Listening Waters - 2013 Prince Edward Island DXpedition

November 2 - 9
Murray Harbour North (46°04'N 62°28'W)
* All dates/times UTC *

The DXers and Their Receivers

Bruce Conti - WiNRADiO Excalibur, MWDX-5 phasing unit
Walt Salmaniw - Microtelecom Perseus
Brent Taylor - RFSpace SDR-IQ, Quantum Phaser, Sangean DT-400W
Niel Wolfish - WiNRADiO Excalibur


NOV 2 2030 - NOV 4 1500: 600-ft Beverage at 60° not terminated
NOV 4 1500 - NOV 5 1600: 1200-ft Beverage at 60° not terminated
NOV 5 1600 - NOV 8 0200: 1200-ft Beverage at 60° terminated
(ICE model 112A 4-way active splitter used for Beverage sharing)
NOV 2 - 5: Terminated SuperLoop, 16 x 60-ft, aimed northeast
NOV 5 - 9: Terminated Delta, 32-ft tall, aimed northeast
(Wellbrook 4-way active splitter for SuperLoop/Delta sharing)
NOV 8 - 9: 350-ft BOG
NOV 2 - 6: Dual Delta, 35 and 40 ft tall, aimed north/south (not terminated).
NOV 7 - 8: Terminated Delta, 40-ft tall, 180° south.
(ICE model 112A 2-way active splitter for Delta/dual Delta sharing)

Brent Taylor

     Once again, it was a delight to welcome DXers to our little corner of Atlantic Canada. Bruce did a great job of researching possible locations, and after my scouting trip to the most attractive candidates, we settled on Murray Harbour North. Having 17 acres on the coast of PEI is rare, and we took full advantage of it with Bruce's Beverage as well as other antennas. The week was a great time of fellowship, DX, and sharing best practices. While I would have hoped for a more favourable mix of solar-terrestrial indices, the solid captures of India 1071 and Botswana 909 made the whole week worthwhile for me. Grabbing India with my ultralight DT-400W – inductively coupled to the Beverage wire – was my personal highlight. It was great having Walter DX with us and bring his Grayland and Haida Gwaii tales with him from the West Coast. And Niel was, as always, dependable for his DXing skill, vast knowledge, uncanny memory, and great sense of humour. I’ll be combing through my SDR captures for some time, and I hope I’ll be done in plenty of time for our 2014 DXpedition. Big thanks to Bruce for being the logging chronicler of our event in addition to the provider of great antenna feeds to the group.

Niel Wolfish

     Thanks to the on-the-ground cottage-locating efforts of Brent Taylor and internet sleuthing by Bruce Conti, I was able to once again enjoy a great DXpedition with great company in beautiful Prince Edward Island. Now having done this five times in the past six years, although I am "from away," I really feel at home in PEI. Our previous DX haunts (Priest Pond in 2008 and 2009, Savage Harbour in 2010 and Howe Bay in 2012) have been sold after we have visited them, so hopefully the owners of the Glistening Waters (a.k.a. “Listening Waters”) Victorian Cottage will not decide to sell the place before next year!
     This was another great location. Plenty of room for antennas and away from many noisemaking devices. And of course, our nearest local station was in another province! But 'Listening Waters' was not too off the beaten track, so we could still work in the all-important lighthouse visits and proper 'sit down' lunches (and grocery supply runs) in Montague, Murray River (not to be confused with Murray Harbour or Murray Harbour North!) and even Souris.
     Although we did not get any Trans-Pacific DX this time, and the Latin Americans were sparse, I'd say we had more than enough from Europe, Africa and the Middle East to keep us busy from mid-afternoon until it was time to hit the sack. I was especially thrilled to meet Victoria DXer Walt Salmaniw for the first time. I had hoped that having him present would be a big help when the Trans-Pacific DX began to roll in at sunrise. Although he could not guide us through the anticipated Trans-Pacific stations, Walt's presence was handy for identifying the Slavic language broadcasts coming from Europe and also spotting some interesting Europirates above 1600 and shortwave signals (especially the All India Radio outlets). Now we just have to get Brent to learn how to speak Arabic or Farsi by next year!
     Many thanks again to Brent for organizing another great event and to Bruce and Walt for altering me to some tasty DX treats, particularly India on 1071. And also thanks to Bruce for doing a great job of documenting our experiences.

Bruce Conti

     This was my fourth Prince Edward Island DXpedition, after having survived 2009 Priest Pond, 2010 Savage Harbour, and 2012 Howe Bay. Every one of these DXpeditions has been a unique experience. Last year at Howe Bay was most notable for its outstanding tropical reception. 'Welcome to Bizarro World' might have been the moniker for this year, as it was the complete opposite of the 2012 experience. Despite an experimental bi-directional dual Delta array aimed north/south which seemed to be doing the job, atmospheric conditions weren't cooperating, with only the usual stuff from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and a couple other regulars received. The Delta was later terminated to favor south, but still no sign of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. That's ok though, as a transatlantic DX overdose more than made up for it. Check out how we piled on 1071 kHz to hear India. I also enjoyed watching rookie Walt Salmaniw go after those Europirates in the x-band, while stations like "Bluebird" and "Dr. Einstein" provided entertainment between top of the hour RF spectrum captures. Iran seemed to pop up everywhere, just as noted from home base, and the 60° Beverage attracted România Actualitati (at 56°) and the UK (approx. 60°) like flies to manure. However, there were no flies on this group, as we all collaborated to make this another exceptional DXpedition. And yes, time does fly when you're having fun. The week flew by so fast that I hardly had enough time to get settled before it was already time to say goodbye.

Walt Salmaniw

     What a treat it was to be totally immersed in fantastic European TA MW reception, in a lovely location, and very comfortable accommodations. The weather co-operated beautifully, even if the ionosphere didn't always. Still, the thrill of hearing India before 3:00 p.m. local, and the great camaraderie of seasoned DXers, made the long journey very worthwhile. I'm already dreaming of return visits in the years to come. Brent's organizational abilities were much appreciated. Niel's expertise in the MW scene on the east coast was evident daily, and we all enjoyed his humour. Bruce's technical expertise was very much in evidence, and to watch him rapidly erect Delta loops was something to behold. His photographic and internet skills were much appreciated! All in all, the total package was a perfect fit for me. Personal highlights for me, in no particular order were: (1) AIR on 1071 daily in the afternoon with the sunshine streaming through the window. (2) LKB/LLE from Norway on 5895 with only 50 watts. (3) The numerous Europirates above 1600 kHz. (4) The magic of having the entire MW band light up starting at 14:00 local and continuing throughout the afternoon and late evening, chock block full of European MW stations. Now to just begin to search the TB of Perseus wav files. Countless hours of memories there, I'm sure!

Transatlantic DX

153  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Donebach  NOV 3 2034 - Listed at 250 kW at this time, there are several long wave stations, with the German broadcaster on top, but likely Algeria, and possibly others cochannel. While the others worked MW, I thought I'd have a look down in the more difficult LW region. Antenna used here was a corner fed loop aimed to the north. [Salmaniw]
162  FRANCE France Inter, Allouis  NOV 3 2036 - Absolutely blasting in with very pleasant choir music. [Salmaniw]
171  MOROCCO R.Mediterranee Internationale, Nador  NOV 3 2037 - Again, very powerful with Arabic talk, but with co-channel Arabic music or possibly just music in the background. No sign of R.Rossii here. NOV 7 2327 - Exceptionally strong signal with English language oldie. Somewhat disturbed condtions tonight. 'Medi Un' repeated several times. I've noticed that the higher latitude stations such as the x-band marine stations in Norway are way down tonight compared to previous nights. The LW band seems particularly good for many stations tonight. [Salmaniw]
177  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Oranienburg  NOV 3 2042 - Very strong reception. [Salmaniw]
183  GERMANY Europe 1, Felsberg  NOV 3 2043 - Sports news in French. Blowtorch signal. [Salmaniw]
189  ICELAND Rikisútvarpid, Gufuskálar  NOV 3 2045 - Good to very good reception with easy listening music, and a female announcer. [Salmaniw]
198  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 4, Droitwich et al.  NOV 3 2049 - Three different transmitters listed here, 40 watts, 50 kW, and Droitwich at 500 kW, so I'm assuming the latter, with typical BBC talk, at very good levels. No sign of Algeria. [Salmaniw]
207  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Aholming  NOV 3 2051 - German at fair level, but with cochannel, which is likely Eidar, Iceland and possibly Morocco. Both with eclectic music, so a bit of a jumble. German just before the hour confirms the dominant station. [Salmaniw]
225  POLAND Polskie Radio, Konstantynow  NOV 3 2058 - Very good reception, with Polish news at top of the hour. [Salmaniw]
252  IRELAND RTE Radio 1, Clarkestown  NOV 3 2110 - Very good reception with a lovely Irish story, told by fellow. French is present in the background at fair level, so presumably Algeria. NOV 7 2354 - Very powerful reception with Beatles music followed by weather forecast for Ireland. Can just make out Algeria in background, but just barely. RT Radio 1 ID at 23:59. Six time pips at 00:00 followed by Radio 1 news, and co-channel (now stronger) were also time pips and French news from Algeria. [Salmaniw]
261  unID  NOV 3 2113 - Simply too weak to be sure who this is, either R.Horizont, or R.Rossii. [Salmaniw]
270  CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský rozhlas 1, Topolna  NOV 3 2120 - Almost very good reception 60's sounding pops, into Czech talk by a couple of women. Heard 'internet'. Weak NDB co-channel. [Salmaniw]
279  BELARUS Belaruskaye Radio 1, Sasnovy  NOV 3 2122 - Fair level at best, although carrier appeared quite strong. Modulation must be underwhelming, with music not heard very well in the background. Checked with the Twente SDR, and they have two co-channels, so who's the other? I can hear the woman singing. [Salmaniw]

The 'Listening Waters' cottage.     Brent and Niel work on the terminated SuperLoop antenna.

