Murray Harbour North, Prince Edward Island, Canada

  The DX'ers and Equipment

   Jean Burnell - Perseus SDR x 2
   Bruce Conti - WiNRADiO Excalibur SDR, Sangean HDT-1X (FM)
   Bill Nollman - Elad FDM-S2 SDR x 2
   Walter Salmaniw - Perseus SDR x 2
   Brent Taylor - RFSpace SDR-IQ, SDRPlay/Raspberry Pi
   Niel Wolfish - WiNRADiO Excalibur SDR


   OCT 28-31: 500-ft Beverage south
   OCT 28-31: 1000-ft Beverage at 60°
   OCT 28-NOV 2: 2000-ft Beverage at 100°
   OCT 28-31: Antennacraft APS-13 Yagi and Yaesu G-800DXA rotor (FM)
   OCT 31-NOV 1: 1100-ft BOG at 150°
   NOV 1-2: 1200-ft Beverage at 40°
   NOV 2-3: 1500-ft Beverage at 100°
   NOV 2-3: 1700-ft Beverage at 40°
   OCT 28-NOV 3: Variable termination SuperLoop east/northeast


Brent Taylor - Stratford, Prince Edward Island
     Staging this DX'pedition a week earlier than usual brought a better chance at decent weather, and the Gods delivered. It was a great weather week for the group, with temperatures well into the 60's (°F) on a couple of days and no 'dirty' weather, as we call it down here. My work responsibilities prevented me from attending full-time, but I did manage a few evening visits and one overnight near the end of the week.
     Niel's memory is better than mine, and I was surprised to see it's now been 15 years since we first met while DX'peditioning on Miscou Island, NB. In the ensuing years, we have had many great DX experiences here in Atlantic Canada, and 2017 brought a stellar group of expert antenna, programming and propagation talent together. I enjoyed meeting Bill and Jean for the first time, and really hope they will spend more time with us in the future. Like Bill, I am only beginning to review my MW DX catches on my SDR-IQ. I may be able to generate a few logs in the coming weeks, but for now I'll just leave this musing as a glimpse into the overall experience.
     PEI is a special place, especially after the regular tourists have left for the season. It gets nicely quiet, as many attractions and restaurants close in early October, but that still left enough venues for the guys to get sustenance for the week they were here.
     The farm house was in good shape, considering it is likely a very old building. I see a building on an old map from the late 1800's that would be right in the same spot as the DX house is today, so I'm guessing it's well over a 100 years old, and maybe 150. The location, first identified by Bruce, is superb. Lots of access to the seashore, with little to no chance of interference to strung antennas and the like. It is sparsely populated, and there are no neighbors within plasma TV range. The environment was quiet, and the DX was reported to be decent, although missing the large swatch of East Asian stations that can make an appearance when everything is just right.
     It was a pleasure to see everyone again, and I'm looking forward to the next Listening Waters on PEI.

Niel Wolfish - Toronto, Ontario
     Another fun and DX-filled week has come and gone. None of it would have been possible without host Brent Taylor procuring the cottage again. As in previous years, I'm sorry that Brent could not actually spend more time with us. Miraculously, we have managed to be able to use "Listening Waters" four times in the past five years without the owner selling the cottage. I hope the owner appreciates that we have improved the property by adding Bill Nollman's concrete blocks (used to support his yagi) to the outdoor firepit.
     Somehow I've managed to attend eight PEI DX'peditions, which were preceded by six DX'peditions on Miscou Island, New Brunswick. It was back in 2002 where I first met Brent Taylor on the first Miscou DX'pedition that I attended. I also have managed to sneak in a couple of springtime visits to Louisbourg, Nova Scotia for some DX'ing. A lot has changed since 2002. I was using an AOR-7030+ back then and there was no such thing as going back and listening to a recording of "2030 UTC on October 29" 6 months after the fact. The dial was chock full of stations from Germany and France. There were still two AM stations on PEI as well more stations than there are now in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, all of which would be pests blocking more interesting stations from Latin America and Europe. And in 2002 there was no such thing as being able to check online for web audio to try to see if one was hearing Iran. Not to mention being able to send a reception report to a Europirate and getting a QSL back via email in a matter of minutes.
     Getting back to the present, it was a thrill to hear China (1521) on medium wave for the first time. Thank you to Jean for the heads-up on that one. When Walt and I decided to try and embellish the 60° antenna by adding 500 feet that had been removed from the 100° antenna, it did not help us log China on subsequent evenings. Perhaps the seaweed on the extra 500 feet of wire did not help?
     Probably the only disappointment of the entire week was that the favoured lunch spot in nearby Montague (The Juice Box) had been replaced by a less-than stellar Captain's Cove Seafood. We actually found an interesting place in the metropolis of Murray Harbour (not to be confused with Murray Harbour North or Murray River). The #5 Cafe, run by a gentleman from Wellington, New Zealand. Unfortunately, two lunches there did not enhance our chances of hearing any Down Under DX.
     As always, it was a pleasure to DX again with Brent, Bruce and Walt. And it was nice to reacquaint myself with Jean after a few decades. Jean would make for a handy resource on any DX'pedition. And it was great to meet finally Bill Nollman, who now has a greater appreciation of the CRTC Canadian Content rules and the going price of a bag of potatoes sold by fundraising amateur hockey clubs.

Bill Nollman - Farmington, Connecticut
     After a few years of reading about various MW DX'peditions I got the bug to join the PEI event this year and was happy to find out there was one more seat available. I've done summer FM DX trips for 20+ years with a small group of close friends but wasn't sure what to expect being 'the new guy' and never having met anyone besides over email. I asked if the group wouldn’t mind my DX'ing FM and happily received the groups blessing. All I had to do was get there.
     I quickly rejected flying as it was expensive, lengthy and would seriously limit what DX gear I could bring. With the decision to drive, this trip started to take on the familiar complexity of my summer FM DX trips. Downloading Canadian FM lists, assembling antennas, tripod, coax, staying up late planning and waking up early not able to sleep. The trip up was easy enough, leaving central Connecticut Friday morning before rush hour and staying the night with friends in Saint John, NB. Up early Saturday morning for a stop in Charlottetown, PE at Home Depot for cinder blocks, Tim Hortons and to buy a $5 bag of potatoes from the local Bantam hockey kids.
     Arriving at Listening Waters at 11:30 a.m. I found Bruce had already run 1000-ft of wire and was ready for DX. I had the SUV emptied out when Brent and his son arrived and really enjoyed setting up the FM antenna with fall foliage, mid-50's temps and an amazing view of the ocean. Connecting my SDR to my laptop and antenna resulted in terrible noise all over the MW dial which by some miracle abruptly stopped and never returned. FM DX on Saturday night was rather ordinary but the Hepburn tropo forecast maps promised decent conditions Sunday night into Monday morning with the approaching heavy rain and high wind storm. Still it was fun to be listening to signals (and songs) that I haven't heard from CT in decades and a dial completely void of HD sidebands, few strong signals and so very quiet! DX Sunday night started off slow but the fun started after 9 p.m. with coastal Maine coming up out to about 325 miles followed by some more Northerly Quebec signals and finally what I really wanted - Newfoundland stations out to about 475 miles. As everyone else retired around midnight the FM DX was going strong and I pulled an almost-all-nighter until around 4:30 a.m. when the DX ended like a switch was flipped. I could hear the winds howling outside so I took the FM antenna down in the dark before grabbing a few hours of sleep.
     I really enjoyed the trips out to lunch, the walks out to inspect or improve the antennas, the impromptu chats in the kitchen over tea and help setting up and taking down the FM antenna. My only regret is that being focused on FM I didn't DX MW live and enjoy the expertise and great personalities in the room as much as I could have. So far I've edited about 60% of the FM captures and hope to get through the rest in a few weeks. After that I have 30 hours of single frequency FM ID's from the drive up and back to edit and then, finally I hope to dive into the 3 nights of MW captures. I don't expect to dig out some of the incredible catches that everyone else did but look forward to hearing the easy ones like the UK, Spain and France as even from home those are a challenge. If I'm lucky enough to attend next year I'll have to focus more on MW.

Bruce Conti - Nashua, New Hampshire
     This was my seventh DX'pedition to Prince Edward Island. The amount of CPU horsepower on display rivaled the amount of expertise at this DX'pedition. As Island and Miscou DX'pedition historian Niel Wolfish eluded, the technological advances are astounding since this all started in 2002. It was great to have Jean Burnell of the legendary Newfoundland DX'peditions join us; the last time we met was at the fateful April 2006 Newfoundland DX'pedition. Nice to have first-timer Bill Nollman aboard to demonstrate hardcore FM broadcast DX'ing, a DX'pedition first, while capturing terabytes of FM spectrum. DX'pedition host Brent Taylor setup his SDRplay with a Raspberry Pi mini-computer and allowed us to take it for a spin; perhaps a glimpse into the future of SDR technology for portable DX'peditioning. Walt Salmaniw enhanced the DX'pedition experience with short wave, a laser focus on Ukraine MW frequencies, and east/west cultural exchange; but the traditional exchange of footwear was a surprise, hi!
     A Japanese maneki-neko, a.k.a. Chinese good luck cat, stood guard over our antenna connections. The cat was beckoning transpacific signals, while at the same time Nick Hall-Patch was DX'peditioning in Japan for Canadian Maritimes radio stations. After the first couple nights without any transpacific activity here, the 60° Beverage was redirected to 150° for tropical reception and possible 'over-the-shoulder' transpacific DX. Still no luck. So the next day, the 150° Beverage was redirected to 40° for India. That afternoon, we went to the Number 5 restaurant in Murray Harbour for lunch, where a rather large maneki-neko just happened to be sitting inside. Coincidence? Well, the 40° Beverage didn't bring us India, but it did haul in 1521 China that evening.

Nick Hall-Patch - Victoria, British Columbia
     TP or not TP? I think I'll have to say "not TP" in spite of yeoman efforts here in Japan... but I haven't heard any shrieks of glee from PEI either.
     Three different listening spots in Japan, four different antennas over the time you were there at PEI. I've been doing the grand tour for sure... On 29 Oct UTC, Yahiko near Niigata, on the Sea of Japan with three Japanese friends, and a junior version of a DKaz aimed north... the idea was to block western North America signals leaving only the ones from eastern Canada and the USA. The outskirts of a typhoon ripped up one of the poles of the antenna overnight... but don't think we heard anything from your area, certainly nothing live on any of my targets.
     Then Utoro on my own, on the Sea of Okhotsk, same idea, land mass of Shiretoko Peninsula blocking western America, leaving only the east (coming in from the north; confused yet?). Lovely site there using an ALA100 looking north over the ocean from a cliff. Tried both evening and morning local time, aiming for sunset and sunrise in the Maritimes, 1 and 2 Nov UTC. If anything, just weak carriers... but I could listen to 850 KICY in a hotel room using only a C.Crane Skywave ultralight. Really strong. Apparently not unusual in Japan.
     Then finally Kiritappu, also on Hokkaido, on the Pacific this time, Nov 3 UTC, with another Japanese DX'er. 200-m BOG at 30°, and a junior DKaz with FLG100 in a similar direction, evening and morning local time. Speculation about carriers again.
     Still, the company was good; food, drink and scenery were delightful. To heck with the DX, or lack of it. Well, I have heard São Tome and Argentina since coming here... hardly a lack of DX, just not what I was looking for.

