2008 MW DX Logbook

Bruce Conti, Nashua NH (42°43'N 71°31'W); SDR IQ, WR-CMC-30, MWDX-5, 15 x 23-m SuperLoop antennas east with remote variable termination and south 1150-Ω terminated.  All dates/times are UTC.


Transatlantic DX

531      SPAIN   RNE5 synchros  JAN 27 2300 - Fair; time marker, fanfare, "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos" and woman with news.  FEB 3 0100 - Over unID time pips; bumper music, time marker, fanfare into news, parallel 585 kHz.  APR 7 0350 - Fair; talk parallel 585 kHz.

549      ALGERIA   Chaîne 1, Les Trembles (35°17'N 0°34'W) APR 7 0335 - Good, over Germany (parallel 153 kHz); North African vocals.

549      GERMANY   Deutschlandfunk synchros  OCT 26 0235 - Good; classical music parallel 756 kHz.

558      SPAIN   RNE5 synchros  JAN 4 2300 - Poor; time pips and familiar fanfare into news.  FEB 3 0100 - Fair; echoing time pips, fanfare into news parallel 585 kHz.  APR 7 0345 - Fair; talk with synchro echo, parallel a good 585 kHz.  NOV 28 2258 - Fair, synchro echo; nostalgic romantic vocal parallel 585 kHz.

567      IRELAND   RTÉ 1, Tullamore (53°17'N 7°22'W) JAN 28 0101 - Good; woman with news, "A 43 year old woman has been arrested as a part of the investigation into the murder of a man in West Dublin..." followed by a story about air traffic controllers and Irish aviation.

567      SPAIN   RNE5 synchros  APR 7 0345 - Poor, over unID music with Ireland off; talk parallel 585 kHz.  SEP 4 0400 - Time pips, time check, fanfare and news parallel 585 kHz; over an unID Middle East vocal, maybe Syria.

585      SPAIN   RNE1 Madrid (40°28'N 3°52'W) JAN 4 2300 - Good; fanfare, "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos" and woman with news.  FEB 3 0100 - Excellent; "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos" with fanfare, then time check, "Las dos, la una en Canarias," and news.  SEP 3 0400 - Good, over unID talk; pips, fanfare, time check, and Radio Nacional de España ID into news.  NOV 28 2300 - Good, over unID Koranic vocal; "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos."

594      PORTUGAL   R.Renascença, Muge (39°05'N 8°41'W) APR 7 0340 - Fair; pop music parallel a much weaker 963 kHz.  AUG 5 0400 - Fair in lightning noise; jingle or bumper music and a man in Portuguese.

594      PORTUGAL   R.Sim, Muge (39°05'N 8°41'W) NOV 28 2255 - Good; deep-voiced announcer, Leo Sayer "When I Need You" leading up to top of the hour.

594      SAUDI ARABIA   BSKSA Duba  JAN 28 0148 - Noted strong pre-0300 sign-on open carrier.  OCT 26 0158 - Noted huge s9 pre sign-on open carrier over R.Sim Portugal.

603      SPAIN   RNE5 Monte Viejo (42°01'N 4°33'W) and La Corchuela (37°20'N 6°00'W) JAN 4 2256 - Good; alternating man/woman with news.  Double top of the hour pips indicating reception of both stations, one slightly delayed.  FEB 3 0000 - Good; both synchros received with double time markers and echoed news due to delay between stations.  SEP 3 0400 - Good; time pips, fanfare, etc., into news parallel 585 kHz.

639      SPAIN   RNE1 La Coruña et al.  JAN 4 2300 - Good, with synchro echo; bumper music and talk leading up to pips, fanfare and news, parallel 585 kHz.  FEB 3 0100 - Fair; bumper music, time marker, fanfare into news, parallel 585 kHz.  FEB 25 0100 - Good, with synchro echo; Informativos parallel 585, 621, and 657 kHz all good signals.  APR 6 0345 - Good; nostalgic vocals, announcer in Spanish, parallel 585 kHz.  OCT 26 0200 - Good; time marker, fanfare into news parallel 585 kHz.  NOV 28 2300 - Good; man and woman talking over a nostalgic romantic vocal cut into time pips, fanfare into news parallel 585 kHz.

639      unID   DEC 23 0400 - Time marker and fanfare into news/talk barely above noise floor, definitely not parallel the familiar RNE fanfare into news on 585 and 621 kHz.

657      SPAIN   RNE5 Madrid (40°28'N 3°52'W) JAN 28 0100 - Fair; time marker and fanfare into informativos.  FEB 25 0000 - Good; "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos."  The strongest TA at this hour.

675      NETHERLANDS   Arrow Rock, Lopik (52°01'N 5°03'E) JAN 28 0152 - Fair; Pink Floyd "Money."

675      NETHERLANDS   R.Maria, Lopik (52°01'N 5°03'E) AUG 7 0400 - Poor, sandwiched between WFAN-HD and WRKO interference; religious music.  SEP 27 0400 - Fair; church choir music through the hour.  OCT 26 0140 - Good; religious choral hymns and instrumentals through the hour without any announcements.

693      UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 5, Droitwich et al.  AUG 7 0400 - Poor in lightning noise; fanfare and BBC ID into news.  OCT 10 0230 - Good with synchro echo; "This is Five Live" into news headlines.  OCT 26 0100 - Fair, synchro echo; BBC news.  A loud burst of interference from 690 CINF wiped out the top of the hour ID.

702      FRANCE   RMC Col de la Madone (43°47'N 7°25'E) JAN 5 2150 - Good; instrumental music, man and woman in French.

711      FRANCE   France Info, Rennes (47°51'N 1°30'W) JAN 6 0400 - Fair; instrumental music, fanfare, and a woman with news in French.  JAN 28 0200 - Good, over low-level sub-audible het from Western Sahara; fanfare and woman with news in French.  SEP 7 2358 - Excellent except during brief bursts of 710 WOR splatter; orchestra instrumental parallel 837 kHz.  SEP 27 0400 - Excellent, at times stronger than adjacent 710 WOR; fanfare, man with France Info ID and woman with news.  DEC 20 2132 - Excellent, 10 dB better than adjacent 710 WOR; news in French.

720      CANARY ISLANDS   RNE5 Finca España  OCT 25 2300 - Time marker and fanfare into news; over two unID time markers, one likely RDP1 Portugal and the other WGN Chicago.  710 WOR-HD interference eliminated by ECSS in LSB mode.

747      CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN   RNE5 synchros  APR 6 2340 - Good, over presumed Netherlands; telephone talk parallel 774 kHz.  OCT 25 2302 - Faded up strong over Netherlands; report by a man, fanfare, and woman anchoring news in Spanish parallel 855 kHz.