531  ALGERIA Jil FM, F'kirina Wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi  NOV 5 0300 - Good over unID; banter and "Jil FM Radio" promo/ID, parallel 549 kHz. [Conti] NOV 6 0041 - Very good reception with a French song 'Formidable'. A mixture of French and Arabic here. Parallel to 549. Arabic style and Western music. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2229 - Strong and parallel to 549 with a live Metallica concert. [Wolfish]
531  FAROE ISLANDS Kringvarp Føroya, Akraberg  NOV 5 0800 - Interval signal and news through 540 CBT splatter. NOV 6 0759 - Poor in 540 CBT splatter; talk with interval signal repeated twice over the next minute - an unequivocal match with [Conti]
531  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  NOV 3 2200 - Fair; "...en Radio La Carta y Radio Cinco," time marker, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos." [Conti]
549  ALGERIA Jil FM, Les Trembles  NOV 6 0600 - Good, some 540 CBT splatter; military choral national anthem, time signal marking the hour, and news. [Conti]
549  IRELAND Spirit Radio, Carrickroe  NOV 4 2000 - Excellent reception, with minimal splatter; ID and Catholic slanted news. Very nice. 'We're pulling for your family. Spirit Radio. Passion for life'. Jil FM from Algeria is heard after 20:01 or so, but much weaker, and parallel to 531 kHz. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2100 - Over/under Jil FM; "Spirit Radio on the air... Spirit Radio, news," and 9 o'clock time check into news. [Conti]
567  RUSSIA R.Rossii GTRK, Volgograd  NOV 4 1940 - Good/very good reception in the clear with multiple ID's as R.Rossii. [Salmaniw]
567  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA R.Quran, various  NOV 6 2100 - Under Spain; Koran parallel 765, 999, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]
576  BULGARIA R.Horizont, Gramada-Vidin  NOV 4 1958 - Jazzy piano music up to hourtop. Six pips and man said "Horizont," then downfaded into the jumblemess with Spain and another station. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2000 - Nice ID in the clear with 'Horizont' ID, followed by 5+1 time pips. Quickly faded down into a jumble and replaced with Spain, although I was sure I heard a few seconds of English at 2002, but by 2004 Spain was very strong. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2200 - Over/under Canaries/Spain; time marker, "Milo Rodina" choral national anthem. [Conti]
594  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Duba  NOV 5 0158 - Good; pre sign-on open carrier. 0255 discussion parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]
603  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati synchros  NOV 4 2000 - Very good reception with time pips and ID in Romanian. Time pips were co-channel with identical ones, slightly out of sync, so the transmitters may not be sync'ed exactly. A bit more of a jumble after with several co-channels noted, despite the strength. [Salmaniw]
611  MOROCCO SNRT Sebaa-Aioun  NOV 4 0020 - Fair in upfade and fighting hets on both sides, off-frequency with man talking in French, and then Arabic music at 0830. [Taylor] NOV 4 0031 - We were wondering who was so far off frequency, until we checked the mwoffsets list, and sure enough, it's Morocco. Good reception with French talk at this time. [Salmaniw] NOV 4 2218 - Quite strong with man and woman having discussion with somebody on the phone. Off frequency from 612. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2359 - Excellent signal with distorted audio; announcements with "Maghribiyya" mentions followed by dramatic string music introducing next program. [Conti]
621  BELGIUM RTBFi Wavre-Overijse  NOV 6 2000 - Fair reception fighting 620 splatter (CKCM which ID'ed as VOCM i.e. relay), but otherwise quite good with French news. Much stronger than either Tenerife or Spain proper with a soccer game in progress. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2200 - Fair; time check into news in French. [Conti]
621  CANARY ISLANDS//SPAIN RNE1 synchros  NOV 6 0600 - Good; time marker, "Son las siete, las seis en Canarias," and intro, "Las mañanas de Radio Nacional de España, Alfredo Menéndez." [Conti]
630  TUNISIA R.Nationale, Tunis  NOV 3 2140 - Strong and all alone with a female vocal. Arabic talk by man at 2145. [Wolfish] NOV 3 2141 - Excellent reception with Arabic non-stop female vocal, then Arabic by a male at 2144 (between two males). NOV 4 2000 - Very good reception; instrumental national anthem followed by a choral version to 2001:30. Tunis mentioned into news at 2001:45. Mentions of Kuwait, etc. All in Arabic, of course. Continued until 2003:15. [Salmaniw] NOV 4 2243 - Excellent, featuring tribal choral music with percussion, live performance given the applause at 2247. Then into another song with male vocalists. Matched with live internet stream to confirm ID. [Taylor] NOV 4 2247 - Strong over CFCO with a live recording of Arabic vocal (lot of applause at the end). [Wolfish]
657  ITALY Rai Radiouno, Pisa-Coltano  NOV 4 2258 - Fair in mess with news in Italian and mentions of Italy. [Taylor] NOV 5 0415 - Good; pre sign-on continuous test tone, approximately 400 Hz, parallel 1062 kHz. NOV 8 0000 - Fair; data signal and time marker, Rai news intro, on the air beyond listed 2300 sign-off. [Conti]
657  RUSSIA VOR Murmansk  NOV 4 1900 - Fair; Moscow bells, signature time marker, "novosti" parallel 1413 kHz. [Conti]
665.766  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Shushtar  NOV 7 2200 - Fair, easily separated from 666 Spain; contemporary orchestra and vocal. [Conti]
666  PORTUGAL RDP Antena 1 synchros  NOV 8 0140 - Looking for the Portuguese station (weakly heard and parallel to on-line feed), I'm also seeing and hearing a het from 665.767 Iran. [Salmaniw]
666  SPAIN SER R.Barcelona, Barcelona  NOV 4 2100 - Over/under Portugal; SER network news intro music with spring sound effect. [Conti]
675  NETHERLANDS R.Maria, Lopik  NOV 2 2300 - Good; organ music, "AM 675, Radio Maria" and R.Maria promo into telephone talk. NOV 4 2100 - Good; "AM 675, Radio Maria." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 6 0558 - Light music. ID by man in Dutch at 0600. [Wolfish]
684  SPAIN RNE1 Sevilla  NOV 3 2125 - Strong with fútbol. Parallel to 639 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 5 0000 - Excellent, over unID Koran; time marker and check, fanfare, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos." [Conti]
693  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 5, Droitwich et al. NOV 4 1859 - Poor at this hour; ID and newscast. [Wolfish]
702  FRANCE RMC-Info, Le Col de La Madonne  NOV 3 2200 - Good; CRI program in French. NOV 7 2200 - Fair; time marker, "Vouz ecoutez Radio Chine International." [Conti]
702  IRAN VOIRI Rasht-Kiashahr  NOV 3 0140 - Good; Koranic vocal parallel Aztabriz stream. [Conti] NOV 3 0144 - Parallel to their webstream with Middle Eastern music. [Wolfish]
711  FRANCE France Info, Rennes  NOV 2 2100 - Good, over 711.11 Western Sahara het; football report ending with intro to "le journal" and fanfare into news. [Conti] NOV 4 1900 - Weak with usual music they play before the news and woman reading news in French. [Wolfish]
711  IRAN IRIB R.Ahwaz, Ahwaz  NOV 4 2030 - Chimes and anthem heard under France. [Wolfish]
720  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 4 synchros  NOV 2 2009 - Program talking about the music of Van Morrison. [Wolfish] NOV 2 2059 - Good over Canary Islands; promo, " BBC Radio 4," time marker, "BBC news at 9 o'clock." [Conti] NOV 8 2035 - Fair, in the mix with man interviewing a woman about government, in accented English. [Taylor]
756  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Braunschweig & Ravensburg  NOV 4 1858 - ID by man in German. News in German at 1900. Poor with another station in here. [Wolfish] NOV 5 1900 - Deutschlandfunk canned ID and time pips dueling with an unID second set of time pips. [Conti]
756  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Lugoj/Boldur  NOV 7 1959 - Under Germany, parallel 855 and 909 with "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle. [Wolfish]
765  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Chahbahar  NOV 4 2200 - Poor over/under unID; Koranic vocal through the hour parallel 837, 936, 1197, 1467, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]
765  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA R.Quran, various  NOV 6 2100 - Good; Koran parallel 567, 999, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]
783  SPAIN COPE Barcelona  NOV 4 2100 - Good; time marker and check, "Cadena Cope, estar informado." [Conti]
783  SYRIA Radio of Syrian Arab Republic, Tartus  NOV 2 1956 - Strong with man in Arabic who sounded really upset about something and Arabic music. NOV 4 2102 - Noted with talk over a soundbed that has an instrumental version of Canadian Bryan Adams' "Straight from the Heart." [Wolfish] NOV 5 0001 - Fair; "arabiyya as-suriyya min dimashq" ID by a woman. [Conti]
792  FRANCE France Info, Limoges-Nieul  NOV 8 0159 - Fair; "The Simpsons Theme" orchestra instrumental, fanfare and trois heures time check into news, parallel 945 etc. [Conti]
801.055  SPAIN RNE1 Girona  NOV 7 2100 - Sub-audible het against 801 kHz; marker and time check, "24 horas, Radio Nacional de España, Miguel Angel Domínguez." Girona per mwoffsets data. [Conti]
810  SCOTLAND BBC R.Scotland synchros  NOV 2 2300 - Good; "92 to 95 FM, eight-one-oh mediumwave, and on digital radio, BBC Radio Scotland" into news at 9 o'clock. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 3 2104 - Way over top of CJVA Caraquet; Scottish and English football scores. [Wolfish] NOV 9 0143 - Good, over WGY; announcers talking about the music industry. BBC 5 Live promo at 0147 into local folk song. [Taylor]
819  EGYPT ERTU Batrah  NOV 2 2100 - Fair; 'Big Ben' chimes, news/announcement in Arabic. [Conti] NOV 5 0254 - Very good reception with Quran chants, parallel to 774 (500 kW from Abis). [Salmaniw] NOV 7 2059 - Fair; two cycles of Big Ben chimes, same as heard 2058 on 1503 kHz but not parallel programming. [Conti] NOV 8 0006 - Fair to excellent in fade-ups; apparent educational programming or radio drama, with dialog between man and boy in Arabic and occasional short clips of music. Matched with online audio stream. [Taylor] NOV 7 2100 - Fair; Big Ben chimes. [Conti]
828  GERMANY NDR Info, Hannover  NOV 4 2100 - Fair; Broadway-style vocal to "NDR Info, nachtrichten" parallel 972 kHz. NOV 7 2000 - Good; football coverage parallel 972 kHz. [Conti]
837  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Isfahan  NOV 3 0040 - Good over Spain; Koranic vocal parallel 936 kHz. [Conti]
837  UKRAINE Ukrayinske Radyo 1, Taranivka  NOV 4 1900 - Also audible parallel to 972, but at weak level. By 1902, France Info became dominant in French at fair/good level. [Salmaniw]
846  IRELAND R.North/AWR/Gospel 846, Carndonagh NOV 3 2100 - Good; preaching in English about righteousness, continued through the hour. [Conti] NOV 5 2153 - Weak with "Chapel of Love" by The Dixie Cups. Matched web audio. [Wolfish]
855  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Tancabesti  NOV 3 0256 - Under Spain; choral national anthem parallel 1152 kHz. [Conti]
864  FRANCE France Bleu, Villebon-sur-Yvette  NOV 3 2100 - Good; "Bon soir" and France Bleu jingles. [Conti]
873  SPAIN SER R.Zaragoza, Casablanca  NOV 7 2259 - Fair; local promo, "Radio Zaragoza..." and something sounding like Radio Ciudad into 'El Larguero' program. [Conti]
882  SPAIN La Xarxa, Mollet del Vallès-Barcelona  NOV 5 2000 - Good, over BBC R.Wales and COPE Spain; time marker, and "Noticias la Xarxa" in Catalan. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
882  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Wales, Washford et al.  NOV 4 1858 - Weather and traffic info. ID "This is BBC Radio Wales" and 10 o'clock news at 1900. [Wolfish]
891  NETHERLANDS Radio 538, Hulsberg  NOV 7 2000 - Man with Dutch newscast. [Wolfish]