Jean Burnell - Halifax, Nova Scotia
     This was my first DX experience in PEI. The gentle landscape is a contrast to my usual, rugged DX'pedition site at Cappahayden, Newfoundland. While many of the 'regular' trans-Atlantic stations audible in PEI are the same as in Newfoundland, PEI has additional challenges. In PEI the fade-in times for trans-Atlantic stations are later, and interference from North American stations is generally stronger, which makes DX from Latin America trickier. However, it is a huge advantage to have decent access to the internet in PEI! I even scored an e-QSL from a SW station while still DX'ing.
     In terms of DX, the highlight was catching Radio Santa Rosa (nominal 1500 kHz) from Peru with ID's, but what I will remember longest was meeting the other DX'pedition participants. The last time I had DX'ed with Bruce was in Newfoundland in 2006. I had just shaken hands with Neil and Walter decades ago, and I had the pleasure of meeting Brent and Bill for the first time. It was fascinating to see Bill's FM DX setup, and I must mention that Bruce's bottle of Rocky Peak "Hard Cinnamon" was an unexpected hit.

Walt Salmaniw - Victoria, British Columbia
     1. Nicest weather yet (of my 3 attendances, that is).
     2. Nicest group of guys one could hope for! Things were pretty tight for the first few days, but man, despite being almost outnumbered by Americans, everyone acted very Canadian! Super polite and helpful!
     3. A new tradition: The exchange of footwear. I woke up Thursday morning with Bruce already on the road, and wearing my hiking shoes! As I had no other footwear, I was forced to wear his very speedy runners for the rest of the week, and all the way home. First thing my wife noticed about me (She really missed me ;-) was, "Who's shoes are those?"! Hopefully the shoes are being returned this way soon!
     4. The DX was pretty routine without too many really exotic stations, without a lot of digging. Good thing is the pleasure of not having to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to DX, like we often have to on the west coast. I quickly got used to the 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. start to DXing! Very civilized.
     5. I was very impressed with how well and quiet Brent's Flag antenna performed! Also, this was the only decent SW antenna we had, and as I do some SW DXing, a must for future DXpeditons. Also very useful for SW parallel frequencies.
     6. The flies this year were the least problematic, and I loved the little improvements in the house. The basement, though, is scary!
     7. Despite bringing some Halloween trick or treats for the kids, none came on Halloween night. A disappointment!
     Looking forward to next or future PEI DX'peditons, and as always, thanks for the invite!

Good luck cat watches over the RF connections, the antenna farm at dawn, and the celebratory hard cinnamon.

  Transatlantic DX

 549 ALGERIA Jil FM, Sidi Hamadouche OCT 31 0458 - Good; choral marching band national anthem, extended length over 4 minutes, parallel 531 kHz. [Conti]

 558 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Azarshahr//Geshlagh OCT 31 2030 - Under Spain; chimes and anthem, parallel 711, 1035, 1071, etc. [Conti]

 576 CANARY ISLANDS RNE1 Las Palmas NOV 1 2158 - Good, over RNE5 Barcelona; telephone talk, 2200 "24 Horas, en Radio Nacional de España, Miguel Angel Domínguez." [Conti]

 576 SPAIN RNE5 Barcelona NOV 1 2158 - Under RNE1 Canary Islands; excited fútbol game call. [Conti]

 585 TUNISIA RTT Gafsa NOV 3 2149 - Inbooming with Arabic music-female vocal, parallel to 630 and 684 kHz. Over Spain. [Wolfish]

 594 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Duba OCT 30 0245 - Fair; Koran parallel 1440 and 1512 kHz. [Conti]

 595 MOROCCO SNRT Oujda OCT 30 2158 - Good; vocal parallel 612 and 936 kHz. [Conti] NOV 3 0257 - Relatively strong carrier, but weak modulation in obvious Arabic, but can't make much else out. Considerable adjacent 590 splatter. This was using the 100° wire, which was shortened by 500-ft or so, in order to add to the 40° BOG/Beverage. [Salmaniw]

 603 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Botosani//Oradea NOV 3 0200 - Usual 'hora exacta' ID by man and news by woman. [Wolfish]

 612 MOROCCO SNRT Sebaa-Aioun NOV 3 0304 - Before the hour, on the 100° Beverage/BOG, I was mostly hearing RNE, but with an Arabic co-channel. After the hour, Morocco really picked up, although modulation is a little on the low side. Thanks to Niel Wolfish's expertise, I was able to parallel it to much weaker 595 kHz. I had hoped to use 207, but that was absent on this wire, and Iceland on the 40° BOG/Beverage, and 612 was absent on that wire as well! [Salmaniw]

 630 PORTUGAL RDP Antena 1, Montemor-o Velho//Miranda do Douro NOV 1 2200 - Good, over Tunisia; sports talk continued through RDP time pips, parallel 666 kHz. [Conti]

 630 TUNISIA RTT Tunis NOV 3 0259 - Presumably them, at pretty strong level. Niel tells me that this is the usual station heard here. Extended time pips at top of the hour into Arabic news. It didn't sound at all like my clip on 963 from several years ago. Noticed at 02:58 that there was a 1 kHz tone for 10 or 15 seconds. Wonder whether that came from Saudi Arabia, but, Niel correctly points out the interval signal for TRT just after 02:58, although weakly for me, followed by the national anthem. Top of the hour sure sounded Arabic, though. [Salmaniw]

 630 TURKEY TRT Mersen-Kazanli NOV 3 0259 - Test tones and interval signal parallel 891 kHz. [Wolfish]

 657 ITALY RAI Radiouno, Pisa OCT 29 2259 - Over Spain; orchestral national anthem, data burst, marker and time check, "Rai, Radiouno" into news. [Conti]

 675 QATAR QMC R.Qatar, Al Arish OCT 30 2200 - Good; signature instrumental with whistling, "Idhaat Qatar" ID. [Conti]

 675 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Afif//Abha NOV 3 0301 - Two stations co-channel, and neither very strong. I can hear the rapid fire Saudi news items, parallel to 1467, but the other station, often dominant, I think is Qatar. [Salmaniw]

 677.5 LIBYA Libya al-Wataniya, Benghazi NOV 1 0101 - Fair; canned Libya al-Wataniya ID by a woman. [Conti] NOV 2 2145 - Parked on 675 for a while, when I noticed that there was another transmitter just 2 kHz higher. It's Libya, I'm assuming, and exactly on 677, and not 677.5 kHz. Mild splatter but otherwise pretty strong reception. Very strong when rechecked at 03:01. [Salmaniw]

 702 ALGERIA R.Algérienne, Laghouat OCT 28 2100 - Good, over Saudi Arabia; time marker and news with emphasis music parallel 1422 kHz. NOV 1 2301 - Poor; under unID Arabic; marching band choral national anthem parallel 1422 kHz. [Conti]

 702 IRAN IRIB World Service, Kiashahr NOV 2 0100 - Poor, through Saudi Arabia; choral national anthem, then Koran. [Conti]

 702 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Jeddah, Bisha//Duba OCT 29 2100 - Good; fanfare and woman with reverb, SBC emphasis music. At 2200 woman with reverb, SBC emphasis music. [Conti]

 711 IRAN IRIB R.Ahwaz, Ahwaz OCT 29 2030 - Good; three chimes, announcement, then soft segue into anthem parallel 1071 kHz. Offset frequency measured 711.019 kHz. [Conti]

 711 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Sighetu Marmatiei NOV 1 2000 - Poor; "Hora exacta" and time marker into news. [Conti]

 711 SPAIN COPE Murcia OCT 30 0458 - Fair, fading to poor; news and sports headlines, "Cope, la ultima hora en la mañana, Cope, estar informado," parallel 837 kHz. [Conti]

 711.1 WESTERN SAHARA SNRT Laâyoune OCT 28 2100 - Presumed this having a het party with 710.999 COPE Spain and 711.019 IRIB Iran. Offset frequency measured 711.12 kHz. [Conti] NOV 3 0302 - A highly tentative logging. A tough channel with lots of adjacent splatter. What I hear is grouped male Arabic chanting (Koran?). Was unable to hear anything besides. Could be Yemen, or Iran, or Egypt, too, for that matter. [Salmaniw]

 720 PORTUGAL RDP Antena 1 synchros OCT 31 2100 - Over Canary Islands; excited futebol play by play parallel 666 kHz. [Conti]

 738 SPAIN RNE1 Barcelona NOV 3 0300 - Fair reception with lots of splatter, but obvious fanfare and RNE ID at 03:00, and parallel to 729, too. [Salmaniw]

 747 CANARY ISLANDS//SPAIN RNE5 synchros NOV 3 0300 - Fair reception but would be quite strong except for slop from adjacent channel. Presumed Las Palmas, but there's a 10 kW sender in Cadiz, co-channel. [Salmaniw]

 756 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Shahr-e Kord OCT 29 2030 - Under unID; three chimes marking the hour, parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

 756 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Lugoj NOV 1 2000 - Fair; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," and time marker into news. [Conti]

 756 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 4, Redruth OCT 30 2300 - Good, over unID Koran; time marker, "BBC news at 11 o'clock." [Conti] NOV 3 0300 - A messy frequency and nothing until after the hour, where I could easily hear BBC news, and confirmed parallel to 198, making this one BBC Radio 4 via Redruth, in South-west England, as opposed to BBC R.Cumbria. [Salmaniw]

 774v EGYPT ERTU Middle East Radio, Abis OCT 29 2353 - Often very nice programming if one can tune above the nominal frequency. Measured quite a bit on the high side at 774.171 kHz, parallel to the on-line feed found at and click the 'middle east' audio link. Almost all music, and at good levels at times. NOV 3 0300 - Measuring 168 Hz above the nominal. Fair at times. All Koranic type chants. [Salmaniw]

 774 SPAIN RNE1 synchros NOV 3 0300 - A bit of a tough catch with Egypt on the upper side, off frequency causing some grief. ID at top of the hour. [Salmaniw]

 783 MAURITANIA R.Mauritanie, Nouakchott NOV 1 0700 - Fair; signature news sounder and man in Arabic. [Conti]

 783 SPAIN COPE, Barcelona NOV 2 0300 - Fair; marker and time checks, "La ultima hora en Cope, estar informado, parallel 837 kHz. [Conti]

 783 SYRIA Syrian Radio and TV, Tartus OCT 29 0200 - Good; promo ending with URL, "...www dot rtv dot gov dot syr," and one cycle of interval signal. [Conti]

 792 SPAIN SER R.Sevilla, Sevilla NOV 3 0157 - Several "Radio Sevilla" station promos before hourtop pips and newscast. [Wolfish]

 810 MACEDONIA Makedonsko Radio, Sveti Nikole OCT 28 2000 - Fair, over Spain; time marker and ID, "Makedonsko Radio..." NOV 2 0000 - Under Scotland; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 810 SCOTLAND BBC R.Scotland, Burghead//Westerglen//Redmoss NOV 3 0259 - Very powerful reception with BBC 5 Live, rather than listed BBCWS here. Sounds like Spain is co-channel, plus an echo as well, but Scotland dominated totally on the hour. Two transmitters listed for the BBC of 100 kW, and one at 5 kW. Gets out very well! [Salmaniw] NOV 2 0000 - Good, over Macedonia; presenter, ", sport, and weather, here on BBC Radio Scotland," canned ID, "92 to 95 FM, eight-one-oh medium wave, and on digital radio, BBC Radio Scotland," and midnight time check into news. [Conti]

 819 EGYPT ERTU Batrah OCT 28 2000 - Fair; Big Ben chimes. OCT 30 2100 - Good; Big Ben chimes. [Conti]

 828 AZORES RDP Açores/Antena 1, Monte das Cruzes OCT 30 2200 - Poor; RDP pips and news intro music, news in Portuguese, parallel 666 RDP Antena 1. OCT 31 2025 - Fair; excited futebol play by play parallel 666 kHz. [Conti]

