The DX'ers and Equipment

   Bruce Conti; WiNRADiO Excalibur.
   Nick Hall-Patch VE7DXR; RFSpace NetSDR, RFSpace SDR-14 feeding DX Fishbarrel program.
   Brent Taylor VY2HF/W1PJ; RFSpace SDR-IQ.
   Niel Wolfish; WiNRADiO Excalibur.


   2000-ft Beverage at 60° northeast, Elad ASA15 5-way antenna splitter amplifier, OCT 26 1800-NOV 2.
   Terminated Delta 30-ft apex 100-ft base at 120° southeast, Elad ASA15 5-way antenna splitter amplifier, OCT 26 1800-NOV 2.
   Phased Delta Flag array at 0° north, Stridsberg MCA104M 4-way antenna splitter, OCT 27 1800-NOV 2.

Raising the Flag: Construction of the phased Delta Flag array.


Nick Hall-Patch - Victoria, British Columbia
        This was my third PEI DX'pedition, and the second to the "Listening Waters" site, this time rejoining the three DX'ers from my original trip to Howe Bay in 2012, PEI's own Brent Taylor, Bruce Conti from New Hampshire, and Niel Wolfish from Toronto. It was great to have Brent as a full time partner in crime again, and to benefit from his local expertise, as he has had a lot of work responsibilities in recent years that have kept him away from the DX'pedition dials. Not to say that there wasn't a lot of "local" expertise from Bruce and Niel as far as the available DX was concerned; I was the outlander here.
        Our approach was to do live listening (while recording) when things first started to fade in before 3 p.m. local daylight time (that's 1800 UTC, about 3 hours before local sunset) with occasional hand waving and/or expressions of glee when something worthwhile turned up. Normally, the top of the band would fill up with DX first, with the 9 kHz channels filling in at lower frequencies as time went on. We'd often go on with various breaks until 9 p.m. or later, then reappear before 7 a.m. local (1000 UTC) for any transpacifics, just as the last British TA's faded out. As with the previous two visits, I was overwhelmed by the DX on offer, and really need to do this more often in order to be better prepared for handling the bounty.
        We do occasionally get "over the pole" DX from Europe and the Middle East out on the west coast, but because it's usually fleeting, we rarely have the luxury of top of the hour ID's. I'd hoped to research ways of identifying any audio that might be heard back home. That meant investigating things like Iranian web streams (Iranian websites being a fascinating topic in themselves), and looking for parallels, both on site, and through remote SDR's in Europe and Asia.
        Also, if we can do over the pole from the west coast, why not from the east coast? In this vein, I'd separately shipped, and brought with me, to the financial benefit of both the post office and the airlines, the makings of a large Delta Flag phased pair, to be aimed due north. The owners of the house had helped the situation by recently clearing a large amount of brush on the property, so there was room for an antenna with a footprint of 250 feet.
        Although geomagnetic conditions were not favorable, we did nail several east Asian signals over several mornings, and perhaps there may be one or two more on the saved files. We also logged an Australian on a couple of mornings, 4BC on 1116, my first from PEI. Although not "over the pole" (the path grazes the south edge of the auroral oval), this was fine, very long haul DX, and only possible with the array, as 4BC was in the null of the other two antennas.

Brent Taylor - Stratford, Prince Edward Island
        Listening Waters 2019 was a stellar experience, and delivered all I wanted to see out of a DX'pedition. This was the first time in many years that I was able to be a full-time participant - taking the week off from work to devote to DX'ing. The only night I missed was Wednesday, as I went back in to Charlottetown for my weekly university class.
        The DX'pedition was great fun. It was a pleasure to operate with such a talented and knowledgeable crew in Bruce, Niel, and Nick. Bruce's efforts at noise reduction paid off once again, and we had a very quiet band to listen to. Nick's phased antenna array worked like magic, and Bruce's 2000-ft Beverage delivered MW signals from the other side of the world. Neil's encyclopaedic knowledge of stations and formats never ceases to amaze me.
        My long-lasting memories from 2019 will be the catches we made of Rajkot, India on 1071, Urumqi, China on 1521, and Brisbane, Australia on 1116 kHz. Later in the week the ionosphere went quieter and allowed some northern path signals to make it into our listening location. The most fun I had was Thursday and Friday nights knocking off many low-powered local stations in England and Scotland, as well as the Isle of Man - some transmitting with only a couple of hundred watts on frequencies that had multi-kilowatt competition from the Middle East and continental Europe.
        Of course, we had some power outages and some other minor snags, such as a finicky internet connection at times. It reminded me how important an asset a good internet connection is when DX'ing live - allowing real-time checks of web streams from stations to confirm reception.
        I'm looking forward to the future. If our rental location is sold (it's now on the market) we may not be able to return here next year - but I am sure we can find a great alternate if we need to. PEI is full of great coastal properties. Maybe we can find something on the north coast with great sea exposure for over-the-pole and deep Asian signals.

Niel Wolfish - Toronto, Ontario
        Listening Waters 2019. It was like déjà vu all over again. Another great week of DX'ing and camaraderie. It was especially nice this year to have our host and organizer Brent Taylor be present with us for nearly the entire week. As an added bonus Brent's wife Janice provided us with sustenance in the form of delicious lasagna.
        As always, the event would not have been possible without Nick and Bruce's antenna expertise and deployment. And it was handy to have Nick's fishbarrel program and TP/DU proficiency present. For me it was a thrill to hear my very first ever audio from Down Under. And, hearing China on 1521 and India on 1071 never gets old.
        No trip to PEI would be complete without a power outage. Fortunately, this time it happened while Nick, Brent and I were ordering lunch at the Montague Pizza Delight restaurant and it seemed to impact the entire town. By the time we had given up on getting lunch and had returned to Listening Waters the power had come on. So no DX was missed.
        Hard to believe that this was my 10th visit to PEI going back to 2008 and the 6th visit to Listening Waters in Murray Harbour North. Hopefully if the owner does sell the cottage we will be able to find another suitable location on the island as I think 2020 would be incomplete if I was not able to return to PEI. In the meantime I still have many recordings to review which will keep me entertained on those evenings when I can't stomach the noisy and congested Toronto radio dial. Thank you again to Brent for organizing!

Bruce Conti - Nashua, New Hampshire
        It's always great to get together with fellow AM broadcast DX'ers, especially in a spectacular setting like the coastal Listening Waters site, although sad to think about this possibly being the last Listening Waters with the property up for sale. So we made an effort to close this chapter of the Prince Edward Island DX'peditions with some of the best DX yet. Nick was determined to capture over the pole signals with his phased inline pair of Delta loop antennas aimed north, and it was a successful effort with reception of China, Japan, and transpacific Australia. I wanted to aim for South Africa and tropical transcontinental DX, erecting a terminated Delta loop with its wide cardioid beam aimed east/southeast to capture as much as possible without too much North American interference. It too was a success, adding Ecuador, Paraguay, and South Africa among others to the logbook. Also phasing the Delta with the Beverage helped to null domestic interference, with the exception of Newfoundland signals like VOCM, VOWR, and VOAR in the path of course.
        As Brent awkwardly put it, Niel is "the oldest" member of the Prince Edward Island DX'peditions. He's been with the crew since its inception when the first events took place at Miscou, New Brunswick, before moving to the island. I joined the island team in 2009 at Priest Pond, then Savage Harbour and Howe Bay, before we landed at Murray Harbour North. The next chapter of these DX'peditions could return to Listening Waters if under new ownership it remains a vacation rental property, or we may look for a new site, perhaps on the east facing shore of the island's northwest coastal drive. As Sherlock Gnomes said, quoting Dr. Seuss, "Today is your day, you're off to great places, you're off and away, oh the places you'll go!"

Graham Harbour


Transatlantic DX

  531 ALGERIA   Jil FM, F'kirina Wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi   OCT 27 2220 - Excellent, over RNE synchros; female vocal (English) pop song. Quick hit by male announcer and right into another hip hop (English) tune. Parallel 549 kHz. [Taylor] OCT 27 0458 - Good; choral marching band national anthem parallel 549 kHz. [Conti]

  531 SPAIN   RNE5 synchros   OCT 26 2300 - Over/under Algeria; servicios informativos. [Conti]

  549 ALGERIA   Jil FM, Sidi Hamadouche   OCT 27 2227 - Excellent; American pop/hip-hop songs. Parallel 531 kHz. [Taylor]

  558 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran synchros   OCT 27 2030 - Over Spain; choral national anthem, three gong IRIB interval signal, Radio Iran ID by woman, and choral acapella military marching song signifying the start of the Shabhaye Iran national program. [Conti]

  576 BULGARIA   Horizont, Vidin   OCT 28 2159 - ID by man, something in Bulgarian by woman and 6 time pips. Over Spain. [Wolfish]

  576 SPAIN   RNE5 Barcelona   OCT 29 2030 - Poor, over RNE1 Canary Islands in 570 CFCB interference; "En Radio Cinco, todo noticias." [Conti]

  585 IRAN   IRIB R.Farhang, Tehran   OCT 28 2319 - Guitarish music and male melismatic vocal, good strength and dominant; recorded parallel web stream at; taken back over by RNE a couple of minutes later. [Hall-Patch] OCT 29 2030 - Under Spain; three gong IRIB interval signal. [Conti]

  585 SPAIN   RNE1 Madrid   OCT 27 0258 - Good; out of "There's Nothin' Holding Me Back" by Shawn Mendes to time pips and male ID, "Radio Nacional de España" parallel 576 and 657 kHz. [Taylor] OCT 28 0500 - Good; "España a las seis, en las mañanas de Radio Nacional, Iñigo Alfonso." [Conti]

  595.9 MOROCCO   SNRT Oujda   OCT 26 2200 - Solid s9 signal but under-modulated; African vocal, announcement by woman, parallel 612 kHz. [Conti]

  603 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Botosani//Oradea   OCT 30 0050 - R.România Actualitati ID by man; had already parallel with 1179 kHz. Good level. [Hall-Patch]

  612 MOROCCO   SNRT Sebaa-Aioun   OCT 29 2200 - Fair; North African vocal, fanfare to news, parallel 936 kHz and weakly modulated 595.9 kHz. [Conti]