The red rocks of Prince Edward Island

900  ITALY Rai Radiouno, Milano  NOV 3 1903 - Soccer match, parallel 1575 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 5 0142 - Good, with no domestics doing any damage to it, with light music - then announcer at 0144 talking in Italian about music, and a concert hall in Rome. Then into a light piano tune with male vocalist. [Taylor] NOV 5 0200 - Good; data signal and time marker, time check and flourish with "Rai Radiouno" ID. [Conti] NOV 5 2259 - Italian anthem heard. [Wolfish] NOV 8 0358 - Fair to good, with brief snip of the Bangles "Walk Like an Egyptian," then ID followed by the Italian national anthem, top of hour time check of 5 o'clock in Italian, then "bonjourno" and news in Italian. [Taylor]
909  BOTSWANA VOA Sebele Pikwe  NOV 8 0258 - Fair, under BBC; Yankee Doodle interval signal parallel 1530 São Tomé, and then into news at 0300. [Taylor] NOV 8 0300 - BBC Radio 5 Live very loud program before the top of the hour. Talk show about hard drives and failures. Beneath, can hear Romania with a vocal anthem, and co-channel still was Yankee Doodle confirming Botswana. Nice! [Salmaniw]
909  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati synchros  NOV 4 1900 - Under BBC5; "Radio România Actualitati hora exacta" and time marker, parallel 1152 kHz. [Conti]
909  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 5 synchros  NOV 3 2100 - Excellent over unID; action line promo, "First for breaking news and the best live sport, this is BBC Radio 5 Live" and "BBC news on 5 Live." [Conti]
917  NIGERIA R.Gotel, Yola  NOV 3 2251 - Thanks to Alan Wylie's log, I'm hearing African music at weak level with a fair bit of splatter from 918 kHz. A new MW country for me. [Salmaniw] NOV 3 2314 - Poor in some splatter, but finally yielding snips of audio, music and talk by female. Even better copy the following evening. [Taylor] NOV 8 0111 - About the best I've heard them this week. Nothing at all earlier in the afternoon/early evening on the channel, but when checking just now, I can just make out a man and woman speaking. Music at 0118. Slowly improving where I can make out the odd word by 0126. [Salmaniw]
918  SLOVENIA R.Slovenija 1, Ljubljana-Domzale  NOV 3 2130 - Good; news in English, weather check for the "skies above Slovenia" at 2133, then into German at 2134. [Taylor] NOV 3 2323 - Went up a kHz after trying to hear Nigeria on 917 (weak, but there), to hear Slovenia strong with a discussion between two men in presumed Slovenian, but also co-channel some much weaker stations. [Salmaniw] NOV 4 2100 - Good; "Radio Slovenija" and cuckoo clock time marker (or a mix with pips from another station), then fanfare and "Informativa... Radio Slovenija" into news. [Conti] NOV 4 2131 - News and brief weather forecast, then went straight into German newscast at 2133. [Wolfish] NOV 5 0429 - Time pips and into news in Slovenian after R.Slovenja ID. Very good, with het from Nigeria on 917 kHz. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2100 - Good, het from 917 Nigeria; ID and time marker into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 8 0258 - Fair; 2-pip interval signal, national anthem and 5-1 time pips on the hour into news. [Taylor]
936  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Urumiyeh  NOV 7 2101 - Over/under Italy/Spain mix; canned Radyoe Iran with anthem-like jingle, parallel 1431 kHz. [Conti]
936  ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  NOV 5 0420 - Weak pre sign-on test tone parallel 657 and 1062 kHz. [Conti]
936  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  NOV 3 2200 - Fair with more than half a second delay between stations; "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos." [Conti]
945  FRANCE France Info, Toulouse  NOV 4 0057 - Strong with instrumental music up to hourtop, then usual jingle, ID, time check as "deux heures" and news in French. [Wolfish]
945  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Miercurea-Ciuc  NOV 6 2045 - Under France Info; pop music parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]
954  CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský rozhlas synchros  NOV 3 2000 - Synchro echo over co-channel Spain; time marker and music into news, parallel 1332 kHz. [Conti] NOV 5 0318 - Excellent reception with Czech talk, and then into a folk melody. Faded a bit when switched to music. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2000 - Excellent, with synchro echo; time marker and "Ceský rozhlas 2" ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 6 2000 - Pips, ID and newscast. Good over top of Spain. [Wolfish] NOV 8 2230 - Good reception from this Czech broadcaster, with 3 sites between 20 and 200 kW. Co-channel to very powerful Spanish Onda Cero, Madrid, with 50 kW, which fades up and down, so the two of them play it out for the frequency. [Salmaniw]
954  SPAIN Onda Cero, Madrid  NOV 4 0105 - Out of newscast with ID, "Onda Cero, su radio" and giving e-mail address ending in "punto e s." [Wolfish] NOV 8 0100 - Fair; marker and time check, fanfare into news, "Noticias de Onda Cero." [Conti] NOV 8 0400 - Fair; Spanish talk leading to the hour, then time pips, sounder, and male announcer: "Noticias de Onda Cero..." [Taylor]
954  TURKEY TRT 1 Radyo Bir, Trabzon-Deliktas  NOV 8 0258 - Fair, nearly even with Onda Cero in Madrid; with solid Turkish national anthem leading to the top of the hour. [Taylor]
963  PORTUGAL R.Sim, Sexial  NOV 6 2107 - Under Tunisia; Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better," matched up to website. [Wolfish]
963  TUNISIA R.Culturelle, Tunis  NOV 2 2358 - Good; choral national anthem at tune-in, then off. NOV 3 2000 - Fair; music bed and marker, many "Thakafiya" mentions. [Conti] NOV 4 2000 - No time pips, but at 2000:30, Arabic ID exactly as listed in the EMWG: 'Idha'at al Thakafiya', but preceded by '...Tunis'. Very good reception, but another co-channel started to come up a minute later. Another Tunisian on 630 was very strong at the same time, but with a different program (RTT Tunis). Sounded like a national anthem before the hour on 630 kHz. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2112 - Presumed with Arabic music. Female vocal and lots of strings. [Wolfish]
963  unID  NOV 8 2035 - A very difficult channel. I parked on this one for over 30 minutes to hear various channels, none in English fading in and out. At 2035, I'm seeing 5 carriers, with the last two the strongest: 962.988, .995, .997, 963.000, .005. I tried many on-demand audio feeds without success. I'll need to use RealDX for help with selected clips, unfortunately. Possibilities include: Cyprus, Iran, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan. Two low power UK Asian stations are unlikely. Sigh! [Salmaniw]
972  GERMANY NDR Info, Hamburg  NOV 2 2100 - Good; "NDR Info, nachtricten," into news. NOV 3 0200 - Good; "ARD Info nacht, nachtricten," into news. 0600 "NDR... nachtricten de Hamburg." Listen to mp3 audio clip. 2000 excellent; "NRD Info, nachtricten." [Conti] NOV 4 1958 - Upfaded with flute music, station promos, ID and news in German. [Wolfish]
972  UKRAINE Ukrayinske Radyo 1, Nikolaev  NOV 4 1900 - Ukraine dominates at this time, with ID at 1900. Into music just over a minute later. Not particularly strong yet, but it's only 3:00 p.m. local. Same program audible on 837, but lower strength. 'Ukrayinske Radyo' just before the hour audible. Ukrainian Radio lists this transmitter as 250 kW, while EMWG shows 500 kW, and the MW List shows 340/40 kW for 972 kHz. They don't mention first program anymore from what I can hear ('Persha prohrama'). 1955 excellent ID with mentions of time (2155), and a contest for the national bard, Taras Shevchenko. At least two other co-channels. By 1957, I'm hearing 'Salum Aleichum', so probably Iran? Then, by top of the hour, it was totally replaced by German NDR Info, at armchair level. Whew! [Salmaniw] NOV 4 2155 - Excellent on upfade with time check for local Ukraine time. ID'ed easily by Walt Salmaniw. Then faded under dominating NDR Info from Germany to the top of the hour. [Taylor] NOV 7 1910 - Heard co-channel and well under very strong NDR Info (100 kW Funkhaus Europa). Briefly faded up just after the hour but didn't last long. Funkhaus Europa has a program in Polish called Radio Forum now, and very strong. Armchair level. Could be down the street! At 1917, I think the language was Serbian with discussion about Bosnia-Herzogovina. [Salmaniw]
981  ALGERIA Chaîne 2, Algiers  NOV 8 0358 - Excellent, out of string music into Algerian national anthem, followed by about a minute of lone male chanting in Arabic, then sounder at 0300:30 and female reading the news. [Taylor] NOV 9 0200 - Time pips at top of hour and into Arabic talk. Also strong on Twente SDR. Thanks to Niel for definite ID. [Salmaniw]
990  CYPRUS R.Sawa, Cape Greco  NOV 9 0055 - Fair, under CBY Newfoundland; popular Western and Arabic music matching internet feed. [Taylor] NOV 9 0102 - Just before the hour, I could hear the word 'Sawa' under the very local CBY Cornerbrook NL. Checked the webstream, and it is in sync. Weak, but there! [Salmaniw]
990  SPAIN SER R.Bilbao, Monte Archanda  NOV 7 2259 - Under CBY Newfoundland; promo with spring sound effects, "Hora 25, (sound effect) Cadena Ser, Radio Bilbao." [Conti]
999  MOLDOVA VOR Maiac  NOV 3 1947 - Religious program in Russian. Fair. [Wolfish] NOV 3 2000 - Good; TWR program in Russian. [Conti] NOV 8 2235 - Exceptionally strong with Russian ballad, although co-channel sometimes fades up to almost replace the Russian (COPE Madrid with 50 kW). [Salmaniw] NOV 7 2100 - Fair, over Saudi Arabia/Spain mix; Moscow bells and music bed, "Novosti, Golos Rossii." [Conti]
1008  NETHERLANDS GrootNieuwsradio, Zeewolde  NOV 2 2028 - Man in Dutch with ID and talk and religiousy music. [Wolfish] NOV 3 2000 - Fair; ID for GrootNieuwsradio on AM, and on "computer, tablet, or smart phone." [Conti]
1017  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  NOV 5 2000 - Good with synchro echo, well over unID Mideast-sounding signal. NOV 8 0000 - Fair; time marker, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos." [Conti]
1026  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Tabriz  NOV 4 2200 - Over/under Spain; repeating vocal parallel 936, 1035, and 1467 kHz. [Conti]
1026  NORTHERN IRELAND Downtown Radio, Belfast  NOV 6 0759 - Fair; Downtown Breakfast Show contest promo, "On 96 and 102 FM, 1026 AM, and digital radio..." into news. [Conti] NOV 6 2047 - Under Spain with old C&W music. [Wolfish]
1026  SPAIN SER R.Jaén, Jaén  NOV 8 0259 - Two "Radio Jaén" ID's before hourtop timepips, "Cadena Ser" ID and news. [Wolfish]
1026  SPAIN SER R.Vigo, Sampayo  NOV 6 2042 - "Radio Vigo Cadena SER" ID heard. And naturally, fútbol. A second Spanish station with a different fútbol match in here too. [Wolfish]
1026  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Cambridgeshire, Chesterton Fen  NOV 5 0900 - Through domestic splatter; ad string, "On... FM... BBC Radio, Cambridgeshire," into news. [Conti]
1035  ESTONIA R.Eli, Tartu  NOV 5 0400 - Fair; TWR interval signal, cuckoo clock time signal, "Estonia..." [Conti] NOV 6 2022 - Passionate male vocal who sounded like Neil Diamond (but not singing in English) but I assume it was an inspirational religious tune. Later there was Russian talk about the Bible. Over top of one of the English stations. Matched audio to website to make sure. [Wolfish] NOV 6 2200 - Fair; easy listening instrumental, "Radio Eli" IDs. NOV 8 0200 - Fair, over Northsound 2; one cycle of TWR interval signal. [Conti]
1034.97  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Yazd  NOV 3 0235 - Over unID 1035.0 kHz; Koran parallel 837 kHz. NOV 7 2101 - Separated from 1035 with narrow filter; anthem-like jingle parallel 936 and 1431 kHz. (Audio clip of same canned ID at 1431 kHz.) 2358 - Good; Koranic vocal parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]
1035  SCOTLAND Northsound 2, Aberdeen  NOV 8 0200 - Under Estonia; Fleetwood Mac "Go Your Own Way" parallel 1152 Clyde 2. [Conti]
1035  UNITED KINGDOM Kismat Radio, Crystal Palace  NOV 7 0200 - Over/under co-channels; "This is Kismet Radio, news on the hour every hour." [Conti] NOV 9 0150 - Thanks to Niel for pointing out the web feed that confirms this 1 kW station. Unusual female vocal. Sounds to me a lot like what I hear on Alaskan stations when local native people sing! Sometimes fair reception, but fades to nothing, too. [Salmaniw]
1044  SPAIN SER R.San Sebastián, Monte Igueldo  NOV 6 0659 - Good; local ad string including "Restaurante Urbano en calle treinta y uno de Agosto," then marker and time check into news, "En Cadena Ser..." NOV 8 0159 - Good; local promo, "Radio San Sebastián, Cadena Ser punto com," then a promo for R.Euskadi on [Conti]
1053  ROMANIA R.Iasi, Iasi  NOV 3 2000 - Over/under TalkSport; sign off with quick ID/announcement and flourish, then 1 kHz test tone continuing through the hour. [Conti] NOV 5 1845 - Very strong (2:45 p.m. local) with talk in Romanian. Did hear Romania being said. Strongest station on the band at the moment. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2000 - Excellent; sign-off with R.Iasi ID and test tone. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1053  SPAIN COPE Zaragoza  NOV 6 1908 - A bit of a jumble here. The main station is the Spanish COPE station. Then I can hear co-channel TalkSport, and on top of this is a loud het from 1053.103 which mwoffsets lists as Libya, although I'm not able to hear any audio from this one. Can be very good when it fades up. [Salmaniw]
1062  CZECH REPUBLIC Country Radio, Zbraslav  NOV 6 0655 - Over Italy; canned "Country Radio," discussion between man and woman into ad string through the hour. NOV 7 2359 - Over unID; Flight of the Bumblebee, Country Radio ID, and a nostalgic vocal. [Conti]
1062  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Kerman  NOV 5 0201 - Fair; woman with R.Iran ID parallel 1503 kHz. NOV 8 0101 - Fair although loud at times; brief announcement in Farsi with mention of Iran while Koranic recitation continued through the hour, not parallel other IRIB R.Iran frequencies. Kerman provincial program per Mauno Ritola at Real DX. Thanks also to Alessandro Groppazzi and Jari Savolainen at RealDX for assistance. [Conti]
1062  ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  NOV 2 2258 - Good; sign-off with orchestral national anthem, then post sign-off tones, parallel 900 and 1575 kHz. [Conti] NOV 6 1952 - Man on phone with somebody. Noticeable synchro effect. Parallel to 900 kHz. [Wolfish]
1071  INDIA AIR Rajkot  NOV 3 0106 - Parallel to 11620 with subcontinental music and man in Hindi. [Wolfish] NOV 3 0107 - Rising out of the noise to a strong level; sub-continental sounding alternating male/female vocal, music was cutting out to dead air at times, then announcement with mention of Pakistan. Timing matches Rajkot grayline. 0130 unequivocal parallel 11620 kHz (Walt found the shortwave parallel). [Conti] NOV 4 1853 - Lengthy piece of music with lots of percussion. Man with ID at 1859, music with high-pitched woman singing, strings and percussion. Able to match up to webstream for All India Radio General Overseas Urdu broadcast. Quite a decent signal at times. Lost to Iran at about 1927. [Wolfish] NOV 4 1855 - Fading up to excellent and loud with Urdu service and south Asian music, with occasional man talking and some stretched of dead air. Also heard on my Sangean DT-400W ultralight when held next to the Beverage antenna. [Taylor] NOV 4 1900 - Good; All India Radio ID, alternating male/female vocal. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 4 1901 - Success, again. Great signal from AIR right at top of the hour. Dead air, followed a few seconds later by 'All India Radio' ID. Then into typical Indian music. Wonderful to hear so early here, 3:00 p.m., with the sun shining through the window. Using a north facing 1200-ft Beverage. Faded, then back at armchair copy at 1904! Measuring 4 carriers on 1071: 1070.990, 1071.001, 1071.008 and 1071.010. All look pretty strong on the waterfall, so can't say which one for certain is AIR, though the mwoffsets list has the lower frequency as most likely. Faded before 1930 to be co-channel equally with presumed Iran, but music continued to before the BOH, and quit without any announcements. I can confirm that the carrier measured earlier on 1070.990 was gone when checked at 1930. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 0109 - Quite good at times parallel to 11620 with female vocal. 1920 decent signal with music at this time. Man in Urdu at 1923. Signal starting to dissipate. Parallel to 6155 kHz. NOV 7 0022 - Parallel to 11620 with Indian music. At times better than Iran. [Wolfish] NOV 8 0058 - Very nice signal tonight. Better than the past couple of nights. Faded a bit to reveal presumed TalkSport (1 kW), and then Iran (100 kW), which now dominates (0102). [Salmaniw] NOV 8 1913 - Fair to poor, under dominant Iran with high-pitched female vocal. Logged earlier this week on the 1200-ft Beverage, and this reception was on the Delta loop. NOV 9 0015 - Back in for sign-on, dominant at times on the loop and parallel 11620 kHz. [Taylor]
1071  IRAN IRIB R.Maaref, Qom  NOV 2 2030 - Good; male choral anthem, parallel IRIB R.Iran 765, 837, 936, 990, 1035, 1062, 1116, 1197, and 1467 kHz. A strong unID open carrier noted on 1503 kHz. NOV 8 0200 - Over/under unID string/harp instrumental; speaker parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]
1071  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Bisha  NOV 3 2100 - Fair; techno instrumental leading up to the hour, time marker and signature music into news parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]
1071  SYRIA Radio al-Nour, Tartus Amrit  NOV 7 2100 - Fair over co-channel Saudi Arabia; male a capella vocal/jingle, and "Radio al-Nour." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 8 2255 - Fair to good at times over Iran and SER, with man and woman talking and occasional "reedy" music interludes matching internet stream. Faded up to excellent and dominant at 2304. [Taylor] NOV 8 2255 - Positively ID'ed via live stream with frequent 'snake-charmer' music. At 2304 they are dominating the channel! A real battle earlier between Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Very pleased to see them in the clear a few minutes after the hour. [Salmaniw]
1071  UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  NOV 6 0759 - Poor to fair; canned ID, "TalkSport, on air, online..." and digital channel, "Coming up 8 o'clock..." [Conti]
1080  EGYPT ERTU Al-Barnameg al-Aam, Menya or Luxor  NOV 8 2230 - Fair to poor under SER Spain, with WTIC phased out, with traditional Arabic music and singing matching internet stream. [Taylor] NOV 8 2237 - Fading up to almost equal to domestic station and thanks to Brent Taylor for pointing out the parallel webstream which was virtually in-sync. By itself it would have been good/very good, but of course with co-channel and deep fades, much more difficult! Only 10 kW. [Salmaniw]
1080  SPAIN SER R.Huesca, Huesca  NOV 4 2058 - "Radio Huesca" station promos and URL given. Mixing with WTIC and a third station. [Wolfish]
1089  RUSSIA VOR Tbilisskaya  NOV 2 2100 - Good; sign-off with contemporary instrumental music bed, then test tone. NOV 5 1900 - Good, over co-channel TalkSport; VOR theme music, Russia and Moscow mentions into news, all in presumed Arabic. [Conti]
1089  UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  NOV 3 1825 - Good; talk about World Cup soccer. [Conti]
1098  SLOVAKIA R.Patria/R.Devin, Nitra-Jarok  NOV 8 0200 - Good, over Spain and unID Koran; R.Devin classical music through the hour. [Conti]
1098  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  NOV 4 0048 - Strong with easy listening instrumental music, then when announced, there were multiple stations all slightly off synchronization making for an interesting effect. Same situation one channel up on 1107 kHz. 5 and 10 kW only. [Salmaniw]

Brent Taylor, Bruce Conti, Walt Salmaniw, and Niel Wolfish at Sir Isaac's Restaurant & Mr. Gabe's Pub in Montague, celebrating reception of 1071 India.

