Murray Harbour North, Prince Edward Island, Canada

  The DX'ers and Equipment

   Bruce Conti; WiNRADiO Excalibur, Sangean HDT-1X.
   Aaron Kreider; QS1R, SDRPlay Version 1.
   Bill Nollman; Elad FDM-S3.
   Walter Salmaniw; Perseus, Elad FDM-S2.
   Brent Taylor; Tecsun PL-310 (inductively coupled to 1500-ft Beverage at 80° outside during power outage), RFSpace SDR-IQ.
   Niel Wolfish; Elad FDM-S2, WiNRADiO Excalibur.


   NOV 3-8: 1000-ft Beverage at 40°, 1500-ft Beverage at 80°, Elad ASA15 5-way active antenna splitters.
   NOV 5-8: SuperLoop at 80°, 500-ft BOG at 170°.
   NOV 6-8: Antennacraft APS-13 Yagi with Yaesu G-800DXA rotor, terminated end-fed Moxon (FM) aimed northeast/southwest.
   NOV 8-10: 1500-ft Beverage at 80°, 500-ft BOG at 170°.

   The DX'pedition was without electricity NOV 4 0320-NOV 5 0230 UTC after a wind storm toppled trees across power lines on Route 17 and tripped the main feed line breaker.

  Opening Monologues

  Aaron Kreider - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     This was my first time in PEI and my first successful DX'pedition! From my urban noise infested Philadelphia location, I've heard 24 countries on MW over nine years and recently haven't even been getting anything better than carriers. So the reception on this trip was spectacular. I'd never imagine that Iranian MW stations could be pests. It's unfortunate that I didn't do this ten or more years ago, when the tropical shortwave bands were more active. Thanks to Bruce for inviting me and showing me how to setup Beverages, to Niel for his MW knowledge, to Bill for first time I've heard live FM meteor skip, to Walt for his stories, and to Brent for hosting and a great driving tour of PEI and Charlottetown.

  Niel Wolfish - Toronto, Ontario
     Where were you when the lights went out (in PEI)? I was asleep, looking forward to getting up in the morning to hopefully snag a transpacific signal or two. Alas, the first sunrise DX session of a week of DX'ing of Murray Harbour North did not materialize. When I awoke I discovered that my plugged-in phone had curiously only charged 88% overnight. Then Bruce announced that the power was out (due to high winds). The power was eventually restored around 11 p.m. that evening. Without power, our Listening Waters Sunday consisted of activities such as Bruce heating up water on the barbeque to make coffee, a trip to Montague to visit Pizza Delight (in lieu of the mediocre Captain's Cove Fish & Chips and the ubiquitous Tim Hortons), looking for downed trees that had caused the power disruption and reading by flashlight. I think there may have been “Is Tim Hortons better than Dunkin Donuts?” discussion in there too. Other than a lost day of DX and less than stellar weather at times, it was a fun week, even if our host and cottage procurer Brent Taylor was absent most of the time. In addition to thanking Brent, I must also express gratitude to [1] Bill for the Elad tutorials (and ginger snap cookies); [2] Walt for spotting interesting TA signals and various pirates (and keeping me company on the drives to and from YYG); [3] Bruce for the Excalibur technical support (and the Rocky Peak Hard Cinnamon Whiskey); and [4] Aaron for interesting conversations and letting me borrow his power supply. I am looking forward to the possibility of a return in 2019. Hopefully the Iranian national anthem will have ceased to be an earworm by then.


Bill assists Niel with Elad SDR operation, while Aaron and Walt are busy DX'ing.

  Bruce Conti - Nashua, New Hampshire
     And now for something completely different... Iran vs. Spain in the battle of the band; a power failure has me DX'peditioning in the car; and a taste of Short Wave pale ale. Some of the memories I'll take away from my seventh DX'pedition to the Gentle Island. Despite mediocre DX conditions due to an equally mediocre geomagnetic disturbance, this DX'pedition was as eventful as any.
     Reception conditions might best be described as weird. Geomagnetic activity knocked out the great transpacific/transpolar DX reported across North America the previous week, yet Iran of all places dominated much of the band, especially during the 2030 UTC national three-chime interval signal and anthem broadcast time. Probably fell just a few frequencies short of the "Worked All Iran" award. At the same time, Spain wasn't as 'pesty' as usual. Catching local ID's from the COPE, RNE, and SER affiliates proved to be a nearly futile effort. No sign of transatlantic China, India, and South Africa signals. With few tropical signals and no visible aurora either, the sun spit out a geomagnetic dud.
     Instead of a major aurora, it was a wind storm that knocked out electric service to much of the island November 3-4. After a night without power, I was doing my best to boil water on the barbeque grill for morning coffee. Comical! Later while on our daily drive for lunch, we located downed trees across power lines and a pole snapped at its base, which Brent did his best to report to the electric company via jammed phone lines and an overloaded website. It was apparent that power wouldn't be restored anytime soon. So I dug out my car DX'pedition power supply and setup in the driveway of the Listening Waters farmhouse. Managed to record a few noise-free spectrum captures off the 40° Beverage, NOV 4 1930-2300 UTC, before calling it a night.
     While on the subject of noise, there was an extra effort toward noise reduction at this DX'pedition. Walt was operating with the Intona USB groundloop isolator. Aaron purchased a variable regulated lab power supply just for this event. Bill had thoroughly investigated noise issues prior to the DX'pedition and was prepared for anything. An antique Lambda regulated power supply from the '70s replaced my laptop's noisy switchmode supply, and a copper groundplane - with a dejacketed USB cable shield connected to the plane along its length between the laptop computer and Excalibur SDR - eliminated USB groundloop noise. The groundplane proved its worth for FM too. Initial connection of my homebrew Moxon antenna to the Sangean HDT-1X FM receiver radiated mounds of noise in the AM broadcast band, so I went a couple days without FM. After considerable thought, realizing that the Sangean had no ground reference other than through neutral AC via its two-wire power cable, an "Ah-ha!" moment. Connecting the Sangean chassis to the groundplane completely eliminated the noise. It was fun to listen to CBC coverage of the U.S. midterm elections on FM while scheduled recordings captured AM DX. The Moxon antenna was aimed toward Newfoundland and beyond, but a northeast opening never materialized. My best FM catches in that general direction were from Iles de la Madeleine and Cape Breton, while Bill and Walt caught 94.5 St. Pierre et Miquelon on the APS-13 Yagi antenna.
     Rocky Peak Hard Cinnamon Whiskey, made in New Hampshire, has become a Listening Waters tradition, this year topped only by Phillips "Short Wave" West Coast Pale Ale. Thanks to Walt for going above and beyond the call of duty to find us a six-pack of Short Wave beer during the off-season for this brew. We were so busy with radio activity, my only regret was not having enough sightseeing time set aside for Aaron, our new DX'pedition team member. At least Aaron found time for a long walk to Panmure Lighthouse while the rest of us went for a short walk on the beach to enjoy a beautiful midweek day before DX'ing resumed.

     The antique Lambda power supply on a reflective copper groundplane, FM RDS of U.S. midterm election coverage on CBC Radio 1, and Short Wave beer.

  Bill Nollman - Farmington, Connecticut
     For my second visit to PEI I had two goals. First to see if the amazing FM meteor scatter I received last year was typical and second to participate in the MW DX more than I did in 2017. A third and unexpected goal was sleeping in my car on the ride up in a Canadian rest area and while it was pretty cold by morning that too was a success! My trip began later than everyone else with a Saturday night in the Catskills (New York) for a friend's birthday party. The car was packed ahead of time so once home Sunday afternoon I moved my travel bag between cars and hit the highway. Only to realize about 15 minutes from home that I didn't pack my laptops. On the way back home I discovered a noise problem with my in-car FM recording setup. Fixing that took another hour and we were finally on the road again by 4 p.m., four hours later than planned. The drive north was without issue and I crossed into Canada around midnight and got to (Bruce’s recommendation) the Sackville Irving rest area by 3 a.m. (Atlantic time) for 3 hours of solid sleep. On the road again by 6:30 a.m. with a stop for groceries in Montague, PEI. I arrived at Listening Waters around 10 a.m.
     Although about 20 degrees colder than last year it was sunny on Monday morning and setup of the 20x60-ft SuperLoop went well with the help of Neil and Walt. By this time it was near sunset on the other side of the Atlantic (2 p.m. local time) so the FM setup would have to wait until Tuesday. The amazing TA and TP reception of the previous week was of course gone no thanks to a solar flare so Monday night I enjoyed hearing all the 9 kHz offset MW stations even though a lot of it was the run of the mill stuff like Spain and the UK to me it was all new.
     Tuesday we got the FM up at 15 feet aiming to keep the setup simple (last year was 25 feet). Again this year we used the APS-13 and Yaesu G-800DXA rotor but new this year I used the ELAD FDM-S3 SDR. Last year I used two S2's which can capture 6 MHz at a time but this year I was fortunate to have been able to beta test the S3 which captures 24 MHz at a time - perfect to capture the entire FM broadcast band. And this year again I was not disappointed with the meteor scatter reception. "Pings" of anywhere from half a second to 5 seconds were heard almost every minute and "trains" up to 2 minutes have already been heard with many hours of captures still left to review. This leads me to believe that meteor scatter may happen continuously but you need to be in a low noise location with a high gain antenna to hear it as often as possible. I also conclude based on the two years results that the direction that the antenna is facing determines in large part to the stations you will receive. For example when pointed at 270 degrees almost every meteor scatter station heard was within a few degrees of 270 while when pointed at 240 degrees almost every station heard was within a few degrees of 240. On just one occasion I was pointed at 60 degrees and heard a strong burst to the southwest. I wasn't happy with semi-local signal levels Tuesday night so on Wednesday morning I raised the APS-13 to 20 feet and it made a nice improvement. After enjoying the late afternoon MW DX where I got very good at tuning up the dial with the S3 using right or left arrows to tune up or down and U or L to select the appropriate sideband I did a full dial scan logging just two new stations not heard last year. Both were about 300 miles away from Maine so I was very happy with that. Thursday I packed up the FM setup and SuperLoop and spent the day reviewing meteor scatter captures and capturing MW off the big BOG for review... someday.
     With the threat of a big rain storm on Saturday I decided to leave Friday morning instead of Saturday. I wanted to see some PEI sights and a stop at Woods Island and Prim Point Lighthouses didn't disappoint. Especially at Prim Point where, even though closed for the season, I was allowed to climb to the top and told how to activate the light. All alone at the top of a 50 foot lighthouse on a bright sunny day was an unforgettable experience. A quick stop at Cow's Creamery before leaving PEI and the long 15 hour ride home which featured a $47 toll at the Confederation Bridge, breakfast for dinner at Dysart's Truck Stop near Bangor, Maine (and to pick up a Maine blueberry pie) and 4+ hours of torrential downpours from southern Maine all the way back to Hartford, CT. The company at Listening Waters this year was again top notch. Lots of fun setting up (and breaking down) antennas, hiking down to the beach (and back not quite on the hiking trails), treks out to explore the culinary delights of PEI (even Tim Horton's for lunch wasn't all that bad) and the spirited dialog while MW DX'ing.

     Bill visited Point Prim Lighthouse (above left) before departing the province.   No message in a bottle at Listening Waters Beach, so the guys checked their phones instead.