  621 EGYPT   ERTU Batra//Tanta   OCT 26 2300 - Fair; Big Ben chimes, ID with URL. [Conti]

  630 TUNISIA   RTT R.Nationale, Tunis   OCT 28 2258 - Woman singing with stringed music and drums parallel web stream, few seconds delay. [Hall-Patch] OCT 29 2013 - Fair to good; female vocal Arab-type music with string orchestral accompaniment. Matched to internet stream. [Taylor]

  639 CZECHIA   Ceský Rozhlas Dvojka, Ostrava//Svinov   OCT 27 2202 - Music and woman talking; good to fair parallel 954, often over Spain, particularly on the Delta Flag array which delivered this best. In contrast, 954 was stronger on the Beverage. [Hall-Patch]

  657 ISRAEL   Kan Reshet Bet, Yavne   OCT 26 2300 - Surprisingly good signal; Kan Reshet Bet ID and jingle, time marker, news fanfare and another Kan Reshet Bet mention into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

  657 ITALY   Rai Radiouno, Pisa   OCT 28 2310 - Woman and man in Italian; excellent level parallel 900 kHz. [Hall-Patch]

  657 SPAIN   RNE5 Madrid   OCT 27 0258 - Fair; out of Shawn Mendes music to time pips (two slightly out of sync pips with co-channel unID) and male ID, "Radio Nacional De España" parallel 576 and 585 kHz. [Taylor] OCT 29 2030 - Good, over Italy; "En Radio Cinco, todo noticias." [Conti]

  666 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, multiple locations   OCT 30 2030 - Over others; three gong IRIB interval signal, announcement and acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

  666 SPAIN   SER R.Barcelona, Barcelona   OCT 27 2259 - Fair; programa de Radio Barcelona promo. OCT 31 0159 - Over Portugal; Cadena Ser ID's to news music bed and time marker. [Conti]

  675 QATAR   QMC Al Arish   OCT 28 2030 - Good; theme music ending with signature whistle. [Conti] OCT 31 2224 - Repetitive male vocal with stringed accompaniment, good and gradually fading, but leading by only a second or two. [Hall-Patch]

  684 SPAIN   RNE1 Sevilla   OCT 27 0258 - Loud; out of Shawn Mendes to time pips and male ID, "Radio Nacional de España" parallel 576, 657, etc. [Taylor]

  693 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 5, Droitwich et al.   OCT 27 0051 - Good, with heavy echo effect caused by multiple transmitters. Male hosts discussing John Bercow's imminent retirement as Speaker of the House of Commons, then a phone interview with a female American reporter on abortion clinics. [Taylor]

  702 ALGERIA   R.Algérienne, Laghouat   OCT 26 2150 - Fair; African vocal and flute parallel 1422 kHz. OCT 29 2300 - Good; time marker, choral marching band national anthem parallel 1422 kHz. [Conti]

  702 IRAN   VOIRI Kiashahr   OCT 28 0227 - Man talking parallel 1323 on KiwiSDR in Ukraine; poor to good strength, mostly the latter. [Hall-Patch] OCT 31 0101 - Fair, over Algeria; choral national anthem. [Conti]

  711 IRAN   IRIB R.Ahvaz, Ahvaz   OCT 30 2030 - Under Western Sahara; three gong IRIB interval signal and acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

  711 WESTERN SAHARA   SNRT Layoune   OCT 30 2028 - Over Iran; African accented male announcer not parallel 595.9 nor 612 kHz. [Conti]

  720 PORTUGAL   RDP Antena 1 synchros   OCT 26 2341 - Parallel to web stream with Linda Ronstadt's cover of "Desperado". [Wolfish]

  729 GREECE   ERA1 Athína   OCT 28 2234 - Proto programma parallel to web stream with folk music. Mixing with Spain. [Wolfish] OCT 28 2240 - Fair to good; music matched internet stream at Thanks to Niel for the tip. [Taylor]

  738 SPAIN   RNE1 Barcelona   OCT 26 2300 - Good; "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos." [Conti]

  756 EGYPT   ERTU Qena   OCT 26 2300 - Fair; Big Ben chimes. [Conti]

  756 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Shahr-e-Kord   OCT 27 2030 - Under Romania; choral national anthem and two cycles of three gong IRIB interval signal, then choral acapella march intro to the national program (see 558 and 1071 kHz). [Conti]

  756 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Lugoj   OCT 28 0015 - Strong with Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues". Parallel to 1179 kHz. [Wolfish] OCT 28 2159 - Thanks to a tip from Allen Willie, made it to 756 for the last minute with up-tempo music, then a man with ID, "Radio România Actualitati," followed by time pips and carrier drop at 2200 UTC. [Taylor]

  765 IRAN   VOIRI Chabahar   OCT 29 2030 - Good; three gong IRIB interval signal, but not followed by the acapella choral intro to the national program, so presumed broadcasting VOIRI program. [Conti] OCT 30 2124 - Man talking Arabic, fair to good, parallel to and leading by about a second. [Hall-Patch]

  765 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Quran, Aflaj//Hofuf//Qurayyat   OCT 28 2000 - Fair, over unID; Koran through the hour parallel 882, 999, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]

  774 EGYPT   ERTU Abis   OCT 27 0111 - Man talking, poor under Spain, parallel (Middle East program, fourth from top on right side of web page). [Hall-Patch]

  783 SYRIA   Syrian Radio/R.Damascus, Tartus   OCT 26 2304 - Fair, rising to good; male vocal over string music in Arabic. Dead match for internet stream. [Taylor] OCT 27 0300 - Fair; multiple cycles of interval signal. [Conti] OCT 27 1958 - Inbooming with male Arabic vocal. [Wolfish]

  792 IRAN   IRIB R.Zanjan, Sohravard   OCT 30 2030 - Over Spain; three gong IRIB interval signal, acapella choral intro to national program, and IRIB news fanfare. Now on nominal frequency, this was previously offset at 791.885 kHz. [Conti] OCT 30 2112 - Man talking, drumming, then woman talking, poor to good, leading by over a minute. [Hall-Patch]

  792 SPAIN   SER R.Sevilla, Sevilla   OCT 28 2159 - Good; ad string, quick "Radio Sevilla" before returning to network. [Conti]

  801 SPAIN   RNE1 synchros   OCT 31 0600 - Fair; "España a las 7 en las mañanas de Radio Nacional" [Conti]

  810 MACEDONIA   MR1 Sveti Nikole   OCT 26 2320 - Fair to good, mixing with SER Spain. DX tip and ID assistance from Allen Willie. [Taylor]

  810 SCOTLAND   BBC R.Scotland, Burghead//Redmoss//Westerglen   OCT 27 0200 - ID and BBC Radio Five Live news. [Wolfish] OCT 28 0010 - Rocking out loudly with the Buffy Saint Marie song "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" followed by male announcer, then into more music. [Taylor] OCT 29 2300 - Good; "On digital radio, FM, medium wave, and BBC Sounds, BBC Radio Scotland," and news, "It's 7 o'clock, BBC Radio Scotland news..." [Conti] NOV 1 2000 - Loud; rugby play-by-play, Southern Kings vs. Glasgow Warriors. [Taylor]

  819 EGYPT   ERTU Batra   OCT 27 2158 - Loud; man singing, accompanied by single string instrument. [Taylor] OCT 28 2244 - Strong with Arabic music and male announcer. Web stream is about 20 second behind. [Wolfish] OCT 29 2100 - Fair, over presumed Iran; two cycles of Big Ben chimes. [Conti]

  819 IRAN   IRIB R.Tabaristan, Sari   OCT 29 2030 - Over/under Egypt; three gong IRIB interval signal, acapella choral marching song, and IRIB news fanfare. [Conti]

  828 IRAN   IRIB R.Khorasan-e Jonubi, Tabas   OCT 27 2140 - Good; Iranic choral vocal parallel 1278 kHz, but not parallel 1512 kHz. [Conti] OCT 27 2155 - Fair, but clearly parallel 837; man and woman talking in Farsi. [Taylor] OCT 29 2030 - Poor; three gong IRIB interval signal, acapella choral vocal. [Conti]

  828 SOUTH AFRICA   Magic 828, Cape Town (Klipheuwel)   OCT 26 2300 - Poor; pop music. OCT 28 0110 - Poor to fair, best on 120° Delta loop; light pop music, "Foolish Heart" by Steve Perry. [Conti]

  837 IRAN   IRIB R.Isfahan, Habibabad   OCT 27 1949 - Woman in Farsi with many mentions of Iran over snippets of classical music. [Wolfish] OCT 27 2140 - Over Spain; Iranic choral vocal parallel 828 and 1278 kHz, but not parallel 1512 kHz. [Conti] OCT 27 2152 - Good; man and woman talking in Farsi interspersed with piano interludes. Parallel weaker 828 kHz. [Taylor] OCT 28 2300 - Good, over Spain; R.Isfahan ID. [Conti]

  837 SPAIN   COPE Sevilla   OCT 28 2258 - Under Iran; Cope Sevilla promo/ID. [Conti]

  846 IRAN   IRIB R.Tabriz, Miyaneh   OCT 30 2031 - Under R.North; acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

  846 IRELAND   R.North, Redcastle   OCT 27 2107 - Parallel to web stream with country gospel music. [Wolfish]

  855 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Tâncabesti   OCT 28 0015 - Strong with pop music parallel to 1179 and 1593 kHz. [Wolfish] OCT 28 0259 - Over/under Spain; choral national anthem to hora exacta. [Conti]

  855 SPAIN   RNE1 Murcia et al.   OCT 27 2147 - Good; excited play-by-play announcing in Spanish - likely of fútbol, parallel 864 kHz. [Taylor]

  864 EGYPT   ERTU Santah   OCT 27 0058 - Good to excellent, with male vocalist doing devotional singing. No ID and rolled right through the top of the hour. [Taylor]

  864 SPAIN   RNE1 Socuellamos   OCT 27 2145 - Fair to poor; excited play-by-play announcing in Spanish - likely of fútbol, parallel 855 kHz. [Taylor] OCT 29 2300 - Through Egypt dead air; servicios informativos. [Conti]

