112132  1422MBC Radio 1MatiyaMalawi33332Lucky Dube "Remember Me", parallel 675, 756, 1404; QRM someone with classical music (1422 is 0.22 sec ahead of 675 kHz).
2015.11.112159  1422MBC Radio 1MatiyaMalawi33332Pop song, 2159:30 talk but can't ID language, then 2159:50 "This is MBC Radio One, it's now midnight," news in English; QRM Deutschlandfunk.
2016.11.192328  1422MBC Radio 1MatiyaMalawi22432Choral hymns, parallel 756; QRM Algeria [Romania has John Lennon "Imagine"].
2015.11.082157  1431R.SawaArtaDjibouti44444Hip-hop song, ID and bit of tk, DNCE "Cake by the Ocean".
2016.11.191957  1440Adamawa Broadcasting Corp.YolaNigeria34323Af pop music, 1958-1959 fade, back with same music, 1959:30 male ancr "A.B.C. Yola" a few times, 2000 pips, "A.B.C. Yola" ID, Af pops but words include "Adamawa," 2000:30 different male talk but fading again (this might be a diff stn), later Af pops fades back and male talk again; QRM WRED and possibly another African.
2016.11.192058  1440Adamawa Broadcasting Corp.YolaNigeria23433Male talk in English fading up men people's names, 20158:20 "This is Adamawa Broadcasting Station... Yola Broadcasting," more talk, bc shut-down anmt, 2100 Nigerian pledge by school children, anthem to 2101:10; QRM WRED.
2015.11.072100  1476ERTU Quran PgmSohag & Al-MinyaEgypt34433Koran fades up at 2059:30, man with "Quran al Karim," sound effects, pips, male talk again finishing with "al Karhira," then Koran again, parallel 1386 kHz.
2016.11.172100  1485Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp.Negele BoranaEthiopia12421Very weak choral anthem beneath Spain, parallel 972 kHz.
2016.11.190258  1530VOAPinheiraSão Tomé e Princípe34444"Yankee Doodle", s/on, 0300 news in English; QRM WCKY [Reportedly a tower collapse means a simpler antenna than before].
2015.11.112058  1566TransWorld RadioParakouBeninStrong French preaching right through ToH without ID.
2015.11.072028  1584ERTU Quran PgmIdfu & BarisEgypt22321Far beneath Spain with Koran, parallel 1476 kHz.
2016.11.211820 7146.566Dimtsi Hafash 1AsmaraEritrea33333Not parallel 7180: Man in local lang, apparent news, longish upbeat organ music between items, 1827 HOA music with M singing, 1829 tk again, 1831 anthem to 1833, tx off at 1834:30; QRM noises and ARO's.
2016.11.211820 7179.989Dimtsi Hafash 2AsmaraEritrea35333Man in local lang with apparent news, longish music between items, 1826 seems now news in Arabic, 1827 men "Eritrea" and again 1829:15, 1831 begin anthem, ends at 1833, tx off at 1835 UTC.

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