  Walter Salmaniw - Victoria, British Columbia
     This was my 4th (I think) visit to Listening Waters. Each time I attend, I then leave with a renewed enthusiasm for the hobby, and with many good ideas to incorporate into my own listening. This year was no exception, despite it being, perhaps, the weakest conditions prevailing, compared to previous years. A big thank you to Bruce, for his never ending quest for noise reduction, and showing us how it can be accomplished with the copper table (I've already ordered copper sheets to accomplish the same!), and for not leaving with my hiking shoes this year ;-) To Niel for his always positive disposition and incredible music identification ability (Who needs Shazam?). To Bill for getting us all excited about FM DX'ing, and especially meteor scatter DX'ing, and for being just a wonderful human being! To Aaron, for bringing his youthful exuberance to the table, and explaining how Predictit works, and, of course, to Brent for once again, organizing most everything, but only being able to actively DX for a short time. One time, we'll get him out for the entire week! Thanks, fellas. As always, I humbly thank you for inviting me yet again!

  Brent Taylor - Stratford, Prince Edward Island
     The 2018 Listening Waters DX'pedition was notable in my mind for the extreme weather that visited the crew on the first and last days of the event. Living on PEI has taught me to not be surprised by violent winds and precipitation. But the DX week was worse than most. The Confederation Bridge was closed to traffic on a few occasions, and the winds cut power to the DX location on Saturday evening - an outage that lasted over 24 hours.
     My only real DX'ing contribution was on Sunday, when the power was off and I took the opportunity to couple my Tecsun PL-310 to one of Bruce's Beverages. Despite the rudimentary setup, I managed to get good audio from several TA stations - well before the sun went down. The rest of my week was very occupied with a busy work schedule, which limited my ability to visit. On my only evening drop-in, my own laptop/SDR combination was noisy, and clearly showed the benefit of Bruce's aggressive noise reduction work on his equipment. I have dedicated myself to building a similar setup to what Bruce has done, and also hope to be able to take most or all of the week off next time to spend with the group - if there is room for me.
     The sun was not friendly to the effort this time, with the best conditions likely happening on the night of the power failure and things going downhill from there. It's the chance one takes when planning a DX event months in advance.
     It was great meeting Aaron, and great seeing Bruce, Niel, Bill and Walt again. I hope that all are persuaded to do this again in 2019!

View of the Beverage antenna field and Codys Point from Listening Waters seaweed beach.



 77.5 GERMANY   Mainflingen   NOV 4 0146 - 50 kW standard time and frequency station, heard at good level with time pips. [Salmaniw]

 153 ROMANIA   Antena Satelor, Brasov   NOV 4 0147 - Good reception with traditional music. Faded down a bit by 0157. Perhaps a co-channel weakly in the background. [Salmaniw] NOV 9 2331 - "Antena Satelor" promo followed by lively folk music. [Wolfish]

 531 ALGERIA   Jil FM, F'kirina Wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi NOV 6 2045 - "Jil FM" between adult contemporary sounding non-English music. Very strong parallel 549 kHz. [Nollman]

 540 HUNGARY   MR1 Solt   NOV 8 2029 - ID by woman and signature theme under CBT Grand Falls. [Wolfish] NOV 8 2100 - Thanks to Niel for alerting me to Kossuth Radio, totally dominating the channel at times well over CBC in Newfoundland co-channel. Distinctive chimes heard first at 2030, and again twice with the news on the hour. Many mentions of 'Orban', the right-winged president of the country, including a portion of English (he must be at the EU parliament (?) giving a speech). Checked again at 2125 and again dominating the channel. Budapest clearly mentioned at 2127. Continued to 21:30:20 when the transmitter was cut, leaving Newfoundland 100% clear. Nothing special at sign off heard. Could not see the transmitter cut off on the Perseus zoom function, though, but suspect with a new Canadian (Nautel) transmitter, that they were likely right on frequency, as the CBC appears to be, as well. [Salmaniw]

 540 MOROCCO   SNRT Sidi Bennour   NOV 7 2000 - Clearly heard over local domestic CBC. Arabic sounding and heard on parallel 595 (the off channel, making it an easy parallel). [Salmaniw]

 540 SPAIN   Onda Cero, Barcelona   NOV 8 2059 - Newfoundland and Hungary dominate this frequency, but just before the hour, one could hear Spanish numbers, so presumably Spain. Fair copy. [Salmaniw]

 549 ALGERIA   Jil FM, Sidi Hamadouche   NOV 6 2048 - "Jil FM" in between adult contemporary sounding non-English music. Very strong parallel 549 kHz. [Nollman] NOV 7 0458 - Good; choral marching band national anthem parallel 531 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 0458 - While probing the overnight recordings, found Algeria's national anthem, of course parallel to 531 kHz. Both strong. ID on the hour following the very lengthy military style anthem. Military band, then a vocal version along with the band. Fanfare at TOH. Arabic with mention of 'Jil'. [Salmaniw]

 549 IRELAND   Spirit Radio, Carrickroe   NOV 3 2002 - At the top of the hour, English dominated... So it's Ireland (quite an Irish accent, besides). [Salmaniw] NOV 4 0400 - "Spirit of the Lord." [Kreider] NOV 9 0328 - I'm following this frequency of interest in my SDR overnight recordings. Brief 'Spirit Radio' ID at 0328, followed by longer ID, FM and AM 549 ID after 0330. MWList has them on 0400-2200 but not the case here! The dominant station on at this time. Modern pop music. [Salmaniw] NOV 9 2254 - Inboombing with spot for Christian book shop in Dublin. Commercial for an architectural firm. ID and Christian pop music. [Wolfish] NOV 9 2300 - Absolutely armchair copy at 2255 with local ads and Spirit Radio ID. Best reception so far, before fading down somewhat, as Jil FM returned. Very pleased with that copy. Then on to 1575 to hear Italy signing off with their national anthem! A nice way to end our DX'pedition to Listening Waters! [Salmaniw]

 549 UKRAINE   UR1 Mykolaiv   NOV 3 1955 - Sometimes over, usually under Jil FM at sometimes good+ level. Sports talk, which sounded quite Russian to me, but think in Ukrainian with a lot of Russian terms being used? [Salmaniw] NOV 3 2159 - Good; sign-off with classical choral anthem, time marker, then open carrier. Walt later determined that the anthem is actually a hymn. [Conti] NOV 7 2059 - After a couple of days, Ukraine was back and peaking over Jil FM announcing at 2047 the end of programming for the day. Instead of the national anthem, there was a choral version of the spiritual anthem of Ukraine, called 'Molytva za Ukrayinu', or Prayer for Ukraine. First time I've heard this hymn ending programming. Very good, before Jil FM resumed its dominance. [Salmaniw] NOV 9 1855 - Woman talking with some mentions of Ukraine. ID by man at 1858. Another ID and pips at hourtop followed by woman reading news. [Wolfish]

 558 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran synchros   NOV 4 2029 - Fair; choral national anthem, three-chime interval signal (listen to mp3 audio clip), then distinctive male acapella military march to IRIB news fanfare. Many local/regional stations switch to the IRIB R.Iran national network Shabhaye Iran (Iran Nights) at this time beginning with the signature male acapella military march (listen to mp3 audio clip); 657, 666, 774, 837, 936, 945, 963, 972, 999, 1026, 1035, 1062, 1071, 1197, 1269, 1278, 1314, 1467.36, 1512, 1539 kHz parallels received on the 40° Beverage. [Conti]

 576 SPAIN   RNE5 Barcelona   NOV 5 2030 - Fair in 570 CFCB splatter; "La Buhardilla, el programa de Radio Cinco todo noticias y Radio Nacional de España, Yolanda Pintor," parallel 567, 603, and 657 kHz. [Conti]

 585 IRAN   IRIB R.Farhang, Tehran   NOV 8 2030 - Under Spain; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal followed by male speaker, not the signature male acapella march of Shabhaye Iran on other IRIB stations at this time. [Conti]

 594 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Duba   NOV 4 0300 - Good; "Arabia Saudia... Riyadh" ID to news with SBC attention signals between items. [Conti]

 595 MOROCCO   SNRT Oujda   NOV 6 1958 - Weak het. Stronger by 2013 with low modulation; talk in French or Arabic too weak to tell. [Kreider] NOV 6 2100 - Fair; Koranic vocal parallel 612 kHz. [Conti] NOV 7 2005 - Good reception on this off-channel and parallel to 540 (under local CBC). [Salmaniw]

 603 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Botosani//Oradea   NOV 3 2000 - Over Spain; "Aici Bucaresti, Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta." [Conti]

 612 MOROCCO   SNRT Sebaa-Aioun   NOV 5 2000 - Over/under Spain; African vocal parallel 936 kHz. NOV 6 0000 - Good; speaker parallel 595 and 936 kHz. NOV 7 0201 - Fair; flute instrumental parallel 595 and 936 kHz. [Conti]

 612 SPAIN   RNE1 Lleida//Vitoria   NOV 3 2200 - Fair through 620 CKCM splatter; "24 horas, Radio Nacional de España..." [Conti]

 630 TUNISIA   RTT Tunis   NOV 4 2100 - Good signal but with muffled audio, over an unID religious vocal; promo, "...a la Radio Nationale," then jingle to news. [Conti]

 639 CZECHIA   Ceský Rozhlas Dvoyka, Liblice//Svinov   NOV 5 0400 - Good, over Spain; "Ceský Rozhlas Dvoyka" into news. [Conti]

 657 IRAN   IRIB R.Zahedan, Zahedan   NOV 4 2029 - Poor; choral national anthem, then signature male acapella march to IRIB news fanfare, parallel 558 kHz. [Conti]

 657 ITALY   Rai Radiouno, Pisa NOV 6 0558 - Fair; familiar Rai sounders and data burst parallel 936 and 1575 kHz. [Conti]

 666 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, multiple locations   NOV 4 2030 - Poor, under Portugal; male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. NOV 7 2030 - Over/under Portugal; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, male acapella march, IRIB fanfare. [Conti]

 666 PORTUGAL   RDP Antena 1 synchros   NOV 6 2043 - Football parallel web stream Also noted unID 1 kHz tone for less than 10 seconds, and Spain with talk. [Kreider]

 675 QATAR   QMC Al Arish   NOV 3 2001 - Fair; signature whistling of canned hourly ID by woman, "Idha'at Qatar..." [Conti] NOV 9 2124 - Arabic pop music. Decent signal. Man talking over stringed music after hourbottom. [Wolfish] NOV 9 2125 - Very strong with light Arabic vocals by woman. In sync with web feed here: I'm pleased with this one! [Salmaniw]

 675 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Abha//Afif   NOV 6 2111 - Probably this parallel 1071 rather than Iran, now dominating over Qatar. [Kreider]

 675 unID   NOV 3 2200 - Solid s7 open carrier, still there beyond 2300 UTC. NOV 7 2030 - Open carrier. Qatar? Saudi? [Conti]

 684 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Jeddah, Jeddah//Riyadh   NOV 3 2100 - Under Spain; SBC news intro parallel 1098 kHz. [Conti]

 684 SPAIN   RNE1 Sevilla   NOV 6 2136 - Inbooming with Champions League match between Barcelona and Inter Milan. Announcer going ballistic as Barcelona scored in the 83rd minute. [Wolfish] NOV 7 0650 - Good; "Radio Nacional de España, Madrid," over news music bed. [Conti]

 693 SPAIN   RNE1 Boal//Toledo//Tortosa   NOV 5 2300 - Over BBC5; time marker, "Es la media noche, las once Canarias," and news, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos," parallel 585 etc. [Conti]

 693 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 5, Droitwich et al.   NOV 6 2105 - Soccer with co-channel echo; good. [Nollman]

 702 ALGERIA   R.Laghouat/R.Culture, Laghouat   NOV 3 2040 - Good; Arabic vocal parallel 1422 and R.Culture stream. NOV 7 0400 - Fair; announcements by a man and woman with fanfare parallel 1422 kHz. [Conti]

