2002 Grayland Beach, Washington, DXpedition

March 16-24

The Grayland Motel from the road, the motel site, view of the motel from the beach, and Grayland Beach overlooking the Pacific.

DXpedition Logbook

All dates/times UTC.

529 ALASKA SQM Level Island  MAR 22 0646 - Big signal this evening and following night. Repeated voice message about contacting flight services for transcribed weather. [Hall-Patch]   MAR 22 0805 - Good; weather beacon with a repeating message, "Transcribed aviation weather broadcast will be resumed at 1500 Zulu," and code IDs. [Conti]  MAR 24 0521 - Loud with code IDs. [Portzer]
530 ALASKA ADK Adak  MAR 22 0927 - MCW beacon; poor to fair. MAR 23 0745 - Fair. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 24 1105 - Loud with code IDs, gone at later rechecks. [Portzer]   MAR 24 1240 - Good; beacon with code IDs, only 25 watts per PAL listing. [Conti]
531 AUSTRALIA 2PM Kempsy NSW  MAR 24 1225 - Caught this station with the now well-known call change from 2MC running a '50s/'60s rock oldies format; quite good levels. [Bryant]   MAR 24 1228 - Good; "One great song, then another great song, and another great song... from EZL," and at 1239, "EZL 531" ID. [Conti]
531 JAPAN JOQG Morioka  MAR 16 1349 - At low level; discussion parallel 594 kHz. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1329 - Poor to fairly good; woman in Japanese parallel 594 kHz. [Hall-Patch]
531 NEW ZEALAND 1XPI Aukland  MAR 24 1322 - Tentative; woman in island language, no ID but format fits. [Portzer]  MAR 24 1354 - Island language talk; poor to fair, mixing with music from presumed 2PM. [Hall-Patch]
550 HAWAII KMVI Wailuku  MAR 21 1354 - At good level; The Bob and Dan Show on ESPN Radio, local ad and ID, "You are listening to Hawaii's only all sports... KMVI Wailuku." Over/under KOAC. [Bryant]   MAR 24 1448 - Mixing with mainland stations; "Sports Talk 55 KMVI." [Portzer]
558 FIJI Naulu  MAR 24 1303 - Island music parallel 1152 kHz. [Portzer]
567 JAPAN JOIK Sapporo  MAR 16 1352 - Noted most mornings with programming parallel 594 kHz. [Bryant]
567 NEW ZEALAND 2YA Wellington  MAR 24 1100 - Fair; jazz instrumental, time pips marking the hour, and "Radio New Zealand" ID into news. [Conti]   MAR 24 1103 - News, then at 1136 classical guitar, parallel 756 kHz. [Portzer]  MAR 24 1200 - At poor level; news parallel 657 kHz. [Bryant]
576 NEW ZEALAND 1XLR Southern Star, Hamilton  MAR 24 1145 - Weak; Southern Star network with folk guitar instrumentals parallel a stronger 657 signal. [Conti]   MAR 24 1148 - Poor in domestic splatter; easy listening music parallel 657 kHz. [Portzer]
580 ALASKA KRSA Petersburg  MAR 19 0309 - In a jumble with normally dominant KFXD Idaho during sunset skip; "This is KRSA Petersburg, serving southwest Alaska." [Bryant]
594 AUSTRALIA 3WV Horsham  MAR 1245 - At good level; presumed this the one with Aussie-accented discussion of economics and politics. [Bryant]
594 JAPAN JOAK Tokyo  MAR 16 1352 - Noted near dawn each morning of the DXpedition. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1350 - Good; NHK1 network talk/discussion in Japanese, parallel 666 kHz. [Conti]
594 NEW ZEALAND 3XL Timaru  MAR 24 1206 - Fair-good; presumed with sports news, soccer and cricket results, parallel 612 3XG Christchurch. [Atkins]