1107  GERMANY AFN Bavaria, Vilseck  NOV 4 2105 - Weak under Scotland and RNE5, but clear female announcing start of NPR's "All Things Considered" which matches the schedule for the Bavarian service of AFN. [Taylor] NOV 4 2201 - Mixing with Spain and Moray Firth Radio with All Things Considered. [Wolfish]
1107  GERMANY unID  NOV 7 1940 - Presumed one of the AFN stations with American "Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll" although the online schedules don't list it. [Conti]
1107  SCOTLAND Moray Firth Radio, Tarbat Ness  NOV 4 2202 - Fair, under RNE5 synchros with pop music. [Taylor] NOV 4 2203 - Upfaded over Spain and AFN with ID as "MFR." Playing contemporary pop music including song by Jason Mraz. [Wolfish] NOV 5 0944 - Scots-accented English and UK internet addressed in commercials, and then pop song with female singer at 0946, well after local sunrise in Scotland. [Taylor] NOV 6 0559 - Good; Subway ad, "Live on digital radio, online, and on your mobile, this is MFR news." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1107  UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  NOV 3 2100 - Under Spain; live promo for the next hour, then news parallel 1089 kHz. [Conti]
1116  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bandar Lengeh  NOV 7 2101 - Over/under co-channel Italy/Spain mix; anthem-like vocal/jingle parallel 936 and 1431 kHz. Audio clip of same canned ID at 1431 kHz. [Conti]
1116  SPAIN SER R.Pontevedra, Pontevedra  NOV 5 0759 - Good; announcement about fútbol "en Pontevedre," then a canned "Buenos dias" message, marker and time check into network news. NOV 6 0759 - Fair; local talk "...con Radio Pontevedre," canned noticias promo, then echoed time marker from SER R.Albacete. NOV 7 2300 - Over unID classical music; "Radio Pontevedre..." with 98.6 FM mentioned. [Conti]
1116  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Guernsey, Rohais  NOV 6 0700 - Fair; "Passionate about island life, BBC Guernsey," and news, "It's 7 o'clock on the news station." [Conti]
1125  BELGIUM RTBF VivaCité, Houdeng  NOV 5 0120 - Over top of Spain with Neneh Cherry song. Jingle heard at 0123 and then Nat King Cole/Nathalie Cole song. Matched website audio. [Wolfish] NOV 6 0658 - Fair; man and woman banter in French. [Conti]
1134  CROATIA Hrvatske Radio, Zadar  NOV 3 2100 - Good over Spain; Glas Hrvatska ID, time marker, dead air, then alternating man and woman with headlines over music bed. [Conti] NOV 5 1911 - "You're listening to Croatian Radio, the Voice of Croatia." 1912 woman reading sports, followed by weather forecast and a recap of today's top stories. Back into Croatian at 1915. [Wolfish] NOV 7 2200 - Good; time marker, "Hrvatski Radio, Prvi programa." [Conti]
1134  KUWAIT R.Kuwait, Kabd  NOV 8 0258 - Quran, ID by woman and fanfare into newscast. Same theme that is on the Interval Signals Online webpage. Good over Spain. [Wolfish]
1143  KALININGRAD VOR Bolshakovo  NOV 3 2000 - Over Spain; "Golos Rossii" and time marker into "novosti" news. NOV 4 1900 - Good; "Golos Rossii" and Moscow bells, time marker into novosti. [Conti] NOV 5 1907 - Very strong reception in Russian, then faded down, before returning to very nice level. Some domestic splatter from 1140. Mentions of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania and about the former two joining the EU. No ID heard, but presumably R.Rossii. [Salmaniw]
1143  SPAIN COPE synchros  NOV 6 2208 - Man and woman talking then the COPE music bed and ID at 2210. Followed by phone interview with man. Parallel 1224 kHz. [Wolfish]
1152  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Cluj  NOV 3 0254 - Interval signal and sign-on with choral anthem. Mixing with Spain. Parallel to 909 (under BBC) and 1179 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 3 0255 - Over/under Spain; sign-on with test tone, interval signal, and choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz. NOV 4 1900 - Good; "Radio România Actualitati hora exacta" and time marker. [Conti]
1152  SCOTLAND Clyde 2, Dechmont Hill  NOV 3 2200 - Good over Spain; "On digital radio, online, and on 1152 AM, this is Clyde 2 news," and 10 o'clock time check into news. [Conti] NOV 4 2025 - Same program as on co-owned Tay AM with song from 1967, The Move's "I Can Hear The Grass Grow." Surfacing above Spain at times. NOV 5 0136 - R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts." Promo mentioning 40th anniversary of Radio Clyde. [Wolfish]
1161  BULGARIA R.Horizont, various  NOV 8 2201 - Anthem and talk by woman. Matched up anthem to version on Interval Signals Online. [Wolfish]
1161  SCOTLAND Tay AM, Greenside Scalp  NOV 4 2017 - Alan Edwards program. Played The Kink's "Waterloo Sunset" and Stevie Wonder's "I Was Made to Love Her." Mixing with Egypt. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2200 - Under Magic; "On digital radio, online, and on the air, 1161... this is Tay AM news." [Conti]
1161  UNITED KINGDOM Magic 1161 AM, Goxhill  NOV 2 2259 - Fair over Egypt sign-off/tone; promo, " on Magic," and news. [Conti] NOV 3 2022 - Announcer mentioning 'a converted Magic listener' and playing request for somebody. Promo for Keith Martin on Magic. Playing '70s soft pop music. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2200 - Fair over Tay AM; promo, "Log on to magic radio dot com dot uk" and jingle. [Conti] NOV 6 2212 - Announcer says "Magic!" and plays the Rolling Stone's "Angie." All alone on frequency at this time. [Wolfish]
1161  UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Blunsdon  NOV 8 0159 - Over/under Tay AM and presumed Iran; "Playing the greatest hits of all time, this is Gold," and "She's Not There" by The Zombies. [Conti]
1170  RUSSIA VOR Tbilisskaya  NOV 4 2000 - Fair over/under R.Capodistria; time marker and novosti. [Conti] NOV 6 1933 - Briefly overwhelmed R.Capodistria, but fell again within a minute to allow the Slovenian to dominate again. Russian news. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 1936 - Russian talk. Mixing with Slovenia at this time. [Wolfish] NOV 7 2200 - Post sign-off test tone. [Conti]
1170  SLOVENIA R.Capodistria, Beli Kriz  NOV 4 1940 - Excellent reception in Italian, co-channel to the 1200 kW Tbilisskaya transmitter of Golos Rossii. Five minutes ago, Golos Rossii was totally dominating the channel. I was here looking for TWR in Swaziland. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 0154 - Overrolling frequency with WWVA Wheeling just barely audible behind it; pop music in English and Italian. ID by woman at 0159. [Wolfish] NOV 6 1922 - Blasting in with a multitude of music selections. Competing with 1521 for the blow torch award! At 1925, though, I can hear co-channel R.Rossii from Tbilisskaya in Russian. I had assumed that this might be R.Sawa, but ID'ed a few minutes into my monitoring in Italian. Very hard to believe that they're only 10 kW (EMWG) or 15 kW (MW List). Should be at least 10x that power! Multiple IDs at 1931 and into news at 1932. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 0700 - Fair; "Calle degli orti grandi - quotidiano del mattino" program. Thanks to Vlad Titarev and Valter Comuzzi for the ID assist. NOV 7 2200 - Good over Russia; promo/IDs, "programa Radio Capodistria." [Conti]
1170  WALES Swansea Sound, Swansea  NOV 5 2059 - Faded up over Slovenia with a spot and ID mentioning website address and being from "the heart of southwest Wales." [Wolfish]
1179  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Galbeni-Bacau et al. NOV 4 1900 - Excellent; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta" and time marker into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 6 2214 - Male vocal, parallel to a weak 945 and also 1152 kHz. Mixing with Germany and Spain. [Wolfish]
1179  SPAIN SER R.Rioja, Logroño  NOV 4 2158 - "Radio Rioja Cadena Ser" and SER promos. ID just before hourtop gives AM and FM frequency. Mixing with other SER station and Romania. [Wolfish]
1179  SPAIN SER R.Valencia, Valencia  NOV 2 2058 - Good; local ID, "Radio Valencia, Cadena Ser." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1188  HUNGARY MR4 synchros  NOV 5 1900 - Over Iran; sign off announcement, then off, leaving IRIB R.Payam in clear. NOV 6 0700 - Good; 600 Hz tone, then a multiple frequency tone, sign-on announcement, canned Magyar Radio ID. [Conti]
1188  IRAN IRIB R.Payam, Tehran  NOV 3 1900 - Good; signature ascending notes into news. [Conti] NOV 5 0202 - Man reading news. Farsi pop music after 0205. Good signal. [Wolfish]
1197  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Moghan  NOV 4 2200 - Fair; Koranic vocal through the hour, parallel 765, 837, 936, 1467, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]
1197  UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  NOV 3 2000 - Over unID Koranic vocal; ad string including "Gravity" 3D movie, Quick Fix tires, and Jeff Lloyd with "Unknown Pleasures" program, parallel 1215 kHz. [Conti] NOV 5 0209 - Weak with oppressed Canadian band Arcade Fire's "Reflektor." Parallel to 1215 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 6 1937 - Parallel 1215 of course, and dominating the frequency at 19:39. Initially under the Arabic or Iranian station. Not sure which. Impressive for such a low power! No music but a conversation or interview. [Salmaniw]
1206  FRANCE France Info, Bordeaux  NOV 7 1900 - Excellent every night; fanfare into "le journal" news. [Conti]
1215.15  ALBANIA CRI Fllakë  NOV 5 1900 - Het against Absolute Radio and Golos Rossii; carrier off promptly at 1900 UTC. [Conti]
1215  KALININGRAD VOR Bolshakovo  NOV 4 1840 - Good, with only a hint of Absolute Radio underneath. Man talking in Russian, then "Golos Rossii" and more talk. [Taylor] NOV 5 1900 - Over/under Absolute Radio; time marker and "Novosti... Golos Rossii." [Conti]
1215  SPAIN COPE synchros  NOV 6 0500 - Time pips and "Cadena Cope" ID by woman after man gave time check for Spain and the Canaries. Signal almost equal to England. Parallel to 1224 kHz. [Wolfish]
1215  UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  NOV 3 1842 - Muse's "Time Is Running Out." Strong. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2111 - s9+20 signal as I type this, along with a couple of other co-channels. Amazing stuff! [Salmaniw] NOV 5 0900 - Excellent; ad string, "Good morning, it's the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show," and 9:01 time check into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 5 0949 - Good, in the clear, with the Talking Heads "And She Was." Not usually log worthy here as it is ubiquitous, but not at this time of the morning, and well after local dawn in the UK. [Taylor] NOV 5 1015 - Poor but still audible at this hour with Radiohead's "High And Dry." [Wolfish]
1224  ISRAEL Galei Zahal, Beersheba  NOV 8 2316 - Fair, under COPE Spain; up-tempo dance-type music with perfect match to internet live feed, then Katrina and the Waves "Walking on Sunshine." [Taylor] NOV 8 2319 - Very pleased to pick this one up after noticing how well Syria came in a few minutes ago. Positively confirmed parallel to their webfeed found on http// After a few minutes the Spanish COPE resumed its dominance. [Salmaniw]
1233  CZECH REPUBLIC R.Dechovka, various  NOV 6 0558 - Folk music. Trumpet fanfare and ID by man at 0600. Poor signal. [Wolfish]
1242  FRANCE France Info, Marseille  NOV 4 1900 - Good; fanfare into news parallel 1206 kHz. [Conti]
1251  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Sari  NOV 4 2100 - Good; canned "Radyoe Iran" with anthem-like theme song/jingle, parallel 1431 kHz. [Conti]
1251  LIBYA R.Libya, Tripoli  NOV 6 1945 - Presumed R.Libya over/under two other co-channels. R.Iran at times, with mentions of Iran, presumably, but also some Western music, which I'm thinking is Radio 5 from Holland. A bit of a jumble here, but each can be very good at times. [Salmaniw]
1251  NETHERLANDS Radio 5, Hulsberg  NOV 5 2059 - Man in Dutch parallel 747 kHz, lost to Gold Digital Amber on the hour. [Conti] NOV 6 2123 - Phone interview in Dutch. Strong and parallel to 747 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 7 1900 - Good; time marker and news parallel 747 kHz. [Conti]
1251  UNITED KINGDOM Gold Digital Amber, Great Barton  NOV 5 2100 - Fading over Netherlands with Gold jingle. [Conti] NOV 6 2126 - Mixing with Netherlands; playing "Unchained Melody." [Wolfish]
1259.845  GREECE ERA Rhodos  NOV 5 1958 - Separated from Spain with classical music, pips and interval signal on hour, followed by woman reading news. No sign of CKHJ at this time. [Wolfish] NOV 7 2300 - Loud het against 1260 kHz. [Conti]
1260  SPAIN SER R.Murcia, Murcia  NOV 7 2259 - Over/under CKHJ while tuned to the high side to avoid Greece het; Murcia mentioned a couple times during local break, "COMERSA, Asociaciones de Comerciantes de Murcia. Colabora: Ayuntamiento de Murcia." Thanks to Jim Renfrew, Sylvain Naud, Alessandro Groppazzi, Mauricio Molano at RealDX for assistance. [Conti]
1269  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster  NOV 4 2200 - Excellent; electronic Deutschlandfunk sounder and time marker into news, parallel 1422 kHz. [Conti] NOV 5 0218 - Fair with woman in German. [Wolfish]
1278  FRANCE France Bleu, Sélestat  NOV 2 2200 - Over unIDs; pop vocal into France Bleu ID. [Conti]
1278  IRAN IRIB R.Kermanshah, Kermanshah  NOV 4 1929 - Weak with anthem. Nothing heard afterward, so maybe they signed off? [Wolfish]
1278  OMAN R.Sultanate, Balah  NOV 5 2000 - Under France with Big Ben chimes, presumed ID by man and anthem. Matches what Interval Signals Online has for station. [Wolfish]
1287  SPAIN SER R.Castilla, Madrid  NOV 7 2300 - Fair; "Radio Castilla, Cadena Ser" into 'El Larguero' program. [Conti]
1296  SPAIN COPE Valencia  NOV 7 2058 - Over Radio XL; local ads, "La Casa Grande Valencia, más información enlace valencia punto org." [Conti]
1296  UNITED KINGDOM Radio XL, Langley Mill  NOV 3 2100 - Good over Spain; "...and 1296 AM, this is Radio XL," and "From the Sky news center at nine." [Conti] NOV 8 2332 - Excellent, on top of COPE mostly with South Asian up-tempo dance music. Matched with internet and almost in sync. [Taylor]