 702 EGYPT   ERTU Asswan//El Kharga   NOV 4 2000 - Fair; Big Ben chimes parallel 819 and 918 kHz. [Conti]

 702 IRAN   VOIRI Kiashahr   NOV 4 1930 - Fair, over unID's; IRIB three chime interval signal. [Conti]

 702 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Jeddah, Bisha//Duba   NOV 7 2100 - Fair; news with SBC emphasis stingers. [Conti]

 711 IRAN   IRIB R.Ahvaz, Ahvaz   NOV 4 2030 - In mix with Spain and presumed Western Sahara; IRIB chimes, male acapella military march, to IRIB fanfare. NOV 7 2030 - Poor through Spain and presumed Western Sahara; announcement by a woman, no IRIB chimes, then male acapella march to IRIB fanfare. 2100 good; somber march featuring horn and drums with voice overs, parallel 837, 1278, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]

 711 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Sighetul Marmatiei   NOV 3 2000 - Over unID Arabic; "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles up to time marker with hora exacta ID and news, parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]

 720 GREENLAND   KNR Simiutaq   NOV 9 2106 - Excellent reception in the clear with distinctive Greenlandic talk. Bodes for better northerly conditions this afternoon and evening! [Salmaniw] NOV 9 2252 - Dominating with pop music and male announcer. Upmatches to webstream. No sign of 570 or 650 unfortunately. NOV 10 0121 - Woman talking about the Northmart Grocery Store fire in Iqaluit (could make out certain words including grocery and CBC, so she was probably reading from the CBC report) and playing Suzanne Vega's "Tom’s Diner". [Wolfish]

 720 PORTUGAL   RDP Antena 1 synchros   NOV 6 2157 - Dominating over Canary Islands; parallel 666 kHz. [Kreider]

 729 GREECE   ERA1 Athína   NOV 4 2000 - Poor through Spain; Proto ID to news. [Conti]

 729 SPAIN   RNE1 synchros   NOV 6 2159 - Woman in Spanish, something else in background - possibly Greece. [Kreider]

 756 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Shahr-e-Kord   NOV 7 2030 - Under Romania; two cycles of IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal. NOV 8 2029 - Under Romania; choral national anthem, then IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal twice, 7 seconds apart. [Conti]

 756 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Lugoj   NOV 3 2000 - Fair in CBGY splatter; "Aici Bucaresti, Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta." [Conti]

 765 IRAN   VOIRI/R.Iran, Chabahar   NOV 4 1930 - Fair; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal. NOV 7 2101 - Over presumed SBC R.Quran; time pips a minute late, then VOIRI fanfare. [Conti] NOV 10 0008 - Talk mixed with Koran from Saudi Arabia. [Kreider]

 774 EGYPT   ERTU Abis   NOV 8 0300 - Good, over Spain; Koran parallel 864 kHz. Often offset on the high side, spot on this time. Weak offset observed at 774.027 kHz probably Iran. [Conti]

 774 IRAN   IRIB R.Markazi, Arak   NOV 4 2030 - Under Spain; male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti]

 783 SYRIA   Syrian Radio/R.Damascus, Tartus NOV 3 2200 - Good; ID by woman, "Idha'at Dimashq," and soft music. NOV 6 0300 - Good, over Spain; multiple cycles of interval signal, then national anthem. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 6 2223 - While listening to the Spaniard (COPE), I started to hear a co-channel in Arabic. Turned out to be parallel to the webstream (interesting with a .ru web address ). Seems to have no delay at all, but can take a while to log-on. Good reception. No parallels noted. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 0300 - Over Spain with female vocal, announcement by man and then at last 90 seconds of interval signal (my recording ended). [Wolfish] NOV 9 0003 - Very strong reception with a call-in program in Arabic, and parallel to webfeed noted in No AM parallels noted, though. Occasional fade revealing a jumble of other stations. [Salmaniw]

 792 CZECHIA   R.Dechovka, Hradec Králové   NOV 7 2100 - Under Spain; fanfare of canned ID and nostalgia parallel 1233 kHz. [Conti]

 791.885 IRAN   IRIB R.Zanjan, Sohravard   NOV 8 2030 - Loud het against 792 Spain; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then male acapella march. [Conti]

 792 SPAIN   SER R.Sevilla, Sevilla   NOV 5 2030 - Good; "Radio Sevilla" promo's. [Conti]

 801 SPAIN   RNE1 synchros   NOV 6 2243 - A mess of stations on this channel, none particularly strong. Zooming on the Perseus, I'm seeing 5 stations, and after carefully calibrating, here they are in order of strength: 801.000, 800.990, 800.958, 801.055, and 801.004 kHz. Fun to chase carriers. Checking MWList Offsets, these might correspond to RNE Castellon/Almazora (800.962), RNE Burgos/San Bartolome (800.9903), RNE Lugo/As Arierias (801.0001), IRIB Kashmar (801.0041... the weakest one), and RNE Girona/Campllong (801.050). All perhaps! [Salmaniw]

 810 MACEDONIA   MR1 Sveti Nikole NOV 4 2001 - Under Scotland; canned ID, "Makedonsko Radio, Radio Skopje," between polka-style songs. [Conti]

 810 SCOTLAND   BBC R.Scotland, Burghead//Redmoss//Westerglen   NOV 4 2000 - Good, over Macedonia; "On digital radio, 92 and 95 FM, and 810 medium wave, BBC Radio Scotland," into news, "BBC news at 8 o'clock with Christine Finnigan." NOV 8 0500 - Good; BBC Five Live relay, "It's 5 o'clock, this is Morning Report from Five Live." [Conti]

 810 SPAIN   SER R.Madrid, Madrid NOV 6 0500 - Fair; time marker and checks, "Son las seis en la mañana, las cinco en Canarias," into news, "En la cadena Ser..." [Conti]

 819 EGYPT   ERTU Batra   NOV 4 2000 - Good; Arabic vocal to Big Ben chimes and ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 6 2305 - Almost good level Arabic talk, but unfortunately unable to produce audio out of the link provided on MWList ( Says it's connected, but no audio. Not much else on frequency that fits. Even better by 2308 with Arabic vocal. Confirmed by a very loud signal from a Italian remote KiwiSDR. [Salmaniw]

 819 IRAN   IRIB R.Tabaristan, Sari   NOV 8 2030 - Under Egypt; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then signature male acapella march of Shabhaye Iran. [Conti]

 828 AZORES   RDP Antena 1, Monte das Cruzes   NOV 8 2015 - Fair, almost good at times with a football play by play. Language seems Portuguese, so a presumed logging. Could not parallel to 693, nor internet audio feed. After some searching, I found that Sporting is playing Arsenal at the Emirates stadium, so undoubtedly them! [Salmaniw]

 828 IRAN   IRIB R.Khorasan-e Jonubi, Tabas   NOV 3 1935 - Rising to good level over unID music, Russia faded out; man and woman in Farsi. NOV 4 1930 - Good; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal. 2030 poor; IRIB chimes, male acapella march, IRIB fanfare. [Conti]

 828 RUSSIA   R.Gazeta Slovo/Pravoslavnoye Radio, Olgino-Sankt Peterburg   NOV 3 1925 - Tentative; typical deep-voiced male announcer in Russian, lost to Iran. [Conti]

 837 IRAN   IRIB R.Isfahan, Habibabad   NOV 3 1930 - Man and woman talking mentions of Iran and Esfahan. [Wolfish] NOV 4 1930 - Good; music cut to last two chimes of IRIB interval signal, announcement to fanfare. 2030 over COPE; male acapella march to IRIB news fanfare parallel 558 kHz. NOV 8 2030 - Over Spain; IRIB R.Iran interval signal, brief announcement, male acapella march, and IRIB news fanfare. [Conti]

 837 SPAIN   COPE Sevilla   NOV 7 2159 - Fair; la cadena Cope promo, "Cope Sevilla" to time marker. [Conti]

 837 SPAIN  COPE synchros   NOV 5 2040 - It's all Spain, all the time this afternoon with the solar disturbed conditions. Very strong, with a marked echo, so presumably at least two COPE transmitters, Sevilla with 50 kW the strongest and most likely here, but another is also clearly audible with a very slight delay. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2112 - "Cope" with co-channel echo. [Nollman]

 846 IRAN   IRIB R.Tabriz, Miyaneh NOV 4 2030 - Poor; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then signature male acapella military march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 1943 - Parallel 1026 kHz. [Kreider]

 846 IRELAND   R.North, Redcastle   NOV 3 2000 - Fair; oldies music, promo, "Don't touch that dial!" NOV 4 1929 - Fair; end of Choi Family Ministry program with Facebook and email addresses, "Thank you for listening to the Choi Family radio ministry program, and we hope you can join us again next week at the same time." [Conti]

 855 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Tâncabesti   NOV 4 0028 - Good; "Let It Roll" by BTO (Canadian content for the DX'pedition), R.România Actualitati ID, and blues vocal parallel 603 and 1179 kHz. [Conti]

 882 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Wales, Washford et al.   NOV 4 0233 - BBC World Service ID at fair to almost good level only. I see that the fellas in Victoria are hearing things well on this frequency, but not sure who they are seeing. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2050 - Strongest above the splatter from 880 was Talking Heads "Psycho Killer". [Nollman]

 891 IRAN   IRIB R.Dena, Deh Dasht//Yasuj   NOV 3 2100 - Fair; anthem-like vocal. Later heard same anthem on 1242 kHz, identified on YouTube as "Ey Iran," the original anthem of Iran. [Conti]

 891 TURKEY   TRT Antalya   NOV 4 0258 - Poor; multiple cycles of interval signal followed by national anthem. [Conti]

 900 IRAN   IRIB R.Quran, Tehran   NOV 4 2028 - Over/under Italy and Spain; Koranic recitation, choral national anthem to IRIB chimes, then back to Koran separate from other IRIB stations. [Conti]

 900 ITALY   Rai Radiouno, Milano   NOV 4 2149 - Noted in car with man in Italian over presumed Saudi Arabia. [Wolfish] NOV 6 0500 - Good; data burst, then time marker, announcements and sounders parallel 1062 and 1575 kHz. NOV 8 0600 - Fair, over Cuba and Spain; data burst, time marker and sounders. [Conti]

 900 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Qurayyat   NOV 4 2000 - Under Italy; Mideast orchestra vocal parallel 1440 and 1521 kHz. NOV 7 2100 - Under unID Koran (probably IRIB R.Quran); SBC news parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]

 900 SPAIN   R.Popular, Bilbao   NOV 8 0559 - Tentative; heard "...con Popular" before overwhelmed by Rai Radiouno Italy and COPE Spain. [Conti]

 909 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Timisoara   NOV 4 2000 - Under BBC5; "Because We Can" by Bon Jovi to hora exacta ID and news, parallel 945, 1152, and 1179 kHz. [Conti]

 909 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 5 synchros   NOV 4 1840 - Poor to fair, with snippets of fluttery audio. [Taylor]

 917 NIGERIA   R.Gotel, Yola   NOV 6 2200 - Good; African music to promo by excited woman ending with Gotel mention. [Conti] NOV 9 2247 - Faint audio. [Kreider]

 918 EGYPT   ERTU Bawiti   NOV 4 2000 - Under Spain; Big Ben chimes parallel 819 kHz. [Conti]

 918 IRAN   IRIB R.Kerman, Jiroft   NOV 4 1930 - Good; IRIB three chime interval signal, R.Kerman ID, upbeat promo's, parallel 1062 kHz. NOV 8 2030 - Well under R.Inter Spain and 917 R.Gotel Nigeria het; IRIB R.Iran interval signal breaking through immediately after R.Inter time pips. [Conti]