612 AUSTRALIA 4QR Brisbane  MAR 24 1214 - Tentative; poor in splatter with English accented talk. [Hall-Patch]
620 HAWAII KIPA Hilo  MAR 21 1416 - At fair level, mixing with KFDX; easy listening standards, brief ID at 1420. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1410 - Good; "AM 620 and 790, it's Rainbow Radio," and nostalgia. [Conti]  MAR 24 1130 - Way atop KTLK; light oldies, "Soft relaxing favorites, KIPA." [Portzer]
639 CHINA CNR1 unknown location  MAR 16 1410 - Good level; news and commentary program plus possible weather near bottom of the hour in standard Chinese, parallel 7230 and 7350 kHz. [Bryant]
650 ALASKA KENI Anchorage  MAR 22 1414 - Local ID and news/talk programming surfaced briefly in a furball with KSTE and normally dominant CISL. [Bryant]   MAR 23 0858 - Good; Art Bell, promos including "Dr. Laura weekday afternoons from one to four, on Newsradio 650 KENI," and "Auto Talk, on Newsradio 650 KENI." [Conti]
657 NEW ZEALAND 2YC Southern Star, Wellington  MAR 24 1145 - Good; Southern Star network with folk guitar instrumentals parallel 576 kHz. [Conti]  MAR 24 1155 - Poor; Southern Star parallel 576 1XLR, classical piano to fadeout 1200, back up 1202 with mentions of Dunedin and Otago. [Atkins]   MAR 24 1200 - At poor level; news parallel 567 2YA. [Bryant]
657 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang Pangsong, Kangnam  MAR 23 1345 - Fair; talk in Korean, parallel 3250, 3320, and 6400 kHz. [Conti]
666 JAPAN JOBK Osaka  MAR 23 1350 - Good; NHK1 network talk/discussion in Japanese, parallel 594 kHz. [Conti]
670 HAWAII KPUA Hilo  MAR 21 1447 - At good level over/under KBOI; what seemed to be a CBS sports program, 1450 singing KPUA after a local Hawaiian PSA. [Bryant]   MAR 22 1035 - Fair, under KBOI; callsign jingle, Art Bell, CBS news on the hour. [Conti]
675 NEW ZEALAND 3YA Christchurch  MAR 24 1250 - Classical music parallel 567 kHz. [Portzer]
690 MEXICO XETRA Tijuana  MAR 19 0908 - Huge signal overriding CBU; ESPN sports, "Extra Sports 690" and ID in Spanish on the hour. [Bryant]   MAR 22 0857 - Fair, over CBU; Miracle Mile of RVs ad, ESPN Radio, "Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico" ID in Spanish. [Conti]
693 JAPAN JOAB Tokyo  MAR 16 1245 - Logged throughout the DXpedition with sometimes excellent signals; parallel the remainder of NHK2. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1357 - Fair in splash; woman with English lessons, parallel 774 which had a very good signal. [Hall-Patch]   MAR 23 1335 - Good; NHK2 network English language lesson, "Would you like ice cream?" [Conti]