 837 IRAN IRIB R.Esfahan, Esfahan OCT 29 2030 - Under Spain; three chimes and anthem parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

 837 SPAIN COPE Sevilla OCT 31 0559 - Good; promos, "La ultima hora... Cope, estar informado," ID, "98.4 y 99.6 FM, en onda media 837, Cope Sevilla," time marker, "La ultima hora en la mañana, Cope, estar informado." [Conti]

 846 IRAN IRIB R.Tabriz, Mianeh NOV 1 2359 - Poor; vocal with flute accompaniment parallel 1026 kHz. [Conti]

 864 EGYPT ERTU Al-Kuran al-Karim, Santah NOV 3 2239 - Very strong reception with Koranic recitations. RNE is just audible co-channel. Thanks to Brent Taylor, our host, for pointing them out. [Salmaniw]

 882 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Wales, Washford//Penmon//Tywyn//Forden OCT 30 2200 - Over COPE Spain; "On FM, medium wave, on digital radio, online and on your mobile, this is BBC Radio Wales." [Conti]

 891 IRAN IRIB R.Dena, Dehdasht//Yasuj OCT 31 2030 - Fair; three chimes marking the hour, choral anthem. [Conti]

 891 TURKEY TRT Antalya OCT 30 0258 - Fair; multiple cycles of interval signal and choral national anthem. NOV 1 0259 - Fair; interval signals and choral national anthem. Anthem also heard on 954 but no interval signals. [Conti]

 900 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Tehran OCT 29 2030 - Under Italy; anthem, three chimes marking the hour, parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

 900 SPAIN R.Popular, Bilbao OCT 28 2058 - Through COPE and Rai Radiouno; "En Radio Popular..." [Conti]

 900 SPAIN COPE Granada OCT 28 2059 - The dominant COPE over Rai Radiouno; promo ending "...a niña Granada," then echoing with COPE Vigo. [Conti]

 909 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Timisoara OCT 29 0258 - Under BBC5; choral national anthem. NOV 1 0000 - Under BBC5; time marker and fanfare into news, parallel 1179 kHz. [Conti]

 917 NIGERIA R.Gotel, Yola OCT 30 0358 - Open carrier, then loud 1 kHz test tone for 90 seconds 'til the hourtop. Apparent sign-on as 917 wasn't observed earlier. [Conti] OCT 30 2213 - Surprising how powerful things are this afternoon! Yola is stronger than adjacent 918 with fast paced music, but not immediately identifiable as African! Some fades and some static crashes tonight. I've been listening for the last 20 minutes, and it's the same genre music, and no announcements. Not the most exciting programing, I'm afraid! Continued listening, and they did not have a single announcement right up to pulling the plug at 22:59:30. Besides a 'blip' a few seconds later, they were gone. [Salmaniw]

 918 SPAIN R.Inter, Madrid OCT 30 0000 - Good; time marker, "Esta es La Inter." No sign of 917 Nigeria at this time. [Conti]

 936 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Fesanduz OCT 29 2030 - Over unID; three chimes, announcement, and vocal anthem parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

 936 MOROCCO SNRT Agadir OCT 30 2158 - Under Iran, mixed with Spain; vocal parallel 595 and 612 kHz. [Conti]

 945 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Dehgolan//Sirjan OCT 29 2030 - Over/under unID; three chimes, announcement by woman mentioned Iran, then vocal anthem parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

 945 IRAN IRIB R.Kordestan, Dehgolan NOV 2 0000 - Rising to good level; Koran parallel 1476.26 kHz. [Conti]

 945 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Miercurea-Ciuc OCT 30 0258 - Fair; choral national anthem parallel 1152 kHz. [Conti]

 945 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Ha'il NOV 1 2100 - Fair; news intro music, man reading news with stingers between items, parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti]

 945 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Bexhill-on-Sea OCT 28 2101 - Over Saudi Arabia and others; end of news update, "This is Smooth Radio," parallel 1557 kHz. [Conti]

 954 CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský rozhlas Dvojka, Dobrochov//Ceské Budejovice//Karlovy Vary NOV 1 2031 - Good; over Spain; "Ceský rozhlas Dvojka" and country music. [Conti]

 954 SPAIN Onda Cero, Madrid OCT 30 2059 - Good; "Esta es la onda media de Onda Cero, nueve cinco cuatro, Madrid," and promos, "Onda Cero, tu radio." [Conti]

 954 TURKEY TRT Trabzon OCT 30 0258 - Fair; choral national anthem in progress at tune-in, while interval signals were heard on 891 kHz. At 0300 news now parallel 891 kHz. NOV 1 0259 - Poor, under Spain; choral national anthem. A couple cycles of interval signal prior to anthem on 891 kHz, but no interval signals heard here on 954 kHz. has 954 listed as inactive. [Conti]

 963 CYPRUS CyBC Nicosia NOV 1 2100 - Fair, over Tunisia and unID; proto program ID and flute music theme same as Interval Signals Online, time marker and ID (sounded like CBC) into news. [Conti]

 963 TUNISIA RTT R.Tunis Chaîne International, Tunis/Djedeida OCT 29 0105 - Playing John Lennon, and then into some French. One of the stronger signals tonight, which, otherwise is not really yielding too much of interest. [Salmaniw] OCT 30 0500 - Good; pop vocal fades to instrumental national anthem without announcement, then "Good Morning Show" and talk in French. [Conti]

 972 ETHIOPIA EBC Robe OCT 31 2100 - Poor, through Spain; choral national anthem parallel 1044 kHz. [Conti]

 972 IRAN IRIB R.Ilam, Ilam OCT 29 2030 - Over/under Spain; three chimes, announcement, and choral anthem parallel 1071 kHz. OCT 31 2030 - Under Spain; chimes and anthem. [Conti]

 981 ALGERIA Chaîne 2, Ouled Fayet NOV 2 2158 - Very good reception, and confirmed parallel to webstream at Time pips and into news on the hour. Not heard on listed 693 (on All Arabic. NOV 3 2247 - Very strong at this time, and parallel to web feed on In Berber (or Tamazight). Not a language I recognized! To my ear, kind of a mixture of Arabic and French. Co-channel is another Arab sounding station. [Salmaniw]

 990 SPAIN SER R.Bilbao, Bilbo-Bilbao OCT 31 0159 - Under CBY; "Radio Bilbao, y Radio Bilbao..." [Conti]

 999 IRAN IRIB R.Kordestan, Baneh OCT 29 2030 - Under Spain; three chimes, announcement and vocal anthem parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

 999 MOLDOVA TWR Grigoriopol NOV 1 2000 - Over/under Spain; woman mentions "TWR" a couple of times in otherwise Ukrainian announcement, no interval signal. [Conti]

 999 SPAIN COPE Madrid OCT 28 2100 - Good; the COPE music bed with a quick "Cope Madrid" up to time marker and checks into "Ultima Hora en Cope." [Conti]

1017 SPAIN RNE5 Burgos//Granada NOV 1 1959 - Out of Radiohead's "Burn the Witch" into usual time pips and ID. [Wolfish]

1026 IRAN IRIB R.Tabriz, Azarshahr OCT 29 2030 - Fair, over/under Spain; three chimes and vocal anthem parallel 1071 kHz. NOV 1 2030 - Under Spain; three chimes and announcement, then choral anthem. [Conti]

1035 ESTONIA R.Eli, Tartu NOV 1 2000 - Poor, under Lyca Dilse Radio; one cycle of TWR interval signal. [Conti] NOV 2 2122 - Talk by man in Russian. Matches webstream. Poor with Lyca Dilse Radio. [Wolfish]

1035 IRAN IRIB R.Yazd, Yazd OCT 29 2030 - Poor; choral anthem parallel 1071 kHz. OCT 31 2030 - Poor; three chimes and choral anthem. [Conti]

1035 UNITED KINGDOM Lyca Dilse Radio, London NOV 1 2055 - Spot for a travel agent, Bollywood music. [Wolfish]

1044 ETHIOPIA EBC Mekele OCT 31 2100 - Poor, under Spain; bits of choral national anthem, parallel 972 kHz. [Conti]

1044 SPAIN SER R.San Sebastián, San Sebastián OCT 29 2258 - Good; ad for Mundo Deportivo, promo, "...en Radio San Sebastián." [Conti] NOV 2 0655 - Newscast. ID: "Radio San Sebastián, Cadena Ser." [Wolfish]

1053 LIBYA R.Libya al-Wataniya, Tripoli OCT 30 1959 - Good; promo/ID, "...wataniya." [Conti]

1053 ROMANIA R.Iasi, Iasi OCT 30 2000 - Poor, under Libya; sign-off test tone. [Conti]

1062 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Cagliari OCT 29 2259 - Fair; orchestral national anthem into sign-off routine. [Conti]

1062 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Ancona//Catania OCT 29 2300 - Under Cagliari sign-off; "Rai Radiouno" and news in Italian parallel 657 kHz. [Conti]

1071 EGYPT ERTU Al-Kebar, Abu Za'bal-Cairo OCT 30 0258 - Over Saudi Arabia and unID; signing on with test tone, Big Ben chimes on the hour, and Al-Kebar ID with flourish. NOV 2 0300 - Fair; sign-on with Big Ben chimes. [Conti]

1071 IRAN IRIB R.Maaref, Qom OCT 29 2029 - Over Saudi Arabia; national anthem, then three-note chimes followed by a vocal anthem. Found parallels on 711, 837, 900, 936, 945, 972, 999, 1026, 1035, 1197, 1512 kHz, as stations apparently switched from local to national network at 2030 UTC. [Conti]

1071 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Bisha OCT 29 2020 - Over Iran; talk and music parallel 1521 kHz. At 2100, SBC news attention signals through Iran. [Conti]

1098 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Jeddah, Dammam NOV 2 0100 - Good; news with SBC stingers between items, parallel 702 kHz. [Conti]

1107 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Roma NOV 2 0000 - Databurst breaking through Spain. [Conti]

1107 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros NOV 1 2357 - Under Spain; TalkSport promo and ads parallel 1089 kHz. [Conti]

1116 HUNGARY MR Dankó Rádió, Miskolc//Mosonmagyaróvár OCT 30 0500 - Under Spain; ethnic instrumental and deep-voiced announcement up to bells marking the hour and news. [Conti]

1116 SPAIN SER R.Pontevedra, Pontevedra OCT 31 0159 - Good; quick "Radio Pontevedra" cutoff by network ad/promo string. NOV 1 2358 - Over co-channel SER R.Albacete; "Radio Pontevedra... Radio Pontevedra." [Conti]

1125 BELGIUM RTBF VivaCité, Houdeng OCT 29 2057 - Before the hour, music into French, most definitely. At weak level, but by top of the hour and after, Spain, which has five RNE Radio 5 sites. I'm pleased to tease out some French from an otherwise Spanish dominated channel. [Salmaniw]

1134 KUWAIT R.Kuwait, Kabd NOV 1 2000 - Under Spain with anthem. [Wolfish] NOV 1 2100 - Under Spain; time marker and fanfare, same as Arabic main program Interval Signals Online. Brent initially caught this while enjoying the fútbol game on COPE. [Conti]

1134 SPAIN COPE Navarra, Pamplona NOV 1 2159 - Fair; a quick "Cope Navarra" in promo string, no mention of frequencies. [Conti]

1152 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Cluj OCT 30 0258 - Over/under Spain; choral national anthem, "Hora exacta," and time marker. [Conti]

1152 SCOTLAND Clyde 2, Glasgow OCT 31 0700 - Fair, over Spain; ad string, "Wren, the UK's number one kitchen retail specialist," and ID, "This is Clyde 2..." [Conti]