  882 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Quran, Dammam   OCT 28 2000 - Over/under BBC R.Wales; Koran through the hour, parallel 765, 999, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]

  882 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Wales, Washford et al.  OCT 27 2052 - Excellent; Welsh-accented male announcer Frank Hennessey hosting the Celtic Café, playing local folk music, including the "Gathering of the Clans" at 2053. Ended the program with contact information, including the mailing address for BBC Wales. [Taylor]

  891 ALGERIA   Chaine 1, Ouled Fayet  OCT 31 1955 - Lively music then man talking, parallel, good level then faded away. [Hall-Patch]

  891 IRAN   IRIB R.Dena, Deh Dasht//Yasuj   OCT 27 2030 - Poor; acapella choral march at start of national program (see 558 and 1071 kHz). OCT 30 2030 - Good; two of three IRIB gongs and R.Dena ID over music bed, fade into acapella choral intro of national program. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

  891 TURKEY   TRT Antalya   OCT 28 0258 - Poor; multiple cycles of interval signal. [Conti]

  900 IRAN   IRIB R.Quran, Tehran   OCT 27 2137 - Loud in fade-ups; male Koranic chanting, but in deep fades was losing out to Italy. [Taylor]

  900 ITALY   Rai Radiouno, Milano   OCT 27 1934 - Soccer (football). Parallel 1575 kHz. [Wolfish] OCT 27 2140 - Fair to good; woman and man talking in Italian. [Taylor]

  909 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Timisoara/Sacalaz   OCT 28 0007 - Under BBC5; pop music parallel 1179 and 1593 kHz. [Wolfish]

  909 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 5 synchros   OCT 27 2030 - Excellent signal; play-by-play of the Mexican Grand Prix auto race. Lewis Hamilton leading, followed by Sebastian Vettel and Valteri Bottas. Mention of BBC 5 Live, and that the race had 11 laps left out of 61, with Hamilton's lead holding. [Taylor] OCT 29 0600 - Good; canned ID, "This is BBC Five Live," and Five Live Breakfast news. [Conti]

  917 NIGERIA   R.Gotel, Yola   OCT 27 2130 - Fair to poor, with occasional copyable audio from a male announcer. In QRM from Euros on 918, particularly R.Inter in Spain. [Taylor] OCT 29 2200 - Fair; contemporary African vocal through the hour. [Conti]

  918 IRAN   IRIB R.Kerman, Jiroft   OCT 30 2319 - Male vocal music accompanied by drums and stringed instruments, fair signal over Spain, then woman in Farsi parallel 1062 kHz. [Hall-Patch]

  918 SPAIN   R.Inter, Madrid   OCT 27 2127 - Subdued, low energy talk by male announcer, with two mentions of R.Inter and several of Espańa and Catalunya. [Taylor] OCT 29 1959 - Good; promo, "Grupo internacional de medios, desde España para el mundo, Radio Inter 918 onda media, 93.5 FM..." and ID, "Radio Inter, su gran compania," with sounder to marker and time check, "Radio Inter y Radio Internacional, desde Madrid para el mundo." [Conti]

  936 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Miandoab//Urumiyeh   OCT 30 2031 - Under Spain; acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

  945 IRAN   IRIB R.Kordestan, Dehgolan   OCT 30 2030 - Good, over unID; three gong IRIB interval signal, announcement, and acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

  945 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Miercurea-Ciuc   OCT 26 2300 - Fair; "Aici Bucarest, Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta." [Conti]

  954 CZECHIA Ceský Rozhlas Dvoyka, Brno//Ceské Budejovice//Karlovy Vary OCT 30 1958 - Woman talking, fair in splatter, parallel [Hall-Patch]

  954 SPAIN   Onda Cero, Madrid   OCT 31 0158 - Fair; "Good Times" by Chic bumper music, time marker and checks on the hour, and "Noticias de Onda Cero." [Conti]

  954 TURKEY   TRT Trabzon   OCT 28 0258 - Good; interval signal and choral national anthem. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

  963 CYPRUS   CyBC-RIK Proto Program, Nicosia   NOV 1 0043 - Lively music, female vocal, mostly poor but parallel to and leading it slightly. Principal interference was from another pop vocal which seemed to be Iran judging by apparent male Farsi announcer, but no possibility of a web stream or other parallel. [Hall-Patch]

  963 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Birjand   OCT 29 2030 - Poor under Tunisia; three gong IRIB interval signal, acapella choral vocal. [Conti]

  963 TUNISIA   RTT Tunis   OCT 28 0500 - Fair; orchestral national anthem. [Conti] OCT 31 1930 - Good; part of Beethoven's 5th symphony to open its German program. Male announcer with "Allo Deutschland" and calling out to other countries as well. [Taylor]

  972 IRAN   IRIB R.Ilam, Ilam   OCT 28 2030 - Over/under Spain; three gong IRIB interval signal, Radio Iran ID, and acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

  972 UNITED KINGDOM   Sunrise Radio, London   OCT 28 2131 - Weak under presumed Iran with Bollywood music. Matches web stream. Could not find parallel on 963 kHz. [Wolfish]

  999 MOLDOVA   TWR Grigoriopol   OCT 28 2000 - Good, over Saudi Arabia and Spain; TWR ID in Russian, no interval signals. [Conti]

  999 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Quran, Duba   OCT 28 2000 - Under Moldova, mixed with Spain; Koran through the hour parallel 765, 882, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]

  999 SPAIN   COPE Madrid   OCT 27 0104 - Man in Spanish, parallel 1296 good level, then music; 1296 lagging 999 by about a second. [Hall-Patch]

1017 IRAN   IRIB R.Iran, Bandar Abbas   OCT 28 2100 - Under Spain; woman speaking through the hour parallel 558 kHz. [Conti] OCT 30 2011 - Man intoning in Farsi, then plucked instrument; a good signal leading by about a minute. [Hall-Patch] OCT 30 2030 - Under Spain; acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

1026 ALGERIA   R.Algérienne, Hassi Messaoud   OCT 29 2300 - Poor, under Iran and Spain; choral marching band national anthem parallel 1422 kHz. [Conti]

1026 IRAN   IRIB R.Tabriz, Azarshahr   OCT 30 2030 - Rising to good level over Spain and unID; acapella choral intro to national program into IRIB news fanfare. [Conti]

1026 NORTHERN IRELAND   Downtown Radio, Belfast   OCT 28 2125 - Under Iran; C&W music by Brad Paisley and ID by male presenter. [Wolfish]

1035 ESTONIA   R.Eli/TWR Tartu   OCT 1945 - Fair to good; man and woman talking in Russian, then a series of children's songs. [Taylor]

1035 UNITED KINGDOM   Westsound, Ayrshire   OCT 27 2050 - Deep under Estonia and Lyca Dilse Radio; 10CC "I'm Not in Love" and "Heartbreaker" by Dionne Warwick. This station reportedly transmits with 320 watts. Matched songs with online playlist. [Taylor] OCT 28 2048 - Upfaded with George Michael's "Faith", which matches web stream. Local commercials at 2056. Was expecting Dilse Radio here. [Wolfish] OCT 29 2130 - Fair; "We Will Rock You" by Queen, "The greatest hits, Westsound," and "A Night to Remember" by Shalamar. [Conti]

1044 SPAIN   SER San Sebastián   OCT 27 2228 - Good; "Radio San Sebastián," flourish, "Cadena Ser." [Conti]

1053 ROMANIA   R.Iasi, Iasi   OCT 27 1928 - Pop music. Matches web stream. [Wolfish] OCT 30 2000 - Over TalkSport; "After Midnight" female blues cover, ID, and post sign-off test tone. [Conti]

1053 UNITED KINGDOM   TalkSport synchros   OCT 30 1935 - Good, over Romania; Manchester United football coverage. [Conti]

1062 IRAN   IRIB R.Kerman, Kerman   OCT 28 2030 - Over/under Italy; three gongs of IRIB interval signal and acapella marching song at start of national program. [Conti]

1062 ITALY   Rai Radiouno synchros   OCT 27 0458 - Fair; pre sign-on tones. OCT 27 2300 - Fair; anthem to up to the hour, then post sign-off tones, parallel 1575 kHz. [Conti]

1071 INDIA   AIR Rajkot   OCT 31 0100 - Under Iran; canned announcement by woman, per report by CK Raman in the RealDX group, providing info about broadcast frequencies 1071, 7380, 9645, and 15290 kHz, comparable to recent audio clips captured by Mark Connelly and Mauno Ritola. Measured offset frequency 1070.989 kHz confirms reception, with dominant Iran at 1071.007 kHz, and a third signal likely Saudi Arabia at 1071.0 kHz. [Conti] NOV 1 0125 - Woman singing, tablas accompaniment; starting to dominate channel over Iran until a short fade down 0127 UTC, then back trading places with Iran, then gone by 0130 UTC, and channel returned to Iran. Was almost exactly aligned to the signal heard on the New Delhi KiwiSDR which was already in daylight; signal faded out there fairly smartly. NOV 2 0104 - Oboe playing fair same as KiwiSDR in New Delhi. [Hall-Patch] NOV 2 0104 - Rising up with South Asian music and a male announcer in presumed Urdu. [Taylor]

1071 IRAN   IRIB R.Maaref, Qom   OCT 27 2030 - Over/under Saudi Arabia; choral national anthem, IRIB three gong interval signal, and male acapella military march signifying start of Shabhaye Iran national program. OCT 31 0059 - Fair; male acapella choral, R.Maaref ID. [Conti]

1071 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Bisha   OCT 27 2025 - Fair; Mideast music parallel 1440, 1449, and 1521 kHz. OCT 29 2100 - Under Iran; news with emphasis music between items, parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]

1071 UNITED KINGDOM   TalkSport, Clipstone//Newcastle   OCT 29 0020 - Under Iran; telephone talk parallel 1089 kHz. [Conti]