700 ALASKA KBYR Anchorage  MAR 23 0805 - Fair, on top of a not-too-strong bunch on the channel; country music. [Hutton]  MAR 23 0810 - Fair; "Alaska's own... Outlaw AM," and C&W music, "Your country around the clock, The Outlaw." [Conti]  MAR 23 0829 - Country music, "The Outlaw, your kind of country."[Hall-Patch]
702 AUSTRALIA 2BL Sydney  MAR 24 1203 - At fair level; The 1200 World and Australian ABC News. [Bryant]
702 JAPAN NHK2 unID  MAR 23 1340 - Fair; piano instrumental between English lessons, then discussion in English about the benefits of physical activity, parallel 693 kHz. [Conti]
720 HAWAII KUAI Ele'ele  MAR 22 1020 - Fair, over/under KDWN; Hawaiian music. [Conti]
738 AUSTRALIA 2NR Grafton  MAR 24 1211 - English talk with mention of Australia; mixing with Tahiti. [Hall-Patch]
738 TAHITI (FRENCH POLYNESIA) RFO Papeete  MAR 16 0930 - Nightly throughout the DXpedition, sometimes at good levels. [Bryant]  MAR 22 0750 - Fair; discussion in French, het against 740 KCBS, by 0910 an improving signal. [Conti]  MAR 24 0554 - Loud with island music, woman in Tahitian. [Portzer]   MAR 24 1212 - Fair; announcer in French; first noted as a het at 0415 Papeete sunset. [Atkins]  MAR 24 1218 - Fair audio; man in French briefly dominant over the splatter, 1300 news in French. [Hall-Patch]
738 TAIWAN BEL2 Penghu  MAR 18 1145 - Fair at times; tentative this with female speaker in standard Chinese, not parallel 4990 kHz. [Bryant]
747 JAPAN JOIB Sapporo  MAR 16 1246 - Noted throughout the DXpedition at good levels. [Bryant]
750 ALASKA KFQD Anchorage  MAR 21 1427 - Good level but mixing with KXL and a third station; morning program, local weather, ads, and ID. [Bryant]  MAR 23 0753 - Way on top of a phased KXL; "AM 750 KFQD" jingle. Best ever heard by me from Grayland. [Hutton]   MAR 23 0803 - Good, in KXL null; "This is your news station, AM 750 KFQD" and local news brief, Anchorage ads, valley weather, and Sports Overnight America talk. [Conti]
756 NEW ZEALAND 1YA Auckland  MAR 24 1136 - Good; classical guitar music parallel 567 kHz. [Portzer]
760 HAWAII KGU Honolulu  MAR 24 0726 - Fair signal mixing with KFMB; "New 760 KGU." [Hall-Patch]
774 AUSTRALIA 3LO Melbourne  MAR 24 1415 - Good; Australia vs. South Africa cricket play-by-play, Radio Australia mention. [Conti]
774 JAPAN JOUB Akita  MAR 16 1248 - Noted throughout the DXpedition, this channel and 828 were consistently the strongest of the Japanese. [Bryant]
792 AUSTRALIA 4RN Brisbane  MAR 19 1221 - Occasionaly good level; country music and a DU accented DJ, mentions of 'Stralia, Brisbane, Sydney, etc. [Bryant]  MAR 24 1250 - Good; classical music, time pips marking the hour, and "This is ABC News." [Conti]   MAR 24 1355 - Fair, over unID talk; likely this with jazz piano and singing. [Hall-Patch]

800 ALASKA KINY Juneau  MAR 23 0315 - Good; show promo, "...Hometown Radio KINY," adult contemporary music. [Conti]  MAR 23 0510 - Super signal of U.S. pop music to ID at 0523, "Your music connection... KINY." [Atkins]   MAR 23 0522 - Dominant on northwest wire; nice big singing ID after lots of soft pop. [Hall-Patch]
828 JAPAN JOBB Osaka  MAR 16 1250 - Noted throughout the DXpedition, usually the strongest TP on the band. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1306 - Poor in splatter; talk parallel 774 kHz. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 22 1422 - Japanese talk; at fair level, but just for 10-15 seconds at a time, dropping into the noise the remainder of the time. [Atkins]   MAR 24 1310 - Good; NHK2 network language lesson parallel 747 and 774 kHz. [Conti]  MAR 24 1320 - Weather in Japanese, "JOBB" ID, and classical music segue into talk. [Portzer]
846 KIRIBATI R.Kiribati, Naranakei  MAR 16 0940 - Talk in island language into beautiful island chorus. [Bryant]
873 JAPAN JOGB Kumamoto  MAR 16 0821 - Parallel the other NHK2 stations; received about 50% of the mornings, usually with only a fair signal. [Bryant]
891 AUSTRALIA 5AN Adelaide  MAR 24 1409 - Cricket game; fair in splash, best on southwest wire. [Hall-Patch]
891 JAPAN JOHK Sendai  MAR 16 1301 - At Fair level; world and national news. MAR 18 1209 - At good level. [Bryant]  MAR 24 1402 - Good; talk parallel 594 kHz. [Portzer]
891 SOUTH KOREA HLKB Busan  MAR 22 1404 - Fair to poor; talk parallel 3930 kHz. [Hall-Patch]