1161 EGYPT ERTU Mid-Delta Radio, Tanta OCT 30 0400 - Poor; sign-on with test tone up to the hour. NOV 2 0358 - Fair; test tone until 0401 Big Ben chimes. [Conti]

1170 SLOVENIA R.Capodistria, Beli Kriz OCT 28 2101 - Good; presenter, "Buonasera... Radio Capodistria..." [Conti] OCT 29 2100 - Excellent reception just after 2100. No time pips or ID at the hour. At about :45 sec past the hour, they clearly say, 'Classic Rock Italia'. 45 seconds later either Abu Dhabi or Iran come to dominate, equally strong with regional instrumental music. [Salmaniw]

1170 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Abu Dhabi FM, Al-Dhabbaya NOV 3 0140 - Clearly parallel to online feed at with Koranic sounding chanting. Fighting it out with domestic(s) and probably R.Capodistria in Slovenia. Good at times. [Salmaniw]

1179 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Galbeni//Bacau OCT 29 2100 - Excellent reception, well over Spain with clear ID at 21:04:40. Just after mentioning Mike Tyson. Two transmitters are listed here with 10, and 400 kW. Presumably the latter at Galbeni transmitter site. The 3 SER transmitters are quite strong as well, co-channel. [Salmaniw] OCT 30 0258 - Over/under SER; choral national anthem parallel 1152 kHz. [Conti]

1188 HUNGARY MR4 Marcali//Szolnok OCT 31 0700 - Jazz vocal prior to the hour, 10 seconds of test tone, announcement and music into news. Received every morning of the DXpedition at this time with the same test tone and music into news, this morning the best signal although not very listenable due to heavy splatter from 1180 R.Rebelde Cuba. [Conti]

1188 IRAN IRIB R.Payam, Tehran OCT 29 2059 - Excellent reception with nice ID for R.Payam, mentioning 'FM' as well as 'AM'. Very similar to an ID I recorded during last year's DXpediton here! [Salmaniw]

1197 IRAN IRIB R.Ardabil, Moghan OCT 29 2030 - Poor; vocal anthem parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

1197 ROMANIA R.Târgu Mures, Brasov OCT 31 2000 - Under/over Absolute Radio; sign-off with test tone. [Conti]

1197 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros OCT 29 2059 - The dominant, though weak, station on this channel, but became a lot stronger past the hour. 9 stations between 0.2 and 2 kW are listed on this channel from Absolute Radio, so not a bad catch! No echo evident, so they're synced well, it seems. Oops, spoke to soon. By 2105, obvious echo noted. [Salmaniw]

1206 ISRAEL KAN Bet, Haifa OCT 28 1930 - Fair; klezmer instrumental. Lost to Mozambique. [Conti] OCT 29 2059 - Mentions of 'Yerusalem' several times in Hebrew. Time pips on the hour, but I could not make out any positive ID there. Faded, then much better again by 2104. Lots of mentions of 'Iran' during this portion, presumably news on Iran. [Salmaniw]

1206 MOZAMBIQUE R.Moçambique, Inhambane OCT 28 2202 - Fair; alternating between telephone talk and African highlife, on the hour instrumental music bed and announcement in fast Portuguese. OCT 30 2201 - Through unID operatic vocal; a capella choral national anthem. [Conti]

1215 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros OCT 29 2058 - Excellent reception with ad for DAB (prices from 99 UKP!), and other ads. Don't miss the film everyone's talking about, 'The Death of Stalin'. 14 transmitters are listed here, between 1 and 200 kW. Always a powerful frequency. Short Absolute Radio ID at 2101. Despite the strength, it's also easy to hear the COPE transmitters from Spain. [Salmaniw] OCT 30 0652 - Def Leppard's "Animal". Spots and ID. Was hoping they would play something by Harlequin or April Wine. Spain audible underneath. [Wolfish]

1224 IRAN IRIB World Service, Kish NOV 2 0110 - Phone interview with man in Arabic. Matches webstream. [Wolfish]

1224 SPAIN COPE synchros OCT 29 2059 - A messy frequency with multiple stations spread about 120 Hz across the channel. COPE dominates with a 'silly ball game', with 5 stations listed between 2 and 10 kW. A clearly Middle Eastern station is also co-channel (someone has a buzzy transmitter), where I see 2 IRIB transmitters of 50 and 400 kW. A frequency where I could spent a lot of time trying to decipher! [Salmaniw]

1224 SPAIN COPE Lugo NOV 1 2159 - Good; "88.9 FM, 1224 onda media, Cope Lugo." [Conti]

1233 CZECH REPUBLIC R.Dechovka synchros OCT 29 2100 - Heh, the same kind of music that I heard late last night! Sure enough at 21:00, they ID, several times as R.Dechovka in Czech, and then back into the same type of, what I call, Oompa music! Fair reception. OCT 30 0310 - We were all hoping for some Africans, but not much luck at this late hour. Confirmed this station by their online audio. Five transmitter sites listed between 0.5 and 10 kW. Almost Oompa type music noted. Fair, almost good at times. [Salmaniw]

1242 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros OCT 29 2058 - Another frequency with Absolute Radio, which lists 4 transmitters between 0.5 and 2 kW. Not in exact sync, causing an echo effect. Same ad for DAB radio kits. Poor to fair reception. But there may be someone else there as well. I can hear whistling at 21:00, not present on 1215 kHz. I wonder about Smooth Radio from Werburgh/Arqiva with 0.32 kW? My suspicion. But, I also heard some whistling at the same time on 1278, much stronger as soon as Ukraine signed off, so maybe more likely IRIB Iran in Zanjan with 50 kW. [Salmaniw]

1260 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Dammam OCT 28 2100 - Under SER Spain; news intro and SBC stingers between items. [Conti]

1260 SPAIN SER Murcia//Algeciras OCT 29 2058 - Two SER stations listed here with 25 kW (Murcia) and 5 kW (Algeciras/Carretera a Cadiz) with football play by play, mostly dominating the frequency, but sometimes fading away, allowing domestic CKHJ Fredericton with 10,000 watts to take over with C&W music. An ID from the latter, but barely audible. 20 mm of rain mentioned, which cinched the Canadian station. [Salmaniw]

1278 IRAN IRIB R.Kermanshah, Kermanshah NOV 1 2030 - Over/under Ukraine; three chimes and announcement. [Conti]

1278 UKRAINE R.Ukraine International, Odesa-Kurisove OCT 29 2058 - Russian service to Crimea and parallel to much stronger 1431 kHz. Clearly heard as they were shutting down giving their website ('NRC (U?) tochka (dot) UA). Fair to almost good. Transmitter cut before the hour, being replaced by some whistling, which I'm sure is Iran (IRIB R.Kermanshah with 200 kW). Yes, parallel to 1377 at 21:02 but not 864 kHz. [Salmaniw]

1287 SPAIN SER Burgos//Lleida//Lugo OCT 29 2058 - Same programming I've hearing all over the dial with presumed football, play by play. Three SER stations listed here with either 5 or 10 kW. Good at times. Another co-channel is present as well. Time pips on the hour from ? Too weak to make out who it might be. There is a male speaker co-channel. I see both IRIB Radio Fars, but would they play time pips at top of the hour? Also Voice of Hope, Israel with 50 (max 100 kW) and Antena 1 from Portugal with 2 kW. UK stations are too weak to be in contention. [Salmaniw]

1296 SPAIN COPE Valencia OCT 31 0559 - Over Radio XL; "92.0 y 93.4 FM, en onda media 1296, Cope Valencia." [Conti]

1296 SUDAN SRTC Reiba NOV 1 2100 - Fading up over Spain; time marker, musical flourish, and woman with mentions of Sudan. At 2200 several cycles of Omdurman interval signal. [Conti]

1296 UNITED KINGDOM Radio XL, Birmingham OCT 29 2100 - Subcontinental music left me scrambling who this might be. A jingle ID solved the problem at 21:02, with 'Radio XL'. Sure enough similar genre music last year. Good reception at times, but other times, battling it out with both COPE Valencia (50 kW) and IRIB. [Salmaniw]

1305 SPAIN RNE5 synchros OCT 29 2058 - Very good reception with RNE ID after time pips. Another co-channel was heard weakly underneath, and presumed the station about 100 Hz on the high side, which I'm assuming to be the Iranian, IRIB R.Bushehr? Causes a het/hum. RNE has 4 transmitters listed here, of either 25 or 10 kW. [Salmaniw]

1314 SPAIN RNE5 synchros OCT 29 2058 - Another RNE frequency at good level, but again with a het arising from some off frequencies. The RNE transmitters are not exactly in sync, causing some echoing. I note the main carriers 11 and 18 Hz below the nominal, and other ? carriers 100 Hz low, and 81 Hz high. A messy frequency. Radio Cinco ID's at 20:58. I'm unable to hear any other stations co-channel. Three transmitters listed for RNE5 here, between 10 and 25 kW. [Salmaniw]

1323 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Brighton/Southwick OCT 29 2058 - Almost certainly Smooth Radio. Weak, but clearly in English. Faded up just before the hour. No one else noted on channel. A bit too weak for a 100% ID, though. Stronger by 21:02, but back down again shortly after, before rising again by 21:05. Mostly easy listening vocals. I checked the following day at the same time, and confirm a much stronger Smooth Radio parallel to a powerful 1557 kHz. [Salmaniw]

1332 IRAN R.Tehran, Tehran OCT 29 2058 - Very strong signal occupying the frequency is from Iran, but before the hour, someone was playing Kansas 'Dust in the Wind'. Many mentions of Iran after the hour. Checked the same time on the 30th, and confirmed that the other station is R.România Actualitati with 50 kW from Galati. Sure enough, when I checked for parallels for Romania with this song, I could hear many: 720, 855, 909, 1422 and 1593 weakly, and 756, 1179, 1458, and 1530 all strong! [Salmaniw]

1341 NORTHERN IRELAND BBC R.Ulster, Lisnagarvey OCT 28 1944 - Strong with Ulster vs Leinster rugby. [Wolfish] OCT 30 2100 - Excellent reception into news, starting with local news, and then international. Some nice ID's. Co-channels are almost non-existent, although after the hour, I could just make them out, likely Spain. Could not hear the listed parallel of 873 on either the 29th or 30th. The co-channel is most definitely Spain with football play by play easily heard on the 29th. [Salmaniw] OCT 31 1900 - Good; "On 92 to 95 FM, and 1341 medium wave, this is BBC Radio Ulster," and news, "BBC news at 7 o'clock." [Conti]

1341 SPAIN Onda Cero, Cd. Real//Almería OCT 30 2100 - Under BBC R.Ulster; "Onda Cero, la ultima" over piano music bed, parallel 954 kHz. [Conti]

1350 EGYPT ERTU Al-Barnameg al-Aam, Al-Qusayr OCT 30 2058 - Tentative logging with an Arabic speaking male having a conversation, but faded down before the hour revealing only WRNY Rome, NY. Very good while it lasted. Did not note this the previous day, Oct 29th when all that was heard was CKAD Middleton, NS with 1000 w. [Salmaniw] OCT 30 2100 - Under WINY and unID; Big Ben chimes. [Conti]

1359 ETHIOPIA Voice of the Tigray Revolution, Mekele NOV 1 1920 - Fair; repetitive African vocal with strings and drum parallel 5950 kHz. [Conti] NOV 1 1923 - Finally some African action. Thanks for my DXpedition mate, and African expert, Bruce Conti for pointing this out to me, and very early, too! Best on the new 40° Beverage, although well heard as well on the 100° Beverage and NE Flag! Horn of Africa music, and 'thumping' drumming. And, bonus: it's on short wave 5950, just a bit stronger. Before 20:00, 1359 was stronger than the short wave parallel. Nice to get some African reception! [Salmaniw]