747      NETHERLANDS   Radio 5, Flevoland (52°23'N 5°25'E) JAN 5 2245 - Good; low-key studio discussion in Dutch.  Dave Brubeck Quartet "Take 5" leading up to 2300; Canaries/Spain fading in.  SEP 5 0400 - Fair; smooth jazz instrumental, time pips (over RNE pips), and a woman in Dutch.  SEP 7 2358 - Good; easy listening instrumental, 2400 time marker (three pips - two short, one long), a woman reading news in Dutch, and at 0002 Radio Vijf ID.  OCT 10 0230 - Folk music over RNE telephone talk.  OCT 25 2300 - Good; easy listening instrumental, time marker (2 + 1), news by a man in Dutch.  NOV 28 2400 - Good; pre-recorded Radio 5 ID by a woman and three time pips (2 + 1) into news.

756      GERMANY   Deutschlandfunk, Braunschweig & Ravensburg  JAN 5 2230 - Good; man in German, parallel 6190 kHz.  SEP 5 0400 - Good; synthesized flourish, time marker, and woman in German.  OCT 25 2300 - Good; jazz piano instrumental, time marker (3 + 1), news by a woman in German.  DEC 20 2145 - Excellent; cultural program with classical music and discussions in German.  2200 "Deutschlandfunk," time marker, and news.

765      SWITZERLAND   RSR Option Musique, Sottens (46°39'N 6°44'E) JAN 5 2225 - Good; "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" contemporary cover (maybe the Avril Lavigne studio version), Option Musique jingle, and a contemporary French vocal.  APR 6 0400 - Good; Option Musique jingle, news in French.  OCT 10 0300 - Good; Option Musique jingle and RSR ID in French.  OCT 25 2300 - Fair; Option Musique jingle and RSR ID, then a woman with news in French.  NOV 20 2200 - Fair; light instrumental, Option Musique jingle and ID into news.

774      SPAIN   RNE1 synchros  JAN 6 0400 - Good; fanfare, "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos."  OCT 25 2300 - Fair; time marker (5 + 1), fanfare, and news parallel 855 kHz.

782      SYRIA   R.Syria 1, Tartus (34°55'N 35°52'E) JAN 2 2150 - Huge signal, 10 dB better than 783 Mauritania.

783      MAURITANIA   R.Mauritanie, Nouakchott (18°07'N 15°57'W) JAN 18 0100 - Talk in vernacular; a tight squeeze between 782 Syria het and WNNW-HD.  OCT 24 2200 - Tribal African vocal, then talk parallel 4845 kHz.  Excellent, but fading in and out of an unID sub-audible het.

792      FRANCE   France Info, Limoges (45°56'N 1°10'E) OCT 26 0100 - Fair; orchestra instrumental, fanfare into news.

819      EGYPT   ERTU Batra (31°09'N 31°27'E) OCT 10 0250 - Huge s9 signal, low modulation; Koranic vocals.  0300 ID, "Idhaat ul djumhuriyati misr al arabi min al qahira."  (This is the Arabic Republic of Egypt Radio from Cairo.)  Audio uploaded to dxclipjoint.com 'Loco the DX Cat' section.  Thanks to Dmitry Mezin and Mauricio Molano of RealDX for help with identification.  OCT 24 2200 - Fair; Middle Eastern flute music, woman with "...al qahira" ID and news.  DEC 20 2200 - Fair; news music bed, "...min al qahira" ID into news.

837      FRANCE   France Info, Nancy (48°53'N 6°14'E) APR 6 0400 - Good, over COPE; France Info ID, fanfare, and news.  SEP 5 0400 - Fair; man and woman with news in French.  SEP 7 2358 - Good; orchestra instrumental.  OCT 10 0300 - Fair, over COPE; piano instrumental, fanfare into news by a woman in French.  OCT 24 2225 - Good; telephone talk in French parallel 792 kHz.  OCT 25 2300 - Fair; fanfare into news.

837      CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN   COPE synchros  AUG 5 0346 - Fair; telephone talk in Spanish.

846      unID   AUG 5 0345 - Carrier observed on spectrum analyzer display; occasional music over lightning noise, sounded like classical.  South Africa?

855      SPAIN   RNE1 synchros  AUG 5 0340 - Good with synchro echo, over an unID het on low side; man and woman in Spanish.  OCT 25 2300 - Good with synchro echo; time marker, fanfare, "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos."  NOV 28 2400 - Good; time pips and fanfare into news, synchro echo with half-second delay between stations.

864      EGYPT   ERTU Santah (30°45'N 31°08'E) MAR 3 0100 - Good; Koranic vocal through the hour.

864      FRANCE   France Bleu, Villebon-sur-Yvette (48°41'N 2°14'E) SEP 7 2345 - Excellent; pop French vocal, France Bleu jingle, and an English reggae vocal.  OCT 25 2300 - Fair; France Bleu jingle and ID, pop music.  OCT 26 0058 - Excellent; David Bowie "Let's Dance," short announcement, and a French pop vocal.  NOV 23 2200 - Good; George Harrison "My Sweet Lord," France Bleu jingle and ID, then a French adult contemporary vocal.

873      SPAIN   SER synchros  MAR 3 0000 - Fair with a strong het from an unID 873.9 kHz signal.

882      CANARY ISLANDS // SPAIN   COPE synchros  MAR 3 0000 - Fair, over BBC; orchestral program intro, parallel 837 and 999 kHz.

882      UNITED KINGDOM   BBC R.Wales, Washford (51°10'N 3°21'W) JAN 7 2200 - Fair; "This is BBC Radio Wales" with fanfare, then a woman with news.  SEP 2 0400 - Fair, over COPE; time marker and BBC World Service ID into news through burst of 880 WCBS splatter.  OCT 10 0359 - Good; "BBC World Service is available 24 hours a day on DAB..." and time marker into BBC World Service news.  OCT 26 0200 - Excellent; time marker, "BBC World Service.  It's 2 o'clock GMT, this is The World Today," and lead story about U.S. Presidential campaign with Obama sound bite.

909      UNITED KINGDOM   BBC Radio 5 Live synchros  NOV 23 2300 - Promo with "909 693" and BBC mentions; fair in 910 WABI slop with local 900 WGHM open carrier.

917      NIGERIA   R.Gotel, Yola  OCT 26 2150 - Definite carrier noted alongside 918 kHz, no audio for positive ID.  Have to catch this before sunset or 2200 UTC when it gets buried in the domestic noise floor.