900 HAWAII KNUI Kahului  MAR 18 1125 - Fair level, mixing with Victoria; usual Hawaiian music. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1355 - Excellent; Hawaiian music, "We are the home for Hawaiian music, KNUI AM 900," and announcements in Hawaiian and English. [Conti]   MAR 23 1405 - Excellent, s9+20 on west Beverage; southeast Asian folk-pop tunes, announcer in Tagalog or minority language. [Atkins]
909 INDONESIA RRI Sorong  MAR 24 1310 - Fair to good signal in splash, first noted by DX Radar; initially thought to be man in Tagalog, then into choral music. [Hall-Patch]   MAR 24 1315 - Signal in and out of noise; nostalgia music selections ("Greensleeves," etc.), announcers in Indonesian, 1339 Lagu romantik music, mentions of "dari Jakarta," more Lagu romantik, and phone interview. This catch was the highlight of the DXpedition. Indonesia is a very rare logging on MW from the Pacific Northwest. [Atkins]   MAR 24 1315 - When Nick sent out the alert via our little wireless network, what a surprise! The only other MW Indonesian heard was the faintest splash ridden few seconds of "Song of the Coconut Isles" on 999 kHz with 100 kW, so it was a huge surprise to hear this peak around 1340. [Hutton]   MAR 24 1328-1357 - Indonesian teletalk show with light pops, mentions of Sorong and Jakarta; audio somewhat distorted. [Portzer]   MAR 24 1330 - First noted on Hall-Patch's "DX Radar," built to quite good levels by 1350 and kept right on going through the hour; clearly Indonesian language with locally produced programming, mostly discussion with some indo-pop songs and phone calls, many mentions of Sorong and Jakarta, no formal ID at 1400 though the woman announcer did say "Dari Sorong." I QSLed this station on 4875 kHz in 1986 from Oklahoma, never thought I'd be privileged to hear this outpost station on MW. Wow! [Bryant]   MAR 24 1330 - English nostalgic lounge vocals, Indonesian talk with Jakarta mention, as everyone seemed to jump on this while I continued DXing oblivious of its rarity. [Conti]
918 JAPAN unID  MAR 24 1411 - Woman in Japanese, riffs from Beatles "Eleanor Rigby," then faded, several stations listed. [Portzer]
930 ALASKA KTKN Ketchikan  MAR 23 0325 - Good; adult contemporary music, "Listen here for today's best music, on AM 930 KTKN." [Conti]
936 AUSTRALIA 7ZR Hobart, Tasmania  MAR 24 1425 - Fair; news, then a woman introduced "weather in Hobart." [Conti]  MAR 24 1435 - Fair; man and woman in discussion, Bruce had just heard a Hobart mention. Not many Aussies at all tonight. [Hutton]
940 HAWAII KJPN Waipahu  MAR 23 1550 - Dominant on west wire and likely this with a woman in Japanese. [Hall-Patch]
945 CHINA CNR1 unknown location  MAR 18 1222 - At fair level; man and woman in standard Chinese, 1230 music voice-over at program end, parallel 5030 kHz. [Bryant]
945 JAPAN JOIQ Muroran, et al.  MAR 1342 - Fair; tentative with a woman and man in Japanese, didn't think to check for parallels. [Hall-Patch]
954 JAPAN JOKR Tokyo  MAR 16 1302 - Japanese popular numbers hosted by a male DJ; usually the strongest Japanese commercial station on the band. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1438 - Several men in Japanese having a really good time. [Hutton]   MAR 24 1415 - Two male announcers in Japanese with continuous talk; very good signal before fades. [Atkins]  MAR 24 1535 - Good; discussion in Japanese. [Conti]
963 JAPAN NHK1 synchros  MAR 23 1526 - Poor; woman in Japanese talk parallel 1503 kHz. [Hall-Patch]
970 ALASKA KIAK Fairbanks  MAR 23 0520 - Good but fading fast; interview with hockey players after game, mentions of Fairbanks fans and local media. [Atkins]
972 SOUTH KOREA HLCA Tangjin  MAR 16 1304 - Noted each morning of the DXpedition, often at good levels. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1450 - Good; telephone talk in Korean. [Conti]   MAR 24 1400 - Atop but much weaker than normal; time pips and Korean talk. [Portzer]
981 CHINA CNR1 various  MAR 23 1516 - Poor readability in heavy splash; man and woman in Chinese parallel 5030 kHz. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 23 1518 - Fair; man in Chinese parallel 5030 kHz. [Conti]
990 HAWAII KHBZ Honolulu  MAR 24 1450 - Noted what I believe was KHBZ with overnight talk program, PSAs and local slogans. This was long after dawn in Grayland. [Bryant]

Don Nelson, Guy Atkins, and Nick Hall-Patch work on reinforcing a Beverage termination with clumping kitty litter, and Guy pours litter in a hole dug around the ground rod.
Clumping cat litter manufactured from Bentonite clay can hold up to 10 times its weight in water for improved grounding.