The view from the end of the 1200-ft Beverage across a field of harvested soybeans, looking back toward the Listening Waters cottage beyond the woods.

1305.09  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bushehr  NOV 5 1900 - Fair, easily separated from 1305 kHz; soft orchestra instrumental music, brief announcement, parallel 1116, 1251, 1314, 1431, 1503, and 1539 kHz. [Conti]
1305  UNITED KINGDOM Premier Christian Radio, London  NOV 5 1850 - Under Spain; music and what sounded like a pledge drive to raise money for station. Religious music noted at 1908 that matched up to webstream. [Wolfish]
1313.98  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Ardabil  NOV 5 1900 - Fair; brief announcement and orchestral instrumentals parallel 1116, 1251, 1305, 1431, 1503, and 1539 kHz. [Conti] NOV 5 1907 - Two ID's and talk in Farsi. Parallel 1116 kHz. [Wolfish]
1314  ROMANIA R.România Antena Satelor, Banat & Dobrogea  NOV 4 1859 - Fair with synchro effect, over Spain; "Dedicatii muzicale... Antena Satelor," promo, and a romantic vocal. [Conti]
1323  CYPRUS BBC Zyyi  NOV 8 0258 - BBC Bow Bells interval signal. World Service ID and news in English at 0300. [Wolfish]
1323  ROMANIA R.Târgu, Târgu Mures  NOV 5 1859 - Fair; "Radio Târgu" (no "Mures") promo/ID. [Conti] NOV 5 1958 - Over Gold with pop music. Sign off by man mentioning frequencies. Test tone afterward, just like the 1053 R.Iasi station does. [Wolfish]
1323  UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Southwick  NOV 5 1935 - Upfaded briefly over Romania; America's "Horse with No Name" and Edison Lighthouse's "Love Grows." Matched song playlist on website. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2100 - Fair; "On AM, online and digital radio, playing the greatest hits of all time," and jingle, "This is Gold." [Conti]
1332  IRAN R.Tehran, Tehran  NOV 5 1900 - Good; 3-note time signal and R.Tehran ID into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1332  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Galati  NOV 3 1900 - Over/under Iran; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," marker and time check into news, parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti] NOV 5 1958 - Jazzy instrumental music before hourtop parallel to 1179 kHz. ID and news read by woman at 2000. [Wolfish]
1332  UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Peterborough  NOV 5 2003 - Surfaced over top of Romania; "Gold weather" read by a woman, man gave phone numbers for requests, jingle and then played "Be My Baby" by The Ronettes. [Wolfish]
1341  NORTHERN IRELAND BBC R.Ulster, Lisnagarvey  NOV 2 2216 - Strong with music by oppressed Canadians: songs by Neil Young and The Band. [Wolfish] NOV 4 0000 - Fair; "For now BBC Radio 5 Live..." and a good night "from everyone here at BBC Radio Ulster," then "This is BBC Radio 5 Live." [Conti]
1350  HUNGARY Kossuth Radio, Gyór  NOV 5 2000 - "Kossuth Radio" ID heard. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2000 - Good; "Kossuth Radio" ID. Thanks to Valter Comuzzi and Chuck Hutton at RealDX for the ID assist. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1359  UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Bakers' Wood  NOV 5 2000 - Fair; "On AM, online and digital radio..." and Gold jingle into news. [Conti]
1368  ITALY Challenger Radio, Villa Estense  NOV 7 1900 - Poor; "Operated by Nexus International Broadcasters Association" with mention of shortwave and USB. [Conti]
1368  UNITED KINGDOM Manx Radio, Foxdale  NOV 3 1901 - Good; pop music, Manx Radio jingle. [Conti] NOV 6 2009 - Two different British stations audible. Initially the first had music in the background, while the second was a news program. Bruce has heard Manx Radio with music, so possibly it's who is the dominant station. Easy listening American oldies. "Mash" theme song to 2018, then ads. Excellent at that time and parallel to webfeed for Manx Radio. Nice Manx Radio ID at 2018:55. The other stations are BBC stations between 0.4 and 2 kW only, so I'm pleased with those. I checked the two other available on-line sites, but neither BBC R.Lincolnshire, nor BBC R.Wiltshire were in parallel, and BBC Surrey had no link. However, I forgot to check these while all this was happening, so it remains a mystery! [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2026 - On top of Iran (I think) with Maroon 5 song and Rod Stewart "Mandolin Wind." Manx Radio jingle heard at 2037. [Wolfish]
1377  ARMENIA TWR Gavar  NOV 6 2039 - Of course France Info with 300 kW dominates, but it's easy to hear a second station co-channel, I believe in Arabic, and most likely TWR Asia from Armenia. Occasionally rising to be almost equal to France Info. [Salmaniw]
1377  FRANCE France Info, Lille  NOV 5 0223 - Strong with jazzy instrumental music. "Trois heures et demie" time check and newscast at 0230. [Wolfish]
1386  LITHUANIA R.Baltic Waves International, Sitkunai  NOV 2 1958 - Woman announcer lady with ID. NOV 3 2029 - Polskie Radio relay-Belorussian program with same woman announcer lady interviewing a man. [Wolfish] NOV 4 1900 - Good; open carrier leading up to the hour, then fanfare with "Polish Radio external service" ID. [Conti] NOV 4 2000 - Polish, then English ID, then into Belorussian service. Absolutely in the clear, with very good reception. Not bad for 75 kW and non-directional! [Salmaniw] NOV 5 0327 - NHK relay, interval signal. Sign-on with Russian broadcast. Poor at this time. [Wolfish] NOV 5 0329 - NHK interval sign at good level, but dropping by the BOH, so difficult to tell, but should be in Russian. Not too surprising with only 75 kW and ND. NOV 6 2043 - Excellent reception with ID for the Belarussian service of Polish Radio. All in Belarussian, of course. [Salmaniw]
1394.88  ALBANIA TWR Fllakë  NOV 4 2000 - Excellent; TWR interval signal, then TransWorld Radio Polska program. [Conti]
1395  ARMENIA VOR Yerevan  NOV 6 2044 - Despite an extremely powerful TWR Albania, I was able to eliminate most of the interference and narrow the bandwidth to clearly hear Armenia. Gavar is there with 500 kW relaying R.Rossii. Fair to almost good. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2200 - Poor; "Golos Rossii," Moscow bells, and time marker. [Conti]
1404  FRANCE France Info synchros  NOV 4 1846 - Fair over unID; fanfare and news/talk in French, parallel excellent 1206, 1242, and 1377 signals. [Conti]
1404  GREECE ERA Komotini  NOV 8 2158 - Over top of France; male vocal, then interval signal at 2200 followed by news. Parallel to a weaker 1512 kHz. [Wolfish]
1413  MOLDOVA VOR Grigoriopol  NOV 3 1833 - In Russian with man giving weather forecast. [Wolfish] NOV 3 1900 - Fair; "Golos Rossii..." and Moscow bells, then time marker into "novosti" news. NOV 4 1900 - Good; bells, time marker, and ID's into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 5 1802 - Fair reception at 2:00 p.m. local with Russian news, already propagating. One of the first stations heard reasonably well this afternoon. [Salmaniw]
1413  OMAN BBC World Service, A'Seela  NOV 4 2000 - Under Moldova; "BBC World Service, the world's radio station" and time marker. [Conti]
1422  ALGERIA Chaîne 3, Alger-Ouled Fayet  NOV 8 0100 - Over/under co-channel Deutschlandfunk Germany; "Radio Chaine Trois... information," and greeting, "Madame, monsieur, bonjour," into news. [Conti]
1431  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Esfahan  NOV 4 2100 - Good over R.Sawa Djibouti; "Radyoe Iran" ID with brief anthem-like theme song/jingle, parallel 1251 kHz. Listen to mp3 audio clip.[Conti]
1440  LUXEMBOURG RTL Marnach  NOV 2 2258 - Good over WRED; CRI with Chinese orchestra music. [Conti] NOV 4 1842 - Good with religious program in German. Went into another program at 1845. [Wolfish] NOV 5 1803 - Good reception already with RTL ID and into pop music. Only just after 2:00 p.m. local. Rechecking at 1830 has a religious program in German, so presumably Lutherische Stunde. EMWG lists 1825 to 1830, but clearly much longer. Saudi Arabia is co-channel at 1837, but weaker. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 1811 - Weak with Ray Charles "Hit the Road Jack." Matched what their website says they are playing. [Wolfish] NOV 7 1900 - ID into CRI program. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1440  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Ras al-Zawr  NOV 4 1839 - Arabic talk by man mixing with Luxembourg. [Wolfish]
1449  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Yanbu al-Bahr  NOV 6 2100 - Good; spacey music leading up to the hour, fanfare into news, parallel 1521 but delayed a few seconds. [Conti] NOV 6 2108 - Good reception with rapid speech in Arabic, and lots of mentions of Arabiya, etc. Seems parallel to webfeed, with delay of course. Yes confirmed, when checked again! [Salmaniw]
1457.63  ALBANIA CRI Fllakë  NOV 4 1859 - Good; Chinese orchestra music, carrier off promptly at 1900 without any announcements. [Conti] NOV 4 2000 - A jumble on this frequency, especially with Albania being off frequency. Dead air at 2000. Perhaps it's Albania with the time pips rather than Romania? CRI interval signal at 2001 followed by Hungarian program. Good reception apart from the splatter. NOV 6 2112 - Radio Tirana's interval signal at good level, despite splatter from 1458 proper! Listed to go into Serbian in a few minutes. On 1458 itself, one can hear Sunrise Radio, but another one which is usually stronger, and not Romania. So I'm not sure who? Listening further I'm pretty sure it's the BBC Asian Network at Birmingham with just 5 kW. Difficult to figure them all apart, though! [Salmaniw]
1458  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Constanta  NOV 4 1900 - Fair over unID UK after Albania sign-off; "Radio România Actualitati hora exacta" and time marker into news parallel 1152 kHz. [Conti] NOV 4 2000 - Not an easy frequency at this time with a loud het on the low side caused by Albania, but Romania dominates with an excellent ID, immediately followed by Sunrise Radio from the UK, with its ID, then Romania's time pips. How convenient! [Salmaniw]
1458  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Asian Network, Birmingham  NOV 6 2113 - It's been fun to listen to this frequency and try to hear the on-line stations. I have heard Sunrise Radio easily, but there's also another and a BBC ID was heard, but otherwise Indian music, so I'm assuming this to be the BBC Asian Network. And, maybe a third station, too! [Salmaniw]
1458  UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Manchester  NOV 4 1948 - Mixing with Sunrise Radio; with Wizzard's "See My Baby Jive." [Wolfish] NOV 8 0100 - Briefly over co-channel Romania; "This is Gold" jingle and Sky news. [Conti]
1458  UNITED KINGDOM Sunrise Radio, Brookmans Park  NOV 4 2000 - Good reception under Romania with English ID immediately after Romania's, with 'Sunrise Radio. News on the hour, every hour', then a 'Sunrise Radio' jingle. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 0300 - Over Romania; "This is Sunrise Radio, news on the hour every hour." [Conti]
1467  FRANCE TWR Roumoules  NOV 4 2159 - Good over Iran; Arabic program with internet address "www dot twr dot net." [Conti]
1467  FRANCE R.Maria, Le Col de la Madonne  NOV 3 1854 - Good; abrupt sign-off with R.Maria ID in French. [Conti]
1467  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Isfahan  NOV 4 2200 - Under TWR France; Koranic vocal through the hour, parallel 765, 837, 936, 1197, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]
1467  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Hafar al-Batin  NOV 5 1900 - Fair; lively contemporary Middle Eastern music parallel 1521 kHz. NOV 7 2300 - Strong fade up over co-channel France; announcement/news parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]
1476  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Marivan  NOV 5 2000 - Off-frequency, het against unID 1476, rising to good level at times; speaker parallel 1503 kHz. Measured 1476.265 kHz. Listed as regional. [Conti]
1485  SPAIN SER R.Santander, Soto de la Marina  NOV 7 2259 - Faded up as the hour approached; "Radio Santander, Cadena Ser." [Wolfish]
1485  SPAIN SER R.Zamora, Zamora  NOV 7 2258 - Local ad ending "...con Zamora," then faded to reveal SER R.Santander. Thanks to Chuck Hutton, Henrik Klemetz, and Mauricio Molanio at RealDX for assistance. [Wolfish]
1485  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Merseyside, Wallasey  NOV 4 1858 - Over/under Spain; Merseyside mention, news including Liverpool items. [Conti] NOV 4 2110 - Mixing with Spanish station and Gold; program about North West Football Awards. Matched webstream. [Wolfish] NOV 6 0700 - Fair; canned ID, "...BBC Radio Merseyside," into news. [Conti]
1485  UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Newbury  NOV 4 2055 - Under Spanish station with songs "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty and "Here Comes the Night" by Them. [Wolfish]
1494  CORSICA France Bleu, Bastia  NOV 3 1850 - Fair to good, fighting it out with France Info and both running talk by males in French, then into female vocalist song at 1855. Nice up-fade at 30 seconds to the hour. [Taylor] NOV 5 0200 - Over/under France Info; France Bleu jingles. [Conti] NOV 6 0127 - Interesting battle on this frequency with both French stations fading up and down to reveal the other, but mostly France Bleu dominating with lots of American oldies, like 'Return to Sender'. Lots of mentions of Blue. Co-channel is France Info on the mainland also with 20 kW, but mostly talk. Very good. [Salmaniw]
1494  FRANCE France Info synchros  NOV 3 1858 - Fair, fading to poor, under France Bleu, with regular news sounder at the top of the hour and news. [Taylor] NOV 3 2200 - Excellent; "France Info..." and time check into fanfare and news. [Conti] NOV 6 0127 - Playing "Summer Nights" from Grease and cut off song to go into news read by woman at hourbottom. Parallel to 1206 and 1377 and mixing with France Bleu station. [Wolfish]