 918 SPAIN   R.Inter, Madrid   NOV 4 2101 - Fair; ad to ID, "En Radio Inter, la mejor música..." and pop music. [Conti]

 936 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Miandoab//Urumiyeh   NOV 4 1930 - Fair through 930 CJYQ splatter; choral national anthem. 2030 male acapella march to IRIB fanfare parallel 558 kHz. NOV 8 2030 - Under Italy and Spain; IRIB R.Iran interval signal, then male acapella march. [Conti]

 945 IRAN   IRIB R.Kordestan, Dehgolan   NOV 3 2030 - Chimes, woman with "Iran... Kordestan" ID and the usual marching music by men. Mixing with Romania. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2030 - Good; male acapella military march to IRIB fanfare signifying the start of Shabhaye Iran parallel 558 kHz. NOV 6 2030 - Poor; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 945 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Miercurea-Ciuc   NOV 3 2300 - Poor to fair; hora exacta ID and marker. NOV 8 0258 - Fair; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 945 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Hail   NOV 4 2000 - Over/under Romania; Mideast orchestra vocal through the hour parallel 1440 and 1521 kHz. [Conti]

 945 UNITED KINGDOM   Smooth Radio, Bexhill-on-Sea   NOV 7 2154 - Boyz II Men "I’ll Make Love to You" followed by man with ID and Smooth Radio jingle. Playing dedications. [Wolfish] NOV 9 1935 - Fair reception, mostly dominating this channel, with, 'Heard it on the Grapevine', confirmed with ID at 19:38 and playlist online. [Salmaniw]

 954 CZECHIA   Ceský Rozhlas Dvoyka, Brno//Ceské Budejovice//Karlovy Vary   NOV 4 2000 - Good; canned Ceský Rozhlas Dvoyka ID with piano flourish (listen to mp3 audio clip), announcement, and big band instrumental. NOV 6 2259 - Through Onda Cero; orchestra national anthem parallel 639 kHz. [Conti] NOV 7 2136 - Inbooming over Spain with C&W music. The Country Pohoda program according to the website. Matches webfeed. [Wolfish]

 954 SPAIN   Onda Cero, Madrid   NOV 4 0100 - Six pips and "Noticias del Onda Cero." [Wolfish] NOV 7 0600 - Good; "Onda Cero Madrid, en onda media 954," and Onda Cero jingle to time marker. [Conti]

 954 TURKEY   TRT Trabzon   NOV 4 0259 - Good; choral national anthem to sign-on announcement, time marker and news. NOV 8 0259 - Fair; national anthem and sign-on announcement to news. [Conti]

 963 CYPRUS   CyBC Nicosia   NOV 3 2100 - Under Tunisia and presumed Iran; flute interval signal. [Conti]

 963 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Birjand   NOV 4 1930 - Under Tunisia; three chime interval signal. 2030 fair; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti]

 963 TUNISIA   RTT Tunis   NOV 5 1958 - I was wondering who the German speaker was. Good reception, with mild splatter. It's Tunis (I would not have guessed!). 19:59:30 off, and switched to Bethoveen. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2035 - Soft music, French talk. [Kreider] NOV 6 2101 - Good; RTT ID to news in French. [Conti] NOV 6 2128 - Good reception with songs, 'Oh, what a night', and 'I did it my way' (in French). French chatter between the songs. [Salmaniw]

 963 UNITED KINGDOM   Sunrise Radio, East London   NOV 4 2000 - Poor, under Tunisia; canned ID, "On AM in London and across the UK..." and news, parallel 972 kHz. [Conti]

 972 IRAN   IRIB R.Ilam, Ilam   NOV 4 2030 - Under Spain; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then male acapella military march parallel 558 kHz. NOV 8 2030 - Over/under Spain; IRIB chimes and male acapella march. [Conti]

 972 UNITED KINGDOM   Sunrise Radio, West London   NOV 4 2000 - Barely readable in 970 WZAN splatter; "On AM in London... this is Sunrise..." to news, parallel 963 kHz. [Conti]

 981 ALGERIA   Chaîne 2, Ouled Fayet   NOV 3 2300 - Fair; canned Radio Isnath ID by man and woman to time marker and news. [Conti] NOV 5 0504 - Good reception, in fact very good at TOH in presumed Berber. Piano instrumental and other very enjoyable music. Female announcer. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 0400 - Good with time pips, fanfare and news read by woman. [Wolfish]

 981 IRAN   IRIB R.Hamadan, Hamadan   NOV 8 2031 - Under Algeria and unID; male acapella military march. [Conti]

 990 SPAIN   SER Bilbao//Cadiz   NOV 6 2100 - The frequency is dominated by CBY Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, but at top of the hour, the Spaniards almost dominated with Spanish sports programming. Two sites are listed. No echo noted, however. [Salmaniw]

 999 IRAN   IRIB R.Kordestan, Baneh   NOV 4 2031 - Poor to fair under Spain and Moldova; male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. NOV 7 2100 - Under Spain; tinkling piano parallel 945 and 1476 kHz. [Conti]

 999 MOLDOVA   TWR Grigoriopol   NOV 8 1959 - Good, over Spain; woman with TWR info. [Conti]

 999 SPAIN   COPE Madrid   NOV 6 1900 - Fair; promo ending "...Cope Madrid, estar informado," to time marker. [Conti]

1008 NETHERLANDS   Groot Nieuws Radio, Zeewolde   NOV 3 2000 - When European conditions were much better, very good reception of the Dutch station, with many ads, mentions of Nederland. Thanks for confirmation of Groot Nieuws Radio in a clip submitted to RealDX. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2058 - Poor/fair; Groot Nieuws Radio mentioned in talk by a happy woman. [Conti] NOV 6 2107 - As Bruce Conti opines, a junk frequency, but at 2100, I hear a monotoned female speaker which does not at all sound Spanish. An hour earlier at 2000, the Spanish/Canary Island station(s) are definitely audible at weaker level. No signs of them an hour later. At 20:01:45 what sounds a lot like Greek music is briefly heard. I'm thinking this may be ERA from Kerkyra with 50 kW. At 2003 one can definitely hear Spanish sports play by play. Otherwise the dominant speaker seems to be, 'a happy woman', whom most likely is from Groot Nieuws Radio in Dutch. Leaning towards this one as the most consistent. Poor at 2200 recheck. Note the Dutch station is listed to close 01 Jan 2019. [Salmaniw]

1026 IRAN   IRIB R.Tabriz, Azarshahr NOV 4 2030 - Fair; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then male acapella military march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti] NOV 7 2122 - Over Spanish soccer match with woman talking, piano music. Chimes and ID by man at hourbottom. [Wolfish]

1026 SPAIN   SER R.Vigo, Vigo   NOV 7 0258 - Fair; nostalgic vocal to sounder, then local ID, "Radio Vigo, Cadena Ser," and promo, "En Radio Vigo, Cadena Ser..." [Conti]

1035 ESTONIA   R.Eli/TWR Tartu NOV 3 2000 - Under unID; one cycle of TWR interval signal. [Conti] NOV 4 0311 - Good reception with Russian religious talk. Very stable signal. Great modulation. Some splatter noted. [Salmaniw]

1035 IRAN   IRIB R.Yazd, Yazd NOV 4 2030 - Fair; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, R.Yazd ID, and male acapella march. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

1035 UNITED KINGDOM   Dilse Radio, London   NOV 6 2056 - South Asian Bollywood-esque music with ID at hourtop into English newscast. [Wolfish] NOV 6 2100 - Fair; canned ID, "On 1035 AM, online, on DAB digital radio, and on your mobile..." into news, "From the Sky news center at nine..." [Conti]

1044 SPAIN   SER San Sebastián   NOV 6 0158 - Good; network talk to local promo's, "Radio San Sebastián, la radio Ser en San Sebastián," and "Las noticias de San Sebastián... en Cadena Ser." [Conti] NOV 6 0629 - Local commercials mentioning San Sebastián and news read by woman. [Wolfish]

1044 SPAIN   SER San Sebastián//Valladolid   NOV 6 2050 - Cadena Ser, very strong s9 at 2050, still good with time pips at TOH. [Nollman]

1053 ROMANIA   R.Iasi, Iasi   NOV 3 2000 - Over TalkSport; R.Iasi ID and sign-off test tone. NOV 6 2000 - Over/under Spain; sign-off test tone. [Conti]

1053 SPAIN   COPE Vila Real//Zaragoza   NOV 5 2000 - Good with significant echo/delay between stations; time marker, ultima hora and "Cope, estar informado" slogans. [Conti] NOV 5 2042 - Two Spanish stations echo, 5 kW and 20 kW, overwhelm TalkSport. [Kreider] NOV 5 2106 - Some out of this world experience with both COPE transmitters on same frequency with audio delay on one of them. Overall good+ reception tonight. [Salmaniw]

1062 CZECHIA   Country Radio, Praha   NOV 10 0559 - Station promo and ID into a C&W/folk tune (not an English language song). [Wolfish]

1062 IRAN   IRIB R.Kerman, Kerman   NOV 4 1930 - Good; IRIB interval signal, R.Kerman ID, parallel 918 kHz. 2031 poor through 1060 WQOM splatter; male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti]

1062 ITALY   Rai Radiouno synchros   NOV 5 1957 - Good with synchro echo; "Rai Radiouno" and sounder. NOV 6 0458 - Good; pre sign-on tones to time marker on the hour, announcements and sounders, parallel 1575 kHz. [Conti]

1071 IRAN   IRIB R.Ma'aref, Qom   NOV 4 2029 - Good; choral national anthem, IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti] NOV 5 0232 - Middle Eastern music, probably Iran; near sunrise in Iran. [Kreider] NOV 7 2029 - Fair; choral national anthem, IRIB chimes, male acapella. 2059 good; R.Ma'aref ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

1071 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Bisha   NOV 3 1906 - Good; Middle Eastern vocal parallel 1440 and 1521 kHz. NOV 6 0300 - Fair; news with SBC attention signal/stingers between items. [Conti]

1080 ISRAEL   Makan Radio, Yavne   NOV 4 1930 - Under WTIC; time pips and Kan theme music with voice over. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

1080 SPAIN   SER synchros   NOV 5 2104 - Spanish; over music perhaps Iran, or less likely Egypt or Saudi. [Kreider]

1089 ALGERIA   Chaîne 2, Adrar   NOV 5 2000 - Over TalkSport; lively vocal with rhythmic guitar, time marker and fanfare to news, all parallel 981 kHz. [Conti]

1089 UNITED KINGDOM   TalkSport synchros   NOV 4 1834 - Fair to good, with good copy of sports talk and phone calls. [Taylor] NOV 7 1059 - Fair; ad string, "TalkTalk, fairer broadband for everyone." [Conti]

1098 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Jeddah, Dammam   NOV 4 0100 - Through Spain; news with SBC stingers between items. [Conti] NOV 4 0200 - Under Spain; Arabic, probably Saudi Arabia. [Kreider]

1098 SLOVAKIA   R.Devin/R.Patria, Nitra   NOV 3 2259 - Through Spain and unID Mideast signal; choral national anthem. [Conti]

1107 SCOTLAND   Moray Firth 2, Inverness   NOV 4 2000 - Under Spain; "With the latest news from the north of Scotland, MFR 2," and Sky news. [Conti] NOV 10 0600 - Under Spain with Toploader's version of "Dancing in the Moonlight" and man ID'ing: "The latest news for the North of Scotland, MFR 2." News followed. [Wolfish]

1107 UNITED KINGDOM   TalkSport synchros   NOV 7 2000 - Under Spain; football coverage parallel 1089 kHz. [Conti]

1116 HUNGARY   Dankó Radio, Miskolc//Mosonmagyarovar   NOV 3 1954 - Under Spain; ethnic instrumental parallel 1251 kHz. NOV 4 1958 - Over/under Spain; ethnic vocal parallel 1251, Dankó Radio ID to break on the hour when it faded under Spain. [Conti]