927      BELGIUM   VRT Radio Een, Wolvertem (50°59'N 4°18'E) NOV 23 2158 - Fair; man in Flemish, 2200 signed off.  DEC 19 2201 - Fair; signed off abruptly while in the middle of apparent newscast in Flemish.

936      SPAIN   RNE5 Becarot (38°19'N 0°33'W), San Cristóbal (41°39'N 4°43'W), and C.Torrero (41°37'N 0°53'W) MAR 3 0000 - Definitely all three synchros received with triple time pips on the hour and heavily echoed Informativos.

945      FRANCE   France Info, Toulouse (43°21'N 1°20'E) JAN 7 2135 - Good; man with news in French, France Info IDs, and talk, parallel a weaker 1206 kHz signal.  OCT 26 2145 - Good; news/talk in French.

954      CZECH REPUBLIC   Ceský Rozhlas synchros  DEC 4 2300 - Sign off with announcement in Czech and instrumental national anthem.  New log.  DEC 21 2259 - Sign-off with instrumental national anthem; under Spain.

954      SPAIN   Onda Cero, Madrid  JAN 7 2259 - Fair; "...aquí, en Onda Cero," hour time pips.  MAR 22 2300 - Fair; Onda Cero ID into Beatles "Hard Days Night" bumper music.

963      PORTUGAL   R.Renascença, Seixal (38°38'N 9°05'W) MAR 2 2359 - Fair; contemporary vocal, dueling time pips with R.Vitoria Spain on the hour.

963      PORTUGAL   R.Sim, Seixal (38°38'N 9°05'W) NOV 23 2200 - Fair; R.Sim ID by a woman, then an easy listening instrumental leading into a talk or public affairs program.

963      TUNISIA   RTT Tunis (36°48'N 10°10'E) DEC 21 2250 - Huge signal; contemporary Arabic vocal with strings, announcement by a woman, then a Koranic vocal.  2257 choral national anthem, then signed off leaving Portugal in clear.

972      GERMANY   NDR Info, Hamburg (53°31'N 10°07'E) OCT 26 0000 - Excellent!  "NDR Info, Nachrichten" and woman with news in German.  Audio uploaded to dxclipjoint.com Loco the DX Cat files.

972      LIBYA   Libyan Jamahiriya, Sirte  SEP 7 2336 - Fair; Koranic vocal and flute, then a woman in Arabic, parallel 1053 kHz.  DEC 6 2345 - Excellent; Koranic vocal parallel 1053.10 kHz.  2349 national anthem, 2352 carrier off.

999      MOLDOVA   Voice of Russia, Grigoriopol, Maiac (47°14'N 29°24'E) JAN 1 2300 - Presumed; ethnic vocal under COPE Spain.  JAN 10 2300 - Typical series of fast pips heard through Saudi Arabia and Spain.  2400 time pips again noted.  SEP 2 0300 - Two cycles of Mayak (Lighthouse) radio interval signal chimes, the first fading up over presumed 1010 WINS-HD digital noise, the second cycle stronger, then time pips from multiple stations.  Chuck Hutton and Mauricio Molano at RealDX identified the chimes, and Mauno Ritola confirmed Mayak on 999 when not relaying other programs.  OCT 24 2240 - Good, over 1010 WINS-HD and presumed Saudi Arabia; man in Russian.  OCT 25 2345 - Good; Russian pop vocals, announcements in distinct Russian.  2400 faded into 1010 WINS-HD noise.  NOV 23 2300 - Good; "Vy efire Golos Rossii, Novosti" with novosti echoed, into news in Russian.  DEC 21 2200 - Fair; the now familiar ID, "Vy efire Golos Rossii, Novosti," into news.

999      SAUDI ARABIA   BSKSA R.Quran, Tabuk  JAN 10 2255 - Good, over Spain; Koran.  JAN 11 0140 - Koran back on top of Spain.  MAR 3 0000 - Koran under COPE Spain.  NOV 10 0000 - Good, over Spain; Koranic recitations through the hour.

999      SPAIN   COPE Madrid (40°28'N 3°52'W) JAN 10 2400 - Now in command of the frequency, well over Moldova; in-studio discussion, promo/ID, "...en la Cope."  MAR 3 0100 - Good; "Cadena Cope, Servicios Informativos."  MAR 10 0100 - Good; "Cadena Cope, Servicios Informativos."  MAR 22 2300 - Good, over unID talk, likely Moldova; "Cadena Cope" ID and talk.  DEC 7 0100 - Good, over 1010 WINS-HD noise; time marker, "Las dos, la una en Canarias," into news.

1053.07            LIBYA   Libyan Jamahiriya, Tripoli (32°50'N 13°00'E) NOV 9 2300 - Good; a capella Koranic vocal, then talk in Arabic through the hour.  Off at 2350 leaving TalkSport in clear.  NOV 28 2349 - Fair, sub-audible het against 1053.0 kHz; thundering military anthem, off at 2351 leaving TalkSport in clear.  DEC 6 2345 - Good; Koranic vocal, 2349 national anthem, parallel 972 kHz.  Measured 1053.10 kHz.  The mwoffsets list indicates drifting between 1052.999 - 1053.102 kHz.

1053    ROMANIA   R.Iasi, Iasi (47°10'N 27°37'E) SEP 2 0300 - ID and jingle into news; a weak signal with splatter from 1050 WEPN and no sign of TalkSport which was strong on 1089 kHz.  Thanks to Chuck Hutton and Mauricio Molano at RealDX for help with identification.  New log.  SEP 7 0300 - Sign-on with choral anthem and AM/FM ID with jingle, "Radio Iasi, 1053 kilohertz onda... megahertz FM."  Again no sign of TalkSport.  Audio uploaded to the Loco the DX Cat files of dxclipjoint.com.

1053    UNITED KINGDOM   TalkSport synchros  JAN 11 0200 - Fair; "1089 and 1053 AM... TalkSport News."  NOV 10 0000 - Good; promo, "...on DAB digital radio, 1089 and 1053 AM," and "From the Sky News Center, TalkSport News."

1062    CZECH REPUBLIC   Country Radio, Zbraslav  NOV 9 2300-2400+ - Audio barely breaking the noise threshold after Italy signed off; contemporary jazz or pop music.  Jim Renfrew investigated while at the Newfoundland DXpedition:  "I checked the 1062 channel post Rai sign-off and it was exclusively Country Radio from the Czech Rep.  Not very strong but all alone.  'Country' is a bit of a misnomer, they play a very eclectic mix."