1080 ISRAEL   KAN MaKan, Tel Aviv   OCT 26 2245 - Fair to good; Arab pop-type music, mixing with SER Spain and easily over WTIC Hartford on the Delta loop. Perfect match for the internet stream. Harder copy on the Beverage but still easily audible. Thanks to Allen Willie in Newfoundland for the DX tip! [Taylor] OCT 26 2250 - Arabic music that upmatches with their web stream. Under WTIC Hartford. Spain began to infade at 2255 UTC. [Wolfish]

1098 SLOVAKIA   R.Devín/R.Patria, Nitra   OCT 27 0100 - Under Spain; classical music through the hour, parallel 1521 kHz. OCT 28 2259 - Over/under Spain; choral national anthem. [Conti]

1107 SCOTLAND   Moray Firth 2, Inverness   OCT 29 0036 - Fair in heavy RNE jumble; Steelers Wheel "Stuck in the Middle With You" and quick "MFR 2, good times sounds like this…" into "Red Red Wine" by UB40. Afterward a live announcer acknowledged listeners' requests, and "MFR 2" canned ID by female before a commercial block with Scottish-accented announcers. Music resumed at 0045, with the La's "There She Goes". Matched web site playlist. [Taylor] NOV 1 1914 - Under Spain with Elvis Costello tune. [Wolfish]

1107 SPAIN   RNE5 synchros   OCT 26 2130 - Fair to good; male announcers alternating in Spanish. Also, one of the stations was low in frequency, which MWOffsets lists as possibly the Caceres/Aldea del Cano feed. Parallel 1152 kHz. [Taylor]

1116 HUNGARY   Dankó Radio, Miskolc//Mosonmagyarovar   OCT 29 0400 - Over/under Spain; bells marking the hour, parallel 1251 kHz. [Conti]

1116 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Derby/BBC Guernsey   OCT 30 0135 - Fair; man talking, parallel 909, mentioning BBC Five Live available on BBC Sounds app. No idea which of two BBC locals on channel this was as both relay Five Live at this time, and their two carriers are supposed to be very close in frequency. [Hall-Patch]

1125 IRAN   IRIB R.Qazvin, Qazvin   OCT 30 2030 - Under echoing Spain; three gong IRIB interval signal, acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

1134 KUWAIT   R.Kuwait, Kabd/Sulaibiyah   OCT 31 2238 - Man and woman in Arabic then musical interlude parallel and leading by about 30 seconds; fair to good. [Hall-Patch]

1134 SPAIN   COPE Pamplona   OCT 29 2300 - Poor in 1130 WBBR splatter; Cope Pamplona ID. [Conti]

1143 SPAIN   COPE Jaén//Ourense   NOV 1 2248 - Man in Spanish, nil to fair, parallel Presumably both COPE stations as was echoey. [Hall-Patch]

1152 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Cluj   OCT 27 2132 - Parallel 1179 and 1530 with Johnny Cash song and blues music. Over Spain. [Wolfish] NOV 1 0258 - Fair; choral national anthem, then time pips and news parallel 1179 kHz. [Taylor]

1152 SCOTLAND   Clyde 2, Glasgow   OCT 28 2323 - Fair to good, with several commercials, all announcers with Scottish accents. First commercial was about adoption in Scotland. Mentions of local addresses like Glasgow Road, and then into ABBA's "Take a Chance On Me," out with ID "Clyde 2, the good times sound like this," and then into "Woman" by John Lennon. [Taylor]

1152 SPAIN   RNE5 synchros   OCT 26 2143 - Good; male announcers alternating in Spanish parallel 1107 kHz. [Taylor]

1161 EGYPT   ERTU Mid Delta, Tanta   NOV 1 2000 - Middle Eastern vocal and Big Ben chimes mixing with Iran and Tay 2. [Wolfish]

1161 IRAN   VOIRI Qasr-e Shirin   OCT 30 1841 - Man talking Arabic, fair, parallel to and lagging by about a second. [Hall-Patch]

1161 SCOTLAND   Tay 2, Dundee   OCT 28 2019 - Fair; Bob Marley's "Could You Be Loved". ID by man, "Tay 2, the greatest hits of all time," byfollowed Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now". [Wolfish] OCT 28 2040 - Fair to good, mixing with Iran; Scottish-accented announcer, then into a commercial package for local businesses, including "CO dot UK" internet addresses. At 2055 came out of a Paul Young song promising 10 more "almost uninterrupted" songs coming up. During commercial break at 2057 heard co-channel English speaking station with clear Yorkshire accents, but heard no ID. Presumed it was Greatest Hits Radio in Goxhill. [Taylor]

1161 UNITED KINGDOM   Greatest Hits Radio, Goxhill   OCT 30 1928 - ID sandwiched in between Tina Turner's "What’s Love Got To Do With It" and The Bee Gees' "More Than a Woman". Parallel 1152 kHz. [Wolfish]

1170 SLOVENIA   R.Capodistria, Beli Kriz   OCT 28 2225 - Good in upfades; men in Italian discussing independence movements in Montenegro and Catalonia. About 80% of the time they were well under co-channel UAE. Full ID with internet address at 2235 UTC. [Taylor]

1170 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Sawt al-Joumhouria, Al-Dhabbaya   OCT 26 2202 - Man speaking in Arabic over WWVA. [Wolfish] OCT 28 2231 - Mixing and usually dominant over R.Capodistria; up-tempo Arab music with woman announcer, then to male host at 2233 UTC. [Taylor]

1179 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Galbeni//Vascau   OCT 27 0258 - Excellent; choral national anthem, "Hora exacta" and time marker. [Conti] NOV 1 0258 - Good, much better than parallel 1152; choral music, then time pips and news. [Taylor]

1188 IRAN   IRIB R.Payam, Tehran   OCT 28 2024 - Inbooming with piano music. ID and usual theme at 2030 into news read by a man. [Wolfish]

1197 IRAN   IRIB R.Ardabil, Moghan   OCT 29 2000 - Excellent; orchestra vocal parallel 1512 kHz. OCT 30 2030 - Good; three gong IRIB interval signal, acapella choral intro to national program. [Conti]

1197 ROMANIA   R.Târgu Mures, Brasov   OCT 29 2000 - Under Iran; post sign-off test tone. [Conti]

1197 UNITED KINGDOM   Absolute Radio synchros   OCT 28 2019 - Under Iran; Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Parallel 1215 kHz. [Wolfish] OCT 31 2104 - Fair under Iran; "Neverneverland" by Metallica parallel 1215 kHz. [Taylor]

1206 ISRAEL   Kan-Reshet Bet, Akko   OCT 26 2300 - Fair; ID with jingle, time marker and fanfare into news. [Conti] OCT 26 2323 - Matches web stream with Elton John song and Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale". [Wolfish]

1206 MOZAMBIQUE   R.Moçambique, Inhambane   OCT 26 2110 - Fair; African highlife music. OCT 28 1958 - Fair to poor in 1210 VOAR splatter; R.Moçambique promo. [Conti]

1215 UNITED KINGDOM   Absolute Radio synchros   OCT 26 2226 - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds song "This Is the Place" and announcer talking about Noel Gallagher and Oasis. Followed by The Kinks with "Waterloo Sunset". (Is Ray Davies a DX'er?) [Wolfish] OCT 27 1944 - Excellent; female announcer taking requests, into Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" at 1946, then quick ID into "About a Girl" by Nirvana. [Taylor] OCT 29 0600 - Good; "This is the Dave Berry Breakfast Show," and 6 o'clock time check into news. [Conti]

1224 IRAN   IRIB Kish Island   OCT 28 2030 - Under echoey COPE Spain synchros; clear three gong IRIB interval signal, not parallel national program so presumed Kish Island. [Conti] OCT 30 1903 - Woman talking Arabic, fair, parallel to and lagging by about a second. [Hall-Patch]

1233 CZECHIA   R.Dechovka, Praha et. al.   OCT 27 2149 - Parallel to web stream with polka music. [Wolfish]

1242 OMAN   R.Sultanate Oman, As Seeb   OCT 30 2231 - Man and woman talking, into lively vocal music parallel 639 on Qatari KiwiSDR Good at times, but also faded to nothing. [Hall-Patch]

1242 UNITED KINGDOM   Absolute Radio synchros   OCT 28 1958 - Good; ad string, McDonald's open 24 hours with whistle theme, "Absolute Radio, where real music matters," into "There She Goes" by the La's. [Conti] OCT 31 2005 - Fair; music parallel 1215 kHz. Quite good for 1 and 2 kW transmitters. [Taylor] OCT 31 2254 - Fair with MGMT's "Kids". [Wolfish]

1251 HUNGARY   Dankó Radio, Nyiregyhaza//Szombathely   OCT 28 0400 - Fair; Dankó Radio ID's and bells. OCT 29 0358 - Fair; ethnic/classical music featuring violin, then bells marking the hour, parallel 1116 kHz. [Conti]

1269 SPAIN   COPE Badajoz//Zamora   OCT 31 0100 - Poor in 1270 CJCB splatter; time marker and news intro. [Conti]

1278 IRAN   IRIB R.Kermanshah, Kermanshah   OCT 27 2030 - Fair; three gong IRIB interval signal, Radio Iran ID by a woman, and acapella military march. [Conti] NOV 1 2106 - Good; music and then a woman announcer in Farsi. Joined by male announcer for dialogue exchange. Mentions of Iran. Back into pop-type music at 2110 UTC. [Taylor]

1287 ISRAEL   Voice of Hope, She'ar Yashuv   OCT 30 2149 - Faded over Spanish fútbol briefly with Middle Eastern vocal that matched web stream. Woman announcer with Arabic dialogue. [Wolfish] OCT 30 2200 - Under Spain; ID in English, "On 1287 AM... Christian radio..." [Conti]

1296 SPAIN   COPE Valencia   OCT 27 0158 - Female vocal, hourtop time pips, ID and newscast read by woman. [Wolfish] OCT 29 2300 - Good; "Cope Valencia, 92.0, 93.4 FM, en onda media 1296." [Conti]

1296 UNITED KINGDOM   Radio XL, Birmingham   OCT 27 2118 - Fair to good during deep COPE fade with south Asian female vocal music. Matched with internet stream. [Taylor]