1008 JAPAN JONR Osaka  MAR 16 1310 - Talk into popular music, followed by a commercial string. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1445 - Fair; talk in Japanese. [Conti]
1008 NEW ZEALAND 1ZD Tauranga  MAR 24 1215 - Fair, well over an unID nostalgia music station; News/Talk ZB telephone talk parallel 1035 kHz. [Conti]  MAR 24 1220 - At poor level; parallel 1152 kHz. [Bryant]
1035 NEW ZEALAND 2ZB Wellington  MAR 23 0910 - Fair; telephone talk, "Eleven minutes past the hour on News/Talk ZB..." [Conti]  MAR 24 1220 - At poor level; News/Talk ZB parallel 1152 kHz. [Bryant]
1035 SOLOMON ISLANDS SIBC Honiara  MAR 16 1017 - Fair; pop music, time check, "It's 17 minutes past 9. You are listening to Radio Hapi Isles," and into weather in tok pisin, parallel 5020 kHz. [Bryant]   MAR 24 1015 - Fair, over 2ZB; beautiful island music. [Conti]  MAR 24 1309 - Fair-poor under 2ZB; BBC request and dedication program parallel 5020 kHz. [Portzer]
1035 SOUTH KOREA HLCP P'ohang, Kyongsang-Bukto  MAR 17 1035 - Poor to threshold level; mixture of Korean talk and music parallel 1305 and 3930 kHz, not parallel 972 kHz. [Bryant]   MAR 23 1510 - Fair; KBS1 with a man in presumed Korean parallel 3930 kHz. [Conti]  MAR 23 1511 - Mostly poor strength; talk in Korean parallel 3930 kHz. [Hall-Patch]
1053 JAPAN JOAR Nagoya  MAR 23 1553 - Briefly dominant on all wires, but whoosing from South Korea started to take over. [Hall-Patch]
1053 SOUTH KOREA Jammer  MAR 18 1241 - Bubble jammer noted at good level each morning of the DXpedition. [Bryant]   MAR 22 1254 - No coastal DXpedition is complete without this one making big whooshing sounds, noted as late as 1604 this morning. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 22 1350 - Loud warbling noise. [Conti]
1062 unID  MAR 23 1440 - Talk, sounded Tagalog; briefly battling with splash. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 24 1523 - Teletalk in what sounded like Tagalog. [Portzer]
1080 unID  MAR 23 1130 - International news in British-accented English, then at 1145 BBC World Service ID and sports news; under KOTK. [Conti]
1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS V7AD R.Majuro, Majuro  MAR 19 1230 - Noted throughout the DXpedition at fair to good carrier level but with quite low level modulation. The transmitter is being left on the air after sign-off and heard as an open carrier as late as 1400. [Bryant]   MAR 23 0925 - Fair to good; mellow vocals, then at 1001, "V7AD World News Special" promo. [Conti]  MAR 23 1025 - Poor-fair; "If I Had a Hammer" tune, possible ID, and brief clips of oldies tunes. [Atkins]