1062    DENMARK   Danmarks Radio, Kalundborg (55°40'N 11°04'E) JAN 29 0455 - Fading up strong over Italy; Toto "Africa," woman in distinct Danish.  Sounded like a "DR" ID followed by fanfare and news on the hour.  APR 4 0358 - European pop vocal leading up to the hour when the signal faded, then back strong, equal to 1060 KYW, with news/talk in Danish.  APR 8 0355 - Good; Frank Sinatra "My Way."  NOV 29 0447 - Excellent; weather reports, then a contemporary vocal.  AUG 31 0400 - Excellent; pop vocal cut mid-song, fanfare into news by a man in distinctive Danish.  NOV 29 0447 - Excellent; weather reports, then a contemporary vocal.

1062    ITALY   Rai Radiouno synchros  JAN 29 0450 - Good, over Denmark; pre-0500 sign-on test tones.  APR 8 0354 - Test tones under Denmark.  NOV 9 2250 - Good, with loud synchro echo; telephone talk in Italian, Frank Sinatra "New York, New York," then excited Italian talk.  Test tones and off at 2300.  DEC 4 2300 - Good; sign off with orchestra instrumental national anthem.  DEC 6 2300 - Fair; sign-off with a tone marking top of the hour, off at 2301.

1062    TURKEY   TRT Diyarbakir (37°49'N 40°19'E) SEP 2 0200 - Overall strong signal but faded on the hour during ID (of course); Koranic vocals, announcements by a woman and man with "Radyo Bir" ID.  Thanks to Jari Savolainen at RealDX.

1071    SPAIN   Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao  AUG 31 0100 - Two stations of equal strength, neither intelligible, one presumed Euskadi Irratia.  NOV 10 0003 - Good; end of news in brief, ID with program intro.

1071.29            unID   DEC 7 0010 - Loud het against 1071 Spain.  Probably the same as Mark Connelly reported OCT 29 2246 on 1071.2 kHz.

1089    UNITED KINGDOM   TalkSport synchros  AUG 31 0200 - Good; "TalkSport News" with lead story about Hurricane Gustav.  OCT 5 0000 - Excellent; "From the Sky News Center, TalkSport News."  OCT 26 0000 - Good, weak het from presumed 1088 Angola; TalkSport News.  NOV 26 2202 - Fair, over unID; talk program intro with DAB digital radio, "1089 and 1053 AM" mentions.  DEC 7 0001 - Good; hourly news, lead stories about India terror attacks and a local murder investigation.  DEC 19 2200 - Excellent, over an unID; "From the Sky News Center, TalkSport News at Ten."

1098    SPAIN   RNE5 synchros  JAN 11 0200 - Echoing time pips, RNE fanfare into news.  MAR 10 0000 - Fair; "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos" with synchro echo.

1107    SPAIN   RNE5 synchros  JAN 11 0000 - Good; double time pips with just under a half-second delayed signal below the dominant synchro, fanfare, and "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos."  JAN 31 0455 - Loud loud synchro synchro echo echo; double minute markers into news on the hour.  Usual growl of off-frequency synchro sub-audible het not noted.

1116    ITALY   Rai Radiouno synchros  JAN 30 0454 - Pre-0500 sign-on test tones under SER.  APR 8 0356 - Test tones under SER Spain.

1125    BELGIUM   RTBF VivaCité, Houdeng (50°29'N 4°08'E) DEC 7 0100 - Fair; time marker (3 pips), "Deux heures," into news in French.

1125    SPAIN   RNE5 synchros  AUG 31 0100 - Dueling time pips from at least two synchros, then an alternating woman and man with news in Spanish parallel 1152 kHz; fair over an unID signal.  NOV 9 2300 - Fair, synchro echo; time marker and fanfare into news.

1134    CROATIA   Glas Hrvatske, Zadar (44°06'N 15°15'E) MAR 9 0000 - Good; signature slow time pips on the hour, "Hrvatske," and news.  AUG 31 0100 - Excellent with signature slow time pips well over unID pips; Hrvatske Radio ID and fanfare into news.  0200 excellent; pips, Glas Hrvatske ID, then ID and news in English.  "This is Croatian Radio, the Voice of Croatia.  You're listening to Croatia Today.  This is the news from the Voice of Croatia..."  NOV 9 2300 - Good; signature slow time pips, time check and ID with fanfare into news.  DEC 19 2100 - Excellent; Glas Hrvatske ID, signature slow/long time pips, alternating man and woman with news.

1179    SWEDEN   R.Sweden International, Sölvesborg (55°59'N 14°40'E) JAN 3 2200 - Excellent; pop/rock vocal, signature chimes and theme with IDs, "Radio Sweden, Stockholm."  JAN 31 0500 - Fair, over SER; signature chimes and ID.  NOV 26 2200 - Fair to good, over Canaries/Spain; interval signal and news in Swedish.

1206    FRANCE   France Info, Bordeaux (44°57'N 0°11'W) AUG 31 0018 - Good; news/talk in French.  NOV 26 2200 - Excellent, local-like; fanfare into news, "Bon soir..."

1215    KALININGRAD   Voice of Russia, Bolshakovo (54°54'N 21°42'E) NOV 26 2158 - Rumbling through Absolute Radio; Russian program.  NOV 29 2200 - Chimes rumbling through Absolute Radio, then news in distinct Russian.  DEC 19 2100 - Fair, over Absolute Radio; "Vy efire Golos Rossii, Novosti" into news in Russian, the same intro as often heard on 999 Moldova.

1215    UNITED KINGDOM   Virgin Radio synchros  JAN 3 2200 - Fair over Albania het; Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams," ads, Virgin Radio jingle and DJ talk.

1215    UNITED KINGDOM   Absolute Radio synchros  AUG 31 0023 - Good; Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear the Reaper."  SEP 7 0015 - Good; Blondie "Atomic."  At 0458 telephone talk and new Absolute Radio promo/ID by a woman in a soft sexy voice.  SEP 28 0000 - Good; announced phone number 0330-123-1215, promo, Absolute Radio ID and rock music.  NOV 26 2200 - Good; ad string including spot for digital radio in your car.  NOV 28 0225 - Good; absoluteradio.co.uk website promos.

1269    GERMANY   Deutschlandfunk, Neumünster (54°03'N 9°51'E) AUG 31 0025 - Classical instrumental; better than the typically strong 1422 and 6190 parallels.  SEP 28 0000 - Good; instrumental music, time marker, and woman in German.

1332    IRAN   R.Tehran, Tehran  DEC 21 2325 - Good; Koranic vocals with strings and drums.  2330 news/talk.  2400 announcements by a woman in Farsi over instrumental music, audio uploaded to Loco the DX Cat page of dxclipjoint.com.  New log.