1116 SPAIN   SER R.Pontevedra, Pontevedra   NOV 6 0630 - "Radio Pontevedra" ID's by man and woman. What sounded like news by man. [Wolfish]

1116 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Derby, Burnaston Lane   NOV 7 2100 - Poor, briefly atop Spain; footie wrap-up, jingle to news, "BBC news at nine..." [Conti]

1125 BELGIUM   RTBF VivaCité, Houdeng   NOV 4 0200 - Over Spain; French talk. [Kreider]

1125 IRAN   IRIB R.Qazvin, Qazvin   NOV 7 2031 - Through Spain; male acapella march parallel 558, etc. [Conti]

1134 KUWAIT   R.Kuwait, Kabd   NOV 3 2000 - Fair, over Spain through 1140 CBI splatter; "Idha'at al-Dawlat al Kuwait" ID by woman with fanfare. [Conti]

1143 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Yasuj   NOV 4 1930 - Poor in 1140 CBI splatter; flute instrumental to IRIB three chime interval signal, R.Iran ID, parallel 558 kHz. [Conti]

1152 SCOTLAND   Clyde 2, Glasgow   NOV 4 0035 - Fair; "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago, "This is Clyde 2," and "Mirror Man" by Human League. [Conti] NOV 9 2019 - George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" and "Into the Groove" by Madonna. In mess with Romania and Spain. [Wolfish]

1161 EGYPT   ERTU Mid Delta, Tanta   NOV 4 0400 - Fair; sign-on with 1 kHz test tone up to the hour, then Big Ben chimes. [Conti]

1161 IRAN   VOIRI Qasr-e Shirin   NOV 4 2030 - Poor; IRIB chimes, otherwise program separate from other IRIB stations. [Conti]

1170 SLOVENIA   R.Capodistria, Beli Kriz   NOV 3 2302 - Good over unID's, probably United Arab Emirates among them; canned R.Capodistria ID by man and woman, pop music. [Conti] NOV 5 2059 - Very nice ID in Italian, just before top of the hour. No sign of Iran, nor UAE today. Did fade down after the hour revealing several co-channels, but impossible to be sure who they are, and whether TA or domestic. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 2131 - Slow and twangy song (like classic country), R.Capodistria ID, co-channel from IRIB? With talk then upbeat chanting. [Nollman]

1170 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Sawt al-Joumhouria, Al-Dhabbaya   NOV 7 2131 - Excellent reception with modern Arabic chants and drums Occasionally, Slovenia fades up in Italian, but not very often. Very nice reception, as one would expect with 800 kW! [Salmaniw]

1179 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Galbeni-Bacau et al.   NOV 4 1929 - Good; announcement in Romanian, "Baby I Love Your Way" by Big Mountain. [Conti] NOV 4 0229 - Excellent reception with modern rock music. Parallel to internet feed. SER tried to fade up, but not with very much success. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 2200 - Other foreign language behind it. [Nollman]

1188 HUNGARY   MR4 Nemzetiségi Adások   NOV 5 1900 - Poor to fair; vocal to brief announcement, then immediately off. [Conti]

1188 IRAN   IRIB R.Payam, Tehran   NOV 3 2300 - Good; signature ascending notes marking the hour. [Conti] NOV 9 2013 - Incranking with soft-spoken man in Farsi. Mentions of Tehran. Stringed instrument music. [Wolfish] NOV 10 0045 - Often excellent strength with very enjoyable international music. Back to traditional Iranian music at 0046. Checking their website, this is their morning program; "At dawn, from ?:?? to ?:?? AM, the dawn with awareness and information approach tries to create a sensory and emotional mood for the night through the use of immortal music and utilizing materials such as anecdotes and prayers of the elders of religion and texts about themselves Thinking in the blessings of God creates a good atmosphere for your audience. The use of rich treasures of prose Persian poetry, proverbs, and proper songs and phrases, and the creation of a spiritual atmosphere for the night-lovers, and ultimately, encouraging them to perform, timely demands." Very nice, indeed. Not Hungary, as I originally had thought. [Salmaniw]

1197 IRAN   IRIB R.Ardabil, Moghan   NOV 4 2031 -Poor in 1200 WXKS splatter; signature male acapella military march parallel 558 kHz. NOV 7 2030 - Fair; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, male acapella march signifying the start of Shabhaye Iran. [Conti]

1197 ROMANIA   R.Târgu Mures, Brasov   NOV 6 2000 - Fair; sign-off test tone. [Conti]

1197 UNITED KINGDOM   Absolute Radio synchros NOV 9 2008 - Parallel to a much strong 1215 with "Duel" by Propaganda and Huey Lewis & The News "The Power of Love". No luck with outlets on 1233, 1242 or 1260 kHz. [Wolfish]

1206 ISRAEL   Kan-Reshet Bet, Akko   NOV 3 2000 - Poor; time pips and Kan music to news. NOV 7 0300 - Poor; time marker and melodic signature into news. [Conti]

1215 IRAN   IRIB R.Tabaristan, Chalus   NOV 9 2016 - Music behind Absolute Radio. [Kreider]

1215 UNITED KINGDOM   Absolute Radio synchros   NOV 3 1845 - "Someday" by The Strokes and then male announcer introduced "Caught In My Shadow" by The Wonder Stuff. [Wolfish] NOV 4 1830 - Good, with full audio; playing Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits, then ID by woman into commercial. [Taylor] NOV 5 2030 - Good, over unID; "All Night Long" by AC/DC. NOV 7 1001 - Good; promo, "You're most likely listening to Absolute Radio," into "Skin" by Rag 'n' Bone Man. [Conti]

1224 IRAN   VOIRI Kish Island   NOV 8 2030 - Under/over Spain; IRIB R.Iran interval signal, then announcement by woman and nostalgic interlude, not the male acapella march of other IRIB stations at this time. Also heard another set of IRIB chimes underneath, probably from IRIB R.Iran Kerman. [Conti]

1233 CZECHIA   R.Dechovka, Praha et. al.   NOV 4 2000 - Good; R.Dechovka ID's (listen to mp3 audio clip), country and polka nostalgia. NOV 6 2000 - Fair; canned R.Dechovka ID, nostalgia. [Conti]

1242 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Zanjan   NOV 3 1901 - Fair; R.Iran mentioned in announcement. 2110 good; same anthem-like vocal as heard on 891 kHz at 2100 UTC. Matched version of anthem on YouTube, "The original anthem of Iran used before the 1979 revolution." 1242 R.Iran listed on mwlist as "inactive or moved to 558 kHz." [Conti]

1242 UNITED KINGDOM   Absolute Radio synchros   NOV 6 2200 - Over/under unID's; Bon Jovi tickets at the Absolute Radio ticket store in ad string, DJ introduces Richard Ashcroft song. [Conti] NOV 7 2205 - "Cream" by Prince, parallel 1215 but much weaker. [Nollman] NOV 8 0300 - Fair; "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones parallel 1215 kHz. [Conti]

1251 HUNGARY   Dankó Radio, Nyiregyhaza//Szombathely   NOV 3 1950 - Fair; ethnic instrumental music parallel 1116 kHz and MR7 stream. [Conti] NOV 3 1953 - Excellent reception with instrumental music. Parallel to webstream and 1116 (thanks, Bruce!). Latter is co-channel, though. [Salmaniw] NOV 3 2044 - Music parallel [Kreider] NOV 4 1929 - Good; quick announcement, mentioned Magyar Radio, between songs by feature artist, parallel 1116 kHz. [Conti]

1260 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Dammam   NOV 4 2000 - Under CKHJ; Mideast orchestra vocal through the hour parallel 1440 and 1521 kHz. [Conti]

1269 IRAN   IRIB R.Ardabil, Khalkhal   NOV 4 2031 - Poor in 1260 CKHJ splatter; male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti]

1278 IRAN   IRIB R.Kermanshah, Kermanshah   NOV 3 2000 - Good; calm R.Kermanshah ID to Persian guitar with voice over. NOV 4 2030 - Fair; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. NOV 6 2230 - Good; choral national anthem to announcement by a woman. NOV 7 2000 - Good; canned ID alternating between man and woman. Carrier dropped out briefly at 2100 UTC, then returned strong, every night as if a power or pattern change at this time. [Conti]

1285 unID   NOV 3 2015 - Offset frequency first noticed by Aaron, not strong enough for audio; measured at 1285.0015 kHz. Per 2014 mwoffsets list Savelovo, Russia? Not listed in mwlist nor 2018 WRTH. [Conti] NOV 3 2106 - Probably an old offset from a couple hundred miles east of Moscow. [Kreider]

1287 ISRAEL   Voice of Hope, She'ar Yashuv   NOV 4 2100 - Poor through Spain echo and 1290 WKBK splatter; "AM 1287, the Voice of Hope." [Conti]

1287 SPAIN   SER R.Lleida, Lleida   NOV 6 2058 - Fair; "...por Radio Lleida" and Catalunya mentions in promo's separate from other SER frequencies. [Conti]

1296.06 SPAIN   COPE Valencia   NOV 6 2000 - Good, over Radio XL; "92.0 y 93.4 FM, en onda media 1296, Cope Valencia," to time marker. Off-frequency at 1296.058 kHz. [Conti]

1296 UNITED KINGDOM   Radio XL, Birmingham   NOV 3 2117 - Trading off with Spain; Indian music. [Kreider] NOV 8 0400 - Fair, over off-frequency COPE; "...on 1296 AM, this is Radio XL," into news, "From the Sky news center at four." [Conti]

1305.09 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Bushehr   NOV 8 2030 - Offset frequency rumbling against Spain; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal and male acapella march. [Conti]

1314 IRAN   IRIB R.Ardabil, Ardabil   NOV 4 NOV 4 1930 - Over Spain; IRIB interval signal, R.Iran ID. 2029 fair, over/under Spain; choral national anthem, IRIB R.Iran chimes, then male acapella march to IRIB news fanfare parallel 558 kHz. NOV 7 2000 - Soft instrumental music parallel 1512 kHz. NOV 8 2031 - Under Spain; male acapella march. [Conti] NOV 9 2030 - Time pips at the bottom of the hour noted, and then clearly 'Radio Iran' into the usual national anthem or such. Mostly under co-channel RNE5 stations. Fair to good. [Salmaniw]

1314 SPAIN   RNE5 synchros   NOV 3 2123 - Parallel 1305 kHz. [Kreider]

1323 IRAN   VOIRI/R.Tabriz, Jolfa   NOV 8 0148 - Music; logging partially based on measured 1322.992 kHz offset frequency. [Kreider]

1323 UNITED KINGDOM   Smooth Radio, Brighton   NOV 6 2026 - John Lennon's "Woman". Jingle at 2028 UTC. [Wolfish] NOV 9 2049 - Good reception besides the adjacent splatter, no signs of anyone else on frequency. Very good at 2052. "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis at 2053. Strong! Thanks to Neil for immediately ID'ing it. Not bad for 500 watts. [Salmaniw]

1332 IRAN   R.Tehran, Tehran   NOV 8 2030 - Good; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal into Koranic vocal, not the male acapella march of Shabhaye Iran on other IRIB stations at this time. [Conti]

1332 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Galati   NOV 7 0200 - Over Iran; "Aici Bucuresti, Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta." NOV 8 0259 - Fair; choral national anthem. [Conti]

1332 UNITED KINGDOM   Smooth Radio, Peterborough   NOV 9 2115 - Way behind Iran with George Michael's "One More Try". [Wolfish]