1110 HAWAII KAOI Kehei  MAR 24 1500 - Fair at peaks, mixing with two Pacific Northwest stations; positively IDed will call, local time check, local commercials, and network news. [Bryant]
1116 AUSTRALIA 4BC Brisbane  MAR 19 0852 - At fair level; sports talk show, "Sports Today on 4BC Brisbane." [Bryant]  MAR 22 1150 - Fair; telephone talk, local ad string with many Brisbane mentions. MAR 24 1135 - Fair; "1116 4BC" ID and talk. [Conti]   MAR 24 1402 - Fair signal, best on west wire; "Southern Cross network news" announcement, 2UE ID also. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 24 1413 - Loud with teletalk. [Portzer]
1116 NEW ZEALAND 2YX Nelson  MAR 24 1316 - Poor to fair in splash; tentative with English accented talk. 4BC logged later and is most common, but this signal best on the southwest wire. [Hall-Patch]
1125 JAPAN NHK2 synchros  MAR 24 1209 - Fair in 1120/1130 splatter; phone interview in Japanese. [Portzer]
1134 AUSTRALIA 2AD Armidale  MAR 24 1452 - Tentative with ads in Aussie accent, one gave phone number 6872 59 double 0 or similar. Per Aussie phone listings, numbers in the Armidale area start with 6, while for 3CS area start with 4, and for 6CI start with 9. [Portzer]
1134 JAPAN JOQR Tokyo  MAR 23 1110 - At moderate level; Japanese discussion. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1440 - Excellent; Japanese pop music, NCB network ID, "Countdown" program promo, and JOQR jingle. [Conti]   MAR 24 1058 - Good; Japanese talk, single tone on the hour. 1516 mixing with Aussie. 1600 still good; time signal. [Portzer]
1134 SOUTH KOREA KCBS Hwaseong  MAR 17 1356 - Broadcasting Japanese programming until 1400 when reverted to Korean, KCBS time pips (3+1) then news headlines before beginning a very informal program, sounded like a remote from a very busy tavern. Hard to believe this 500 kW station is broadcasting in Japanese co-channel with JOQR Tokyo. Programming was parallel KCBS outlet on 972 kHz. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1535 - At about an even level with pest JOQR, both good. [Hutton]
1143 JAPAN JOBR Kyoto  MAR 23 1515 - Fair; woman in Japanese. [Conti]  MAR 23 1600 - Fair over/under Taiwan; Japanese talk by a woman and a long pip on the hour. This is the only Japanese listed. [Hall-Patch]
1143 TAIWAN BEL3 Baisha  MAR 23 1457 - Fair in splatter; tentative, march with woman singing Chinese song. [Hall-Patch]
1143 unID  MAR 23 1531 - Excellent, over a big jumble of others; play in what sounds Chinese. VOA Philippines is Chinese at the time, and there's also Taiwan. [Hutton]
1152 AUSTRALIA unID  MAR 24 1455 - Weak; talk in DU English, into country music. [Portzer]
1152 FIJI R.Fiji 1, Rakiraki  MAR 24 1525 - Presumed this with island music, Bruce Portzer said Fiji was common on this frequency. [Conti]
1152 NEW ZEALAND 3ZC Timaru  MAR 24 1220 - At poor level but clearly parallel News/Talk ZB on 1008 and 1035 kHz. [Bryant]
1161 TAIWAN BED86 Ilan and BED89 Miaoli  MAR 23 1511-1532 - A truly awesome signal for awhile in 6 kHz bandwidth, the second biggest surprise of the DXpedition; talk in Taiwanese dialect, interlude of really pretty old-fashioned Chinese music, 1530 ID in Mandarin, and then back to Taiwanese dialect. I played this for two China-born people I work with and they spotted the Mandarin ID for me. This guy was way on top almost all the time but occasionally I could hear a few stations way in the background including Oriental music. [Hutton]   MAR 23 1600 - Fair; flute music leading to the top of the hour marked by four descending notes, a mid-note and beep, symphonic music, and announcements in Mandarin/Taiwanese language. [Conti]
1179 JAPAN JOOR Osaka  MAR 17 1317 - Fair level; radio play with both men and woman, very informal. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1508 - Poor to fair in splatter; Japanese talk. [Hall-Patch]
1188 JAPAN JOKP Kitami  MAR 21 1342 - At threshold level parallel 594 NHK1 Tokyo. [Bryant]
1197 JAPAN JOWL Asahikowa  MAR 17 1157 - Japanese talk and classical Japanese music program. This station noted regularly thoughout the DXpedition. [Bryant]   MAR 23 1349 - Poor; man in Japanese. The fun part was to hear it parallel 1440 kHz, clinching this as the 3 kW JOWL rather than 10 kW JOBF or 5 kW JOYF. [Hutton]
1197 JAPAN unID  MAR 22 1345 - Good; man in Japanese, pop music. [Conti]