1386    LITHUANIA   CRI Sitkunai (55°02'N 23°49'E) JAN 13 2200 - Poor; end of presumed CRI program, brief open carrier, and off.  New log.  NOV 28 2158 - Fair; end of CRI program, 2201 signed off.  NOV 29 2200 - Sign off in unusually tough Oldies 1390 WFBL splatter.  DEC 22 2150 - Fair to poor; CRI program with distinctive Chinese orchestra music, talk too weak to ascertain language, 2201 signed off.  DEC 27 2200 - Unreadable audio, but signed off promptly, leaving the frequency clear.

1394    TOGO   R.Lomé, Lomé  SEP 13 2245 - Presumed, noted carrier only; faded out by 2300 receiver sunset.  EMWG lists 0455-0005 hours of operation.

1394.62            ALBANIA   TWR Fllakë (41°22'N 19°31'E) NOV 9 2135 - Good; speaker in presumed Polish, contemporary Christian vocal, 2145 one cycle of TWR interval signal and off.

1404    FRANCE   France Info synchros  AUG 31 0034 - Good; man and woman in French parallel 1206 kHz.

1422    ALGERIA   R.Algérienne, Algiers (36°40'N 3°09'E) NOV 9 2240 - Good, over Germany; talk in French parallel 252 kHz.

1422    GERMANY   Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler (49°21'N 6°55'E) AUG 5 0348 - Good; woman in German parallel 6190 kHz.  SEP 3 0350 - Good, over an unID het; discussion in German parallel 6190 kHz.  OCT 12 2325 - Good; new age instrumental parallel 6190 kHz.  NOV 7 2300 - Good; orchestra instrumental leading up to the hour, fanfare with ID by a woman, then a man with news in German.

1431    DJIBOUTI   R.Sawa, Arta (11°31'N 42°50'E) SEP 13 2310 - Jumpy s4 to s9 signal; Mid East vocal, 2315 news.

1431    GERMANY   Voice of Russia, Wilsdruff  NOV 7 2150 - Accordion instrumental music, announcement in French, then choral music leading to 2200; at times strong but lost in deep fades.  Quite surprised to find this instead of Djibouti.  New log.  NOV 9 2220 - Over R.Sawa Djibouti; classical opera vocal.

1431    UKRAINE   R.Kultura, Kopani  DEC 27 2300 - Sign-off with announcement by a woman including R.Kultura mention, music or chimes - possibly an interval signal or theme music, then carrier was cut, sign-off coinciding with WRTH listed R.Kultura program schedule.

1440    LUXEMBOURG   RTL Marnach (50°02'N 6°04'E) DEC 27 2158 - Presumed but not definitive enough to count; distinctive Chinese orchestra music typical of CRI broadcasts, through WRED The Big Jab (ex-WJAE).

1457.58            ALBANIA   Fllakë (41°22'N 19°31'E) OCT 25 2150 - CRI program; het against unID 1458.0 kHz.  Signed off at 2230.  NOV 7 2200 - Loud het against 1458.0 kHz.  Off promptly at 2330.  NOV 9 2150 - Loud het against presumed 1458 Sunrise Radio UK.  DEC 1 2320 - Fair, het against 1458.0 kHz; CRI program, off at 2330 leaving Sunrise Radio in clear.

1467    FRANCE   TWR Roumoules (43°47'N 6°09'E) OCT 25 2235 - Good; English teaching about spirituality, 2242 closing with a Christian hymn, then TWR contact info, "Good night," one cycle of interval signal, open carrier and off at 2247.  NOV 7 2315 - Excellent; Bible study in English and choir music.  At 2330 TWR contact info, then carrier was off momentarily (antenna pattern change?), returning with one cycle of interval signal followed by program alternating between English and French reading of Bible verses.  2400 one cycle of interval signal, then open carrier until off at 0002.  NOV 28 2200 - Good; Arabic program website address spelled out slowly in English.  DEC 1 2310 - Good; Arabic program.  Slight het noted on the high side from presumed Iran.  2315 carrier off briefly, then back with one cycle of interval signal and "TransWorld Radio UK" program in English.  DEC 21 2320 - Excellent, over 1467.3 kHz Iran het; Bible teaching in English about Adam and Eve.

1467.32            IRAN   IRIB Sarasary, Isfahan  DEC 1 2310+ - Presumed; producing het on high side of TWR France.  Reported by Sylvain Naud, Günter Lorenz, and Giampiero Bernardini via mwoffsets.

1476    AUSTRIA   ORF Wien-Bisamberg (48°19'N 16°23'E) DEC 27 2258 - Classical guitar instrumental, faded on the hour of course, then back strong with alternating man and woman in German.

1503    IRAN   IRIB Sarasary, Bushehr (28°58'N 50°51'E) NOV 7 2300 - Good; Koranic vocal through the hour.

1503    SPAIN   RNE5 Piñeira and La Línea de la Concepción  NOV 7 2400 - Fair, synchro echo, well over Iran; time pips and fanfare into news.

1512    BELGIUM   R.Vlaanderen International, Wolvertem (50°59'N 4°18'E) FEB 8 0458 - Fair; open carrier, then news in Flemish on the hour.

1521    SAUDI ARABIA   BSKSA Duba (27°20'N 35°45'E) AUG 4 0040 - Good; man in Arabic.  The most reliable transatlantic signal this summer, received on almost any given night.  OCT 25 2145 - Good, s9+10; melancholic Arabic speaker and instrumental music parallel 9555 and 9870 kHz.  NOV 7 2230 - Excellent, s9+10; interview in Arabic, then string music.  NOV 9 2245 - Excellent, s9+10; string music, announcements by alternating man and woman.  DEC 22 2158 - Excellent; contemporary Middle Eastern music through the hour.

1539    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   R.Aap Ki Dunyaa, Al Dhabiya  MAY 12 0115 - Amazingly good solid signal; woman and man in Urdu, 0129 music/promo, then more news/talk, parallel fair 7145 kHz.

1548    KUWAIT   R.Sawa, Kabd-Kuwait City (29°10'N 47°32'E) MAY 12 0147 - Fair through WQEW-HD interference; Mid East pop music.  OCT 25 2132 - Good; woman with news in Arabic.

1548    MOLDOVA   VOR Grigoriopol (47°14'N 29°24'E) MAR 12 0358 - Test tones, then sign-on announcement and music followed by a woman in slow English, "This is the Voice of Russia," and program for listeners in Afghanistan.