1332 unID   NOV 5 2059 - Test tone, slightly higher than 1 kHz pitch, popped up. No sign-offs listed at this time. Continued past 2102 UTC. [Conti]

1341 NORTHERN IRELAND   BBC R.Ulster, Lisnagarvey   NOV 3 2134 - Sports talk. [Kreider] NOV 5 0400 - Good; "It's 4 o'clock, good morning, this is Up All Night on Five Live." [Conti] NOV 6 2303 - Not great at TOH, signal got much clearer as news ended with "BBC Radio Ulster" ID. Then country/rockabilly songs. [Nollman]

1341 SPAIN   Onda Cero, Almeria//Cd. Real   NOV 5 2030 - Good; in-studio discussion parallel 954 kHz. [Conti]

1341 SPAIN   SER R.León, León   NOV 6 2100 - Under BBC R.Ulster and Onda Cero; SER news intro music with 'boing' sound effect. [Conti]

1359 ETHIOPIA   Voice of the Tigray Revolution, Mekele   NOV 4 1958 - Good; telephone talk hosted by a woman in African language, then typical Ethiopian accordion vocal. NOV 6 2000 - Fair to poor; clear repetitive African flute instrumental, cut to weak speaker on the hour. [Conti]

1359 UNITED KINGDOM   Smooth Radio, Cardiff//Chelmsford   NOV 7 2030 - Fair; "Baby Come to Me" by Patti Austin & James Ingram, Smooth Radio jingle, "Hopelessly Devoted to You" by Olivia Newton-John, parallel 1323 kHz. [Conti]

1368 IRAN   IRIB R.Golestan, Gonbad Kavus   NOV 4 2030 - Under Manx Radio; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, male acpella march. NOV 7 2030 - Under Manx Radio; IRIB chimes. [Conti]

1368 UNITED KINGDOM   Manx Radio, Foxdale   NOV 4 2000 - Good; Manx Radio weather jingle into forecast sponsored by Manx Glass and Glazing. [Conti] NOV 9 2122 - Poor with big band music. Matches webstream. [Wolfish]

1377 ARMENIA   TWR Gavar   NOV 3 2053 - Often very strong in Arabic (as listed in MWList), with co-channel below nominal which is Iran (man vs woman from Armenia). Faded as we're approaching TOH. [Salmaniw] NOV 4 1959 - Good; contact info, one cycle of TWR interval signal, then signal was gone. NOV 7 2102 - Good; announcements and TWR interval signal, end of Arabic program per published schedule. NOV 8 2000 - Good; contemporary Christian vocal cut to interval signal, then gone. [Conti]

1377.01 IRAN   IRIB R.Zahedan, Chabahar   NOV 8 0159 - Measured 1377.011 kHz matching 9 Hz offset in mwlist, 50 kW. [Kreider]

1386 LITHUANIA   R.Baltic Waves, Viesintos   NOV 3 1900 - Good; one cycle of interval signal. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 3 2017 - Very strong reception with Radio Liberty programming in Belorusssian. Adjacent splatter is still relatively strong. Rechecking, shows they are very strong at times. Noted at 2122 talking about the recent granting of Tomos to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Kyiv Patriachy. Identified their leader (Patriarch Filaret). Radio Svoboda ID. Belorussian language. [Salmaniw] NOV 4 1835 - Fair to good, with woman talking. [Taylor]

1395 IRAN   IRIB R.Kalij e Fars, Hajiabad   NOV 4 1930 - Poor in 1400 CBG splatter; identified by offset frequency, measured at 1394.988 kHz as listed. [Conti]

1404 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Sibiu NOV 3 1900 - Poor, over unID; hora exacta ID and time marker into news by a woman parallel 1152 and 1179 kHz. [Conti]

1404 ROMANIA   R.Cluj/R.Sighet, Sighetu Marmatiei NOV 8 2000 - Sign-off test tone. A difficult frequency due to 1400 CBG splatter. [Conti]

1413 MOLDOVA   Vesti FM, Grigoriopol   NOV 3 2030 - Under Spain; touchtone sound effects marking bottom of the hour. NOV 6 2058 - Under/over Spain; touchtone sound effects and talk in Russian. [Conti] NOV 7 2015 - Mostly RNE5 (with 3 transmitters of 25, 12 and 10 kW), occasional Russian fading up to good level, but not very often. Spain is excellent. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 0300 - Good; touchtone sound effects, time marker, and Russia choral national anthem. [Conti]

1413 OMAN   BBC World Service, A'Seela   NOV 3 2020 - Very strong English programming, but faded down to be replaced with Vesti FM in Moldova with 500 kW in Russian. By 2022, music dominated, which turns out to be RNE Radio 5 with 3 transmitters of 10, 12, and 25 kW. They also rapidly faded down. This is what makes MW fun. Stay on a frequency, and you'll go from station to station to station! [Salmaniw] NOV 3 2020 - Over/under Moldova and Spain; discussion in English. Listed 1900-2100 English. [Conti]

1413 SPAIN   RNE5 synchros NOV 6 0558 - Fair; "Stars and Stripes Forever" John Phillip Sousa march leading up to the hour, "España las siete, en las mañanas de Radio Nacional, Iñigo Alfonso," U.S. Election Day coverage, parallel 531, 558, 567, 576, 585, 603, 612, 621, 639, 684, 693, 729, 738, 747, 774, 801, 855, 864, 936, 972, 1017, 1098, 1107, 1125, 1152, 1305 and 1314 kHz - almost the entire network received in one shot. Missing frequencies: 648 wiped out by adjacent 640 CBN and 650 CKGA splatter, 909 dominated by BBC5, and 1503 lost to a strong unID open carrier. [Conti]

1422 ALGERIA   R.Algérienne, Algiers   NOV 5 1928 - Good to very good reception with Arabic talk by man. Soothing voices, akin to NPR programming in my mind! Some adjacent splatter. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 0400 - Fair; time marker, "Radio Coran Algérie, Koran Radio Algeria" ID's. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

1431 DJIBOUTI   R.Sawa, Arta   NOV 3 2010 - Very good reception with Arabic female vocal. Faded down revealing just a mish-mash. Only briefly before they came back at great level. NOV 9 2210 - Excellent reception with Arabic music. Faded down somewhat by 2214. Amazing what a few kW will get you! [Salmaniw]

1440 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Ras al-Khair   NOV 3 1840 - Fair; talk and musical interludes parallel 1521 kHz. At 1904 now loud and clear with Middle Eastern vocal parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]

1449 IRAN   VOIRI Bandar-e-Torkaman   NOV 9 1814 - Listed in MWList as Turkish to 1820, but national anthem at 1815, followed by some strident talk, with mentions of Iran. Transmitter cut at 1816. Happy with this early catch. No one else on frequency at the time. Fair+ reception. [Salmaniw]

1449 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Jeddah   NOV 3 2033 - Good over unID; music and discussion parallel 1521 kHz. NOV 6 2100 - Fair; news with SBC attention signals parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]

1449 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 4, Redmoss   NOV 4 2000 - Poor through Saudi Arabia; promo's to time pips and BBC news. [Conti]

1458 GIBRALTAR   R.Gibraltar Plus, Wellington Front   NOV 5 2103 - Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman", Dobie Gray's "Drift Away" and Earth, Wind & Fire's "Fantasy". Withmixing Lyca Radio doing South Asian music. Matches webfeed which is probably two minutes behind. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2131 - In the clear with Tina Turner's Private Dancer, good reception with nice ID at the BOH, but shortly after, I did hear, 'Lyca Radio'. The UK station is 125 kW, but with auroral conditions, not an issue. Soon gone again, and strong signal from Gibraltar. Not bad for 4 kW! ID'd again at 21:38:20, 'on FM, AM, DAB and online', I think. [Salmaniw]

1458 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Constanta   NOV 8 0259 - In jumble of Lyca Radio and unID's; choral national anthem parallel fair 945 and strong 1152 and 1179 signals. [Conti]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM   Lyca Radio, London   NOV 6 2022 - Male DJ doing contest rules at into song "La, La, La." [Nollman] NOV 7 2100 - Fair to good; "From the Sky news center at nine..." [Conti] NOV 9 1826 - Good reception with South Asian music. Parallel to web feed at Faded out replaced by someone else before bottom of the hour. [Salmaniw]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM   Gold, Ashton Moss   NOV 3 2100 - Under Romania; canned ID, "The greatest hits of all time," with Gold jingle. [Conti] NOV 9 2104 - Over Lyca Radio; E.L.O.'s "Mr. Blue Sky". [Wolfish]

1467 FRANCE   TWR Roumoules   NOV 4 2130 - Good; TWR interval signal. [Conti] NOV 5 2139 - Excellent reception in listed Kabyle. Not surprising, as they're super power and we are hearing that part of Europe/North Africa very well this afternoon. TWR interval signal into Arabic at 2145. Had to look up 'Kab', which I found out is part of an internationally recognized coding for languages, used in MWList, found here: [Salmaniw]

1467.36 IRAN   IRIB R.Qom, Alborz   NOV 4 2030 - Fair in 1470 WLAM splatter; male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti]

1467 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Hafar al-Batin   NOV 4 2100 - Fair; news with SBC stingers. NOV 5 1900 - Fair; Middle Eastern vocal with orchestra through the hour, parallel strong 1521 kHz. [Conti]

1476.26 IRAN   IRIB R.Kordestan, Marivan   NOV 7 2059 - Good; tinkling piano parallel 945 and 999 kHz. [Conti] NOV 8 0222 - Offset frequency measured 1476.2595 kHz. [Kreider]

1485 LATVIA   R.Merkurs, Riga   NOV 8 0227 - Measured offset frequency 1484.979 kHz, same as listed in 2011. [Kreider]

1485 SPAIN   SER R.Zamora, Zamora   NOV 7 0258 - Fair; nostalgic vocal to sounder and local ID, "Radio Zamora, Cadena Ser." [Conti]

1494 IRAN   IRIB R.Mashhad, Taybad   NOV 8 2241 - ID by offset; measured 1493.9952 kHz. [Kreider]

1494 MOLDOVA   R.Moldova Actualitati, Cahul//Edinet   NOV 3 1958 - Fair; orchestra instrumental, woman with R.Moldova ID, then carrier was cut. NOV 8 1959 - Poor signal with what sounded like synchro echo; deep-voiced announcer with R.Moldova Actualitati ID, then announcement by a woman before the carrier again seemed to be signed off. 2018 WRTH lists 24 hour schedule, while mwlist indicates 0355-2000 Romanian. [Conti] NOV 9 1950 - Good reception and parallel to audio feed at Traditional Moldovan/Romanian music. Appears to be right on 1494.000, while there's a weaker co-channel measuring 5 Hz low. [Salmaniw] NOV 9 1952 - Female announcer playing folk music. Fair signal at times. Went off as scheduled at 2000 UTC. [Wolfish]

1502.86 BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA   R.Zavidovici, Zavidovici   NOV 5 2030 - Rumbling het against 1503 Spain and Egypt. [Conti]

1503 EGYPT   ERTU El Arish   NOV 5 2120 - Fair; Koran parallel 864 kHz. [Conti]

1503 UNITED KINGDOM   Betar Bangla, East London   NOV 8 0233 - Measured 1503.019 kHz, matched listed offset frequency, 100 watts. [Kreider]

1512 IRAN   IRIB R.Ardabil, Ardabil   NOV 4 2030 - Good; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, announcement by woman to signature male acapella military march and fanfare. NOV 7 2000 - Good; soft music with calm announcements parallel 1314 kHz. [Conti]

1521 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Duba   NOV 4 2100 - Good; R.Riyadh ID to SBC news. [Conti]