1305 SPAIN   RNE5 synchros   OCT 27 2212 - Good, with echo-sounding synchros from multiple transmitters. "Radio Nacional de España" by male announcer and considerable time given to death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria the previous day. [Taylor]

1314 ROMANIA   R.Oltenia, Craiova   OCT 29 0201 - Over/under echoes of Spain; pop/rock music, ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 1 0006 - Male pop vocal delayed by a few seconds on parallel, poor to good. [Hall-Patch]

1323 ROMANIA   R.România Tîrgu-Mures, Tîrgu-Mures   OCT 30 2000 - Over/under Smooth Radio; "Oh Carol" by Neil Sedaka, announcement and post sign-off test tone. [Conti]

1323 UNITED KINGDOM   Smooth Radio, Brighton   OCT 27 2157 - Commercials. ID at 2159. News read by a male presenter. Into "Woman" by John Lennon. [Wolfish] OCT 31 2006 - Fair; Prince's "Most Beautiful Girl" matching live web stream. Great copy for only a 500 watt signal. [Taylor]

1332 IRAN   R.Tehran, Tehran   OCT 29 2230 - Good; man in Farsi with several up-tempo musical breaks faded underneath and then back up between phrases. Several mentions of Tehran. Into male vocal pop song at 2235 UTC. [Taylor] OCT 30 1814 - Plucked stringed instrument parallel web stream ( with 10 second delay. Good strength, fading to nothing; the top of the band was hot at this time, signals gradually appearing further down the band as time advanced. [Hall-Patch]

1332 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Galati   OCT 26 2300 - Good; hora exacta parallel 1179 and 1530 kHz. [Conti]

1341 NORTHERN IRELAND   BBC R.Ulster, Lisnagarvey   OCT 26 2206 - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons' "September 1963 (Oh What a Night)" and Neil Diamond's "September Morning" with a female presenter. Then they played Neil Sedaka's "Laughter in the Rain". [Wolfish] OCT 27 1900 - Fair; orchestra music up to the hour, canned ID, "On 92 to 95 FM, and 1341 medium wave, this is BBC Radio Ulster," and news. OCT 29 0900 - Fair; canned ID, and news, "This is BBC news at 9 o'clock..." OCT 30 1800 - Good; canned ID, 6 o'clock time check to news. [Conti]

1359 ETHIOPIA   Voice of the Tigray Revolution, Mekele   OCT 27 2000 - Over/under UK; African vocal with typical washint (Ethiopian flute) accompaniment, then woman in vernacular. OCT 29 2000 - Fair; African drumming. [Conti] NOV 2 0258 - Interval signal heard mixing with one of the UK stations. [Wolfish]

1359 UNITED KINGDOM   Smooth Radio, Cardiff//Chelmsford   OCT 27 2208 - Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart". Matches web stream. Interference from another station playing "Cool for Cats" by Squeeze. [Wolfish] OCT 31 2025 - Fair to poor, but easily readable with Richard Marx song "Hazard" matching web stream. [Taylor]

1359 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Solent, Bourneouth   OCT 27 2214 - Upfaded over Smooth Radio with big band vocal. Matches web stream. [Wolfish]

1359 UNITED KINGDOM   Greatest Hits Radio, Coventry   OCT 30 2358 - Commercials for Fiat and Now TV. Hourtop ID, "Coventry and Warwickshire, Greatest Hits Radio." News read by a woman. Blondie's "Heart of Glass" at 0003 UTC. [Wolfish]

1368 UNITED KINGDOM   Manx Radio, Foxdale   OCT 27 2216 - Female presenter with local announcements and station URL given. A Gene Pitney oldie followed. [Wolfish] OCT 28 1900 - Good; "Manx Radio weather," and ad string, "...always there when you need auto care." [Conti] NOV 1 2115 - Fading up over Iran from fair up to good; locally-produced radio play featuring male and female actors in English. Play featured radio sample weather forecast from the Isle of Man as part of the story. [Taylor]

1377 ARMENIA   TWR Gavar   OCT 27 2000 - Good; contact info cut to two cycles of TWR interval signal, then signal level dropped, announcement and more TWR interval signals. [Conti]

1376.9 IRAN   IRIB R.Kermanshah, Paveh   OCT 28 2127 - Man in Farsi parallel 1278 good strength 87 Hz low. Hum also from 1377.013 Iran [Hall-Patch]

1377.01 IRAN   IRIB R.Zahedan, Chabahar   OCT 27 2030 - Fair; choral national anthem, IRIB interval signal, and acapella marching song parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

1386 EGYPT   ERTU Luxor   NOV 1 2124 - Poor rising to fair/good in peaks; solo vocalist doing Quranic chants and audience sounds of appreciation. Sounded like a live or recorded-live performance. Nice signal with 10 kW. Parallel 864 kHz. [Taylor]

1386 LITHUANIA   R.Baltic Waves, Viesintos   OCT 26 1930 - Poor, rising to fair, then good; woman speaking in Russian, a promo by male reader at 1934 with dial tones in the background referring presumably to a call-in show, then back to woman moderating a discussion. [Taylor] OCT 27 2000 - Good; "Radio Svoboda, novosti." OCT 28 0458 - Good; Polskie Radio mentions, sign-off announcement with contact info, URL, and off at 0500 UTC. [Conti]

1404 ROMANIA   R.Cluj/R.Sighet, Sighetu Marmatiei   OCT 27 2000 - Fair; end of recorded live music abruptly cut to post sign-off test tone, off by 2001 leaving R.România Actualitati in clear. [Conti]

1413 MOLDOVA   Vesti FM, Grigoriopol   OCT 27 2000 - Under Spain; touchtone sound effects. [Conti] OCT 30 2103 - Russian anthem noted followed by man in Russian with news. [Wolfish]

1413 OMAN   BBC World Service, A'Seela   OCT 27 2007 - Good to fair; woman in English, BBC World Service mention, interview with country and gospel music singer. [Hall-Patch]

1413 SPAIN   RNE5 synchros   OCT 26 1900 - Good; servicios informativos. [Conti] OCT 26 1900 - Fair, well before sunset; woman reading news in Spanish, then male ID, "Radio Nacional de España," and music. Signal was up and down initially, with deep fades. First ID catch of the 2019 Listening Waters DX'pedition. [Taylor]

1413 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Gloucestershire, Berkeley Heath//Bourton-on-the-Water   NOV 1 2204 - Fair, readable on peaks under Spain; "Couldn't Get It Right" by the Climax Blues Band. Song matched on playlist from web site at [Taylor]

1422 ALGERIA   R.Algérienne, Algiers   OCT 26 1911 - Poor to fair; two women talking in Arabic. Matched with online stream. [Taylor] OCT 26 1915 - Good; discussion between two woman parallel 252 kHz. OCT 29 0500 - Over/under Romania; "Radio Koran Algérie, Koran Radio Algeria." [Conti]

1422 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Olanesti   OCT 29 0200 - Good, over Algeria; "Aici Bucarest, Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," time marker, and UTC+2 time check. [Conti] OCT 30 0200 - R.România Actualitati ID by man, hora exacta, etc. OCT 31 2355 - Man talking, interspersed with violin music, parallel fading up and down with likely Algeria. [Hall-Patch]

1431 DJIBOUTI   VOA Arta   OCT 29 1930 - Good; broadcast in French, "Le monde aujourd'hui, a Washington," into news, "Bon soir..." [Conti] OCT 31 1910 - Excellent; political discussion in French. Musical interlude at 1916, and then "VOA" in French and several mentions of broadcasting from Washington. They were having audio problems, likely with the data feed of the program to the transmitter site, with some digital artifacts and burps. [Taylor]

1440 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Ras al-Khair   OCT 29 2054 - Male vocal with stringed instrument. Parallel 1449 and 1521 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 1 2213 - Dominant over domestics on the Beverage; female vocal Arab pop song parallel 1449 kHz. [Taylor]

1449 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Jeddah   OCT 27 1848 - Fair; lively Mideast music parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]

1449 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 4, Redmoss   NOV 1 2045 - Interview about climate change. Mixing with Saudi Arabia. Parallel 198 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 1 2219 - Fair to poor, under Saudi Arabia; discussion on foreign student expenses and costs. Doing well for 2 kW. Matched the online stream and also parallel 198 kHz. [Taylor]

1458 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Constanta   OCT 27 0259 - Fair; choral national anthem, hora exacta to news. [Conti]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM   Lyca Radio, London   OCT 27 2221 - Various commercials, including one for Lyca Mobile. Greetings for a Happy Diwali from ICICI Bank. Jingle and South Asian dance-pop music. [Wolfish] OCT 29 0600 - Over Gold; canned ID, "On 1458 in London, on your mobile, on DAB digital radio, this is Lyca Radio," and news, "From the Sky News Center." [Conti] OCT 31 1856 - Good, over jumble most of the time; English ads, including one for Home Tile and their Diwali sale. After a dip at the top of the hour they faded back up with high energy South Asian music. [Taylor]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM   Gold, Manchester   OCT 29 0600 - Under Lyca Radio; jingle, "This is Gold." [Conti] OCT 31 1900 - Fair to good, rising above Lyca Radio; news, then "This is Gold, from Global, non-stop hits" ID at 1901:30, and "Lady Marmalade" by next fade up at 1905 UTC. [Taylor]

1467.37 IRAN   IRIB R.Qom, Alborz   OCT 28 0103 - Good, off frequency as common with man talking in Farsi. [Taylor] OCT 29 2030 - Good, with loud het against 1467 Saudi Arabia; three gong IRIB interval signal, acapella choral intro to national program, and IRIB news fanfare. Measured offset frequency 1467.376 kHz.[Conti]

1476 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   R.Asia, Ras al-Khaimah   OCT 27 2017 - South Asian pop music. Strong at times. Parallel to webstream. [Wolfish] NOV 1 2226 - Good; South Asian music and "Radio Asia" choral ID between songs. [Taylor]

1476 UNITED KINGDOM   Carillon Wellbeing Radio, Coalville   OCT 29 0459 - Good; "Careless Whispers" by George Michael, "On 1476 AM and online, this is Carillon Wellbeing Radio news. From the Sky News Center at 5..." [Conti]