1359 UNITED KINGDOM Free Radio '80s, Coventry/Shilton OCT 30 2100 - I'm pleased by this logging, and a big thank you to the Real DX yahoogroup. Both Franck Baste F4LKC and Paul Logan confirmed that the ID after the time pips is this station, rather than Smooth Radio or BBC R.Solent. [Salmaniw]

1359 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Chelmsford//Cardiff OCT 30 2102 - Two transmitters are listed for Smooth Radio. The first at Chelmsford/Baker's Wood running 0.28 kW and the other in Cardiff running 0.2 kW, so both very low powered. Confirmed parallel with 1557 kHz. I could not quite make out the ID at 21:00. Thanks to Niel Wolfish for helping with the detective work to confirm this. Good reception. [Salmaniw]

1368 ISLE OF MAN Manx Radio, Foxdale-Douglas OCT 29 2057 - Nice reception going into a commercial/paid program. ID'd beforehand. Next day, stronger reception, but with an obvious co-channel. They are separated by 33 Hz (with the co-channel being on the lower side). Perhaps Iran, or one of the other UK stations? [Salmaniw] OCT 30 0656 - "Kiss Me" by Stephen Duffy. Commercial for a furniture store. Hourtop ID and 7 o'clock news read by a woman. [Wolfish] NOV 2 0600 - Good; "Broadcasting from Foxdale on AM 1368, Carnane on 97.2 FM, Jurby on 103.7 FM, and from the summit of Snaefell on 89 FM, and worldwide online, established 1964, this is the Isle of Man's national broadcast service, Manx Radio," and news, "Sky news center at six..." [Conti]

1377 ARMENIA TWR Gavar OCT 29 2100 - Puzzled me on the 30th, so I went back to the 29th and reception was clearer. They clearly gave a website address after top of the hour, clearly, and finally, a TWR interval signal about 21:01:35. Not sure who is way off frequency, but there are 3 on the waterfall; nominal frequency, someone 10 Hz high, and another 48 Hz low. Pretty decent reception! Bill Whitacre mentions pop music being almost certainly, Radio Free Africa, with 50 kW out of Mwanza, Tanzania. Thanks, Bill! [Salmaniw] OCT 31 2100 - Fair; inspirational music continued through hourtop, late ID with URL, then at 2102 UTC one cycle of TWR interval signal. NOV 1 1930 - Fair, over unID; announced "" in Farsi, which is the website for 'Discipleship training On The Air'. [Conti]

1376.92 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Chah Bahar//Paveh OCT 30 2030 - One of the two IRIB stations with an offset below nominal in the 1377 cluster; three chimes and choral anthem. [Conti]

1386 LITHUANIA R.Liberty, Viesintos OCT 29 2037 - Very good signal with perfect modulation via the new Nautel NX-200 transmitter and new site. Listed in Belarussian, but I had thought it sounded more Russian. At 2057 R.Liberty ending its program in Belarussian, and into Russian at 21:00, with 'Dvaychat (20) chasov, Govorit Radio Svoboda'. Very good level. Nothing that resembles any local ID. They own the frequency. The next day, at the same time, it was exclusively in Russian. Stronger, too. There is someone else co-channel. Fairly low modulation. I'm guessing, most likely Egypt (1 and 10 kW). Confirmed in Belarussian when rechecked at 0319 UTC. [Salmaniw]

1404 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Sibiu OCT 29 2102 - Not an easy channel (nor 1395) due to 1400 splatter, but wasn't 100% sure this was Romania, but on the 30th, confirmed parallel to other Actualitati frequencies. Fair to occasionally good with adjacent splatter, and news, in presumed Romanian. Confirmed by Allesandro, in Trieste, Italy via Real DX. Thanks! [Salmaniw] OCT 30 0258 - Poor; choral national anthem. [Conti]

1404 ROMANIA R.Cluj, Sighetu Marmatiei OCT 30 2000 - Poor; sign-off announcement and brief test tone. [Conti]

1413 MOLDOVA Vesti FM, Grigoriopol OCT 30 2102 - Very long choral Russian anthem, not quite as strong as RNE5 (with 3 transmitters listed at 10, 12 and 25 kW). From 21:00:20 until 23:03:30, followed by rapid tones (like I hear with Avtoradio 531 from Petropavlosk Kamchatka!), and into news (of course!). [Salmaniw] OCT 30 2200 - Under Spain; touchtone sound effects and news in Russian. [Conti]

1413 SPAIN RNE5 synchros OCT 31 0859 - Good; "Radio Cinco, todo noticias," time marker, "Son las diez, las nueve Canarias," and news, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos." [Conti]

1422 ALGERIA R.Algérienne, Algiers OCT 29 2057 - I'm assuming this to be Algeria, due to the strength. Time pips at top of the hour. Both men and women announcers. Too 'westerny' to be Saudi Arabia, also listed. Less likely, Egypt, rounds out the possibilities. [Salmaniw] NOV 1 2300 - Excellent; canned announcement by a woman over dramatic music leading up to the hour, time marker, and marching band choral national anthem. [Conti]

1422 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Olanesti OCT 29 2358 - Algeria (presumed) faded down long enough for the Romanian ID and time pips on the hour, before the Arabic station regained prominence. [Salmaniw]

1431 DJIBOUTI R.Sawa, Arta OCT 29 2100 - Very seamless transition from a totally dominating R.Ukraine International in Russian with 800 kW from Mykolaiv/Luch signing off before the hour, and into the very musically minded Sawa from Djibouti. Both strong today. The next day, they were both present before the hour. I can't see both transmitters on the waterfall, so they must be on the nominal frequency. Both strong before top of the hour, with the edge to Ukraine. Nice ID for R.Sawa at 21:45 at very good levels at time, into presumed news highlights in Arabic. Quickly faded down again. I was watching this frequency at 21:00 at Ukrainian Radio sign-off, but they simply cut the transmitter after a little dead air, leaving Sawa to dominate. [Salmaniw] OCT 31 2000 - Good; "Sawa Chat" promo, contemporary hit music. [Conti]

1431 UKRAINE R.Ukraine International, Mykolayiv-Lutch OCT 29 2000 - ID, "Radio... Ukraine," with URL. [Conti] OCT 29 2058 - Very strong reception of their international service to Russia, in Russian with sign-off announcements (announcing parallel 1278 and satellite coordinates). Transmitter cut without any other fanfare besides music at 20:59:50, immediately dominated by R.Sawa, Djibouti. 1278 also heard (100 kW/ Odessa-Kurisove, previously named Petrivka), but much weaker. [Salmaniw]

1440 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Ras al-Khair OCT 29 1858 - Poor to fair; Middle Eastern orchestra vocal parallel 1521 kHz. At 2100 good; news parallel 1521 kHz. [Conti] OCT 30 2057 - Almost certainly them at good level with modern sounding Arabic. At top of the hour, 'Arabiyah Saudi' mentioned, I think. Then into news, with highlights, followed by short stingers after each item. Parallel to weaker 1449 kHz. [Salmaniw] NOV 3 0158 - Over WRED; man in Arabic. [Wolfish]

1449 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Bahrah OCT 30 2200 - Fair; Middle Eastern music to 3/4 time (like a waltz) parallel 1440 and 1521 kHz. [Conti]

1449 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 4, Aberdeen OCT 30 2003 - Co-channel Saudi Arabia, but dominated, though weakly. I was able to parallel them to 198 kHz. Fair level at best, before fading back to Saudi Arabia. [Salmaniw]

1458 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Constanta OCT 29 0258 - Over/under Lyca radio; choral national anthem. [Conti] NOV 3 2004 - Though this channel was totally dominated by UK stations, especially Lyca Radio, at 2003, I could hear non-English, confirmed Romania and parallel to 1530 which was under VOA. Fair at best. [Salmaniw]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM Lyca Radio, Brookmans Park OCT 30 2058 - Oh, the pain! I'm hearing multiple UK stations here. Strong, but it's a mess to decipher! It's clearly modern South Asian music, but fades down before top of the hour. Then I hear mentions of BBC, and into news. Not sure whether the dominant newscast is still Lyca Radio or not, or BBC (or Gold). Submitted to RealDX for suggestions. [Salmaniw] NOV 1 0000 - Fair; "1458 AM, online, on digital radio, and on the mobile... on Lyca Radio," and news, "From the Sky news center." [Conti]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Asian Network, Birmingham OCT 30 2100 - ID, and many thanks to Tony Magon for spotting it amongst the several UK stations co-channel! [Salmaniw]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Devon, Whitehaven OCT 29 2058 - Confirmed parallel to BBC R.Cumbria frequency of 756 kHz. I'm pleased with this station on a very congested frequency. By 20:59, Lyca Radio comes back to dominate with at 20:59:30. [Salmaniw]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Ashton Moss OCT 28 2100 - Over/under Lyca Radio and Romania; "The greatest hits of all time," and Gold jingle into news, "From Global's newsroom..." [Conti] NOV 2 0653 - "Gold More Music Breakfast Show" and spots. [Wolfish]

1467 FRANCE TWR Roumoules NOV 1 2133 - Very strong signal in Arabic, and needing to use the bandwidth to notch out on the high side, where Iran (Qom) is way on the high side. No issue, though. IRIB measures above 366 Hz, compared to 1467.000 for TWR. Pleasant programming and music, and remained very strong throughout. TWR interval signal a few seconds before 21:45. [Salmaniw]

1467 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Hafar al-Batin OCT 29 2300 - Fair, het on high side from Iran offset; rapid news with SBC stingers between items, parallel 1440 and 1449 kHz. [Conti]

1467.363 IRAN IRIB R.Qom, Qom OCT 31 2030 - Good, loud het against 1467 Saudi Arabia; three chimes marking the hour, then choral anthem. [Conti]

1476 EGYPT ERTU Janub Sa'id Misr (South Upper Egypt Radio), Sohag or Shamal Sa'id Misr (North Upper Egypt Radio), Al Minya OCT 31 2000 - Good; sign-off with announcement by woman and choral national anthem. [Conti]

1476.26 IRAN IRIB R.Kordestan, Marivan NOV 1 2358 - Het against unID 1476; announcement and Koran parallel 945 kHz. [Conti]

1485 SPAIN SER R.Zamora, Zamora NOV 1 2358 - Fair, over BBC R.Merseyside; quick "Radio Zamora" then echoing with co-channel SER. [Conti]

1485 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Merseyside, Wallasey NOV 1 2359 - Fading over SER Spain; "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge, female presenter mentions BBC R.Merseyside into "Tequila" by The Champs. [Conti]

1503 SPAIN RNE5 La Línea de Concepción//Piñeira OCT 30 0400 - Good, with synchro echo; "En Radio Cinco, todo noticias," marker and time checks, "En las Mañanas de Radio Nacional, España a las Seis, Alfredo Menéndez." Nearly a second of delay between the two stations. [Conti]

1512 GREECE ERA Khania OCT 29 0358 - Fair; Greek vocal, "You are listening to the Voice of Greece," and flute music up to instrumental national anthem on the hour. [Conti]

1512 IRAN IRIB R.Ardabil, Ardabil OCT 29 2030 - Under Saudi Arabia; three-note chimes and vocal anthem parallel 1071 kHz. [Conti]