East Point Lighthouse

1502.86  BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA R.Zavidovici, Mecevici  NOV 5 2000 - Loud het against 1503 BBC and others; presumed Bosnia as the only signal listed this low in mwoffsets database. [Conti]
1503  EGYPT ERTU North Sinai Radio, El Arish  NOV 7 2058 - Two cycles of 'Big Ben' chimes, same as on 819 kHz but not parallel programming; clearly heard through Spain and Iran. [Conti]
1503  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bushehr  NOV 7 2101 - Weak modulation over Spain; anthem-like jingle parallel 936 and 1431 kHz. [Conti]
1503  SPAIN RNE5 La Línea de Concepción & Piñeira  NOV 6 0500 - Pips and time check in Spanish as "six and five in the Canaries" into news by man. Poor signal. [Wolfish]
1503  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent  NOV 4 2128 - Buried in mess with presumed Iranian station; man and woman talking and then played Aretha Franklin song. Matched up to website. NOV 6 2145 - Under presumed Iran with "Proud Mary." [Wolfish]
1511.93  GREECE ERA Chania  NOV 8 2144 - Always a jumble due to this off-frequency station. Should be Greece, on late, presumably due to being occupied by the fired employees. Mostly music. Measured on 1511.931, while two other carriers also present on .992 and 1512.000 kHz. Likely Saudi and Iran. Sometimes good reception, but mostly fair. [Salmaniw]
1512  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Ardabil  NOV 4 2200 - Over/under unID; Koranic vocal through the hour, parallel 765, 837, 936, 1197, and 1467 kHz. Usual parallel 1503 seemed open carrier as noted previous nights. [Conti] NOV 7 2017 - Several offsets! Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Greece. This indeed is an interesting channel. I can see three almost equal transmitters: 1511.935, 1511.991, and 1512.002. Two have Koranic chanting. One at a fast pace and quite loud, while the other was much slower and deeper. These are the upper two channels, while the lowest, I've been able to adjust the bandwidth to eliminate him. MW Offsets list suggests the low station to be Greece, while .991 is Saudi and .002, I think is the Iranian. We confirmed the fast paced one was Iran by the audio feed which was almost in sync. The Saudi became dominant at 2030 for a time with continued chants, while Iran had several gongs and changed programming after what sounded like an anthem. The Greek, I suspect is an open carrier as I'm getting nothing from the lowest carrier, and it's the strongest of the three. [Salmaniw]
1512  IRELAND Tyrone Community Radio, Lifford  NOV 4 2116 – Fair, presumed to be TCR with Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" before fading into the crowd. Unable to load internet stream to confirm, but unlikely to be any other listed station on this frequency. [Taylor]
1521  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Duba  NOV 3 2148 - While 1521 is normally completely dominated by the Saudi, low and behold, there's a pretty good co-channel with play by play soccer, and parallel to other SER stations, so Spain as well. Not bad for 10 kW for the latter from Castellón. [Salmaniw]
1521  SPAIN SER R.Castellón, Ctra Valencia  NOV 2 2255 - Fair, under dominant Saudi, with male in Spanish and music interludes. [Taylor] NOV 5 2029 - Same silly fútbol match as on 1602. Almost equal strength to Saudi Arabia. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2029 - Normally Saudi Arabia totally dominates the channel, but not so this afternoon. SER for a time just about came up to equal strength with play by play soccer game. Game is gone after the BOH, but still audible. Mentioned Castellón at 2038. [Salmaniw]
1530  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati/R.Constanta synchros  NOV 4 2000 - Fair; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta" and time marker into news. [Conti] NOV 6 2206 - Excellent reception. Had to think twice that it might have been a local, but sure enough an ID at 2206 and into music. Exceptionally strong! Romanian. At same time I could weakly hear the BBC low power stations underneath. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 1959 - R.Constanta faded up over R.România Actualitati with folk music and a quick ID at 2000, then it appeared to go off. [Wolfish]
1530  SAO TOME E PRINCIPE VOA Pinheira  NOV 5 0259 - Over/under Romania; Yankee Doodle, news in English. [Conti] NOV 5 0304 - Good with Daybreak Africa program. Pulse 2 with Roy Oribson tune audible way off in the distance. [Wolfish] NOV 5 0307 - Daybreak Africa program at near armchair level in English, with African accented announcer. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 0259 - Open carrier about 10 minutes before the hour. At 0259, very loud Yankee Doodle. At 0300 dead air for about 20 seconds before starting into news. Nice to hear so well! Daybreak Africa program from 0305. [Salmaniw]
1530  UNITED KINGDOM Pulse 2, Huddersfield  NOV 3 2000 - Fair, under presumed Romania; news at the top of the hour including "breaking news" of a ship in trouble off the coast of Jersey. Then, at 2002, into the Barry White song "My Everything," with deep fade thereafter. [Taylor] NOV 3 2004 - Under Romania; Barry White's "You're the First, the Last, My Everything." Matched their web audio. [Wolfish] NOV 7 1954 - A very interesting frequency. I'm checking thinking that the southerly paths might dominate with VOA São Tomé, but nothing from them at all. Instead, we hear Romania, often very loud (Actualitati), but then fading to nothing. There's someone else playing Arabic sounding music, briefly faded up, now gone for some time, and finally pop music which Brent says is Pulse 2. Finally, a local station might just be there with a hint of audio. Who will be present at top of the hour? The Romanian ID'ed just before the hour, then faded allowing an English speaker there with news. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 0100 - Fair; "...this is Pulse 2," and news, "From the Sky news center at one." [Conti]
1539  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Yazd  NOV 5 1900 - Fair, over SER Spain; brief announcement and orchestra instrumentals parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]
1539  SPAIN SER Elche & Manresa  NOV 4 1900 - Fair; "La Ventana, con Carles Francino" and time marker into news. [Conti] NOV 6 2211 - It's enough to turn someone to drink, with the two sites (but sounding like more) out of sync, making for quite a mess! [Salmaniw]
1548  MOLDOVA VOR/TWR Grigoriopol  NOV 3 1827 - End of Bulgarian broadcast with address in Sofia given as well as internet info, TWR interval signal into Romany program. Fair and alone at this time. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2000 - Good, tuned to high side to avoid het from BBC R.Bristol offset; TWR interval signal, then cut into VOR time marker and Golos Rossii ID. NOV 5 1830 - Fair; one cycle of TWR interval signal. [Conti] NOV 6 1828 - Bulgarian program already at good level signing off their Bulgarian programming. Interval signal just before the BOH x 1, then piano music and into listed Romany (and confirmed by the announcement). Het on the low side necessitated using passband tuning. This is BBC R.Bristol. Another one is measured on 1547.977 which should be IRIB. All this at half-past 2:00 p.m. local with the sun high in the sky! At 1845 interval signal again, and into Romania, 'TransWorld Radio România' announced. Excellent level. [Salmaniw]
1547.88  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Bristol, Mangotsfield  NOV 5 0200 - Fair; relaying BBC Radio 5 Live. NOV 7 1900 - Fair, easily separated from 1548 Moldova; "Across the west on FM... this is BBC Radio Bristol." [Conti]
1548  UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Saffron Green  NOV 4 2005 - Under TWR Moldova; ID, phone number given and "Let's Dance" by Chris Montez. [Wolfish]
1548  UNITED KINGDOM Magic 1548, Liverpool-Merseyside  NOV 8 0100 - Fair; "Merseyside and the northwest, on AM, digital radio, and online, this is Magic 1548 news," and news, "From the Sky news center at one." [Conti]
1550  WESTERN SAHARA Saharawi Arab Dem Rep National Radio, Rabouni  NOV 3 2228 - Good, with no sign of North American domestics; man talking fast in Arabic through the bottom of the hour. Still listening at 2300, and station rolled through the hour with music, but then aired time pips at 2302, and segued into tribal 'pluck and sing' music familiar to those who have ever tuned Mauritania. [Taylor] NOV 3 2231 - Very strong signal with non-stop Arabic talk. Thought I'd look at the frequency, since I hear a het on 1550.028 kHz, but I think this station is closer to the fundamental. 1550 itself is a jumble of many stations smeared across the channel, so impossible to be sure. Man with an echo in his voice (or speaking from an echoey location at 2238). 2254 hoping for an ID at 2300, but instead kept playing Arabic music until 2302, at which time there were time pips, then some dead air, and into more of the same music. Very strong and enjoyable, especially with the SAM engaged, and the bandwidth opened on the Perseus SDR. There's definitely an African flare to this music. [Salmaniw] NOV 3 2310 - Sahwari music similar to what you would hear on Mauritania, group of people singing with some kind of stringed instrument, possibly a xalam. Went off at 2333 after anthem. Their clocks are a few minutes slow, as I heard time pips at 2303 on both Nov 2 and Nov 3. [Wolfish]
1557  FRANCE France Info, Le Col de La Madonne  NOV 4 1900 - Good, over unID; fanfare and "France Info le journal." [Conti]
1557  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Lancashire, Oxcliff  NOV 7 1900 - Under France Info; BBC local theme music. [Conti]
1566  BENIN TWR Parakou  NOV 3 2154 - I'm quite certain that it's TWR with what sounds like preaching in an African language to 2156, then into French. Booming in at 2208. ID'ed before the hour at 2156 (thanks, Brent for catching the TWR ID). [Salmaniw] NOV 3 2155 - Fair fading to excellent, with man in French. ID at 2156:20 in French (my translation), "This is TWR, a message of hope for the world, the following program will be in French." Then the talking, man and woman, was very clear and paced, as in a language instruction session reminiscent of the old VOA 'Special English' programming on shortwave. [Taylor] NOV 3 2158 - Weak with French preacher. Much better on other antennas. NOV 4 2141 - Man in French giving phone number or address in Abidjan with African music in background. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2141 - Very good reception with address information in French mentioning Abidjan and a series of numbers (phone numbers perhaps). Nice with good reception. Also noted Nigeria on 917 with weak audio (at same time as English from Slovenia at 2130). [Salmaniw]
1566  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Bristol & Somerset Sound, Taunton  NOV 5 2102 - Good reception with BBC news. The other UK station is also heard, and at times comes up to audibility. Nice BBC Somerset ID at 2104. NOV 7 0124 - Fair reception, but consistent without fading for the last 15 minutes. Must be BBC Somerset with BBC Radio 5 Live feed overnight. Significant splatter, but otherwise in the clear. Discussion on Scotland. I'm also hearing some music which fades and comes up. I think this is most likely Eagle Extra with listed 750 watts. I keep forgetting to check the audio feeds. Yes, it is them! Nice BBC Radio 5 Live at 0200. Faded down at 0204 to have Eagle Extra in the clear, but that lasted only a few seconds, and back to the BBC at good level, with '5 past 7' mentioned. [Salmaniw]
1566  UNITED KINGDOM Eagle Extra, Peasmarsh  NOV 3 2012 - Playing Van Halen's "Jump." Matched their website. [Wolfish] NOV 3 2015 - Fair to poor in splatter, with REM "End of the World as We Know It." [Taylor] NOV 8 0000 - Good; "Online, on mobile phone app and on 1566 medium wave, from the makers of Eagle Radio, this is Eagle Extra," and news, "From the Sky news center at midnight..." [Conti]
1575  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Ghaen  NOV 2 2100 - Over/under Italy and others; canned "Radyoe Iran" with anthem-like theme song/jingle, same as later heard on 1431 kHz. NOV 7 2101 - Over/under R.Farda and background bubble jammer; canned ID and jingle parallel 936, 1431, and 1503 kHz. [Conti]
1575  IRAN Bubble jammer  NOV 5 2000 - Bubble jammer through SER Spain and unID. [Conti] NOV 7 2042 - Haven't noticed the bubble jammer until today. Using the zoom function, I can see 5 carriers. 1575.000 is by far the strongest, which corresponds with R.Farda and probably the Italian, as they're both easily heard. Now there's the bubble jammer which goes up and down in strength. Brent is also hearing weakly one other. I'm measuring 1575.968, .983, .000, .026, and the weakest on 1575.034 kHz. [Salmaniw]
1575  ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  NOV 3 1902 - First program, with many transmitters listed in the EMWG between 1 and 50 kW, totally dominating the channel with armchair copy before 1900, but when rechecked, fighting it out with R.Farda with 800 kW from Al-Dhabiya UAE. The former with a soccer game. Only 3:00 p.m. local time with the sun still relatively high in the sky, here in Murray Harbour North, P.E.I. 2130 armchair copy with another soccer game, as I'm listening, it starts to fade down, and others start to dominate. Probably R.Farda. All within a minute. Great fun! [Salmaniw] NOV 6 0700 - Fair; data signal and time marker, time check into Rai news. [Conti]
1575  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R.Farda, Al Dhabiya  NOV 2 2300 - Good over Italy sign-off; "Radio Farda dot com" and contemporary Mid-East vocal. [Conti]
1584  ITALY R.Studio X, Momigno  NOV 5 2001 - Some kind of sound effect followed by an ID. Just barely above Spain and BBC station. Thanks to Mauno Ritola for ID assistance. [Wolfish]
1584  SPAIN SER R.Ourense, Ourense  NOV 7 0200 - Good; "Radio Ourense internet, Radio Ourense punto com," and time marker into servicios informativos. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1584  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Nottingham, Clipstone  NOV 5 1958 - Under Spain with "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" by Travis, which was on 1485 BBC R.Merseyside at same time. I think there was a "Radio Nottingham" ID at the end of the song. [Wolfish]
1593  ROMANIA R.Cluj synchros  NOV 4 1959 - Under R.România Actualitati; announcement with Radio Cluj mention, then test tone and off. NOV 5 1900 - Good; time marker and R.Cluj ID. [Conti]
1593  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Ion Korvinn  NOV 3 1910 - Excellent, fading to fair, with two men talking fast. Walt Salmaniw wound back his SDR file to 1900 and got the clear ID. Thanks Walt! [Taylor] NOV 3 1925 - Parallel to 1179 with what seems to be a football match or maybe highlights from a football game. Also played some pop music in between two men talking about the sporting event. [Wolfish] NOV 5 0259 - Fair; choral national anthem parallel 1530 kHz. [Conti]