1485 SPAIN   SER R.Santander, Santander   OCT 28 2259 - Over unID SER; ad string, quick "Radio Santander, Cadena Ser" and back to network. [Conti]

1485 SPAIN   SER R.Zamora, Zamora   OCT 27 2228 - Talk by man. A bit of music by Arcade Fire ("Afterlife") followed by ID: "Radio Zamora, Cadena Ser." Review of football games from today at 2230 UTC. [Wolfish]

1485 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Merseyside, Wallasey   OCT 27 2305 - Under Spain; Aretha Franklin song and Freddy Fender's "Before the Next Teardrop Falls". Matches web stream which seems to be a few minutes behind. [Wolfish]

1494 IRAN   IRIB Sedaye Khorasan-e Razavi, Taybad   NOV 1 2030 - Weak with anthem, chimes and marching song. [Wolfish]

1494 MOLDOVA   R.Moldova Actualitati, Cahul//Edinet   OCT 29 0359 - Fair; Radio Moldova promo, hora exacta time check, fanfare, "Radio Moldova..." into news, no mention of actualitati. [Conti]

1502.86 BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA   R.Zavidovici, Zavidovici   OCT 30 1845 - Het against 1503; often observed, but never readable audio. [Conti]

1503 EGYPT   ERTU El Arish   NOV 1 1956 - Quranic chanting, mostly under Spain, parallel to, and lagging 864 by a couple of seconds, poor to fair. [Hall-Patch]

1503 SPAIN   BBC R.Stoke, Sideway   OCT 30 2100 - Under Spain; "BBC Radio Stoke" by woman over orchestra music bed. [Conti]

1512 IRAN   IRIB R.Ardabil, Ardabil   OCT 27 2030 - Good; three gong IRIB interval signal, announcement by woman, into acapella march intro of national program. [Conti] OCT 27 2102 - Good, over Saudi; man and woman talking in Farsi, with mentions of Iran and some plinky string interlude music. Then a set of 'man on the street' interviews at 2107 UTC. [Taylor] OCT 29 1930 - Good; IRIB interval signal and R.Ardabil ID. [Conti]

1512 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Quran, Jeddah   OCT 28 2000 - Briefly over otherwise dominant Iran; Koran through the hour parallel 765, 882, and 999 kHz. [Conti]

1521 CHINA   CRI Urumqi   NOV 1 2358 - Violin music leading up to CRI chimes and fanfare at top of hour; fair to good. Man in Russian talk at 0015, also good level. [Hall-Patch] NOV 1 2359 - Faded up to loud with woman announcer in Russian. Signature sounder at top of the hour, and then woman and man alternating talk in Russian, with back and forth interspersed with music jingles repeatedly. [Taylor]

1521 SAUDI ARABIA   SBC R.Riyadh, Duba   OCT 26 1848 - Fair; Mideast vocal parallel 9555 and 9870 kHz. 1521 signed off at 2231:50 UTC. [Conti]

1521 SLOVAKIA   R.Devín/R.Patria, Rimavska Sobota   OCT 27 0100 - Poor to fair; classical music through the hour, parallel 1098 kHz. OCT 30 2259 - Under Spain; choral national anthem. [Conti] NOV 2 0056 - Fair, under China and Spain; a cover of "Like a Rolling Stone" parallel 1098 kHz. [Taylor]

1521 SPAIN   SER R.Castellón, Ctra Valencia   OCT 27 2231 - Fair, over Slovakia after Saudi Arabia sign-off; "Cadena Ser, informate" into deportivo program. [Conti]

1521 UNITED KINGDOM   R.Panj, Coventry   OCT 30 2300 - Briefly atop, otherwise in mix with Slovakia under Spain; subcontinental music. [Conti] NOV 2 0004 - Fair; South Asian music matching internet stream. This station reportedly uses 100 watts, and at times it was the strongest on frequency - stronger than the Saudi, China, and Spain. [Taylor] NOV 2 0006 - Lady singing rhythmic Indian music, fair at peaks, parallel player on [Hall-Patch]

1530 ROMANIA   R.România Actualitati, Radauti   OCT 27 2036 - Over WVBF; folk music and male announcer. Parallel to web stream. [Wolfish]

1530 ROMANIA   R.Constanta, Mahmudia   OCT 27 2000 - Over/under R.România Actualitati, Pulse 2, and WVBF; R.Constanta jingle to news read by a woman. [Conti]

1530 SAO TOME   VOA Pinheira   OCT 31 0259 - Good; "This is the Voice of America, Washington DC, signing on," and Yankee Doodle interval signal into news in English. [Conti]

1530 UNITED KINGDOM   Pulse 2, Huddersfield   NOV 1 0158 - Under Romania; The Police's "Don't Stand So Close to Me", ID and commercials. [Wolfish]

1539 SPAIN   SER Elche//Manresa   OCT 27 2338 - Decent, with very large sync delay of maybe half a second. Male announcers and up tempo talk. [Taylor]

1539 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Pravasi Bharathi, Abu Dhabi   OCT 27 2000 - Over/under SER Spain; commercials in English for Abu Dhabi businesses such as Number One Cleaner Service, and Pravasi Bharathi ID. [Conti]

1548 KUWAIT   R.Sawa, Kuwait City   OCT 26 1845 - Poor; Mideast music. [Conti] OCT 27 1919 - ID in Arabic by woman. Heard under Moldova. [Wolfish]

1548 MOLDOVA   TWR Grigoriopol   OCT 27 1900 - Good; two cycles of TWR interval signal. [Conti] OCT 27 1914 - Man in Bulgarian. Withmixing R.Sawa. [Wolfish] OCT 30 1840 - Loud pre sign-on test tones. [Conti]

1548 UNITED KINGDOM   Gold, London   OCT 27 2355 - Four Tops "Bernadette", ID: "Gold, playing more of the greatest hits of all time." News at hourtop and then Abba song. Over/under Kuwait. [Wolfish] OCT 29 0500 - Fair; canned ID, "Playing the greatest hits of all time," jingle, "This is Gold," and "News." [Conti]

1557 UNITED KINGDOM   Smooth Radio, Northampton//Southampton   OCT 28 0400 - Fair; ad string, "This is Smooth Radio," and "From the Global newsroom..." [Conti]

1566 BENIN   TWR Parakou   OCT 26 2050 - Good; radio drama in French or vernacular. [Conti] OCT 26 2153 - Woman in French. [Wolfish] OCT 26 2155 - Poor to fair; men religious themed talking in French and periods of cheery folk music. Man praying in French to the top of the hour, then female pop-folk vocal music program intro. Male announcer returned at 2201:45 with talk of 12 disciples and the fire of Hell. Then, full sign-off announcement at 2208, with web site address and ID's in both English and French. [Taylor]

1566 NETHERLANDS   Vahon Hindustani Radio, Den Haag   OCT 27 2323 - Under BBC; South Asian music parallel to web stream. [Wolfish]

1566 UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Somerset, Taunton   OCT 27 2319 - Playing oldies by Elvis and Buddy Holly. Poor with Netherlands audible underneath at times. [Wolfish] NOV 1 2245 - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Elton John and Kiki Dee. Great for 1 kW from inland Cornwall. [Taylor]

1575 ITALY   Rai Radiouno, Genova   OCT 26 2156 - Italian rendition of "Moon River". ID by woman 2158 UTC. [Wolfish] OCT 27 0458 - Fair; pre sign-on tones. OCT 27 2300 - Good, over Spain; anthem up to the hour, then post sign-off ticking clock and tones. [Conti]

1575 SPAIN   SER R.Córdoba   OCT 29 2300 - Clear, but subdued under Italian carrier after RAI sign-off. "Radio Cordoba" ID at 2302, and then into commercials. [Taylor] OCT 27 2334 - ID: "Radio Córdoba, Cadena Ser" at 2334 after two gentlemen were talking about fútbol. Station promos and another ID at 2336. Decent signal without the Iranian jammer present. [Wolfish]

1584 SPAIN   SER Gandía//Orense   NOV 1 2221 - Man in Spanish, parallel 1287 poor to fair. [Hall-Patch]

1593 ROMANIA   R.Cluj, Oradea   OCT 30 2000 - Fair, over R.România Actualitati; R.Cluj ID to traditional polka style vocal, abruptly cut to post sign-off test tone. [Conti]

1611.2 unID   OCT 29 2150 - Fair to good; hardcore Mediterranean music through top of the hour. Measured 1611.177 kHz, weak het against 1611 kHz. Spyros o Gigantas Greece? [Conti]

1620 GREECE   unID   OCT 28 1941 - ID'ish sounding statement, "Akou..." which in Greek has to do with listening or hearing. [Hall-Patch] OCT 28 2030 - Fair; Greek vocals, canned promo/ID begins with raygun sound effect, "Akou..." and ends with door knocking, the same as Nick heard earlier this evening. Listen to mp3 audio clip. R.Ouranio Toxo is the only station listed on MWList.[Conti]

1629 GREECE   R.Anatolia, Kilkis/Macedonia   OCT 27 2200 - Fair; presumed this with Greek music through the hour. [Conti]

1647.8 NETHERLANDS   unID   OCT 28 2200 - Good; polka style vocals. R.Barcelona? [Conti]

1706 unID   OCT 27 2049 - Pirate with what sounded like Polka music. [Wolfish]

1730 NETHERLANDS   R.Monte Carlo   OCT 29 0145 - Playing slow romantic pop music with "Radio Monte Carlo" ID's between songs. Into Rolling Stones "Angie" at 0151 UTC. [Taylor] OCT 29 0150 - Fair; ID and Rolling Stones "Angie". [Wolfish]

The Adventures of Sherlock Gnomes: In a bit of a tangle, inspecting the Delta loop and phased Delta antennas (above),
ignoring the videographer at Panmure, on the road to Listening Waters, and after a night of hardcore DX'ing.