1521 CHINA CRI Urumqi NOV 1 2340 - First noticed Chinese classical music on occasional fades with Spain and unID Koranic vocal (not parallel other Saudi frequencies) through 1520 WWKB splatter. Chinese classical orchestra music continued up to the hour. At 0000 UTC, time marker, CRI interval signal and announcement in Chinese and Russian. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 2 0000 - Chinese classical music, interval signal, ID in Chinese by woman then Russian ID by man and woman. Under Spain. Still audible at 0044 with woman in Russian with an even better signal. [Wolfish] NOV 2 0056 - Over/under Spain; Chinese orchestra music through time marker on the hour, then announcer with continuation of Russian program as listed in the Pacific Asian Log. [Conti]

1521 SPAIN SER R.Castellón, Ctra Valencia NOV 1 2358 - Several "Radio Castellón" and "Radio Castellón Cadena Ser" ID's noted while waiting for China. [Wolfish]

1530 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Radauti OCT 29 2206 - Good reception with ID in Romanian. Wondered who might be there while VOA São Tome is absent (and locals, and Iran). OCT 31 2259 - A bit of a mish mash on this channel. The dominant appears to be the Romanian station, while there was a weaker BBC station (BBC Essex?), as well as a domestic ESPN. Local music, and mentions of Romania at 23:10. Sometimes up to good level. [Salmaniw]

1530 ROMANIA R.Constanta, Nufaru NOV 2 0359 - Under VOA São Tome; choral national anthem. [Conti]

1530 SAO TOME VOA Pinheira OCT 28 2155 - Upfaded over WCKY Cincinnati with man talking about Justin Timberlake performing at the Super Bowl, followed by a song by Pink. [Wolfish] OCT 29 0400 - Good; "From Washington, this is VOA news." OCT 30 2200 - Over WVBF; "This is the Voice of America, Washington DC, signing off. For information regarding the times and frequencies of VOA programs, write to Program Schedule, Voice of America, Washington DC 20547, or you may get a schedule from the nearest American cultural center or United States information service in your country." [Conti]

1530 UNITED KINGDOM Pulse 2, Huddersfield NOV 2 0655 - End of Curtis Mayfield song, ID by man, commercials. [Wolfish]

1539 SPAIN SER Elche//Manresa OCT 29 2209 - Echoes heard here at very good level. MWlist showing two SER stations co-channel, and they do mention the echo as well. Replay of sports event. A player named Hamilton is mentioned, but also Mexico. [Salmaniw]

1539 SPAIN SER R.Elche, Elche OCT 29 1934 - Fair; promo, "...Radio Elche punto com." At 2259, same promo, "...Radio Elche punto com," time marker, then "En la cadena Ser," now with echo from co-channel SER R.Manresa. [Conti]

1548 MOLDOVA TWR Grigoriopol OCT 31 2000 - Good; preaching through the hour, then an inspirational vocal, at 2014 one cycle of TWR interval signal, halleluja song into next program. NOV 1 1930 - Good; one cycle of interval signal and woman introducing Romani program. [Conti] NOV 3 2015 - TWR interval signal and program in presumed Hungarian. [Wolfish]

1548 SCOTLAND Forth 2, Edinburgh NOV 2 0100 - Good, over Gold; "Forth 2, the latest news for Edinburgh, The Lothians, and Fife." [Conti]

1548 UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Ashton Moss OCT 30 0652 - ID by presenter Tony Dibbin, "Gold, the greatest hits of all time," before going into Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Get Down". [Wolfish]

1550 ALGERIA National Radio of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic, Rabouni NOV 1 2100 - Good; contemporary north African vocal leading up to the hour, presumed a canned ID with fanfare, time pips at 2101, woman mentions "a democratia." [Conti]

1557 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Lancashire, Oxcliffe OCT 30 0500 - Poor; 5 o'clock news on BBC Five Live. [Conti]

1557 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth, Northampton//Southampton NOV 1 2333 - Poor with Dionne Warwick's "Walk On By", ID and Wham's "Careless Whisper". [Wolfish]

1566 BENIN TWR Parakou OCT 28 2141 - Strong with woman in French. Man gave website address at 2150 UTC. [Wolfish]

1566 GREECE unID NOV 1 2359 - Greek music audible under BBC. R.Apithanos or R.Asteras? [Wolfish]

1566 NETHERLANDS Vahon Hindustani Radio, Haag NOV 2 0100 - Fair, over UK; announcement with Vahon Hindustani Radio ID, subcontinental Indian vocals. [Conti]

1566 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Somerset, Taunton NOV 1 2359 - David Bowie's "Let's Dance". BBC news by woman at hourtop. [Wolfish] NOV 3 2257 - Fair to good reception; a private sounding station with modern easy listening music. Mentions of BBC. On AM, FM and digital ID at top of the hour into BBC news. [Salmaniw]

1575 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Genova OCT 30 0658 - Over SER station with data burst sound, pips, ID and news read by a man. [Wolfish] OCT 31 2027 - Strong reception with long list of transmissions/channels. Marred by a loud buzz which has been present the entire DXpedition co-channel. Yesterday, it was most definitely a jammer with a distinct shape on the Perseus waterfall. Today it's just a loud buzz, presumably the Iranian noise jammer, but also heard is co-channel talk. By 20:30, the Italian station dominates easily, and it's obvious it's simply a loop transmission! Same loop is also noted on 1062 only (3 stations listed at 6, 20 and 60 kW). Not on 900 Milan, which has live programming. [Salmaniw]

1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R.Farda, Al Dhabiya NOV 2 0100 - Over Iran jammer; R.Farda ID and contemporary music. [Conti]

1584 ITALY R.Studio X, Momigno OCT 28 2100 - Fair, over Spain; canned "Radio Studio X," presenter in Italian, techno pop music. [Conti]

1584 SPAIN SER R.Ourense, Ourense OCT 29 2259 - Fair; promo, "Radio Ourense Cadena Ser, Radio Ourense punto com." [Conti]

1593 FRANCE Bretagne 5, Saint-Gouéno NOV 1 2200 - Fair; time marker, quick "Bretagne Cinq" ID, musical signature and another Bretagne Cinq ID. [Conti]

1593 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Ion Corvin OCT 30 0258 - Good; choral national anthem, "Hora exacta" and time marker parallel 1152 kHz. NOV 2 0100 - Over unID classical piano music; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," and time marker into news. [Conti]

1593 ROMANIA R.Cluj, Oradea//Sibiu OCT 29 2000 - Sign-off test tone. OCT 31 2000 - Fair, mixed with R.România Actualitati and unID; sign-off test tone. [Conti]

1602 SUDAN South Kordofan State Radio, Kadugli OCT 29 1958 - Horn of Africa chanting, low modulation talk, then national anthem to 2000 sign-off. [Salmaniw] NOV 1 1958 - Under Spain; Koran through hourtop, anthem after 2001 UTC. [Conti] Thanks to Nick Hall-Patch for the tip from his reception made in Japan!

1625 NETHERLANDS R.Pandora NOV 1 0000 - Poor; polka music. Initially guessed it was R.Blauwe Vogel per recent reports although R.Napoleon also reported on 1625.0 kHz. Feedback from European DX'er Jari Lehtinen, "This was in fact Radio Pandora, I listened to it for some time, got ID. A station known for very late transmissions." See additional feedback at 1645.82 kHz. [Conti]

1638 NETHERLANDS Bluebird OCT 29 2327 - I'm quite certain this is the Dutch Europirate Bluebird. Very good at times, but then fades deeply. Identical programming to last year, and my first DXpedition to PEI several years ago. Oompa-pa music, and lots of rambling talk, in presumed Dutch. [Salmaniw]

1645.82 NETHERLANDS unID OCT 31 2337 - Fair; "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da (Life Goes On)" by the Beatles, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" by CCR. Initially presumed R.Vrolijke Mijnwerker per various internet listings. European DX'er Jari Lehtinen replied, "Unsure. It didn't ID and I didn't bother. It felt like Vatje (Studio 69) or Raafje (Witte Raaf), speaker wasn't Mijnwerker. Old loggings give mostly zero clue anymore. Most stations have nowadays DDS oscillator that tunes in 1 kHz steps anywhere on band." [Conti]

1655.02 NETHERLANDS unID NOV 1 2040 - Briefly good on fade in; club/dance/techno/polka music mix. [Conti]

1656 SPAIN Cabo de Penas EAC Chipiona Radio OCT 31 2015 - Good reception with marine navigational warnings, English, alternating with Spanish. This station is located in the central north coast of Spain. [Salmaniw]

1710 GREECE unID OCT 31 2154 - Greek (?) guy playing parts of male vocal and talking. Did not have the patience to sit through this. [Wolfish] OCT 31 2207 - Presumably a Greek pirate with nice Greek vocal at good level. Dead air, and into another similar genre music. Typical deep fades found with these pirates. [Salmaniw]

1720 unID NOV 2 0100 - Continuous 1 kHz test tone through the hour. Can't imagine a pirate would broadcast a tone. Maybe Russia? [Conti]

Raspberry Pi with SDRPlay demonstration.

  Pan American DX

 530 CUBA R.Enciclopedia, La Habana-Villa María OCT 29 0500 - Good; "Transmite CMBQ Radio Enciclopedia, desde la Habana, Cuba," and time check, "Esta es la hora en Cuba, la una." [Conti]

 540 COLOMBIA HJKA R.Auténtica, Bogotá OCT 29 0257 - Religious song, 0500:35 ID, beginning religious programme "Caminando con Cristo"; poor. [Burnell]

 550 COLOMBIA HJHF R.Nacional de Colombia, Marinilla NOV 2 0200 - Fair; "Desde Colombia, 98.3 FM, Radio Nacional, de Colombia," parallel a weak 570 kHz. [Conti]

 550 PUERTO RICO WPAB Ponce OCT 29 0001 - 0000:45 ID, ad, "La Puertoriqueña" slogan before time, another ad; fair with interference from Mundial. [Burnell]

 550 VENEZUELA YVKE Mundial, Caracas OCT 31 0958 - Over WGR Buffalo with commercial for a lawyer, talk by male announcer. [Wolfish] NOV 2 0859 - Good; network affiliates, "A través de Mundial Zulia 1070 AM, 102.1 FM, Mundial Margarita 1020 AM, 92.9 FM, Mundial Mérida 1040 AM, 106.3 FM, Mundial Táchira 94.5 FM, Mundial Valencia 89.9 FM, y Mundial Barinas 1340 AM... Radio Mundial." [Conti]

 580 PUERTO RICO WKAQ San Juan OCT 31 1000 - Hourtop ID with string of stations and URL mentioned. Over CFRA Ottawa. [Wolfish] NOV 2 0900 - Good; tropical nostalgia, "Amanecer 580, por WKAQ" and another nostalgic vocal. [Conti]

 600 CUBA R.Rebelde, San Germán-Urbano Noris NOV 2 0227 - Strange. Heard a "Radio Bayamo, Granma" ID here on what is clearly R.Rebelde in the middle of what sounded like a sporting event. Parallel to 560 and 610 kHz. [Wolfish]

 610 COLOMBIA HJKL La Cariñosa, Bogotá OCT 29 0959 - Breaking through R.Rebelde; jingle, woman singing La Cariñosa. [Conti] NOV 1 0658 - Mixing with R.Rebelde and WGIR Manchester. Latin American music and ID. [Wolfish] NOV 2 0400 - Poor amid R.Rebelde and domestics; La Cariñosa ID's by a soft-spoken woman. Canned ID by same woman in the middle of music at 0500 UTC also mentioned 610 AM. [Conti]

 610 CUBA R.Rebelde, Bueycito//Cienfuegos-Malecón//Guane OCT 31 0955 - Over WIOD Miami with male vocal followed by banter between man and woman. Parallel 600, 1620 and other frequencies. [Wolfish]