1602  NETHERLANDS R.Seagull, Pietersbierum  NOV 5 2005 - Very good reception with loud ID at 2004 UTC, in the clear and alone. Within a few moments, Spain returned, but still heard quite well. The website states that they transmit from aboard a docked ship, the Jenni Baynton, moored in Harlingen Harbour with 1 kW, and that at night the signal has been heard as far away as Finland, Germany, and Switzerland (and now, Canada!). [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2015 - Spotted by Walt Salmaniw. Lengthy pop song heard under Spain. English accented announcer at 2019. Seagull jingle at 2021 and more pop music. 2027 announcer outroed songs he had just played and bragged about their music variety. Had news at 2100. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2100 - Fade up over Spain; "Feature Story News from Washington," lead stories about Syria and Congo. [Conti]
1602  SPAIN SER R.Segovia, San Agustín-Segovia  NOV 2 2058 - Fair; quick R.Segovia ID and talk. NOV 7 2300 - Fair; "Radio Segovia punto com" into 'El Larguero' program. [Conti]
1612.40  GREECE unID  NOV 8 2124 - Being Friday night, I assumed that the Europirates would be out in force and scanning the bands, the presumed Greek is there with his very broad distinct signal, highly variable and rather poor muddy audio. Further up there's a cleaner signal on 1615.0 with pop music, 1619.0, 1624.91, 1628.99, 1639.88, and 1645.97 kHz. [Salmaniw]
1612.43  GREECE unID  NOV 5 1916 - Very wobbly signal with multiple lines on the waterfall. Greek music, with undermodulated talk at 1926. I'm hearing other Europirates on 1640.09, 1630.1 (with very strange modulation almost FM-like). [Salmaniw]
1612.5  GREECE unID  NOV 6 0011 - I came back to have another look, and this Greek sounding pirate is still there. Same unstable transmitter with 4 main carriers? on the waterfall, all parallel measuring 1612.475, .524, .578 and .627, and weaker waterfalls lower and higher to these frequencies. Despite being adjacent 1610, still a fair signal. Not quite good, but would be if the splatter was removed! [Salmaniw]
1612.7  GREECE unID  NOV 5 2335 - Greek/Mediterranean music. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2335 - Good on fade ins; Mediterranean music, presumed a Greek pirate. [Conti]
1618.5  NETHERLANDS unID  NOV 7 2058 - Fair; cheesy beach boogie instrumental, brief announcement, then back to instrumental. Listen to mp3 audio clip. John Märsylä at RealDX: "It's Dutch, dialect from Province Drente, but hard to understand." [Conti]
1620  GREECE unID  NOV 5 2110 - Very loud right now on 1620.028 with Greek music, and overmodulated audio. Presumed a Greek pirate. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2200 - Good; Mediterranean vocals through the hour. [Conti] NOV 5 2215 - Non-stop Greek music. Quite strong at times. [Wolfish]
1625  NETHERLANDS unID  NOV 2 2315 - Mostly Dutch (?) pop/rock oldies that I did not recognize. But he did play T-Rex's "Bang a Gong" and Cream's "In A White Room." Typical Europirate where he kept on potting down the music and saying something. At one point he yelled something in English. If he ID'ed, I never caught it. Pretty decent signal. [Wolfish]
1629  GREECE unID  NOV 5 1942 - Suddenly came on. Also Greek? Terrible modulation seems the hallmark of these Europirates. Nothing at all like North American pirates. [Salmaniw]
1629  NETHERLANDS R.Calypso  NOV 7 2234 - Very good reception with excellent modulation and much more like a regular broadcast station compared to many of the hobby Europirates I've heard this week. Mentioned R.Calypso several times. Presumably a Dutch pirate. Many mentions of this station on the web and on this frequency. [Salmaniw]
1631  NETHERLANDS Monte Carlo Radio  NOV 4 2230 - Poor with Polka-like music and ID. Confirmed by Max van Arnhem in The Netherlands. [Wolfish]
1633  NETHERLANDS R.Barones(?), R.Barcelona(?)  NOV 6 2313 - Playing Bryan Adams and frequent interruptions with his ID, which sounds like Radio Barzona. Just played 'Amsterdam' by Buck Owens: 'Amsterdam, Amsterdam, how I love you Amsterdam'. Very strong! Next song is a Dutch song about Amsterdam. Then ID'd clearly as Radio Barzona. About the strongest pirate I've heard. Perhaps Radio Barcelona? [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2319 - Stong with Bryan Adams "Summer of 69," Buck Owens tune. Still going strong at 0020. [Wolfish] NOV 7 0000 - Good; country-style song,"Forever Mine," then announcement. Listen to mp3 audio clip. Per Jurgen Bartels at RealDX, "It's a Dutch pirate, accent is Groningen." [Conti]
1634  ITALY Fishermen, Italian 2 way communications  NOV 6 0026 - Noted two Italians speaking to each other using USB mode. Fair level. Presumably from Europe. Mediterranean? [Salmaniw]
1638.15  NETHERLANDS Bluebird Radio  NOV 2 2257 - I assume this was in Dutch with oldies in another language, a song with yodeling in it and also a cover/variation of "Hello Muddah Hello Faddah." NOV 4 2145 - Present again with what I'd call Dutch beer drinking music. [Wolfish] NOV 4 2145 - The easiest and strongest presumed Dutch pirate is ongoing for the last few hours on a Monday night, with several mentions of Bluebird, and identical style of oompah or polka type music. Often at very good level. Might have to try to QSL. Located an email on-line as Always off-frequency by 152 Hz on the high side. NOV 5 2145 - Exceptionally good; mentioned "Bluebird" several times. In response to email report, Luppo Imminga at Bluebird replied, "Bedankt Walter ben geboren in 1944 getrouwd 3kinderen 10 kleunkinderen woon in een klein dorp in Groningen." Big open carrier at 2306, then crash start into a march. Followed by a waltz. Very good reception. I continued to listen to this fellow for a long time. He finally ID'ed in English as, "This is pirate radio Sandokan." The free radio pirate chat page assisted me greatly and told me that this was Dutch for Bluebird, so now that's solved. I'm told he runs about 1 kW. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2306 - Nice clean audio with a march at 2306 and more like a polka waltz at 2308. Then a march at 2310. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2325 - Good; 'oompah' polka-style instrumentals. 2358 montage of drinking songs, singing the theme from "Flipper" etc. [Conti]
1639.8  NETHERLANDS R.Doctor Einstein(?)  NOV 6 2215 - Not sure if it's our favourite DJ from the Europirate scene, but tonight, he's just under 6940, making it challenging to null out the het. Very loud at times playing Convoy, and calling himself Dr. Einstein and mentioning 'low power from Europe'. Still sounds like he's shouting into the mike. 'Low power from ?' No oompah or polkas so far tonight, though. Quite a few times, he announces what sounds like 'Buttover'. Could be a bit intoxicated. At least I recognize most of the music. Apart from the single mention of Dr. Einstein, no other IDs sounding like that, so unlikely Radio Dr. Einstein (I did find that on the internet!). [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2252 - Playing and talking/laughing over "Skin Deep" by the Stranglers and "Don't Call Us" by Sugarloaf. Fair signal. [Wolfish]
1647  EUROPIRATE Witte Tornado and the Lady  NOV 3 1950 - Oompah type music on measured 1646.974 at good level, but then fading down into the mud, before coming back at poor to fair level with similar music. A Europirate, I'm sure, but from where? Others noted on 1627.077, 1645.120, 1662.447, and 1688.107 to name a few. At 2000, I noted the 1627 station with Greek or possibly Arabic sounding music. Nothing, of course, over the hour. On 1647 a female DJ with barking in the background. I'll need some help with the language ID, but then back to oompah type music! [Salmaniw] Most probably Witte Tornado and the Lady, on air most weekends. I listened to it in the same day Nov 3. [Jari Lehtinen - Lahti, Finland]
1647  unID  NOV 5 1947 - Very loud! I'm hearing him mentioning Radio Losan or Mosan or similar. Actually some nice tunes on a Hawaiian guitar at 1949. Suddenly left the air at 1951, though. Another unstable one on 1690.21, 1692.41 (might be the same guy jumping frequency at 1954), then 1694.41, again probably the same fellow jumping frequencies. These just might be 2-way communications, as they don't seem to have any content. [Salmaniw]
1650  FRANCE CROSS Corsen NavTex  NOV 5 1959 - To 2000 in USB mode and in French. Off suddenly. Possibly French marine traffic? NAVTEX listed here, but was not digital. Reviewing the Perseus WAV file, I heard them sign on and it was very strong. Initially a woman with weather, and later a male with, 'Securite' x 3. Thanks to Andrew Brade on RealDX for ID'ing this as Corsen, which is near Brest, France. CROSS is the French Coast Guard and Rescue service (the S and S of CROSS). [Salmaniw]
1655  NETHERLANDS Studio 69(?), R.Barones(?)  NOV 5 2200 - Fair; Eric Clapton "Lay Down Sally." Blues/rock music. [Conti] NOV 5 2224 - Quite good at times except for splatter, but also fading into the mud before returning. Playing more typical Western music, even one that I recognized. Don't ask me for the name, though. After 0000 had C&W music, and then back to the Polka style music. Still going strong at 0008. Lots of splatter from the 10 kHz channels. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2228 - Not as strong as 1620. Playing Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" and Dutch old pop music. Man said something at 2240 and played a North American oldie. NOV 5 2343 - Playing old C&W like "All My Exes Live It Texas" and then switched gears by play Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" at 0032. [Wolfish]
1656.25  ITALY Roma Radio  NOV 5 2248 - Couple of IDs by man heard as well as music. Not as good a signal as the one on 1655. Audio seems muffled. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2250 - Suddenly came on at 2245. I noted him since he caused a het against 1655. Several IDs as R.Roma, including 2250. Confirmed by listening to the Twente SDR website. Fair/good reception, but as usual, muddy audio. [Salmaniw] NOV 5 2305 - Distorted audio. 2313 carrier off. Seemed to pop on/off at will. [Conti]
1659  NORWAY LGP Bodø Radio, Anrenes  NOV 6 2305 - Norwegian weather. [Wolfish]
1665  NETHERLANDS Polkaman(?), Philadelphia(?)  NOV 5 2315 - Good signal but only bits of audio. [Conti]
1692  NORWAY LGQ Rogaland Radio, Vigre  NOV 5 2317 - Woman with marine weather in English. Ended at 2321. Then a man in Norwegian. Good signal. [Wolfish] NOV 5 2320 - Scanning the x-band I noted an USB transmission here. It's a maritime weather and safety station, in English. Broadcast daily between 2315 and 2330 only, so a good catch. Very good reception. Vigre is located on the south-west coast of Norway, about the same latitude as northern Scotland. [Salmaniw]
1698  SPAIN EAR La Coruña Radio, La Coruña  NOV 6 2310 - Noted in Spanish signing off at good level. La Coruña is a city on the extreme north-west of Spain. Marine traffic, of course. [Salmaniw]