Pan-American DX

  530 CUBA R.Rebelde, Caribe//Guantánamo-Antiguo OCT 28 2350 - Loud in adjacent Algeria splatter; mentions of Cuba, and "aqui Rebelde." Man and woman alternating news/public affairs. [Taylor]

  550 COLOMBIA   HJHF R.Nacional, Marinilla   OCT 29 0359 - ID by man, "Radio Nacional de Colombia... música tradicional de San Andrés." Also, "Radio Nacional punto com." Additional ID's by woman with FM frequency at hourtop. [Wolfish] OCT 31 0101 - Fair; "Noticias de la hora, de Radio Nacional, de Colombia," deliberate pause between 'Radio Nacional' and 'de Colombia' in ID's. [Conti]

  550 CUBA   R.Rebelde, Pinar del Río-San Juan   OCT 27 0401 - Cuban anthem parallel 560, 600, 610, 670, 710, 1180, 1550, and 1620 kHz. [Wolfish]

  550 VENEZUELA   YVKE Mundial, Caracas   NOV 1 0958 - Lively music. ID. Brief excerpt from a speech by Presidente Maduro, commercials and more music. [Wolfish]

  560 GUYANA   NCN Georgetown   OCT 31 0400 - Fair; BBC World Service. [Conti]

  600 COLOMBIA   HJHJ R.Libertad, Barranquilla   OCT 30 0959 - Good, over R.Rebelde; "Los mejores programas se escuchan en Radio Libertad." OCT 31 0101 - Over R.Rebelde Cuba and WYEL Puerto Rico; "En Radio Libertad..." with phone number. [Conti]

  600 CUBA   R.Rebelde, San Germán-Urbano Noris   OCT 27 0017 - Loud with no competition; up-energy Latino music, and no-talk segue at 0021, parallel 610 and 620 kHz. [Taylor]

  610 BRAZIL   ZYL268 R.Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte   OCT 28 0101 - Fair; canned ID with trumpet fanfare, then woman mentioned Belo Horizonte. [Conti]

  630 PUERTO RICO   WUNO San Juan   OCT 27 0024 - Loud; two women in what could have been a radio drama, then commercials at 0026 with mentions of San Juan and other Puerto Rico locales. [Taylor]

  650 GREENLAND   KNR Qeqertarsuaq   OCT 31 1001 - Woman talking (maybe news?) parallel 720 kHz. Over CKGA Gander. [Wolfish]

  660 CUBA   R.Progreso, Jovellanos   OCT 30 0216 - Fair, rising up under WFAN; talk in Spanish, several mentions "mañana" and R.Progreso by male announcer. [Taylor]

  680 PUERTO RICO   WAPA San Juan   OCT 27 0100 - Over/under WRKO; multi-station ID with raygun sound effects between ID's, "Esta es la Poderosa, WAPA 680 San Juan, WISO 1260 Ponce, WMIA 1070 Mayagüez, WTIL 1300 Arecibo, WVOZ 1580 Aguadilla, WXRF 1590 Guayama, la señal más poderosa..." [Conti]

  700 ARGENTINA   LV3 R.Córdoba, Córdoba   OCT 30 0901 - ID by man over top of a station with rooster crowing noises and reveille (which I think was R.Sucre). [Wolfish]

  700 BRAZIL   ZYK686 Nossa Radio, São Paulo   OCT 29 2258 - Phone numbers for something given, ID by man and talk in Portuguese. Poor. [Wolfish] OCT 31 0601 - Fair; promo/ad string, Nossa Radio ID. [Conti]

  700 COLOMBIA   HJCX, W Radio, Cali   OCT 30 0958 - Fair in jumble; lead up to the hour, time pips, and "W Radio" ID with mentions of Colombia. [Taylor]

  700 ECUADOR   HCRS2 R.Sucre, Guayaquil   OCT 27 0059 - ID by man and several time checks. Also ID by woman, "Radio Sucre 700 desde Guyaquil, Ecuador, Sud América" at 0101 UTC. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Wolfish] OCT 27 0258 - Fair; repeated time checks, "Son las 9 con 58 minutos, son las 9 con 58 minutos," and ID with more repetition, "Desde Guyaquil, Ecuador, desde Guayaquil, Ecuador." [Conti] OCT 30 0202 - Poor in jumbled mix, finally heard male ID twice in fairly rapid succession "Radio Sucre" and "Radio Sucre." [Taylor]

  720 GREENLAND   KNR Simiutaq   OCT 28 2248 - Excellent; country/folk-type music into two males in Inuit-type language, with one interviewing the other over the phone. Matched internet stream. [Taylor] OCT 29 2201 - Good; apparent reading of news ended with a piano flourish. [Conti]

  760 COLOMBIA   HJAJ, RCN, Barranquilla   OCT 27 0157 - RCN station promo's. OCT 28 0023 - Over WJR Detroit; what sounded like a political rally/speech by woman with lots of cheering. Parallel to web stream. [Wolfish] OCT 30 0045 - Good, with little sign of WJR on the Beverage; excited sports play-by-play and quick musical interludes during the broadcast. Many mentions of Barranquilla and Colombia, and matched with web stream at [Taylor] OCT 30 0859 - Good; promo, "...por RCN radio, 24 horas de programación en vivo." [Conti]

  760 PUERTO RICO   WORA NotiUno, Mayagüez   OCT 28 2301 - Over/under Colombia; Puerto Rico ads, NotiUno 630 multi-station ID. [Conti]

  770 COLOMBIA   HJJX, RCN, Bogotá   OCT 28 2301 - Under WABC; choral national anthem parallel 760 kHz. [Conti]

  780 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS   ZBVI Tortola   OCT 30 0202 - Off after God Save the Queen. Preceded by woman with sign-off announcement and a hymn. Had played dance calypso music prior to hourtop. [Wolfish]

  780 PARAGUAY   ZP70 R.Primero de Marzo, Asunción   OCT 30 0958 - Over/under Venezuela; shouting salesman, then woman with extended ID including web URL. [Conti]

  780 VENEZUELA   YVMN R.Coro, Coro   OCT 30 0002 - Fair, over unID Spanish; "La AM Radio Coro 780... Radio Coro, patrimonio de la comunidad." [Conti] OCT 30 0858 - ID: "Radio Coro siete ochenta AM" and jingle. [Wolfish] OCT 30 1000 - Over/under Paraguay; choral national anthem. [Conti]

  790 VENEZUELA   YVXM R.Minuto, Barquisimento   OCT 28 0100 - Over/under R.Reloj Cuba; extended promo ending with R.Minuto jingle. OCT 29 0400 - Under WPRV and WTNY; choral national anthem. [Conti]

  800 BONAIRE   PJB TransWorld Radio, Kralendijk   OCT 27 0300 - Under VOWR; "Radio Transmundial transmitiendo... la isla de Bonaire..." [Conti]

  810 COLOMBIA   HJCY Caracol Radio, Bogotá   OCT 31 0158 - Over BBC R.Scotland and WGY; promo's, "En Caracol Radio, más compania." [Conti]

  810 CUBA   R.Progreso, Guantánamo-Burene   OCT 26 2345 - Rising up over co-channel transatlantic stations with full ID. No sign of WGY off the back of our Delta loop. [Taylor]

  830 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC   HIJB Santo Domingo   OCT 27 0020 - "Merengue ochocietos trenta" heard and then lost to WCRN. OCT 30 0200 - Station promo's and ID by man: "Desde Santo Domingo... HIJB... ochoceintos trenta." [Wolfish]

  840 COLOMBIA   HJKK Neiva   OCT 30 0859 - Under WHAS with ID: "Desde Neiva, Huila... HJ doble K, ochocientos cuarenta AM." [Wolfish]

  840 CUBA   R.Revolución, Palma Soriano   OCT 30 0800 - ID: "Desde Santiago, Radio Revolución." Mixing with CMWW. [Wolfish]

  840 HAITI   Radio-Télé 4VEH, Cap Haitien-Petite Anse   OCT 30 2300 - Over unID Spanish; "Vouz écoutez Radio 4VEH..." [Conti]

  860 BRAZIL   ZYJ459 Radio CBN, Rio De Janeiro   OCT 27 2259 - Station promo's, lost to Voice of Nevis doing funeral announcements. [Wolfish]

  860 ST. KITTS & NEVIS   VON Bath Village   OCT 27 0200 - ID: "This is the powerhouse of the Eastern Caribbean, VON Radio." Under CJBC Toronto. [Wolfish] OCT 30 0000 - Fair; Caribbean vocal, 8 o'clock time check, "With all the power from the tower, this is the powerhouse..." [Conti]

  870 ARGENTINA   LRA1 R.Nacional, Buenos Aires   OCT 31 0600 - Over wobbly R.Reloj Cuba; time pips, and news "...Argentina, por Radio Nacional." [Conti]

  900 CUBA   R.Progreso, San Germán-Urbano Noris   OCT 27 0259 - Good; "Radio Progreso y ¡Ritmo!" [Conti]

  910 CUBA   R.Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey-Tagarro   OCT 27 0100 - Fair in 909 BBC5 splatter; romántica and ranchera-like vocals, phone calls between songs, " Radio Cadena Agramonte." [Conti]

  910 PUERTO RICO   WPRP NotiUno, Ponce   OCT 31 0359 - Fair in 909 BBC5 splatter; "Buenos dias Puerto Rico, muy buenos dias..." into sports report parallel 630 kHz. [Conti]

  920 PARAGUAY   ZP1 R.Nacional del Paraguay, Asunción   OCT 30 0230 - Fair with folk music. Matches web stream. [Wolfish] OCT 30 2259 - Fair at best; promo, "Radio Nacional de Paraguay... (slogan)," AM and FM frequencies, 2301 nostalgic vocal and whistling leading up to canned ID. [Conti]

  920 VENEZUELA   YVQX Nueva Esparta AM, Porlamar   OCT 30 0401 - Fair; time check, multiple ID's and jingles, "En Nueva Esparta 920 AM..." and choral national anthem. [Conti]

  940 PUERTO RICO   WIPR San Juan   OCT 30 0001 - Fair; end of talk program, ID, "Esta es WIPR 940 AM San Juan, Puerto Rico, por internet... señal más robusta." [Conti]

  960 BRAZIL   unID   OCT 31 0200 - Over R.Reloj Cuba; man in Portuguese over soft music bed, distinctive time signal marking the hour. R.São Paulo is the one usually reported by DX'ers. [Conti]