1206 AUSTRALIA 2GF Grafton  MAR 24 1511 - Tentative with Aussie teletalk; fair, then gone. the only time it was heard. [Portzer]
1206 CHINA Yangbian RGD, Yangbian  MAR 18 1243 - At good level; Korean (usual language) phone-in program. [Bryant]
1242 JAPAN JOLF Tokyo  MAR 17 1200 - Poor; single time pip, announcer with voice-over net ID into instrumental music. [Bryant]  MAR 23 1257 - Good; in-studio discussion, sounded like sports topics, cuckoo clock time pips on the hour. [Conti]   MAR 23 1327 - Really good with an excited DJ and quite listenable at times using the 6 kHz bandwidth of the Drake R8B. Definitely a bit stronger than normal and one of the very strongest Japanese rather than the usual 594, 693, 774, etc. [Hutton]   MAR 24 1124 - Man and woman in Japanese, drum thumping in background. 1557 still in with talk. [Portzer]
1287 JAPAN JOHR Sapporo  MAR 17 1237 - Fair to good; Japanese talk. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1335 - Good; man and woman in Japanese. [Conti]   MAR 23 1544 - Fair to good, rising over splatter; rapid Japanese talk. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 24 1122 - Pop music, man in Japanese, HBC mention. [Portzer]
1296 JAPAN JOTK Matsue  MAR 22 1224 - At moderate level; presumed JOTK with a radio play. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1608 - Good; piano instrumental parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]

1305 SOUTH KOREA HLSV Uljin  MAR 17 1327 - Sometimes peaking to fair level; mixture of Korean talk and music parallel 1035 and 3930 kHz, not parallel 972 kHz. [Bryant]   MAR 23 1542 - Fair to quite good; KBS1 operatic singing parallel 3930 kHz. [Hall-Patch]
1314 JAPAN JOUF Osaka  MAR 22 1325 - Fair but wat too much splatter for readability; Japanese talk by a woman. [Hall-Patch]
1332 JAPAN JOSF Nagoya  MAR 17 1325 - Fair to poor; female discussion in Japanese. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1505 - Fair to poor under splatter; Japanese talk. [Hall-Patch]   MAR 23 1334 - Good, better than normal signal; pop music. 1504 very, very good with man in Japanese. [Hutton]
1377 CHINA CNR1 unknown location  MAR 17 1220 - At good level; news and commentary in standard Chinese parallel 5955 kHz. MAR 20 1405 - Believed this in Russian. [Bryant]   MAR 23 1530 - Big "Zhongyang renmin guangbo dientai" by a man, though what the sirens preceding this announcement portended, I know not. [Hall-Patch]
1377 unID  MAR 16 1310 - As with DXpeditions for past 15 months or so, a huge open carrier noted several mornings, believed to be the Chinese transmitter between programs. [Bryant]
1386 JAPAN NHK2 synchros  MAR 16 1313 - Noted most mornings of the DXpedition. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1341 - Fair; man and woman in Japanese parallel 774 kHz. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 22 1420 - Good; classical music parallel 774 kHz. There are four 10 kW NHK2 stations on the frequency. [Conti]

1422 JAPAN JORF Yokohama  MAR 16 1318 - Low talk by Japanese man noted most mornings. [Bryant]
1440 JAPAN JOWF Sapporo  MAR 23 1349 - Poor-fair; man in Japanese parallel 1197 kHz. There's not much on 1440 here, so it's not too unusual to log this fellow on good Japanese nights when it can rise over the weak rumble. [Hutton]
1475 MALAYSIA RTM Kota Kinabalu  MAR 19 1253 - Most of the morning a strong het, occasional threshold audio around 1245; this propaganda station is the only one in the world on 1475 kHz. [Bryant]   MAR 22 1210 - In presumed Maylay or Tagalog language, pop/island music, fadey signal sometimes 20 dB strong and other times dropping to the noise floor. [Conti]