1557    FRANCE   France Info, Fontbonne (43°46'N 7°25'E) FEB 2 2159 - Fair; woman in French, a quick "France Info..." and fanfare into news on the hour.  MAR 12 0358 - Good; nostalgic French vocal, on the hour fanfare and news.  MAY 1 0400 - Good but with deep fades, "Bonjour" and alternating man and woman with news.

1566    BENIN   TWR Parakou  FEB 3 0400 - Church choir music through the hour.  A rather unimpressive signal by comparison with 1557 France Info a good 20 dB stronger.  At least 1566 has a clear shot with 1570 CFAV R.Boomer nulled, now that 1560 WQEW R.Disney has reduced analog bandwidth to +/- 5 kHz in preparation for HD digital.  MAY 1 0428 - At times loud and clear, otherwise buried in CFAV slop with WQEW nulled; man and woman in African language.  0431 woman with report in English, 0436 contemporary vocal.  DEC 26 2200 - Fair; repeating interval signal, "This is the international voice of TransWorld Radio, Benin," and announcement in an African language.  The interval signal was an African instrument, not the usual TWR signal.  Audio uploaded to Loco the DX Cat page of dxclipjoint.com.

1575    ITALY   Rai Radiouno synchros  MAR 8 0446 - Under SER Spain; pre-0500 sign-on test tones.

1575    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   R.Farda, Al Dhabiya (24°11'N 54°14'E) MAY 12 0135 - Fair, best in USB to avoid WQEW-HD interference; man and woman with news/talk in Farsi, 0145 pop music, parallel 5860 kHz.  AUG 4 0050 - Poor with WQEW-HD nulled out; Mid East pop music.  OCT 25 2140 - Fair, subject to deep fades; U.S. and Middle East pop vocals.  NOV 7 2201 - Fading up to a solid s9; Middle Eastern female vocal.

1611    ITALY   R.Vaticana, Santa Maria di Galeria (41°54'N 12°27'E) APR 6 0430 - Fair; religious choral music, talk in unID language.  0440 choral music, one cycle of interval signal and more music.


Pan-American DX

530      CUBA   R.Enciclopedia, La Habana  FEB 24 1100 - Good, over CIAO; "Transmite CMBQ Radio Enciclopedia, desde la Habana, Cuba.  La hora en la Habana, capital... las seis."  Easy listening instrumental music.  First time logged since the switch from R.Cadena Habana and R.Rebelde affiliations.  MAY 4 0900 - Good, over RVC; easy listening instrumentals.

550      COLOMBIA   R.Nacional de Colombia, two locations  MAR 3 0500 - Fair; Internet promo, "Radio Nacional de Colombia... punto com," and soft instrumental jazz music.  New log.

555      ST. KITTS & NEVIS   ZIZ Basseterre (17°19'N 62°44'W) FEB 25 0000 - Good; Trinidad vs. Jamaica football play-by-play, not parallel ZIZ streaming audio which was jazz instrumental music.  APR 6 0900 - Good; bbcworldservice.com promo, time pips, World Briefing from the BBC World Service with time check, "It's 9 o'clock GMT."

560      CUBA   R.Rebelde, Moa (20°40'N 74°56'W) FEB 22 1100 - Rebelde sounder and theme through a stew of signals.  The same sounder SDR-captured at 1100 UTC on 550 under WSVA, 610 under WGIR, and 670 kHz, while normally strong 600 wasn't heard under WICC.  Like an interval signal or Morse code, the distinctive Rebelde sounder makes for easy identification through the worst of interference.  FEB 23 1100 - Rustic folk music parallel 600, 670, and 710 kHz.  560 has been rather strong lately, often better than 600 and 670, maybe an upgraded transmitter.  MAR 3 0600 - Excellent; "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución," parallel 600, 610, 620, etc.  MAY 2 0900 - Fair, over WFRB; theme song parallel 670 kHz.

570      CUBA   CMDC R.Reloj, Santa Clara (22°24'N 79°56'W) MAR 1 0000 - Good; ID and time check, then time checks for various locations worldwide with chimes between each announcement, "Radio Reloj, doce de la noche en la Habana Cuba (chimes), nueve de la noche en Vancouver, Canada (chimes)..."

600      CUBA   CMKV R.Rebelde, Urbano Noris (20°35'N 76°08'W) FEB 11 0100 - Excellent; nostalgia, "Rebelde la habana, emisora de la revolución."

610      CUBA   CMAN R.Rebelde, Bahía Honda (22°53'N 83°09'W) MAR 1 1000 - Under WGIR; theme and "emisora de la revolución" ID.  Parallels: 550 mixed with WDDZ, 560 good, 600 fair with WICC, 670 fair with WSCR, and 710 under WOR.

620      CUBA   R.Rebelde, multiple locations  FEB 11 0300 - Good; "La Parade de Exitos" countdown.

620      NICARAGUA   YNN R.Nicaragua, Managua  FEB 11 0100 - Mixed with R.Rebelde Cuba and 621 Canaries/Spain het; man and woman with promo/ID and montage of romantic ballads in the style of Roberto Carlos.

630      CUBA   R.Progreso, Pinar del Río (22°25'N 83°43'W) MAR 3 1000 - Under WPRO; theme and chime into "A Primera Hora," parallel 640 kHz.

640      CUBA   R.Progreso, multiple sites  FEB 11 0400 - Excellent; theme song, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría..."  MAR 4 1000 - Excellent; "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría transmitiendo desde la Habana, Cuba..." and "A Primera Hora," parallel a good 690 kHz.  MAY 2 0900 - Good; theme song, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría..." and chime with time check into La Primera Hora.  NOV 20 2300 - Fair, over Guadeloupe; "La onda de la alegría" ID with theme song, chime and time check.

660      CUBA   CMHG R.Progreso, Santa Clara (22°24'N 79°56'W) MAR 3 0500 - Under WFAN; choral national anthem parallel 640 kHz.

670      CUBA   CMQ R.Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas (23°00'N 82°30'W) JAN 26 2300 - Rebelde sounder under WIEZ.

680      COLOMBIA   HJZO R.Nacional de Colombia, Sabanagrande  MAR 3 0500 - Under WRKO; unequivocal parallel 550 with soft instrumental jazz music.

680      CUBA   R.Progreso, multiple sites  APR 3 0401 - Under WRKO; choral national anthem on cue with 640, 690, 730 and 750 kHz.

690      COLOMBIA   HJCZ R.Recuerdos, Bogotá (4°37'N 74°03'W) MAR 3 0400 - Over CINF; "Variedad musical es Radio Recuerdos," ranchera music.