1000 CUBA   R.Granma, Media Luna   OCT 29 2300 - Hourtop ID and chimes. [Wolfish]

1020 CUBA   R.Artemisa, Bahía Honda   OCT 31 0400 - Fair; canned sign-off announcement with flute music, "Radio Artemisa finalita su transmisión..." and choral national anthem. [Conti]

1030 ARGENTINA   LS10 Radio del Plata, Buenos Aires   OCT 30 0000 - Fair; excited fútbol play by play through the hour without ID, so check the stream and it's indeed parallel. At 0300 over/under unID Spanish; time marker, "Radio Noticias del Plata." [Conti]

1040 BRAZIL ZYK537 R.Capital, São Paulo OCT 31 0200 - Over off-frequency YVLB Venezuela het; promo/ad string, bells and extended jingle. At 0601 fair; R.Capital ID and jingle. [Conti]

1070 COLOMBIA   R.Santa Fe, Bogotá   OCT 29 0400 - ID: "Esta es Radio Santa Fe, mil setenta AM." [Wolfish] OCT 31 0800 - Fair; promo's, "Radio Santa Fe, me gusta más," time check and ID, "Esta es la histórica Radio Santa Fe 1070 AM, una emisora popular... emisora de Sistema Radio Reloj," and me gusta más jingle. [Conti]

1070 CUBA   Cadena CMKS, Guantánamo-Burene   OCT 30 1001 - Wake up sounds including a man shouting and rooster crowing. (I have a recording from October 31, 2017 with the same shouting.) ID by woman. In mess with Colombia and CHOK Sarnia. [Wolfish]

1100 COLOMBIA   HJAT Caracol Radio, Barranquilla   OCT 26 0200 - ID and various station promo's. [Wolfish] OCT 30 0259 - Good; Caracol Radio jingles and ads. [Conti]

1110 CUBA   R.Angulo, Holguin   NOV 1 0900 - Hourtop ID with chimes. Mixing with WBT Charlotte. [Wolfish]

1190 ARGENTINA LRA15 R.Nacional, San Miguel del Tucumán OCT 29 0400 - Pips, man said "Argentina, informa nacional" and it sounded like a newscast by a woman. [Wolfish]

1190 COLOMBIA   HJCV R.Cordillera, Bogotá   OCT 29 2359 - Fair; ID, "1190 AM Radio Cordillera," and promo, "Radio Cordillera 1190 en Bogotá presenta..." [Conti]

1210 CUBA   R.Reloj, Victoria de las Tunas   OCT 31 0600 - RR code ID's through WPHT and VOAR. [Conti]

1250 COLOMBIA   HJCA Capital Radio, Mosquera   NOV 1 0358 - Faded up over WMTR; ID by man, "Doce cincuenta AM, Radio Capital," also call letters and a jingle. [Wolfish]

1280 PUERTO RICO   WCMN NotiUno, Arecibo   OCT 29 2359 - Good; NotiUno promo's and multi-station ID. [Conti]

1290.3 BRAZIL   ZYH888 R.Timbira do Maranhão, São Luis   OCT 30 0100 - Fair to good; Voz do Brasil mentioned before the hour, but went into deep fade for ID. After the ZYH450 R.Metropole website stream checked negative for a parallel (R.Metropole has a comparable offset), by 0140 found talk program parallel stream. Measured offset frequency 1290.289 kHz. OCT 31 0401 - Fair; R.Timbira promo/ID's. [Conti]

1320 VENEZUELA   YVWP R.Apolo, Turmero   OCT 30 0158 - Fair in lightning noise; "Radio Apolo... Esta es Apolo 1320, la única..." [Conti]

1350 ARGENTINA   LS6 R.Buenos Aires, Burzaco   OCT 31 0300 - In mess with ID and anthem at 0301 UTC. [Wolfish]

1350 PUERTO RICO   WEGA Vega Baja   OCT 27 2301 - Fair; promo, "Candelita 7 punto com," and jingle into tropical music. [Conti]

1390 PUERTO RICO   WISA Isabela   OCT 26 2300 - Good; "Esta es WISA 1390 AM Isabela, Puerto Rico," and disclaimer. OCT 30 0159 - Fair; inspirational vocals, multi-station ID, "Esta es WIAC 740 San Juan... y WISA 1390 AM Isabela..." [Conti]

1400 GRENADA   Harbour Light of the Windwards, Carriacou   OCT 30 2300 - Under CBG; end of "Forwarding the Faith" program, ID, "From the triple island state of Grenada... this is the Harbour Light of the Windwards, AM 1400, FM 92.3 and 94.5, it's the top of the hour and time for news from the BBC World Service." [Conti]

1480 PUERTO RICO   WMDD Fajardo   OCT 30 2302 - Fair; telephone talk with AC hum, ID in Spanish, "WMDD 1480..." [Conti]

1510 ECUADOR   HCIO2 R.Naval, Guayaquil   OCT 29 0458-0602 - Through WRNJ; time signal. OCT 30 0900 - Over WBSG Super; time signal and voice ID with time check, "Hora oficial... 4 horas 0 minutos 0 segundos." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

1510 PUERTO RICO   WBSG Lajas   OCT 30 0900 - Upfaded over the Ecuadorian time station with various "Super" slogans and a mention of Puerto Rico. [Wolfish]

1530 MEXICO   XEUR México, DF   OCT 31 1029 - ID in Spanish between rock songs by The Scorpions and Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf". [Wolfish]

1540 BAHAMAS   ZNS1 Nassau   OCT 26 2300 - Good; "This is Radio Bahamas, 1540 AM and 104.5 FM the national voice of the Bahamas." [Conti]

1550 CUBA   R.Rebelde, multiple sites   OCT 26 2156 - Usual ID with organ music and dance-pop music. Parallel 770 (over WABC New York) and 1620 kHz. [Wolfish]

1620 CUBA   R.Bayamo, Bayamo   OCT 27 0400 - Houtop chimes withmixing R.Rebelde. [Wolfish]

1620 U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS   WDHP Frederiksted   OCT 26 2359 - Loud with up-tempo Anglo Caribbean music, rolling through the top of the hour with no legal ID. Male and female announcer started with some banter in English over the faded-down music at 0003, then time check at 0004, music continued under throughout. R.Rebelde in Cuba started to make an appearance around 0006 deep in the background. [Taylor]

1640 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC   R.Juventus Don Bosco, Santo Domingo   OCT 26 2214 - Uptempo Christian music and religious talk. Weak. Matches web stream. [Wolfish]

Transpacific/Transarctic DX

  693 JAPAN   JOAB Tokyo   OCT 31 1007 - Woman and man mumbling, no way to guess language, but was parallel to 774, which was at the same very poor level at this time. [Hall-Patch]

  774 JAPAN   JOUB Akita   OCT 31 1015 - Briefly up to fair level audio with English lessons parallel 747 on Khabarovsk KiwiSDR. This was the best Asian this morning, peaking at 1021, with easily recognizable Japanese and English, e.g. "Let's work on this report together" spoken first by woman, then by man with Japanese accent. [Hall-Patch]

  972 SOUTH KOREA   HLCA Dangjin   OCT 30 1021 - Man and woman talking at mumbling level, 1011 and 1016 UTC, with deep fades. At 1021, slow guitar playing at poor level, followed by man singing, which corresponds to a kiwiSDR recording from Khabarovsk ( That was the end of the opening, as carrier disappeared for good within the minute. [Hall-Patch]

1116 AUSTRALIA   4BC Brisbane   OCT 29 1055 - Audio showing on this channel starting 1049, man talking, poor at best, seemed to match a briefly captured 4BC web stream (internet access was very spotty at this time). Fading, down, then coming back up at 1053, with one man interviewing another, DU English, at 1055 mention of symptoms, matching archive recording of John Stanley interview taken from 4BC website later; definitely the same two men. Fade down towards hour of course, but fading up a bit with woman talking after three pips (of six?) in the noise, at the hour but too weak to tell language. [Hall-Patch] OCT 29 1055 - Poor, mostly in the noise level, but audio rose enough to identify talk show host John Stanley’s voice. Nick Hall-Patch located a podcast/archive of the program and painstakingly went through the clips to find the perfect match with what we both heard, concerning the medical subject of endometriosis and the severity of symptoms. Nick's capture was better than mine, but we both got enough for an ID. My second log of 4BC, and first since Priest Pond 10 years ago. Thanks Nick! [Taylor]

1134 JAPAN   JOQR Tokyo   NOV 1 1014 - Tentative; a quick fade up from just a carrier at 1012 UTC, man talking, poor level in sideband splash, Japanese intonation to my ear, but at this level of readablility, could have been Korean, so even more tentative. [Hall-Patch]

1377 CHINA   CNR1 Zhengzhou   NOV 1 1008 - Tentative; another quick fade up from a carrier in under a minute, woman talking rapidly, Chinese intonation, but no possible parallels heard. [Hall-Patch]

1512 unID   OCT 30 0900 - Observed weak signal while listening to 1510 Ecuador. Also observed 1503 kHz. Possibly residual transatlantic signals. [Conti] OCT 31 1022 - Woman and man, might have been in English, but too poor to say. Although it peaked the same time as the Asians did, this carrier lasted until beyond 1050 UTC, plus was at 1512.002 kHz, both of which point to 2NR in Newcastle, Australia, rated at a cool 10 kW. Don't think there is enough here to match up to the ABC archives, so this will have to remain The One That Got Away. [Hall-Patch]

1566 unID   NOV 1 1011 - Woman talking rapidly under nasty sideband splatter. Chinese intonation? But, HLAZ is listed with Korean at this time. [Hall-Patch]

Brent Taylor VY2HF gave island amateur radio operators Tyler MacNeill VY2TM, Joel MacNeill VY2KW, and Sterling Carr VY2SEC a tour of Listening Waters (above).

The long lonely road at Listening Waters, the soybean field, and the Beverage looking back toward Listening Waters beyond the woods.

The 2019 Listening Waters Crew: Niel Wolfish, Brent Taylor, Nick Hall-Patch, Bruce Conti.

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