1521 SLOVAKIA   SRo3/R.Devin, Rimavska Sobota   NOV 4 0035 - Good reception in Slovak by woman parallel at same time to 1098 (a more jumbled frequency), 702 is also mentioned, but not heard. [Salmaniw]

1530 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Radauti   NOV 4 0258 - Over/under VOA São Tome sign-on; choral national anthem. [Conti]

1530 SAO TOME   VOA Pinheira   NOV 3 2031 - Good reception in English with an African music program (Ethiopian). Usually dominates the frequency over any domestic signal. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2155 - Program with Alicia Keyes music. [Wolfish]

1539 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Gorgan//Garmsar   NOV 4 2030 - Fair; IRIB R.Iran three chime interval signal, then male acapella march parallel 558 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 1900 - IRIB R.Iran interval signal. [Kreider]

1539 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Asianet Radio, Al-Dhabbiya   NOV 7 2202 - Asianet promo's and South Asian music. [Wolfish] NOV 8 2030 - Over/under Spain; sounded like sub-continental Indian pop vocals, ID with jingle, "You are listening to Asianet Radio." [Conti]

1548 MOLDOVA   TWR Grigoriopol   NOV 3 1900 - Excellent; two cycles of interval signal. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 3 2040 - TWR interval signal. [Wolfish] NOV 7 2039 - Took me a while to figure out the language. Most strange! It's Hungarian, with many mentions of Bethlehem. Very good reception with minor co-channel presence. Mentions of Budapest at 2059. Almost oriental sounding music. TWR interval at 20:59:50 x 1 into Serbian programming. Ah, a language I can follow! [Salmaniw]

1557 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Zabol   NOV 8 2015 - ID by offset, measured 1557.020 kHz. Also observed Smooth Radio Southampton offset at 1557.0023 kHz. [Kreider]

1557 UNITED KINGDOM   Smooth Radio, Northampton//Southampton   NOV 5 2030 - Fair; "Close to You" by the Carpenters, parallel 945 and 1332 kHz. [Conti]

1566 BENIN   TWR Parakou   NOV 6 2051 - Religious program. Man in French giving e-mail address. [Wolfish]

1566 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Somerset, Taunton   NOV 9 1917 - Unfaded at right time with ID. [Wolfish]

1575 IRAN   Qeshm jammer   NOV 3 1915 - Loud! [Conti] NOV 3 2041 - Tremendous noise jammer well over R.Farda, which is also well heard. Buzzing +++. Excellent signal strength. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 1951 - Jammer mixed with Rai Radiouno Italy and weak R.Farda United Arab Emirates. [Kreider]

1575 ITALY   Rai Radiouno, Genova   NOV 4 1832 - Over/under Iran jammer with excited play-by-play of presumed soccer game. [Taylor] NOV 5 1915 - Very good reception with only a hint of the Iranian jammer today. Discussion between a man in studio and a woman at the other end of a feed. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 0500 - Fair; data burst, time marker, presumed time check, and sounder. [Conti]

1584 IRAN   IRIB R.Semnan, Biyarjomand   NOV 8 2035 - ID by offset, measured 1583.9753 kHz. [Kreider]

1584 UNITED KINGDOM   Panjab Radio, North London   NOV 7 1958 - Over Spain; subcontinental Indian music, ID on the hour, "...this is Panjab Radio," into news, "From the Sky news center at eight..." [Conti]

1593 FRANCE   Bretagne 5, Saint-Goueno   NOV 4 0300 - Soft French music. [Kreider] NOV 9 1900 - Good reception with weather forecasts in French. Mostly over another co-channel station with music. Suspect the latter is Romania. [Salmaniw]

1593 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Ion Corvin   NOV 3 2058 - Pop music and hourtop ID followed by newscast. [Wolfish]

1593 unID   NOV 6 2002 - 1 kHz tone on both LSB and USB. Bruce initially thought it was Romania signing off, though 1 kHz tone is still going at 2207 UTC. [Kreider]

1602 SPAIN   SER synchros   NOV 5 1858 - Fair; "Believe" by Cher leading up to the hour, parallel 1026, 1044, 1080, 1485, 1539, and 1584 kHz. [Conti]

1618 NETHERLANDS   Mike Radio, Zwolle   NOV 8 2100 - An interesting afternoon here. A couple days ago, Mike Radio's op contacted me about a DX test to our DX'pedition. We agreed upon 2100 to 2200 UTC tonight. Unfortunately, conditions into north-central Holland were not ideal, so he QSY'd from 1615 to 1618 kHz upon our recommendation due to splatter from 1610 here. Occasionally faded up to fair+ levels, but often down in the mud. I did record the broadcast from the UTwente SDR, though, where conditions were generally good. Inverted L antenna mounted at 18.5 m elevation, and 22.5 m length. A fun part of our hobby. Many mentions directed at us with our names, location (PEI), and what we were doing here. Thanks, Mike! [Salmaniw]

1624 unID   NOV 5 0442 - Presumably Greek pirate with non-stop music at good level at times, including C&W music. The brief announcements are mostly undermodulated, I suspect Greek, but not entirely sure. [Salmaniw]

1625 unID   NOV 6 2025 - Poor; nostalgic/romantic vocals. [Conti]

1629 GREECE   Devil Thessaloniki   NOV 6 2040 - Poor; Mediterranean vocals and impassioned speaker. By 2050 rising to good level; frequent announcements over Mediterranean vocals. [Conti] NOV 6 2057 - Powerful signal. Greek style sounding music. Many interruptions with chat, in presumed Greek. Very good at times! 1625 is the other rather strong Europirate, and sounding very much like the Dutch pirate Bluebird. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 0055 - Still going strong with Mediterranean vocals. Thanks to Jari Lehtinen in the Facebook group for help with ID. [Conti]

1638 NETHERLANDS Bluebird   NOV 6 2330 - Polkas and oldies. At 2338, "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley. Presumed Bluebird. [Conti]

1665 unID   NOV 6 2020 - Poor; music, generally unreadable. [Conti]

1698 SPAIN   EAR La Coruna Radio, La Coruna   NOV 8 2039 - Spanish Coast Guard radio with warnings including in English. "Regional warning, number..." Concluded at 20:42:45. [Salmaniw]

1718 unID   NOV 7 2000 - Fair; polka music through the hour, signed off at 2059 UTC. [Conti]

1730 unID   NOV 8 2327 - Pretty powerful at times with non-stop techno music. Not sure who this is, or from where, but without doubt, a Europirate. Occasional splatter from a marine USB broadcast (from Norway) on 1728 kHz. [Salmaniw]


 530 CUBA   R.Rebelde, Caribe//Guantánamo-Antiguo   NOV 9 1009 - Parallel 550 and 600 kHz. [Kreider]

 550 PUERTO RICO   WPAB Ponce   NOV 6 0000 - Fair, over YVKE; "Aquí WPAB... la radio del sur de Puerto Rico." [Conti]

 550 VENEZUELA   YVKE Mundial, Caracas   NOV 4 0900 - Parallel web stream with slight delay. [Kreider] NOV 5 1000 - Over/under WDEV; national anthem with stanzas alternating between solo vocalists building up to full chorus. [Conti]

 570 CANADA   CFCB Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador   NOV 5 1000 - Excellent, of course. Noted full ID for VOCM network affiliates; "This is VOCM, 570 CFCB Corner Brook, 97.7 CFCV FM St. Andrews, 870 CFSX Stephenville, 96-7 CFGN FM Port aux Basques, 97.9 CFNN St. Anthony, 96.7 CFNW Port au Choix, CFDL 97.9 FM Deer Lake, VOCM a Stingray radio station," parallel 590 VOCM. [Conti]

 610 CUBA   R.Rebelde, Bueycito//Cienfuegos-Malecón//Guane   NOV 4 0652 - Parallel 1620 which is stronger. [Kreider]

 620 CANADA    CKCM Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland & Labrador   NOV 5 1000 - Excellent, over R.Rebelde Cuba. Noted with VOCM affiliates ID; "This is VOCM, 650 CKGA Gander, 620 CKCM Grand Falls-Windsor, 1240 CKIM Baie Verte, 89.3 CKCM1 FM Springdale, VOCM a Stingray radio station," parallel 650 CKGA and 1240 CKIM as announced, program separate from 590 VOCM. [Conti]

 630 PUERTO RICO   WUNO San Juan   NOV 6 0001 - Fair; promo string, "Por NotiUno 630, ¡Primeros con la noticia!" [Conti]

 640 CUBA   R.Progreso, La Habana-Guanabacoa//Las Tunas-Jobabo NOV 9 1014 - Stronger than 630 and 690 parallels. [Kreider]

 670 VENEZUELA   YVLL R.Rumbos, Caracas   NOV 10 1000 - Venezuelan anthem heard under Cuba. [Wolfish]

 680 PUERTO RICO   WAPA San Juan   NOV 5 2330 - Fair; "Wapa Radio" and contact info. [Conti]

 730 CUBA R.Progreso, La Fé   NOV 9 0958 - Under CKAC Montreal with lively music and ID. [Wolfish]

 750 VENEZUELA   YVKS, RCR, Caracas   NOV 6 0359 - Under CBGY; choral national anthem. [Conti] NOV 10 1000 - Under CBGY with male vocal version of Venezuelan anthem. [Wolfish]

 760 COLOMBIA   HJAJ, RCN, Barranquilla   NOV 8 0200 - Over WJR; Banco Popular ad and las noticias de RCN radio. [Conti] NOV 10 1000 - RCN promo's. [Wolfish]

 780 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS   ZBVI Tortola   NOV 10 1000 - Sign on announcement by woman after 'God Save the Queen'. Announcement mentions power of 10,000 watts and transmitter location at Baughers Bay. Sounded like it went into a devotional program. [Wolfish]

 900 BARBADOS   CBC St. Michael   NOV 6 0000 - Fair; promo/ID, "94.7 FM, your favorite songs..." [Conti]

 900 CUBA   R.Progreso, San Germán-Urbano Noris   NOV 5 0500 - Under Italy; choral national anthem. [Conti] NOV 6 1000 - In jumblemush with "La Onda de la Alegría" ID. [Wolfish]

 900 MEXICO   XEW México, DF   NOV 6 1100 - Mexianthem clearly audible behind CHML Hamilton. [Wolfish]

1030 unID   NOV 4 0500 - Het against WBZ; measured 1030.267 kHz, offset not listed. [Conti]

1040 COLOMBIA   HJAI R.Tropical, Barranquilla   NOV 10 1000 - Commercial for something in Barranquilla. [Wolfish]

1070 COLOMBIA   R.Santa Fe, Bogotá   NOV 4 0959 - Fair; "Radio Santa Fe, 1070 AM, por 70 años la tradición en Bogotá, Colombia," with jingles. [Conti] NOV 9 1000 - Various station promos and "Radio Santa Fe punto com" heard is with a second Latin station and IBOC hiss. [Wolfish]

1110 CUBA   R.Angulo, Holguín   NOV 8 0100 - Under WBT; signature spacey music of hourly canned ID. [Conti]

1710 USA   WQFG689 Jersey City, New Jersey, and others   NOV 5 0435 - Once the power was restored after a 24 hour outage, I became aware of two TIS stations, about equal in strength. The initial prominent one was a long loop from Hudson County, Office of Emergency Management. There are apparently 5 transmitters licensed, each 10 watts. The other co-channel was a slightly muffly sounding male speaker, with more highway information, which should be the Pennsylvania Turnpike TIS. An FCC search, though, didn't come up with any other TIS station besides the first one. The IRCA TIS list from 2018 does have others. K... 760 is listed for the PA station. I was unable to find out anything else about this 2nd station. Listening carefully, though, I'm still hearing mentions of New Jersey and highway advisory, co-channel by the female voice, which I'm sure is the WQFG689 station. Perhaps one or more of the 5 stations listed under that ID is carrying another program? There is mention of www... org. Listening again, it's This frequency bothered me, so I listened again at 2250 the next afternoon, and there they were again. With help of Bruce Conti who had laid a south directed wire, I could now work out two stations: The New Jersey station, again (mostly dominant), with the slightly muffly male speaker, and the female speaker, occasionally fading up, being the National Parks Service TIS station at the Springfield Armory National Historic Site in Springfield, Mass. Glad to have that mystery solved! [Salmaniw]