 630 VENEZUELA YVKA R.Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas OCT 29 0300 - Promo for program of "Exitos Navidades Felices" with Presidente Nicolás Maduro on Dec 1, other promos including the "RNV" ID at 0301:30; poor. [Burnell] NOV 2 0901 - Over an unID Latin American; navidad en Venezuela spot. [Conti]

 670 CUBA CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara NOV 1 0400 - Over/under R.Rebelde; choral national anthem and canned ID, "Esta es Doblevé, desde Santa Clara..." [Conti]

 680 COLOMBIA HJZO R.Nacional de Colombia, Barranquilla OCT 29 1001 - Over WRKO; "...en Radio Nacional, de Colombia," and show intro, "Estamos Parrandeando en Radio Nacional de Colombia." [Conti]

 690 CUBA R.Progreso, Santa Clara//Santiago de Cuba NOV 1 0358 - Talk by woman. ID by man with soundbed of 1983 E.L.O. song "Secret Messages" (which they use often). Cuban anthem followed. CKGM Montreal off the air at this time. [Wolfish]

 700 COLOMBIA HJCX, W Radio, Cali NOV 2 0200 - Good; "En W, la hora en Colombia," public service messages, promo, "Eduardo Peña, la hora 22 en W Radio." [Conti]

 720 BRAZIL ZYK276 R.Guaíba, Porto Alegre RS OCT 28 2357 - Promo about football on "Guaíba," more football talk and bits of play-by-play; fair. [Burnell]

 720 COLOMBIA HJAN Emisoras Unidas, Barranquilla NOV 1 0955 - Good; caught end of sign-on routine upon tune-in, "Muy buenos dias," Emisoras Unidas, and "...en Barranquilla" in discussion which continued through the hour. [Conti]

 720 CUBA R.Progreso, Mabujabo NOV 1 0957 - Inbooming with no sign of WGN, over somebody playing C&W. Two men in a heated discussion. Overwent the hourtop without ID. [Wolfish]

 720 GREENLAND KNR Simiutaq NOV 1 2143 - Strong over Spain; man in Greelandic. [Wolfish] NOV 2 0600 - Good; pop music and ID. Audio kept cutting out. Pop music and telephone talk with intermittent audio also noted at 0700 and 0900 UTC. [Conti] NOV 3 0300 - Good reception in Greenlandic language. Nothing over the hour. Ongoing talk by a woman. Domestic co-channels much weaker. Excellent reception switching to the 40° BOG/Beverage compared to the 100° wire. [Salmaniw]

 750 VENEZUELA YVKS, RCR, Caracas NOV 2 0200 - Good; RCR Deportes coverage of Navegantes del Magallanes baseball. [Conti]

 760 COLOMBIA HJAJ, RCN, Barranquilla OCT 31 2301 - Fair; choral national anthem, Banco Popular ad. [Conti]

 770 CUBA R.Artemisa, Artemisa OCT 29 0959 - Under R.Rebelde and WABC; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 790 VENEZUELA YVXM R.Minuto, Barquisimeto OCT 29 0259 - Fading up with jingle ID, weak talk, 2300 bells, time check with ID, Venezuelan dance music; poor. [Burnell]

 810 COLOMBIA HJCY Caracol Radio, Bogotá OCT 29 0958 - Under WGY; promo, "En Caracol Radio," time check on the hour, "Hora Caracol." [Conti]

 820 CUBA R.Ciudad de la Habana, La Habana-Arroyo Arenas NOV 1 1000 - Under WNYC; canned jingle/ID. [Conti]

 820 CUBA R.Reloj, Ciego de Avila NOV 2 0900 - Through R.Ciudad and WNYC; ticker, RR code. [Conti]

 830 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Radio HIJB, Santo Domingo OCT 29 0300 - Ballad, full ID and promos; poor with interference from WCRN. [Burnell]

 840 HAITI Radio-Télé 4VEH, Cap Haitien-Petite Anse OCT 29 1001 - Good, over R.Revolución Cuba; interval signal, ID, "Vous écoutez Radio 4VEH..." and time check. [Conti] OCT 31 0957 - Female preacher. Hourtop ID: "Vous écoutez radio quatre veh eh ache, il est six heures." Mixing with WHAS and CMHW. [Wolfish]

 860 VENEZUELA YVYE Enlace 860, Valle de la Pascua NOV 2 0900 - Over R.Reloj Cuba; presumed Enlace 860 with a salsa vocal about navidad through the hour without a break. [Conti]

 870 ARGENTINA LRA1 R.Nacional, Buenos Aires OCT 29 0300 - Argentine anthem on bandoneon, 0302 "Nacional Informa" then woman reads news; fair. [Burnell]

 910 VENEZUELA YVRQ Caracas OCT 31 0958 - Strong with guitar music, station promo and Venezuelan anthem. [Wolfish]

 920 VENEZUELA YVQX R.Nueva Esparta, Porlamar OCT 29 0300 - Ad, time check with ID's, short local news items, 0301 nice ID then lively music; fair. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Burnell] NOV 2 0700 - Fair, over WDMC; ID and time check, "En Nueva Esparta 920 AM, tres en punto." [Conti]

 960 BOLIVIA R.Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz NOV 2 0200 - Interval signal-like signature melody broke through the otherwise indistinguishable jumble. Listen to mp3 audio clip. Later heard indigenous Andean flute music presumed to be from the same radio station. Henrik Klemetz in the RealDX yg recognized the signature from a recording of the short wave parallel. [Conti]

 990 ARGENTINA LR4 R.Splendid, Buenos Aires OCT 29 0301 - 0300:50 "Radio Splendid... Argentina," fade, Argentine anthem on trumpet around 0302; poor with interference from R.Guamá. [Burnell]

 990 CUBA R.Guamá, Pinar del Río-Politécnico OCT 31 1000 - Over CBY with chimes, and woman, "Esta es Guamá." [Wolfish]

1020 CUBA Cadena CMKS, Baracoa-Van Van OCT 31 1000 - JBA under KDKA with cuckoo clock sounds and man shouting, ID's by man and woman. [Wolfish]

1030 ARGENTINA LS10 R.Del Plata, Mar del Plata OCT 29 0300 - Maxiconsumo supermarket ad, something about "los trabajadores de Radio Del Plata" and salary, Stevie Wonder song; very good. [Burnell]

1030 ECUADOR HCRF2 R.Ecuantena, Guayaquil OCT 29 1000 - Under WBZ; woman with promo mentioning Ecuador and ID by man, "Transmite Ecuantena 1030 AM." Thanks to help with the ID from the folks on RealDX. No sign of them the following morning on the 1000 recording. [Wolfish]

1040 COLOMBIA HJAI R.Tropical, Barranquilla OCT 29 0000 - Local dance music, 0001 ID and time check, song about "libertad"; poor, under another Colombian with football. [Burnell]

1040 CUBA R.Mayabeque, Güines OCT 29 0400 - Over/under WCHR and WURN; promo for noticias de Radio Mayabeque and canned ID. [Conti]

1060 CUBA Radio 26, Jovellanos OCT 31 0921 - "Esta es Radio 26" ID by man and talk by woman. [Wolfish]

1070 COLOMBIA R.Santa Fe, Bogotá OCT 30 0125 - ID by man and Latin American music. [Wolfish] NOV 1 0359 - Fair; promo, "Radio Santa Fe, emisora popular..." and "Radio Santa Fe" jingle. [Conti]

1070 CUBA Cadena CMKS, Guantánamo-Burene OCT 31 1000 - Cuckoo clock sounds, ID's by man and woman, "Desde Guantánamo." Mixing with a second station. Parallel to a weaker 1170 kHz. [Wolfish]

1090 VENEZUELA YVSZ Union Radio Deportes, Caracas OCT 29 1001 - Under WBAL; end of Sunday morning religious program into choral national anthem. [Conti]

1100 COLOMBIA HJAT Caracol Radio, Barranquilla OCT 29 0500 - Through WTAM dead air; "Hora Caracol." [Conti]

1110 ARGENTINA LS1 la Ciudad, Buenos Aires OCT 29 0001 - Fade up with the time, weather for Buenos Aires, news, 0302 football scores; fair, but with deep fades. [Burnell]

1110 CUBA R.Angulo, Holguín OCT 29 1001 - Over/under WBT; signature spacey music and doorbells, parallel 740 kHz. [Conti]

1130 VENEZUELA YVRL R.Ideal, Maiquetia OCT 29 1000 - Under WBBR; llanera vocal and announcement into choral national anthem. [Conti]

1150 BRAZIL ZYK656 Super R.Tupi, São Paulo SP OCT 29 0002 - Ad ending with web address, "Super Rádio Tupi" ID; poor, under a Spanish station. [Burnell]

1150 CUBA R.Bayamo, Bueycito OCT 30 1000 - Over/under CKOC; six chimes marking the hour. [Conti]

1170 COLOMBIA HJNW Caracol Radio, Cartagena NOV 1 0600 - Fair; "Ultima Hora Caracol." [Conti]

1170 CUBA Cadena CMKS, Maisí-Santa Rita OCT 31 1000 - Parallel to 1070 with cuckoo clock sounds, ID's by man and woman. Under WWVA Wheeling. [Wolfish]

1190 COLOMBIA HJCV R.Cordillera, Bogotá OCT 28 2359 - Full ID with call letters, local music; fair. [Burnell] OCT 29 0122 - Latin American music. Woman with ID: "Once noventa... Radio Cordillera." [Wolfish]

1190 COLOMBIA HJKG R.Mira, Tumaco OCT 31 1000 - Upfaded over the jumblemush with ID by man: "Desde Tumaco... departamente Nariño... transmite Radio Mira." [Wolfish]

1210 CUBA R.Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus OCT 29 0000 - ID and talk; fair with WPHT the likely interference. [Burnell] NOV 2 0158 - Fair; woman talking about Estados Unidos contra Cuba, 0201 ID, "Radio Sancti Spíritus, contemporánea en su tradición," and chimes. [Conti]

1220 BRAZIL ZYJ458 R.Globo, Rio de Janeiro NOV 2 0158 - Loud! Talker in Portuguese with slight room echo effect through the hour. [Conti]

1220 COLOMBIA HJNM R.Viva, Ipíales OCT 29 1001 - ID in mess with WHKW Cleveland. [Wolfish]

1230 ARGENTINA LT2 R.Dos, Rosario OCT 29 0300 - Pips, ID then the national anthem, faded out at 0302; poor. [Burnell]

1290 VENEZUELA YVLF R.Puerto Cabello, Puerto Cabello OCT 29 1000 - Fair; "Programación spiritual... en RCR." [Conti]

1320 VENEZUELA YVWP R.Apolo, Tumero OCT 29 0302 - Music, 0302:20 man with ID, "Radio Apolo, más musicales[?]" and music resumes; poor. [Burnell]

1350 ARGENTINA LS6 R.Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires OCT 29 0300 - Piano music, pips, man with ID, Argentine anthem; good. [Burnell] NOV 2 0200 - Fair; presumed this with religious talk through pips on the hour. [Conti]

1350 CUBA R.Ciudad del Mar, Aguada OCT 29 0400 - Poor; choral national anthem and canned ID with distinctive descending chromatic scale. [Conti]

1380 VENEZUELA YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello OCT 29 0059 - Fair; "Ondas del Mar... las ocho, 58 minutos, Ondas del Mar... más de la música popular," and jingle. [Conti]

1400 GRENADA Harbour Light of the Windwards, Carriacou OCT 29 0300 - Piano and violin music, 0301 ID, time check, and begin a syndicated religious programme "The Talking Book"; fair. [Burnell]

1499.773 PERU OBX41 R.Santa Rosa, Lima-San Miguel OCT 29 0859 - Fade up with flute music then two ID's amongst the station hype; poor with splatter from WFED and R.Dos Mil. [Burnell] OCT 29 1000 - Het against 1500 Venezuela. [Conti]