690      CUBA   R.Progreso, Jovellanos (22°49'N 81°10'W) MAR 3 1000 - Under CINF; theme with "onda de la alegría" ID, chime and time check into "A Primera Hora," parallel 640 kHz.

700      JAMAICA   Nationwide News Network, Hague, Trelawny  MAR 3 0300 - Fair through WLW; telephone talk in Caribbean-accented English.

720      JAMAICA   Nationwide News Network, Innswood, St.Catherine (18°00'N 76°47'W) FEB 11 0040 - Good; non-stop soft rock vocals, Mr. Mister "Broken Wings," Hall & Oates "One on One," Lionel Richie "Easy," parallel 700 (under WLW).  2008 WRTH lists 720 as HD digital with future plans for HD implementation on all network frequencies.  MAR 3 0400 - Good; telephone talk in Caribbean-accented English through the top of the hour, talking about relationships and fear of getting hurt, parallel 700 kHz.  0500, end of talk program, "Stay with Nationwide Radio, a revolution in media," and Eric Clapton "Wonderful Tonight."

730      COLOMBIA   HJCU R.Lider, Bogotá (4°39'N 74°08'W) MAR 3 0400 - Fair; "Radio Lider... Bogotá... en todo el pais," with fanfare.

730      MEXICO   XEX Estadio W, Colonia el Vergel, México (19°19'N 99°05'W) FEB 11 0400 - Under CKAC; "Esta es la hora nacional."

740      CUBA   R.Angulo, Holguín  JAN 18 2300 - Fair, over nulled CHWO; "Esta es CMKO Radio Angulo, transmitiendo... Cuba" with reverb over music bed, then an interval signal-like series of notes and time check into an urban contemporary Spanish vocal.  MAR 3 0400 - Good signal, distorted audio; "Esta es CMKO Radio Angulo, transmitiendo de Holguín, Cuba," and chimes with time check, "Once punto."

750      CUBA   CMHV R.Progreso, Trinidad (21°48'N 79°59'W) FEB 8 1100 - Good; chime with time check, then "La Primera Hora" program.  FEB 9 1100 - Good; "La Hora Primera" news.  MAR 3 0400 - Under YVKS; theme music with "onda de la alegría" ID, chime and time check.  APR 28 0900 - Good, over WSB; theme song with ID, chime with time check and ID into La Primera Hora, parallel 730 also good.  SEP 5 0800 - Poor; theme song with ID, chime, and time check.  OCT 26 0100 - Under CBGY with WSB nulled out; R.Progreso ID in sports commentary.

750      VENEZUELA   YVKS RCR Caracas (10°29'N 67°00'W) JAN 18 2301 - Good; promo string with many RCR mentions.  MAR 3 0200 - Good; promo, "...siempre por Radio Caracas Radio."

760      COLOMBIA   HJAJ RCN Barranquilla (10°53'N 74°49'W) FEB 11 0300 - Under WJR, and over R.Progreso Cuba; "RCN Noticias."  MAR 3 0201 - Good; "RCN, la radio de Colombia" and "RCN Noticias" with lead story about conflict with Venezuela.

760      CUBA   R.Progreso, unknown location  FEB 11 0300 - Folk ballad parallel 640, 690, and 750 kHz.

770      CUBA   R.Rebelde, Las Mercedes  JAN 2 2300 - Rebelde sounder through WABC.  FEB 8 1058 - Fair with WABC interference; rustic folk vocal leading up to the hour, parallel 710 kHz.

780      VENEZUELA   YVMN R.Coro, Coro (11°23'N 69°40'W) FEB 11 0200 - Under WBBM; series of promo/IDs, "Radio Coro, patrimonio de la comunidad," and Ruta Musical program, "...por Radio Coro, 780 AM."  MAR 3 0200 - Good; "Radio Coro, 780 AM" and "Ruta Musical 780" promo/IDs.

790      CUBA   CMAQ R.Reloj, Pinar del Río (22°25'N 83°43'W) and unID location  JAN 18 2300 - Usual double minute markers and code IDs from two out of sync Reloj signals on this frequency, Pinar del Río and an unID location, the delayed signal the stronger of the two.  JAN 27 0200 - Both good signals, one delayed by nearly a second, burying WSKO.  MAR 3 0155 - Good; double minute markers and Sunday chimes with half-second delay between two stations.  0200 RR code resumed for next half hour.

820      CUBA   CMCA R.Ciudad de la Habana, Santa Catalina (23°04'N 82°23'W) JAN 18 0058 - Presumed, over R.Reloj; woman with many Cuba references, lost to WNYC and urban gospel WGGM at hour.

820      ST. KITTS & NEVIS   TBN/R.Paradise, Charlestown (17°08'N 62°37'W) JAN 6 0400 - Good, over WNYC; "This is the Trinity Broadcasting Network..." into a Christian program that "...because of your generous support, is now heard around the world."

840      CUBA   CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara (22°24'N 79°56'W) FEB 18 1100 - Fair; short choral national anthem, then ID with theme music, "Esta es Doblevé..."  MAR 5 0500 - Under WHAS; presumed with choral national anthem.  SEP 5 0401 - Even with WHAS; choral national anthem.  SEP 27 0400 - Under WHAS; choral national anthem.

850      CUBA   R.Reloj, Nueva Gerona (21°53'N 82°48'W) JAN 18 0100 - Minute marker and code under WEEI.  MAR 11 0900 - Under WEEI; minute marker and code.

860      CUBA   CMDB R.Reloj, Baracoa (20°21'N 74°29'W) JAN 18 0100 - Noted under CJBC.  0200 on top;  hour marker, "...Radio Reloj desde Habana, Cuba."

870      CUBA   CMDT R.Reloj, Sancti Spíritus (21°56'N 79°26'W) JAN 18 0100 - Noted under WLVP.

880      CUBA   CMAF R.Progreso, Pinar del Río (22°25'N 83°43'W) MAR 11 0900 - Under WCBS; theme music, chime with time check into "A Primera Hora."

900      CUBA   CMKP R.Progreso, Cacocum-San Germán (20°44'N 76°20'W) MAR 11 0900 - Under CHML with local WGHM Nashua nulled out; theme music, chime with time check into "A Primera Hora."

910      CUBA   R.Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey  JAN 12 1102 - Fair, over WABI; "...de Radio Cadena Agramonte," man/woman with Camagüey news.  FEB 18 1100 - Good, over an unID Spanish speaker; "Desde la cuna de el mejor transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba."

930      CUBA   R.Reloj, multiple locations  FEB 4 0402 - Under WGIN and WPAT; minute marker and RR code ID, Sunday chimes instead of RR heard before top of the hour.