Island wildflowers in November: Yellow Violet, Daisy, White Yarrow

Short Wave

3965 FRANCE   R.France Int'l, Issoudun   NOV 5 0358 - I could actually see and decode 'French' on the DReaM software on my Perseus, but no audio. Hardly surprising at 1 kW, but nice to see the signal, at least. A first for me. [Salmaniw]

3995 GERMANY   HCJB Deutschland, Weenermoor   NOV 7 2143 - Very weak; unidentified language. [Kreider]

5840 DENMARK   World Music Radio, Karup   NOV 3 2057 - 100 watts, only threshold signal, but clearly parallel to their on line player. Hoping for better over the next week. Fades occasionally up to fair, then down to nothing at all. Tough copy, for sure! [Salmaniw]

5939.736 BRAZIL R.Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, SC   NOV 8 2248 - Good solid reception with a revival meeting, in Portuguese. 500 watts/ND. No drift noted. [Salmaniw]

5960 GERMANY   The Mighty KBC, Nauen   NOV 4 0000 - Nice to hear them like the old days. Very powerful signal (125 kW, 300°) with start right at 0000 after transmitter came on just after 2359. Still the same format as always. Amazing signal into PEI. [Salmaniw]

6230 unID   NOV 7 2131 - Weather, USB; either Australia or Tonga according to [Kreider]

6955 USA   Green Monster Radio, Pirate   NOV 9 2214 - Initially at poor level, but improving to good level at 2241 UTC with Boston Red Sox themed program. Live programming with time checks and lots of songs and references to the Red Sox. QSL to announced several times. As the loop was taken down, the north/south 500-ft BoG was our compromise antenna. Note below them, the region from 6922.5 to 6946.5 is unuseable due to wide band digital noise. My name and Niel's name was given with thanks at 2245! I'm really impressed with Shazam app on my iPhone. ID'ed 2/2 songs tried without any difficulty! Another tool to use DX'ing! Now will it work for Arabic music? [Salmaniw]

7235 ROMANIA   R.Romania Int'l, Tiganesti   NOV 3 1945 - 100% copy with SNR at 17.3 dB; in German. Wow, two DRM's heard already in the course of an hour! [Salmaniw]

7350 ROMANIA   R.Romania Int'l, Tiganesti   NOV 5 1819 - Almost perfect copy of Engish RRI programming, regarding radical and anti-semitic parties from the early 1940s in Romania. Occasional drop outs. Nice as it's only 2:20 in the afternoon, and still 2 1/2 hours until LSS. [Salmaniw]

7550 INDIA   All India Radio, Bangalore NOV 3 1923 - Excellent 100% copy with 2 channels noted: 2nd channel reads as GOS IV, while 1st channel reads as GOS IV, as well, but with AIR English programming. About a Canadian female poet. SNR 19.7 dB. Very nice! Finally heard on my FDM S-2. Parallel 9445 in AM blasting in at S9+30. NOV 6 1908 - 100% decode (almost) with two channels. Channel 1 is the GOS in English (although the DReaM window indicates 'Russian Programme from SPT AIR Bangalore') and indicating GOS-IV, while Channel 2 indicates RAGAM, and Hindi Country Music. Both in Mono at 10.48 kbps. Not bad for half way around the world! Not sure of power (unclear from SW Skeds), but target is Europe. Starting to have more dropouts by 1925 UTC. [Salmaniw]

11560 INDIA All India Radio, Bangalore   NOV 8 1504 - 500 kW at 325°. Superb reception with my favourite exotic Indian music. Listed in Pashto at this time. Yep, Pashto at 15:06:40. (Just kidding! I would have no idea what language I was listening to, besides checking SWSkeds.) [Salmaniw]

11695 SAO TOME   R.Farda, Pinheira   NOV 8 1542 - Weak, audio on peaks. [Kreider]

11760 CUBA   R.Habana Cuba, La Habana   NOV 8 1541 - Consistent audio, with deep fades. [Kreider]

11775 ANGUILLA   Caribbean Beacon, The Valley   NOV 8 1543 - English, preaching by woman; good strength. [Kreider]

11815 TURKEY   Voice of Turkey, Emirler   NOV 8 1545 - Turkish program. [Kreider]

11985 SRI LANKA   AWR Trincomalee   NOV 8 1548 - Unidentified language, moderate signal. [Kreider]

12030 SPAIN   RNE Noblejas   NOV 8 1600 - 200 kW, 110°. Interval signal heard splattering when listening to 12035 Sri Lanka. Excellent reception signing on in Spanish. None of the other 3 frequencies were on/or heard (9690, 11685, or 11940 kHz). Oops, spoke too soon. 11685 is now there at 1607 check, but marred by digital/RTTY just above the frequency. LSB solves the problem. [Salmaniw]

12035 SRI LANKA   AWR Trincomalee   NOV 8 1553 - Unidentified language; good signal. [Kreider] NOV 8 1554 - 125 kW, 345°. Excellent reception in listed Marathi. Amen, followed by enjoyable south Asian music. AWR with address in India given. Off shortly afterwards. [Salmaniw]

12095 MADAGASCAR   BBC World Service, Talata Volonondry   NOV 8 1554 - Weak; unidentified language. [Kreider]

13690 USA   WINB Red Lion, Pennsylvania   NOV 8 1346 - Another DRM signal seen in PEI. Too weak to decode audio, but ID's as WINB English Religion 8.28 kbps EEP Mono. I'm thinking that we might be too close and the signal is skipping over us. The signal is unusual in appearance, though, with the lower 5 kHz hashed (with a rapid buzzing sound), while the upper 5 kHz looks more the normal, 'white noise' DRM appearance. Another hindrance to decoding is that 13685 has Turkey present, while AIR is on 13695 kHz. In my experience, this interferes with reception of DRM. Bits and pieces of audio started coming through about 13:55 with piano music. On the SDR waterfall, it's easy to see that the upper half of the signal appears twice as strong as the lower half. Perhaps someone can explain that to me! The music is from the Phantom of the Opera. Nice ID at 13:59:20, then into a religious program, Take a Look in the Book. Fully able to decode now. 9:00 a.m. local at our receiver site. Very powerful at 1518 recheck and in Italian. A really messy transmitter splattering well beyond the 10 kHz window. Same strange 1/2 and 1/2 on the waterfall. I recognize the program. This is IBC (heard on WRMI in past). They should be doing something in digital, which would be funny: Digital broadcasting digital! Nope, into music at 1529, then ID with postal address for WINB, and into South Carolina religious broadcast. Interesting that suddenly, the signal just dropped to a very low level and I stopped being able to demodulate at about 1535 UTC. Someone did something at the transmitter site! [Salmaniw]

13845 USA   WWCR Nashville, Tennessee   NOV 8 1547 - WTF! Until 1547, we were hearing two Brother Stairs, simultaneously, from two old programs. Someone must have noticed, as it was corrected back to one feed only. Call-in from someone in great pain listening on 4840 kHz. Won't go to a doctor for 3 or 4 years. Then BS's answer. Excellent reception, of course. [Salmaniw]

15110 KUWAIT   R.Kuwait, Sulabiyah   NOV 8 1325 - In my never ending search for DRM signals, I found Kuwait today. Too weak to decode, besides the caption: 'Radio Kuwait'. Off a few minutes later. [Salmaniw]

15555 USA   WJHR Milton, Florida   NOV 3 1941 - Something wrong with the transmitter with choppy audio. Can't make out much as a result, despite decent signal strength. [Salmaniw]


   Meteor scatter FM reception is indicated on the FDM-SW2 waterfall (above) and a close-up to the right, which Bill describes as follows: "You can see the meteor scatter as every frequency lights up with a yellowish green vertical band on the waveform. The RDS is showing 96.3 WJJB Gray, Maine at 407 miles but you can clearly see almost every frequency has a signal. Before and after (above and below) they are blue - no signal."

   Bill Nollman installs the FM Yagi during rainy weather.  Reception of 100.9 "Big Dog" with the Moxon antenna (right).

Example Meteor Scatter: Logbook entries for 10-second train at 250-270°, 11:56 a.m. November 7

MHz Callsign Location Distance (mi) Power (kW) Details
 89.3 WSKG-FM Binghamton NY 723 11.5 kW RDS PI Code, PS = "WSKG," classical music.
 90.1 WMEA Portland ME 431 24.5 kW RDS PI Code, PS = "Maine," talking about Cavanaugh hearings.
 93.3 CJMFFM Quebec QC 413 33 kW RDS PI Code, French promo or commercial over classical and music stations.
 96.3 WJJB-FM Gray ME 407 40 kW RDS PI Code, PS = Fox Sports CBS, "Winter tires are a must for Maine."
 96.5 WPEL-FM Montrose PA 726 57 kW RDS PI Code, PS = "WP," religious, over song "More Than Words."
 97.1 WBFB Bangor ME 334 6.5 kW RDS PI Code, song "As Good As I Once Was" by Toby Keith over CBC R1 comedy.
 97.3 unID At least 5 unID stations over CBC R1 comedy.
 97.5 WTBD-FM Delhi NY 672 6 kW RDS PI Code, song "I've Done Everything for You" by Rick Springfield.
101.3 WVQM Augusta ME 378 41 kW RDS PI Code, talking "Palm Beach County was a big focus" over dance song.
102.3 WKKF Ballston Spa NY 603 4.1 kW RDS PI Code, commercial, "From Hannoush Jewelers... on Route 9 in Clifton Park."
102.5 WUMX Rome NY 671 27 kW RDS PI Code, third ping lyrics sound like "Little something."
103.5 WQBJ Cobleskill NY 629 50 kW RDS PI Code, commercial over country song "60% off select small electrics..."
103.9 WQBK-FM Rensselaer NY 608 6 kW RDS PI Code, same commercial as 103.5 WQBJ which is parallel 103.9 - over "The Kid is Hot Tonight."
104.3 WABK-FM Gardiner ME 378 50 kW RDS PI Code, "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits.
104.5 WTMM-FM Mechanicville NY 603 5 kW RDS PI Code, the man talking behind the other pings triggered the RDS.
105.3 WJEN Killington VT 534 1.25 kW RDS PI Code, song "All Day Long" by Garth Brooks.
105.7 WBNW-FM Endicott NY 723 35 kW RDS PI Code, PI = WMRV which are their old calls, "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars.
106.5 WPYX Albany NY 616 15 kW RDS PI Code, "Over The Hills and Far Away" by Led Zeppelin over CBC R1 comedy.
107.1 WKBE Corinth NY 588 2.85 kW RDS PI Code, Woman says, "I know what I got," then a country song and RDS decodes on the next ping, a 1/2 second thump and dead air.
107.3 CITEFM Montreal QC 537 43 kW RDS PI Code, French speaking woman with many other weak pings.
107.7 WGNA-FM Albany NY 616 12.5 kW RDS PI Code, "GNA" ID.
107.9 unID At least 5 unID stations over CBC R1 comedy.

   Getting DX'ers together for a group photo... like herding cats.  The team: Walt Salmaniw, Aaron Kreider, Niel Wolfish, Brent Taylor, Bill Nollman, Bruce Conti.

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