1500 HAWAII KUMU Honolulu  MAR 18 1128 - Dominating the frequency at peaks with easy jazz programming, IDs as "Kumu, AM 1500." Sometimes mixing with Chinese programming from the presumed Duncan, BC, station. [Bryant]   MAR 23 1359 - Big signal dominating the channel; "Kumu AM 1500." [Hall-Patch]  MAR 24 1416 - All alone with "Kumu" ID. Not a good Hawaiian night at all but they still made it. [Hutton]
1503 JAPAN JOUK Akita  MAR 22 1332 - Poor signal in splatter; woman parallel 531 kHz. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 22 1605 - Good; man in Japanese, piano instrumental, parallel 1296 kHz. MAR 23 1015 - Noted parallel 3607.5 USB. 1455 fair; parallel NHK1 3970 kHz which signed off at 1500 after time pips marking the hour. [Conti]
1512 AUSTRALIA 2RN Newcastle  MAR 24 1508 - Aussie talk noted in passing. [Portzer]
1539 JAPAN NHK2 synchros  MAR 23 1522 - English talk; poor to fair, best on northwest wire. [Hall-Patch]
1539 TAIWAN BED78 Tainan  MAR 22 1305 - Believed this heard with seeming news or commentary in standard Chinese until 1315 followed by a mixture of English and Chinese which may have been language lessons. [Bryant]
1548 AUSTRALIA 4QD Emerald  MAR 22 1225 - Poor; sports report in English. MAR 24 1510 - Australia vs. South Africa cricket commentary parallel 612 kHz. [Conti]  MAR 24 1420 - Fair to poor; presumed this with Aussie-accented discussion of cricket. [Bryant]   MAR 24 1436 - Strong; sportscast. 1458 still there with an awesome signal. [Portzer]
1557 TAIWAN WYFR Family Radio, Kouhu  MAR 17 1205 - AT good level; music program in standard Chinese. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1309 - Good signal; likely this with portentous music, man and woman in Chinese. [Hall-Patch]   MAR 23 1359 - Fair; man in Chinese, Taipei mentioned several times, ran right over the hour with no obvious break or ID. [Hutton]
1566 PHILIPPINES DXID Pagadian  MAR 22 1240 - Very tentative; faint but clear Koranic recitations in Arabic beneath strong HLAZ. Long pauses, then more recitations. Gone for good by 1245. PAL lists DXID as Association of Islamic Development. [Atkins]   MAR 22 1245 - Koranic recitations under HLAZ. [Conti]
1566 SOUTH KOREA HLAZ Cheju Island  MAR 17 1234 - This FEBC outlet noted throughout the DXpedition around 1300 with sometimes phenomenal levels; religious programming in Chinese and Japanese. [Bryant]   MAR 22 1140 - Good; man in Asian language. At 1215 excellent, over an unID music station. [Conti]  MAR 22 1259 - Good; Japanese talk. Noted many times, of course. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 23 1634 - Still in and really excellent, two hours after local sunrise of 6:38 a.m. [Hutton]
1566 unID  MAR 23 1650 - Very weak audio, but clearly discernable as formal-sounding English, male announcer with mentions of United States, President Bush, and politics. Gone by 1658, nearly three hours past Grayland sunrise. [Atkins]
1575 JAPAN AFN multiple locations  MAR 22 1513 - Rap music under Thailand, only on northwest wire. [Hall-Patch]  MAR 22 1515 - Rock/rap music under VOA Thailand. [Conti]
1575 THAILAND VOA Ban Phachi, Ayutthaya  MAR 22 1240 - Good; presumed Lao language per WRTH, parallel 6030 kHz. [Conti]  MAR 23 1520 - Very good signal, some fades; business English lesson, "Will Mr. Blake sell his robot to Beijing? He must negotiate carefully with the foreign office." 1529 VOA ID, announcements of upcoming programs, PSA on child immunization, 1530 UTC time check, into Special English news. [Atkins]
1593 CHINA CNR1 unknown location  MAR 18 1246 - English language lesson ending at 1245 with instrumental music into lengthy PSA between segments - almost a radio play - an excellent production. CNR pips at hour. [Bryant]
1593 JAPAN JOTB Matsue or JOQB Niigata  MAR 21 1340 - Poor, mixing with China; English lesons parallel 774 kHz. [Bryant]  MAR 22 1400 - Good; news from Tokyo about Japanese government, parallel 774 NHK2. Both JOQB and JOTB carry NHK2 with 10 kW each. [Conti]   MAR 22 1422 - Fair to poor; opera singing parallel 774 kHz. [Hall-Patch]
1602 JAPAN NHK2 synchros  MAR 23 1607 - Poor strength; man declaiming, parallel 1593 kHz. [Hall-Patch]

DX'ers Guy Atkins, Bruce Portzer, Nick Hall-Patch, Don Nelson, John Bryant, and Chuck Hutton.

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