940      MEXICO   XEQ Besame, Iztapalapa, México (19°19'N 99°05'W) JAN 2 0050 - Over presumed WIDG in CINW null; a cheesy instrumental, Besame jingle, and romántica.  FEB 4 0355 - Under CINW; romántica, "Esta es La Hora Nacional, en vivo" on the hour.

950      CUBA   R.Reloj, La Habana and Mayarí Arriba  FEB 4 0345 - Good; in Sunday mode with RR code replaced by chimes during bottom half hour, double minute markers and echo due to delay between stations.

960      CUBA   R.Reloj, multiple locations  JAN 12 1100 - Fair, over WELI; woman with news, syncopated clock, etc.  FEB 4 0350 - Clock, minute marker, and chimes under WELI.  MAR 18 0400 - Good; time checks for locations worldwide with descending chimes between each announcement, "Once la noche en Caracas, Venezuela (chimes), doce la noche en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana (chimes)..." parallel 950 kHz.  OCT 26 0250 - Minute marker and RR code through co-channel domestics.

990      CUBA   R.Guamá, San Luís  MAR 18 0400 - Under WNTP; choral national anthem, R.Guamá ID by a woman.  New log.  In the past, never stopping to listen until this time noticing the anthem, I'd presumed that Spanish on this frequency was WALE R.Amor or paid programming on WLGZ Legends 102.7.

1000    COLOMBIA   HJAQ RCN Cartagena (10°30'N 75°26'W) JAN 7 1100 - Fair through WMVP; choral national anthem, then an unintelligible announcement and RCN theme song.  The rooster wake-up call of R.Granma Cuba normally around 1100 UTC not heard in a couple weeks.  JAN 16 1046 - Under WMVP; "La radio de Colombia" jingle.  Cartagena sunrise 1124.

1000    CUBA   R.Granma, Manzanillo  FEB 6 1100 - Over HJAQ "la radio de Colombia" theme, under WMVP; usual rooster wake-up calls.  MAR 18 1000 - Under WMVP and WIOO; rooster wake-up calls.

1000    MEXICO   XEOY R.Mil, Iztacalco, México DF (19°23'N 99°07'W) JAN 12 1100 - Fair; ranchera, "Vive México, Radio Mil" jingle, and choral anthem.  Then alternating man/woman in Spanish faded up over the anthem, UTC-5 time check; Colombia or Cuba.  JAN 16 1149 - "Vive México, Radio Mil" jingle, ad string, and romantic nostalgia; under WMVP.  México DF sunrise 1313.  FEB 4 0400 - Under WMVP; La Hora Nacional parallel 940 XEQ.  FEB 18 1100 - Good, over WMVP; "Vive México, Radio Mil" jingle and national anthem.  MAR 17 0535 - Good with WMVP off, over an unID Latino signal; nostalgic Mexican ranchera vocals, "Viva" slogans and familiar "Vive México, Radio Mil" jingles.

1020    CUBA   R.Reloj, unknown location  FEB 4 0445 - About even with KDKA, over unID compas music (WRHB or Haiti?); in Sunday mode with chimes replacing RR code during bottom half hour.

1060    MEXICO   XEEP R.Educación, México DF (19°22'N 99°02'W) SEP 7 0500 - Fair; "Esta es Radio Educación..." into a cultural program.

1070    CUBA   unID  FEB 12 0500 - Mixed with WINA during moment of CBA dead air; opening fanfare of Cuba national anthem.  Cadena CMKS or R.Guamá.

1080    CUBA   R.Cadena Habana, Güines  FEB 12 0458 - Under WTIC; Cuba national anthem parallel 1100 kHz.

1100    CUBA   CMCH R.Cadena Habana, La Salud (22°53'N 82°26'W) JAN 14 0025 - Presumed this wobbler beating up on WTAM.  FEB 12 0458 - Under WTAM; Cuba national anthem parallel 1080 kHz.  APR 4 0440 - Fair with WTAM apparently off the air and testing, over an unID Latin American; contemporary romantic vocals including a Spanish rendition of a Whitney Houston song.  0500 WTAM returned with a strong open carrier.

1140    CUBA   R.Rebelde, unknown location  FEB 16 1100 - Under WRVA; rustic folk vocal, Rebelde sounder, parallel 1180 kHz.  New log.  MAR 17 1000 - Under WRVA; music, ID, and sounder parallel 1180 kHz.

1180    CUBA   R.Rebelde, Villa María and Mayarí Arriba  JAN 30 1100 - Good with 'synchro' echo between stations; salsa and Rebelde sounder.  Het from 1181 unID.  FEB 12 0500 - Excellent, over an unID Spanish talker; two Rebelde stations, one delayed by a half second creating loud echo.

1280    BERMUDA   VSB2 Hamilton  JAN 14 0000 - Fair in WEIM null; Christian music, "You're listening to BBN broadcasting on WYFG FM..." and "BBN Worship Hour."


Transpacific DX

747      JAPAN   JOIB Sapporo (43°05'N 141°37'E) OCT 9 0958 - Weak s5 signal at best; brief audio, talk in Japanese, clear top of the hour NHK time pips.  Also 774 kHz carrier noted, s4 at best.  OCT 26 1040-1055 - Briefly good s6 signal; a man in Japanese, speaking in a rather dry tone, perhaps a religious program.  Fading down to s4 by 1100, receiver sunrise 1113 UTC.  Transpacific signals also noted at 702 (unID) and 774 (Japan).  DEC 21 1145 - Very briefly with audio parallel 774 kHz also peaking at this time, otherwise just carriers until 1215 receiver sunrise fade out.

1503    NEW ZEALAND   R.Sport  OCT 11 0950-1005 - Possibly this with Pacific coast conditions favoring down-under; s4 carrier noted, not strong enough to produce audio, s5 needed to overcome splatter and local noise floor.

1566    SOUTH KOREA   HLAZ Cheju Island (33°28'N 126°23'E) DEC 21 1235 - Presumed with carrier noted but no audio; through 1570 CFAV and WNSH slop, nulled 1560 WQEW not a factor.


QSL Information

747      JAPAN   JOIB Sapporo - QSL card and letter, received in 99 days for a report with URL to dxclipjoint.com audio sample and two IRCs (returned).  Signed DATE Shigeru, Public Relations Section, who wrote, "We heard your mp3 file, and verified the program is ours.  We don't need coupon to send you the card, so send you back the coupon with the card."  Address:  Sapporo Regional Headquarters, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, 1-1 Odori Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Japan 060-8703.  My first ever transpacific MW QSL!


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