1500 VENEZUELA YVRZ R.Dos Mil, Cumaná OCT 29 0958 - Good; "Oye Carumba" song, promo, "¡Atención! Notaria por Radio Dos Mil, notaria de Zulia," and choral national anthem. [Conti] OCT 30 0033 - Strong over WFED Washington with Latin American music, announcements and "Radio Dos Mil" ID's. [Wolfish]

1540.5 PERU OCU2X R.Turbomix, Cajamarca OCT 29 1000 - Het against CHIN and KXEL. [Conti]

1550 CUBA R.Progreso, La Palma OCT 29 0500 - Fair; "Radio Progreso, la onda de la alegría," and canned ID. [Conti]

1620 CUBA R.Bayamo, Bayamo NOV 1 1000 - Withmixing R.Rebelde; chimes and "...desde Granma" ID, parallel 1150 kHz. [Wolfish]

FM RDS display screen shots. [Conti]


   Best Tropo Received
   Newfoundland Tropo (Most Wanted Province)
Freq (MHz)
CityProv-StateMilesPower (watts)
St. John'sNL471100,000
St. John'sNL46845,600
Port au PortNL2491,034

   Longest Tropo (excluding Newfoundland)
Freq (MHz)
CityProv-StateMilesPower (watts)

   Best Meteor Scatter
   Shortest Meteor Scatter (under 400 miles), a big surprise!
Freq (MHz)
CityProv-StateMilesPower (watts)
Bon AccordNB24760,200

   Longest Meteor Scatter (over 900 miles), a big surprise!
Freq (MHz)
CityProv-StateMilesPower (watts)
Morehead CityNC1,08424,000
Myrtle BeachSC1,22694,000
Myrtle BeachSC1,226100,000

Groundwave or tropo radio stations over 150 miles received: 79
Groundwave or tropo radio stations under 150 miles received: 93
Meteor scatter radio stations received: 88

Total radio stations received: 260

     Here is the spreadsheet of all stations received sorted by frequency and with all of the less important unID's removed. I like to see the unID's but I think it makes it boring to read for most. The top section is Sunday night through Monday morning DX when the tropo happened as well as a few meteor pings. That's 175 stations ID'ed which is pretty good for ~10 hours of DXing especially in an area without a lot of stations. The lower section is the crazy meteor scatter which I received completely by accident. That is because Monday afternoon was recorded only to get airchecks of the local and semi-local markets. It just so happened to also catch all the MS! 84 ID'ed has got to be a record catch for meteor scatter. The conditions were a perfect storm of low noise location, a high gain antenna and an SDR rolling the whole time.
     As for the spreadsheet. 3 Tabs. The first is the complete listing sorted by frequency and distance. I think that makes it more interesting to read. The second Tab has the Bill Hepburn Tropo maps from that evening showing the forecast for tropo and the APRS realtime tropo conditions. The third Tab a lot of RDS screen shots. The black background ones are ELAD and the purple ones are RDS Spy. [Nollman]
     Spreadsheet of all FM logs (9 MB): FM DX Logbook
     Audio files (400 MB): FM Audio

  Short Wave

4055 GUATEMALA R.Verdad, Chiquimula NOV 2 0232 - A terrible frequency now, with a ute parked between 4055 and 4059, making life miserable for Verdad. I'm able to eliminate most of the QRM by narrowing the bandwidth, but I'm sure the average receiver can't. Heh, Verdad was there first! Fair to good, otherwise. [Salmaniw]

4625 RUSSIA The Buzzer, Naro-Fominsk OCT 31 2318 - Can't recall whether I've heard this mysterious sender from south-west of Moscow, but I immediately recognized the repeated buzzer, over a background of CODAR signals. Strong reception. Nothing transmitted, despite it being Halloween! [Salmaniw]

4764.050 PERU R.Huanta 2000, Huanta NOV 2 2244 - Crash sign-on, as reported by Jordan, noted here at crash sign-on at 22:43. Poor only, as it's week, and marred by the lower end of a CODAR frequency range. Just barely audible only. Improving as I continue to listen towards the hour. At top of the hour, just noted also an adjacent 4765, which likely is Tajikistan. It's a wobbly transmitter, as I can see it varying between 4764.044 and .060. [Salmaniw]

4949.725 ANGOLA R.Nacional Angola, Mulvenos NOV 3 0058 - Was listening at near armchair level, when an open carrier suddenly came on... of course, it's India! AIR Srinigar. Had to use either LSB or clip off the frequency at 4950 kHz. No African music, just easy listening western music. [Salmaniw]

5952.477 BOLIVIA Emisora Pio XII, Siglo Veinte NOV 2 0228 - Very good reception, culminating with the ever enjoyable sign-off with the Col Bogey March, then 3 harp (?) chords, and off. Transmitter cut shortly thereafter. Much stronger than I ever receive them on the west coast! All in Spanish, of course! [Salmaniw]

5960 GERMANY The Mightly KBC, Nauen (125 kW/310°) OCT 29 0026 - Excellent reception into the east coast of Canada (PEI). S9 + 10, despite using antennae cut more for TA MW DXing. [Salmaniw]

5980 ROMANIA R.Romania International, Galbeni OCT 30 2347 - Strong S9 + 10 signal, but my DReaM software would not decode beyond bits of audio. Labelled as TX 1 and 20.96 kbps. When Bill Nollman tuned up his Elad FDM-S2, it immediately decoded without any difficulty! OK, I'm getting my Elad back! In English. When rechecked at 23:58, the DRM was turned off, but there was a powerful anologue signal. RRI IS, and into Romanian. Excellent reception, but all agreed that the DRM was superior with FM quality reception! [Salmaniw]

Perseus and Elad reception of the Romania DRM digital radio transmission on 5980 kHz.

6050 ECUADOR HCJB Pico Pichincha NOV 2 0923 - Crash start into Latin music from 09:23:10. From 09:27:45, choral national anthem, 'Salve, Oh Patria', then into ID in Quechua, mentioning Ecuador, but somewhat overmodulated. Quite brief, before a piano bridge. Strong reception. Music right up to 10:00. All in Quechua. [Salmaniw]

6050 LIBERIA ELWA Monrovia NOV 2 0525 - Fairly good reception with the famous ELWA interval signal starting a few seconds after 05:25. Continued until 05:28:30. "This is ELWA... 6050 on the 49 meter band." Some splatter noted, but as this was an unattended recording, not sure whether from the high or low side, or both. American gospel music at 05:30:40 (Statler Brothers, 'Turn Your Radio On'). Another ELWA ID at 05:33:20. Improved over the first 30 min or so, corresponding to LSR in Monrovia, then gradual fade. Gone by 07:30 UTC. [Salmaniw]

6070 GERMANY Channel 292, Rohrbach (25 kW) OCT 31 2001 - English program until the TOH giving gmail addresses, but no ID per se for the station, and left the air about 20:02 leaving CFRX co-channel (which is there but at weaker strength) on 6069.985, while presumed Channel 292 was on the nominal channel (I measured 1 Hz high). Nothing special compared to yesterday afternoon's myriad of programming! [Salmaniw]

6070 GERMANY Torpoint Radio Worldwide, Rohrbach (25 kW/ND) OCT 30 1908 - Thanks to Jean Burnell for sharing a last minute email from Phil and Richard announcing a new shortwave station called Torpoint Radio Worldwide broadcasting tonight from 1900 to 2100 UTC via Channel 292 Germany. Announcements sound in German. Fair to good reception. After a break, I came back to very nice reception. Good to very good, with CFRX just audible with music (Dreams by the Cranberries, then dead air, and into Jethro Tull). Finally an ID at 19:35, but not for Torpoint but just for Channel 292. Very good at 19:37 UTC. [Salmaniw]

6160 GERMANY, Winsen (500 w) OCT 30 2027 - Excellent reception with an English progressive rock station, and quickly verified direct from the station as follows: Hi Walt, that is indeed our station. Transmission power is 500 watts into a halfwave-dipole pointing west/north-west. This is a licensed, non-commercial service run by shortwave enthusiasts in Germany. Keep on DXing (via I used for email to the station. I'm pleased! NOV 2 2035 - Quite good reception already at 5:30 p.m. local, with English ID, "6160, across Europe on 6160 AM, we are Shortwave Radio to Europe." At 21:00, they announced that this was a test transmission and asked for reports to [Salmaniw]

6205 Laser Hot Hits OCT 30 2319 - Good reception tonight from this long-standing Europirate. I suspect they run somewhere between 1 and 10 kW , and more likely closer to 1 kw. Modern hits, with ID's and taking requests. Sometimes very good, sometimes with a fade to fair level. No sign of 4026 that I've previously heard. Not sure where they are located, but something tells me that they might be in Ireland. [Salmaniw]

6950 ITALY R.Voyager (500 w into dipole) OCT 31 2045 - Halloween pirate broadcast heard just before signing off at 20:45 giving their email address as (I originally thought it was Radio Dorothy!) E-mailed them with my audio clip, and received a very nice eQSL confirming my reception. [Salmaniw]

9635.846 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam 1, Hanoi-Sontay (100 kW/145°) OCT 30 1144 - Fair to good reception on their off-channel frequency. Took me a few minutes to figure out who this was, with all of the B17 early confusion! Not a bad catch in PEI! Stronger than Indonesia on measured 9524.936 kHz. [Salmaniw]

9955 USA WRMI (100 kW) OCT 30 1337 - There's Jeff and his side kick (Jerry Plummer from WWCR) going on about the bright future of SW and DRM. Sounds like it's from a NASB conference. Next HFCC conference in January in Malaysia. Not sure if this is old information, or not, as they've hosted most recently for the A14 season. Wavescan program it turns out to. Good reception. [Salmaniw]

15110 KUWAIT R.Kuwait (250 kW/310°) OCT 29 1120 - First day of the B17 period. Nothing listed here for A17 in DRM, and I did a Google search and found that Kuwait has used this frequency years ago. IDing as 'DRM Service A', with bits of Arabic coming through. Wonder her else might still be out there in DRM! Not a single other DRM signal found on a quick bandscan. Improving, as I expected, post LSR with mostly demodulated, and confirmed Arabic. Thanks to Wolfgang Bueschel who provided the updated information (scheduled 09:45 - 13:25). OCT 31 1209 - Mostly good decoding of Radio Kuwait's Arabic General service. DRM Service A is the ID, at 17.00 kbps in stereo. [Salmaniw]

15140 OMAN R.Sultanate of Oman OCT 29 1410 - Very good reception, S7 to S9 signal with non-descript non-Arabic music. A shame, as I'm sure I'd listen more often if they played more indigenous programming, especially as they are one of very few Arabic countries broadcasting in English, and with a decent signal. No announcements while I listened. [Salmaniw]

15540 KUWAIT R.Kuwait OCT 29 1917 - Pretty good copy, but with drop outs lasting a fraction of a second, but making listening unpleasant. About the year 1997 and being a good Muslim. A non-professional sounding announcer/story teller. Also listed as DRM Service A. I agree that a very good analogue signal trumps DRM in most circumstances! At same time, found their Arabic service in DRM on 13650, but only rarely demodulating anything. The only other DRM transmission I could see at this time was on 7235 from Romania, but despite being very strong, would not demodulate consistently. [Salmaniw]

Supplemental References

National Anthem Times - UTC listing of antheming radio stations.
Africa in Newfoundland - Received during 2015 and 2016 DXpeditions by Jean Burnell.
Assignment Africa - Transmitter site dawn enhancement target list.
FM Target List - Stations within 500 miles of Murray Harbour North compiled by Bill Nollman.

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