1713  NORWAY LGV Vardø Radio, Vardø  NOV 6 2305-2313 - Man in English and then Norwegian with marine forecast. [Wolfish]
1728  NORWAY LGN Rogaland Radio, Bergen  NOV 6 2315-2325 - Woman reading marine weather. Parallel 1680 LLG Florø Radio (under domestics), 1692, and 1785 LGZ Rogaland Radio. [Wolfish]
1743  SCOTLAND Stornoway Marine Radio, Butt of Lewis  NOV 7 1925 - Good, with Scots-accented woman reading marine weather. Then sign off at 1929, "This is Stornoway Coast Guard... out." [Taylor] NOV 9 0110 - Marine radio heard at good level, but not quite as good as a few days ago, with forecast for area waters. Next transmission in 3 hours. Female reader. [Salmaniw]
3965  FRANCE Issoudun RFI  NOV 5 0042 - Listed at only 1 kW. Hard to believe, but about 50% copy with an English interview being translated into French earlier. Once over 13 dB SNR, almost 100% copy. [Salmaniw]
4026  UNITED KINGDOM Laser Hot Hits  NOV 5 0044 - Good reception with, what else, Hot Hits and occasional DJ banter. Niel Wolfish noted that they sound similar to the Dutch Europirate Bluebird which we heard earlier. I recall hearing them many years ago when I lived in Germany! NOV 8 0052 - IDing as 'Laser'. Very strong tonight. Much better than earlier in the week. [Salmaniw]
4765  TAJIKISTAN Tajik Radio 1, Dushanbe  NOV 6 0044 - Fair/good reception with a lot of atmospheric noise tonight, so not as good as last night. Measured off frequency as usual at 4765.053, different than the mwoffsets listing of 4765.061 kHz. [Salmaniw]
5010  CHINA CNR1  NOV 5 2220 - Very strong on this new frequency. Weak co-channel underneath. Splattering from 5000 to 5020 kHz. [Salmaniw]
5010  INDIA AIR Thiruvananthapuram  NOV 7 0040 - Very strong reception except for a noticeable transmitter hum. English AIR network news at 0030 to 0040, finished with mention of Thiruvananthapuram (I think). Modulation could be a little stronger and clearer, but otherwise impressive. [Salmaniw]
5895  NORWAY LLE-3 Erdal  NOV 6 0615-0900 - Heard during the entire period, although the first 10 minutes or so were marred by utility interference. Best around 0700 to 0800 with looped Morse IDs and voice giving ID and contact information. Fair to nearly good at times. Using a Perseus SDR and 1200-ft Beverage aimed 60°. Confirmed from the operators that mine was the first North American reception report, so that made my day! [Salmaniw]
6885  ISRAEL Galei Zahal  NOV 5 0149 - Excellent reception with American easy listening music. Very little in the way of talk, until 0200, when went into news in Hebrew, after ID. Continues very strong. [Salmaniw]
9420  GREECE ERT  NOV 8 0038 - Dead air for quite a while, except for the odd shout or something similar on frequency. Very strong. Suddenly into Greek music. Music suddenly cut at 0041:30. Can faintly hear people talking in the background. And back again at 0043:25. Thanks to David Kernick for pointing out that this one is parallel to 7475 kHz. [Salmaniw]
9870  NEW ZEALAND RNZI  NOV 8 1102 - 100% copy this morning with English news regarding Bougainville issues. 18 dB SNR. [Salmaniw]
15105  BANGLADESH Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka  NOV 6 1235 - Good s9 signal strength, but with transmitter hum. Pleasant south Asian music, until they switched to Freddy Fender's "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" towards the end of the broadcast. Followed by a severely undermodulated woman before signing off with a tone. [Salmaniw]
21590  GERMANY R.Andernach  NOV 4 1152 - A powerful signal, with SNR around 18, but not enough to decode audio from this station. I forgot who they were until I Googled them, and realized they are a German military operation. Not listed in any of the official DRM sites that I've come across. [Salmaniw]

      unID offsets: 791.886, 964.1, 1008.099 (Egypt?), 1476.9, 1485.187 kHz


Pan-American DX

530  CUBA R.Enciclopedia, Villa María  NOV 6 0600 - Good, over R.Rebelde; canned ID with theme music, "Transmite CMBQ Radio Enciclopedia, desde la Habana, Cuba," and woman with time check, "Esta es la hora en punto, la una," easy listening instrumentals. [Conti]
550  VENEZUELA YVKE Mundial, Caracas  NOV 4 0125 - Fair, with fast talk and a commercial break leading up to the top of the hour (in Venezuela) and finally, man with "Radio Mundial" slogan. Then into "informativos." [Taylor] NOV 4 0133 - Very good reception with Spanish news, and sounding a bit like a Cuban station, with mentions of 'Commandante', 'Revolución socialista', etc. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 0700 - Fair; "Noticiero Mundial" jingle, "Dos y triente minutos" time check. [Conti]
580  PUERTO RICO WKAQ San Juan  NOV 7 0800 - Under CFRA, over R.Rebelde; telephone talk, canned multi-station ID. [Conti]
590  MEXICO XEPH México DF  NOV 4 0600 - Under VOCM; presumed/most likely this one with choral national anthem. [Conti]
630  CUBA R.Progreso, Camagüey  NOV 7 0858 - Fair; "Tu reportero, RP," canned ID with theme song, then chime and time check, parallel 900 kHz. [Conti]
630  PUERTO RICO WUNO San Juan  NOV 3 2200 - Under Tunisia; "...notiuno punto com." NOV 4 0159 - Fair; multiple station ID. [Conti]
630  VENEZUELA YVKA R.Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas  NOV 4 0100 - Fair; promo, "...a través de la pagina web de Radio Nacional de Venezuela, ...a través de Facebook, Radio Nacional de Venezuela." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
670  CUBA R.Rebelde, multiple sites  NOV 7 0900 - Dueling R.Rebelde signals with delay resulting in double sounders, and there seemed to be a weak third signal with nearly half a second delay. [Conti]
680  PUERTO RICO WAPA San Juan  NOV 4 0101 - Good over WRKO; Wapa jingle, "Esta es la poderosa, WAPA 680 AM San Juan-Areceibo, WISO 1260 AM Ponce-Mayagüez-Aguadilla, la señal más poderosa con la máxima noticia." [Conti]
690  COLOMBIA HJCZ W Radio, Bogotá  NOV 7 0800 - Through CKGM dead air, over R.Progreso; mentioned 'W' and "...las noticias de Colombia." [Conti]
750  VENEZUELA YVKS RCR Caracas  NOV 3 0200 - Fair; "...por RCR, 750 AM," and promo for "RCR Salud" program. NOV 4 0059 - Good; baseball commentary, "...por RCR Deportes" and mention of the Navegantes del Magallanes. [Conti]
760  PUERTO RICO WORA Mayagüez  NOV 4 0159 - Fair; promo ending "...en todo Puerto Rico," and multi-station ID, "WUNO 630 San Juan, WPRP 910 Ponce, WORA 760 Mayagüez, WCMN 1280 Arecibo, y WNEL 1430 Caguas, NotiUno 630," parallel 630 and 1280 kHz. [Conti]
780  VENEZUELA YVMN R.Coro, Coro  NOV 5 0928 - Good, rising over WBBM nicely for full ID and all the slogans by 'big promo' exaggerated male announcer. Many mentions of R.Coro. Then back into music at 0930. [Taylor] NOV 7 0642 - Good; jingle with time check, nostalgia. [Conti]
800  BONAIRE PJB TransWorld Radio, Kralendijk  NOV 4 0100 - Fair over unID; contact info, "...otra vez, escuelamusicamundial punto org." At 0200, "Desde Bonaire, Antillas Holendesas, transmite Radio Transmundial, la emisora de mensaje diferente." [Conti]
820  CUBA R.Ciudad de la Habana, Arroyo Arenas  NOV 4 0200 - In a mix with co-channel R.Reloj and WNYC; canned ID with signature music. [Conti]
840  CUBA CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara  NOV 3 0300 - Fair; canned ID and time check, "Son las once en punto." NOV 4 0159 - Fair; canned ID, "Esta es Doblevé, desde Santa Clara, en el centro de Cuba." [Conti]
900  CUBA R.Progreso, San Germán-Urbano Noris  NOV 7 0900 - Good; "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría, transmitiendo desde la Habana, Cuba, premiere territorio libre en América," and chime with 4:00 time check, parallel 630 kHz. [Conti]
900  VENEZUELA YVMD Mara Ritmo, Maracaibo  NOV 6 0559 - Fair over R.Progreso Cuba; Ritmo promo/ID, 0602 "Hora Venezuela" time check. [Conti] NOV 6 0600 - Time check and ID: "hora de Venezuela... en Venezuela, Mara Ritmo, novocientos." Mixing with CHML and Cuban. [Wolfish]
910  CUBA R.Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey  NOV 4 0100 - Over Venezuela; ascending notes marking the hour, "Ocho en punto," and canned ID, "Desde la cuna de el mayor transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba." NOV 7 0900 - Good over YVMD and domestics; canned ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 4 1030 - Good, with man and woman alternating, then full ID by man at 1032, "Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, ¡Cuba!" A bit more talk, then into light guitar music with female vocal. [Taylor]
910  VENEZUELA YVRQ Caracas  NOV 4 0050 - Fair; tropical music, doorbells with time check between songs, 0058 "AM Center" promo. [Conti] NOV 4 0218 - In mess with Cuban station; Latin American music and telltale doorbell sound effects. [Wolfish]
940  PUERTO RICO WIPR Máxima 940, San Juan  NOV 5 0800 - In het party with the two offset Mexicans 939.88 XEQ and 940.17 XEMMM. [Conti]
960  CUBA R.Reloj, Guantánamo  NOV 3 0600 - Fair; "En el año 55 de la revolución transmite Radio Reloj desde la Habana Cuba... (FM frequency) la emisora Radio Taíno," parallel 570, 790, 860, 870, and 1020 kHz. [Conti] NOV 4 0108 - Usual news and time pips. Mixing with WELI New Haven and WHYM Carlisle PA. [Wolfish]
980  CUBA R.Reloj, Moa  NOV 6 0552 - Fair; syncopated clock, RR code. [Conti]
1070  COLOMBIA HJAH Emisora Atlántico, Barranquilla  NOV 6 0550 - Fair; Emisora Atlántico jingle and time check, nostalgic vocal. 0600 long jingle, "Atlántico, Atlántico, Emisora Atlántico." [Conti]
1100  BRAZIL ZYK694 R.Globo, São Paulo  NOV 4 0200 - Over/under WTAM; "...programacion Radio Globo," whistles and R.Globo jingle. [Conti]
1110  CUBA R.Angulo, Holguín  NOV 7 0900 - Under/over WBT; chimes marking the hour, later presumed the same with salsa music. [Conti]
1160  BERMUDA VSB3 Hamilton  NOV 6 0200 - Good; "The BBC World Service, the world's radio station," and time marker. [Conti] NOV 8 0353 - British accented woman at fair+ level. Niel Wolfish assures me that this is Bermuda, so that's a new country for me. BBCWS relay. [Salmaniw]
1180  CUBA R.Rebelde, multiple sites  NOV 6 0800 - Dominant with synchro echo; sounder and las noticias with 'splash' attention signal between items. [Conti]
1220  BRAZIL ZYJ458 R.Globo, Rio de Janeiro  NOV 3 2208 - Thanks to Bruce Conti for pointing out the Brazilian on 1220 at fair level with a presumed soccer game. Heard with his Delta loop pair, aimed north/south. Not heard on our unterminated north/south Beverage, nor the north directed corner fed loop (which has been superb tonight for Europe). [Salmaniw] NOV 4 0200 - Fair; R.Globo jingles and announcements including AM and FM frequencies. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]
1280  BERMUDA VSB2 Hamilton  NOV 6 0200 - Fair; "BBN on WYFQ FM Wadesboro..." into BBN program. [Conti]
1280  PUERTO RICO WCMN Arecibo  NOV 4 0200 - Fair; "NotiUno 630" multi-station ID parallel 630 and 760 kHz. [Conti]
1550  CUBA R.Rebelde multiple sites  NOV 7 0900 - Under CBEF; sounder and news with 'splash' attention signal, parallel 600 and 670 kHz. [Conti]
1620  CUBA R.Bayamo, Bayamo  NOV 3 0000 - Mixing with WTAW and R.Rebelde; chimes and hourtop ID. [Wolfish]


Panmure Lighthouse, and DXpeditioners Bruce Conti, Walt Salmaniw, Niel Wolfish, and Brent Taylor.

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